Solving Sales Management Challenges with Science


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Are great salespeople born, or made? With today’s advanced scientific sales analytics and measurement tools, sales managers can actually find out.

First, behavioral assessments give sales managers insight into a salesperson’s nature and psychological makeup (“born”), while skills assessments provide concrete data on sales knowledge and skills learned via experience, lessons, observations, etc. (“made”).

This combination of information gives sales leaders new ways to tackle three perennial sales-management challenges.

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  • That completes our review of fourth quarter and full year 2006 results I would now like to turn your attention to our Investor Day presentations…..
  • Solving Sales Management Challenges with Science

    1. 1. Solving Sales Management Challenges With Science Nancy Martini President & CEO PI Worldwide
    2. 2. Roadmap <ul><li>1. Background </li></ul><ul><li>2. Tackling Perennial Sales Management Challenges </li></ul><ul><li>3. The Hiring Challenge </li></ul><ul><li>4. The Motivation Challenge </li></ul><ul><li>5. The Retention Challenge </li></ul><ul><li>6. Conclusion </li></ul>
    3. 3. Background <ul><li>Are great salespeople born, or made? </li></ul><ul><li>Advanced Scientific Sales Analytics And Measurement Tools Have The Answer </li></ul><ul><li>Information Provided By Assessments Gives Sales Leaders New Ways To Tackle Timeless Sales Management Challenges </li></ul>
    4. 4. <ul><li>Behavioral Assessments Give Sales Managers Insight Into A Salesperson’s Nature </li></ul><ul><li>They Also Give An Insight Into Their Psychological Makeup </li></ul><ul><li>Skills Assessments Provide Concrete Data On Sales Knowledge </li></ul><ul><li>They Also Provide Concrete Data On Skills Learned Via Experience, Lessons And Observations </li></ul>Tackling Perennial Sales Management Challenges
    5. 5. <ul><li>Sales Teams Are Only As Good As The Salespeople Themselves </li></ul><ul><li>Sales Managers Need Individuals Who Can Work Within The Culture Of The Organization And Find Satisfaction In Getting Great Results </li></ul><ul><li>At The End Of The Day It All Boils Down To “Job Fit” </li></ul><ul><li>Sales Managers Need To Define The Job And Have A “Target” To Measure Candidates Against </li></ul>The Hiring Challenge
    6. 6. <ul><li>To Find The Right People For Your Team, You Have To Know What Kind Of Salespeople You’re Looking For </li></ul><ul><li>Hiring The Right Salesperson Starts By Defining The Role </li></ul><ul><li>Sales Managers Need To Take The Time To Complete A Job Analysis That Defines The Behavioral Needs Of The Position </li></ul><ul><li>Administering A Behavioral Assessment On Solid Candidates, Reviewing And Comparing It With Other Critical Data Is Essential </li></ul>The Hiring Challenge
    7. 7. <ul><li>Sales Is The One Job Inside Every Company Where You Cannot Hide From Results </li></ul><ul><li>Sales Professionals Are Measured Every Day And If One Hits A Slump, The Results Are Also Highly Visible </li></ul><ul><li>While The Visibility Can Help Motivate Some People, It Can Also Create A “Pressure Cooker” Environment Where Morale Is Difficult To Maintain </li></ul>The Motivation Challenge
    8. 8. <ul><li>In Addition To Pressure To Produce, External Factors Like The Following Also Impact A Rep’s Motivation Levels </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Tough Economy </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Increased Competition </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Shift In The Individual’s Role </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Change In The Company’s Direction Or Vision </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Behavioral Assessments Provide Insights To How An Individual Is Motivated, Enabling Managers To Accurately Guide Their Team Through Change Of Any Kind </li></ul>The Motivation Challenge
    9. 9. <ul><li>Hiring The Right People Will Always Be A Concern, But Retention Will Be An Even Greater Challenge Over The Next Decade </li></ul><ul><li>Top Producers Always Have And Always Will Have Choices Of About Where To Work </li></ul><ul><li>As Drivers Of Revenue, They Are A Huge Asset To Any Company And Remain In High Demand </li></ul>The Retention Challenge
    10. 10. <ul><li>Top Sales Professionals Expect Great Leadership </li></ul><ul><li>Top Sales Professionals Expect A High Level Of Job Satisfaction </li></ul><ul><li>Most Organizations Find That There Are Not Enough Candidates To Fill Critical Roles </li></ul><ul><li>This Problem Is Likely To Get More Serious Now And In The Future </li></ul>The Retention Challenge
    11. 11. <ul><li>How Can Science Help? </li></ul><ul><li>People Stay In Jobs When They’re Engaged, Learning, Challenged, And Believe They Can Succeed In The Environment </li></ul><ul><li>Science Provides Key Aspects To Combine Nature And Nurture And Help Keep Producers Actively Engaged </li></ul><ul><li>This Assists In Reducing Sales Personnel Turnover </li></ul>The Retention Challenge
    12. 12. <ul><li>Behavioral Assessments Provide Insight Into What Makes Each Sales Rep Tick </li></ul><ul><li>Sales Skills Assessments Provide Data On Their Strengths And Areas Of Growth </li></ul><ul><li>With The Combined Data From These Assessments, Sales Managers Can Take The Mystery Out Of Retention And Figure Out Ways To Keep Their Top Performers Happy And Engaged </li></ul>Conclusion
    13. 13. <ul><li>Leveraging Science To Drive Sales Performance Enables Organizations To Do The Following </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Increase Efficiency </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Manage Effectively </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Produce Outstanding Sales Results </li></ul></ul><ul><li>This Results In Predictable, Sustainable And Repeatable Success </li></ul>Conclusion
    14. 14. Want To Know More? <ul><li>Know How Science Can Help You Meet Your Sales Challenges On </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>
    15. 15. <ul><li>Thank you! </li></ul><ul><li>Questions? [email_address] | @piworldwide </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li>More Information: </li></ul>