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Enhance SharePoint with Responsive Web Design
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Enhance SharePoint with Responsive Web Design


Published on

Session Dev 201 from SharePoint Fest Denver 2013.

Session Dev 201 from SharePoint Fest Denver 2013.

Published in: Technology

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  • Slides will be available from blog and twitterIn-depth look at SharePoint and we can apply RWD to SharePoint.Devs should be happy, we will walk through the process. Business users, you will see what is possible.Meat will be in the demosWho has already worked with RWD and SP? Thoughts? Scratch, framework, how did you do it?
  • Will make available on blog and twitter (, so if you remember one of those then you can always review everything we discuss
  • fluid proportion-based grids (which use percentages pixels) to adapt the layout to the viewing environmentAll clients effectively load the entire page but using css, hides or replaces elements to tailor the experience to the screen.DOES NOT USE USERAGENT, browser detection, rather works of screen width.Early adopter
  • mobile is invading, for the good, all organizations. if not now then in the next few years. Iphone is estimated to provide 1/3% of gdp.
  • What, you think your next web initiative is only going to last a few years? How long did you last intranet or public facing site last?Built towards to future, not the past, you MUST consider tablets and smart phones at the least
  • Mr. Zeldman founded A List Apart, best practices and innovations in web design.sure, you can zoom in on many smart phones or tablets, but what if you can make tailored experience for each device?Modern devices share basic ability with css, js though which his a plus
  • Mississippi Department of IT
  • Test download using FiddlerTest design on important devices just to make sure
  • Device Channels work only with Publishing Sites Allow for one interface for all desktops and another for most tablets let's say.Only 10 device channels per site collection, but do you really want to maintain 10 MP’s?
  • HTML MockupInclude bootstrapView resultConvert to gridInclude fluidNavigation types
  • Thank You!Don’t forget to check out my blog where you can download this presentation or the recording.Easiest way to get to the material I referenced
  • Transcript

    • 1. Enhance SharePointWith Responsive Web Design DEV 201 Eric Overfield SharePoint Advocate and Enthusiast PixelMill SharePoint Fest Denver – March 18th - 20th 2013
    • 2. Introduction – Eric Overfield  Founder and SharePoint Branding/UI Lead, PixelMill  Speaker, Teacher, Advocate  Author, SharePoint Community Organizer  Located in Davis, CA Co-author: “Pro SharePoint 2013 Branding and Responsive Web Development” (Apress – May 2013) Order Your Copy @EricOverfield
    • 3. What You Will Learn  What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)  Why Should We Use It  The Responsive Process  Join Response Web Design and SharePoint  SharePoint 2013 Considerations @EricOverfield -
    • 4. Responsive Web Design  #2 trend for 2012 - .net Magazine  Coined by Ethan Marcotte in May 2010  Use fluid grids and flexible media to adapt  Uses CSS3 and JavaScript  All devices load same page, use CSS3 to adapt @EricOverfield -
    • 5. Fluid Grid – Flexible Media – CSS3 Media Queries @EricOverfield -
    • 6. @EricOverfield -
    • 7. @EricOverfield -
    • 8. Why Do We NeedResponsive Design? @EricOverfield -
    • 9. Not The Web @EricOverfield -
    • 10. Today’s Web @EricOverfield -
    • 11. And Tomorrow? Televisions? Cameras? Who Knows? Watches? Printers?Game Devices? Toasters? @EricOverfield -
    • 12. "There’s a plethora of devicesout there with widely differingabilities – it’s never been moreconfusing or challenging tocreate brilliant interfaces thatwork across them all.” ~ JefferyZeldman @EricOverfield -
    • 13. How All Devices Differ Screen Size Functionality Usability @EricOverfield -
    • 14. The Responsive Process @EricOverfield -
    • 15. Our Responsive Goals  Single site (i.e. no separate mobile)  Serve a variety of Viewports  Future Friendly @EricOverfield -
    • 16. Responsive Drawbacks  Desktop vs. Mobile content  Content order  Maybe SharePoint can help? @EricOverfield -
    • 17. Start with Content @EricOverfield -
    • 18. Design to theExtremes @EricOverfield -
    • 19. @EricOverfield -
    • 20. Navigation  Responsive Navigation the most difficult decision  SharePoint Navigation is not Responsive friendly  SharePoint relies on hover event  Static Navigation vs. SharePoint Navigation @EricOverfield -
    • 21. Responsive Navigation Floating Drop down Collapse Off Canvas Others? @EricOverfield -
    • 22. Floating Navigation @EricOverfield -
    • 23. Responsive Navigation Floating Drop down Collapse Off Canvas Others? @EricOverfield -
    • 24. Dropdown Navigation @EricOverfield -
    • 25. Responsive Navigation Floating Drop down Collapsing Off Canvas Others? @EricOverfield -
    • 26. Collapsing Navigation @EricOverfield -
    • 27. Responsive Navigation Floating Drop down Collapsing Off Canvas Others? @EricOverfield -
    • 28. Off Canvas Navigation @EricOverfield -
    • 29. Responsive Navigation Floating Drop down Collapsing Off Canvas Others? @EricOverfield -
    • 30. Hide and Cry Overlay Footer Navigation Global NavigationjQuery or no jQueryNo two projects are the same @EricOverfield -
    • 31. Time to Code it Up @EricOverfield -
    • 32. Frameworks  Pre-Built Responsive and Fluid Grids  Saves time and resources  Many include extras  i.e. Collapsing navigation @EricOverfield -
    • 33. Framework Drawbacks  May take time to learn framework  Not always SharePoint friendly @EricOverfield -
    • 34. Twitter Bootstrap Zurb Foundation Skeleton Less Framework and so many more @EricOverfield -
    • 35. Mobile First  Build Mobile interface first  Forces us to concentrate on content  Helps control some resources  Mobile Interface not great for entering content  Considerations needed for page editing  Cross-site publishing in SharePoint 2013? @EricOverfield -
    • 36. Mobile First In Action @EricOverfield -
    • 37. Build to the Design not the Device @EricOverfield -
    • 38. Become Device Independent  Base breakpoints based on design  Allows for any device  Use a background image to help  Temporary background image with columns  Start with 300 pixel block  Then 50 to 100 pixel columns through 1200 pixels total @EricOverfield -
    • 39. And SharePoint 2013? @EricOverfield -
    • 40. Device Channels  New to SharePoint 2013  Interfaces tailored and maps to specific device(s)  Custom Master Pages per Channel  Custom DeviceChannelPanels  Change the order of content! @EricOverfield -
    • 41. Demos @EricOverfield -
    • 42. There is no silver bulletBuild towards progress Perfection does not yet exist @EricOverfield -
    • 43. Resources "Responsive Web Design" by Ethan Marcotte Ethan Marcotte’s 20 Favorite Responsive Designs v5, the Responsive HTML5 Master Page for SharePoint 2010 by Kyle Schaeffer SharePoint 2010 Responsive Web design Template by Luis Kerr Responsive Frameworks for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 Configure SharePoint Server 2010 for Mobile Device Access html5shiv Modernizr css3-mediaqueries-js @EricOverfield -
    • 44. Resources Twitter Bootstrap Zurb Foundation Skeleton Framework Less Framework Implementing Off Canvas Navigation 50 Useful Responsive Web Design Tools For Designers @EricOverfield -
    • 45. Enhance SharePointWith Responsive Web Design DEV 201 Thank You Eric Overfield @EricOverfield