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Creating Your First Marketing Video.Dos and Donts
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Creating Your First Marketing Video.Dos and Donts


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  • Try to Fit Your Message into One VideoDon’t try to squeeze everything about your message into one video. It’s better to create a series of videos and keep them bite sized. You're better off creating a series of shorter videos and focus on a particular aspect of your message. Ten minutes is generally the maximum you can hold someone's attention on the Web. For example, You Tube has a play list option that allows you to post a series of clips and have them back to back in order of content flow. Similar methodology can be used for short website video clips. Ask your webmaster or give us a shout if you would like to learn more.
  • Try to Please Everybody.No matter how good you are, you are not going to please everybody with your video. Somebody will not like what you do no matter what. Rather, let your instinct guide your creativity and be yourself. There are people who will not like you or your message no matter what! Do not try to appeal to everybody when producing a marketing video will lengthen your video and confuse your market niche. You are so much better off focusing on your best customer and create a video just for them .
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Creating Your First Marketing Video: Dos and Don’ts
      March 31, 2010
      Bettina Hein
      Founder & CEO
      Pixability, Inc.
      Jeanne Hopkins
      Director of Marketing
      HubSpot Inc.
    • 2. Agenda
      Dos: 10 tips for easy videos
      Don’ts: 3 things to avoid
    • 3. © Pixability, Inc.
    • 4. © Pixability, Inc.
    • 5. Marketing Video Tip #1: Get easy-to-use camera
      • Find a camera that allows for easy download
      • 6. Spend $100-200
      • 7. Good ones are:
      Flip Camera
      Kodak Zi8
    • 8. Marketing Video Tip #2: It’s the content, baby
      • Think about your best customers: What interests them?
      • 9. Shorter is better – 2 minutes!
      • 10. Examples: How-to, customer case studies and product demos
      • 11. Don’t overthink it
    • Marketing Video Tip #3: Hold still
      • Hold the camera with both hands
      • 12. Count to 10 in your head for each shot
      • 13. Use a (small) tripod
    • Marketing Video Tip #4: Quiet Please!
      • Find a quiet place for interviews
      • 14. Ask interviewees to speak up
      • 15. Get close to your subject for best audio
      • 16. Turn off fans and loud machines
    • 17. Marketing Video Tip #5: Lights, camera, action
      • Turn on all available lights
      • 18. Use daylight
      • 19. Film with people face to a window (NOT their back!)
    • Marketing Video Tips #6-10: Advanced tips
      Tip #6: Location, location, location
      Tip #7: Vary the distance
      Tip #8: Lips sealed
      Tip #9: Be authentic
      Tip #10: Edit
      Bonus tip: Clear call-to-action
    • 20.
    • 21.
    • 22.
    • 23. Questions?
    • 24. Pixability: Just 3 easy steps
      © Pixability, Inc.
    • 25. Thank you.
      Bettina Hein