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PixTV 27: Content Marketing Meets YouTube - How to Plan, Budget, Execute Without Agita

PixTV 27: Content Marketing Meets YouTube - How to Plan, Budget, Execute Without Agita



To gain access to the full video recording, register for free access at: ...

To gain access to the full video recording, register for free access at:

Content marketing is hot. YouTube is even hotter. Put them both together and you’re going to have a great 2013 no matter if you’re a brand marketer or a performance marketer.

In this session you’ll learn how to:
-Effectively incorporate video into your content marketing plan
-Seamlessly integrate video with your content and social media
-Establish a content marketing plan for video that delivers measureable results
-Leverage YouTube as a pillar of your content marketing strategy

Pixability is regarded as one of the top YouTube marketing companies in the world. Please join us as we share our experience of over 10,000 YouTube channels and millions of business videos. Nobody knows online video content marketing better than Pixability.

Connect With Pixability:
Twitter | @pixability
Facebook | facebook.com/pixability
e-mail | info@pixability.com
phone | 1-888-PIX-VIDEO



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  • The pyramid can be a good summary of the Pix solution. This is more of a summary for why we are a good bet for an investmentThis should be only in investor pres and followed by the slide of comparable companies
  • -correct the box -YouTube is a unique ecosystemItallows for marketers to do precise targetingIt allows you to use your paid media spend to very deliberately increase the organic part of a brand’s video strategy.Promoted views fuel your earned media views by making these videos rank higher under ‘recommended videos’Those views drive more viewers to your channel, thereby increasing your views even more
  • New titlePractices? tactics? Channels?
  • -correct the box -YouTube is a unique ecosystemItallows for marketers to do precise targetingIt allows you to use your paid media spend to very deliberately increase the organic part of a brand’s video strategy.Promoted views fuel your earned media views by making these videos rank higher under ‘recommended videos’Those views drive more viewers to your channel, thereby increasing your views even more

PixTV 27: Content Marketing Meets YouTube - How to Plan, Budget, Execute Without Agita PixTV 27: Content Marketing Meets YouTube - How to Plan, Budget, Execute Without Agita Presentation Transcript

  • Content Marketing Meets YouTubeHow to• Plan• Budget• ExecuteWithout Agita Pixability TV 27 Webinar January 16, 2013
  • Agenda Admin and Agita Content Redux YouTube and Content Plan Holistically Budget on Metrics Execute with Precision 2
  • Admin & Agita 3
  • Questions? webinar@pixability.com Twitter: @pixability #pixtv27 Speakers:  @robciampa & @moretheresa 4
  • Pixability: About Us Conceived at MIT, based in Cambridge, MA Drives YouTube results for business  Marketing platform for brand content marketing  Big data keyword/audience analysis for ad buyers Extensive YouTube experience  9,000+ brand YouTube Channels analyzed  Authors of “Video Marketing for Dummies” Over 500 customers 5
  • PixabilityWe solve YouTube for marketers and agencies Advertising Content Marketing Solutions Solutions Drive targeted traffic quickly Build a long-term audience On 6
  • 7
  • Content Redux 8
  • Source: http://www.marketingprofs.com/articles/2011/4381/five-b2b-trends-in-content-social-media-in-2011 9
  • How do Prospects Perceive Your Content? Source: http://img.timeinc.net/time/photoessays/2008/naples_garbage/garbage_naples_04.jpg 10
  • Content marketing on the rise: Video is #1Most Preferred Contentby US Brand/Agency Marketers (Source: Outbrain, March 2012)87% Videos 67% Blog Posts 44% 44% Slideshows Articles 22% Other 11
  • Doing it the Wrong WayBig brands like Liberty Mutual produce expensive videos no one watchesMost corporations (and agencies) struggle with the management of their YouTube channel 12
  • YouTube & Content 13
  • Doing it the Right Way 14
  • Your YouTube Brand Channel:Like Having Your Own Cable TV Station 15
  • YouTube is the dominant video platformDominating in monthly video views Attracting younger viewers than TV Yahoo Facebook 33% Vevo YouTube VS. Viacom 67% Microsoft AOL 154M U.S. Amazon VS. Ages 18-49 Ages 50+ viewers Turner 18.2B U.S. video views per month Vimeo Prime 24%  55% of the U.S. online video Time market by video views TV 76% 16
  • YouTube is a major marketing channelAudiences are shifting from TV to YouTube #2 search engine, #1 video platform Now serving 4 billion hours of video per month, up from 3B earlier this year (Wall Street Journal, 7/31/2012) Over half of senior executives say they watch work-related videos on YouTube at least weekly (Forbes Insights, 2010)Brands are following and being rewarded Content marketing is on the rise and video content marketing is the most preferred by marketers 99 of 100 top global brands and 36% of U.S. businesses over 100 employees already use YouTube for marketing (eMarketer, 8/2012) 4 in 10 shoppers visited a store online or in-person as a direct result of watching a video online (ReelSEO, 8/2012) 17
  • Business video on YouTube is skyrocketingThe biggest marketers in the world are already using YouTube toreach their customersMonthly videos published on YouTube by global Top 100 Brands (Source: Pixability Video Radar) 18
  • Most Businesses Fail to Optimize VideoViews per VideoTop 100 Brands on YouTube Less 1K to 10K to 100K to Over than 1K 10K 100K 1Million 1 Million 49.6% 30.4% 15.6% 3.9% 0.5%Almost 50% of videos published by the top 100 globalbrands got fewer than 1,000 views, meaning they failed toreach their audience.Source: Pixability Online Video Grader Sample of 150,000 business videoson 1270 YouTube channels belonging to Top 100 Global Brands 19
  • Bad Content Marketing 20
  • Plan Holistically 21
  • get the in front of the to trigger the Right Right Right VIDEO AUDIENCE ACTIONCONTENT 22
  • Content Fuels Paid, Owned, Earned Paid Media Owned Media Earned Media Promoted Video Ad YouTube Ads YouTube Channel Social Sharing Highly targeted, more A video channel Build a community cost effective than that you own and around your video traditional media control fully content Website Driving conversions through highly qualified website traffic 23
  • What makes a channel successful?Channel Success Business Success Great Content  Brand awareness Loyal subscribers  New Leads Sustained viewership  Conversions 24
  • Video delivers throughout marketing funnel Video Marketing Impacts Smoothly IntegratesEvery Stage of Marketing Funnel With Conversion Practices Display Ads AWARENESS Social Media CONSIDERATION Retargeting SEM / SEO TRANSACTION Landing Page Optimization SERVICE Customer Portal 25
  • The Marketing Funnel For Video: Prove you are the industry leader Educate your audience about your products Provide support and guidance for purchasing Educational Promotional Videos Videos In-depth content Promotional Videos/ Product Videos 26
  • Budget on Metrics 27
  • Producing Content Content Creation Options Pros / Cons Hire a local studio to produce and  Pro - You will have someone to call create the content  Con – Price Hire a local videographer to shoot  Pro – Cheaper price point when and edit working with an individual  Con – You get what you pay for, make sure it is very clear what is expected to be done Purchase your own camera and  Pro – You will be able to make more editing gear for a team member to affordable videos use  Con – You will need to hire someone experienced to manage this or train an employee 28
  • Look at conversions – not just views  Pixability Campaign Start +380% For-profit beauty school chain with 100+ locations  Relies on online promotion to drive enrollment  600+ YouTube videos cost $300k + to create but were ineffective  Pixability increased Empire conversions by 380% in just 3 months June, 2011 July, 2011 August, 2011 September, 2011 29
  • YouTube + Pixability = lower-costconversions Organic Search $36 $37 AFTER Pixability YouTube $67 BEFORE Pixability Lead Gen Sites $132Local Directories $150 Social Media $430 $0 $50 $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 $350 $400 $450 $500 Cost per online lead 30
  • Conversion rates: YouTube is highly effective inconverting new prospects Conversion Rates (Site visit to lead) by Traffic Source8.0% 7.1% 7.2%7.0% 6.1%6.0%5.0% 4.8%4.0% 3.8%3.0% 2.2%2.0% 1.2%1.0% 0.3% 0.1%0.0% SEO Search for brand Direct traffic Lead gen sites Local directories YouTube Social media Mobile ads Display ads Traffic from users who already Traffic from users who just know what they’re looking for. discovered the brand. 31
  • Customer Example: Private College  Private college in Conversion rate Boston Local search 25.4%  Online conversion rate for YouTube adsOrganic search 14.8% equally high as organic search, clearly beating YouTube 13.8% social media. Facebook 6.0%  7x better performance Direct traffic than social ads 6.0%  Pixability deliverables: Twitter 4.1%  YouTube ad campaign Social ads 2.0%  Audience analysis, content strategy 0.0% 5.0% 10.0% 15.0% 20.0% 25.0% 30.0%  Video SEO  YouTube channel optimization Conversions: defined as expressed interest in admission details 32
  • Execute with Precision 33
  • Combine YouTube with other Content 34
  • The Traditional Ad Model• Show a lot of ads• Maximize Reach x Frequency• Customer buys (maybe) 35
  • YouTube TrueView ad formats Skippable* In-stream Display Ads Keyword Search Display Ads (in-stream) (in-slate) (in-search) (in-display) •Skippable after 5 seconds • if video is over 30 seconds Value for money: Charged per engaged video view, not per click or impression Extremely flexible: Very different cost per view (CPV) ranges available depending on format and targeting 36
  • Content & Social Video Sharing Up to 50% of a YouTube video’s views (on average) are generated by external sites YouTube’s algorithms increasingly prioritize frequently shared videos  Better search rankings  Higher visibility in “Suggested Videos” 37 Source: Pixability Caffeine Analytics
  • YouTube Videos on Facebook 38
  • YouTube Videos on Twitter 39
  • YouTube Videos on Pinterest 40
  • Now What? Making Analytics ActionableDon’t stop at analysis, but define clear actions Produce better / more / different content  Watch carefully what people like Invest in advertising and SEO Improve social media outreach Improve calls-to-action  Tell people what they should do next  Make it easy to contact you  Make sure you track all clicks, e.g. with bit.ly 41
  • We use ‘big data’ algorithms to do it INPUT Data about millions of YouTube videos  Big data analytics software forSocial data YouTube marketing  Provides multi-dimensional insights:  Audience analysis: “How many people watch videos about this topic?”  Topic identification: “Which sub-topics are particularly popular?” Video Social Video Search sentiment  Competitive monitoring and Performance Analysis and sharing Analysis benchmarking: analysis “Who has the most successful videos in this space?”  SEO/Automated keyword research & Audience, to Video SEO tracking: pic and Ad Hyper- and social competition Targeting “Which keywords should I optimize for?” outreach analytics  Hyper-precise ad targeting: “Where do I have to put my ads to reach the relevant audience?” Right Right Right  Patent-pending software CONTENT AUDIENCE ACTION 42
  • Conclusions Video is the #1 choice of content for marketers Integrate and complement video with other assets and platforms, including your web site Video doesn’t market itself, so don’t spend your entire budget on production YouTube facilitates video markets better than any other platform YouTube must be part of your content marketing strategy 43
  • Video Grader: video performance benchmarking Measures the Effectiveness of Video Marketing based on Best Practices Empirical database of 9000+ companies Real-time monitoring of competitors’ activities No comparable information source in the industry Free version at onlinevideograder.com 44
  • Resource: Video Marketing for Dummies  Available in paperback and as ebook  408 pages, $16.32 paperback $14.00 Kindle 45
  • Questions? webinar@pixability.comTwitter: @pixability #pixtv27 @robciampa @moretheresa 46
  • Thank You! www.pixability.com 888-PIX-VIDEO 888-749-8433theresa@pixability.com - @moretheresa rob@pixability.com - @robciampa