Using New Marketing Technologies to Engage & Interact with Consumers


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Traditional Advertising vehicles; TV, Radio & Print have lost some power....of the 3, TV remains a decent vehicle but typically reaches a general audience and is very expensive. Consumer behavior has also changed, especially within the 18-35 year old demographic. These GenY'ers use commercial free radio through XM or Sirius or just load what they like onto iPods...they DVR their favorite shows and watch them when they can skipping all the commercials. They subscribe to blogs or follow groups or organizations on twitter that provide them the news they want as it happens. So how does an advertiser using traditional vehicles reach them? They have to engage them as they go about their daily activites through DOOH media systems at the gym, doctor's office, bank, grocery store, cafe, sports bar, etc..and then provide a call-to-action in order to develop a relationship and a way to engage and interact directly at a later time.

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Using New Marketing Technologies to Engage & Interact with Consumers

  1. 1. Meet Courtney Consumer a busy professional woman with a full day ahead of her…she fits an ideal target demographic for advertisers…but “traditional” advertisements aren’t reaching her. WHY? TV- She records her favorite shows with DVR and when she does get the chance to watch...she blows past the commercials. RADIO- She has her favorite songs loaded on her iPod and just plugs and plays or uses satellite radio for commercial free music. NEWSPAPERS- LOL!! She gets all her news through blogs she subscribes to and from groups she follows on twitter. She gets news as it happens.
  2. 2. because they aren’t tuned into Courtney’s Life Pattern and are using the wrong technologies! TV, Radio & Print are ineffective & invisible to her Consumer behavior has changed. The under 35 demographic doesn’t seek out information anymore…it finds them; where they work, shop & socialize…right now! Courtney and her friends are not UNreachable! Advertisers need to tie into her daily life pattern to get her attention. HOW?? Let’s take a look!
  3. 3. Today Courtney’s Life Pattern will take her…
  4. 4. Courtney’s day will start a 5:30am when she leaves home for Joe’s Gym. Joe’s Gym is different than usual...last week Joe installed a DOOH media system he’s decided to call Joe’s Gym “LIVE” On the treadmill, Courtney is engaged by it…she learns all about up coming new yoga classes and it’s health benefits. She decides she will enroll and bring a friend. Joe’s has done a great job! The content is relevant, informative and captivating. Courtney has even learned about a café around the corner she didn’t know existed. Courtney decides to pay a visit to Chloe’s Café…and take advantage of the mobile coupon she just received for by texting CHLOE to 74642
  5. 5. It is now 7:00am and Courtney is hungry from her morning workout....she has just walked in to Chloe’s Cafe. Chloe’s café is a quaint and inviting café on a side street…walking distance from Joe’s Gym…she can’t believe it’s been there for 2 years. Chloe and Courtney chat about how the ad she saw on Joe’s “Live” brought her in…Chloe is pleased that the ad she placed less than a week ago has already brought in 50 new customers. Courtney notices that Chloe also has her own “network” and Chloe calls it “Chloe’s Channel”. It has information about coffee blends, specials and upcoming events at the Café. Courtney sees that one of the upcoming events is one of her favorite Blue’s Bands…she decides she will bring her boyfriend back for this event. She sends out a “tweet” about her find.
  6. 6. It is now 8am and Courtney just arrived at the Doctor’s office after a longer than expected visit at Chloe’s Café. Dr. Davis’ Dermatology Center was an innovator in Digital Signage. He’s had one in place for over 4 years…and uses it to educate his patients on services and create revenues through advertisements. Courtney enjoys watching it and doesn’t even notice that it takes 25 minutes to see the doctor. Content is relevant, dynamic and engaging. What’s interesting is that this time she learned about all the uses of Botox…she never knew it was an effective treatment for migraines. Courtney has a friend who has struggled with migraines for years and immediately sends a text to her. Chalk up another referral for Dr. Davis! Courtney also notices an advertisement for a new organic deli. It’s right next to her office. She texts GREEN to 74642 and gets her coupon for 25 % off. She knows where she’s going for lunch!
  7. 7. It is now 1pm and Courtney’s stomach is grumbling…she remembers her mobile coupon for Olivia’s Organic Deli. Courtney tells two other coworkers to text GREENS to 74642 and they all head out for Olivia’s for lunch with 25 % coupons in hand…or on phone! Olivia’s is a really modern deli….digital menu boards with hi-def pictures, nutritional info and info about other services offered; like catering Courtney …remembers the corporate meeting coming up next month and makes a point to speak with Olivia about catering. Courtney learns from Olivia that digital signage is a “green” technology because it saves paper and reduces operating costs. They set up a time to discuss catering the corporate event.
  8. 8. Courtney makes a quick stop at the bank after lunch. Buford’s Bank is also an early adopter of DOOH technology and uses their Watchable Profit Network (WPN) to advertise their premier business members, provide information about bank services and benefits and other financial news. Courtney learns about the bank’s merchant services and their low fee guarantee. She remembers how her boyfriend was complaining about how he felt Fannie’s Financial was ripping him off. Guess who’s getting a text! Buford’s WPN is advertising George’s Gourmet Market. Courtney starts to think this might be a good way to advertise her company. She plans to head to George’s Market after work to pick up dinner.
  9. 9. It’s now 6:30pm..and Courtney is ready to go home and unwind with a glass of wine…off to George’s Market! George’s Market uses Digital Signage to educate customers on specials taking place in other departments in order to create a sales lift. In the wine section Courtney learns about food/wine pairings and that a Veal special would pair well with the Cabernet she selected. She picks up the Veal dinner & heads to check out. While in line she notices the Checkout Digital Signage asking for customers to join George’s VIP/Loyalty Club by texting George to 74642 Courtney does and receives a coupon for $10. She has now opted in to George’s mobile database which has grown to over 2500 customers in just 2 short months. Now George can interact directly with all these customers to deliver a relevant message to the right customer in the right place and at the right time. Courtney heads home to make dinner and watch her pre-recorded shows—commercial free!
  10. 10. So…Courtney and her friends are wondering? How long will it take you to make the appropriate changes in your marketing and advertising strategies to become VISIBLE to them? They are waiting to interact with you in a personalized way!
  11. 11. If you’re ready to get off the sideline and into the game….let us help you put an effective and affordable plan in place! Text PIXEL1 to 74642 to get started now and to stay informed of new marketing technologies that will get you noticed & make you money!