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PI Worldwide® e-learning courses offer the opportunity to extend your investment in the Predictive Index® System by reinforcing and building upon the concepts and skills presented in the PI Management Workshop™. Through stimulating lessons and interactive practice, learners review concepts, refresh skills, and extend their application for business advantage.

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PI Worldwide e-learning

  1. 1. PI Worldwide PI Worldwide e-learning 2012 Cindy Lynes Director of Marketing
  2. 2. PI Worldwide Benefits of e-learning • Aptitude: e-learning allows learners to participate in training at their own pace • Consistency: e-learning ensures a consistent message is received • Freedom to fail: Real learning requires some failure and no one likes to fail in front of others • Cost effective: It is simply a more cost effective way to train • Schedule: Anytime and anywhere learning- Independent of classroom training schedule
  3. 3. PI Worldwide e-learningPI Worldwide courses Benefits to clients- 3 courses – Extends PI® knowledge to deepen the client relationship – Creates better analysts – Options for non-analysts to create awareness and value for PI
  4. 4. Introduction to Behavioral Science andPI Worldwide the Predictive Index®For non-Analysts and Analysts-Purpose: • Participants who are enrolled in the PI Workshop – Prework for Workshop • Managers who receive PIs from HR but do not know PI – Establish Value • Employees who are not candidates for the PI Workshop - Education • Employees who are interested in learning more about these subjects – Education
  5. 5. Introduction to Behavioral SciencePI Worldwide and the Predictive Index® Includes: • History of behavioral science • Behavioral science as it applies to business • Components of Predictive Index System • Applications and uses of PI® • PI case studies • Knowledge Check
  6. 6. PI Worldwide Predictive Index ®Review For trained PI Analysts only • Existing Analysts – strong refresher • New Analysts – reinforcement of PI Workshop Participants review the core concepts of PI®: • Primary Factors of the Predictive Index • Factor Emphasis Combinations • “A/D Conflict” • “Cutback D” • Resultant Factors • Reference Patterns • Knowledge Check
  7. 7. PI Worldwide Delivering Powerful PI® Feedback For trained PI Analysts only • Existing Analysts – strong refresher • New Analysts – reinforcement of PI Workshop Participants enhance their PI feedback skills: • Prepare to give Predictive Index® feedback • Read the Self, the Self-Concept, and the Synthesis PI patterns • Understand complex patterns • Deliver PI® feedback confidently and successfully • Knowledge Check
  8. 8. PI Worldwide Best in Blended Learning Best Practice for All New Clients – Bundle the PI Workshop & e-learning: • Introduction to Behavioral Science and the Predictive Index (1-2 weeks prior) • Face-to-Face: PI Management Workshop • Reinforcement: PI Refresher (30-90) • Reinforcement: Delivering Powerful Feedback (30-90)
  9. 9. PI Worldwide Learn More About PI Worldwide e-learning Courses Take advantage of the PI e-learning offerings. Review concepts, refresh skills, and extend your application for business advantage. http://bit.ly/PIe-learningcourses
  10. 10. PI Worldwide Thank you! Questions? info@piworldwide.com | @piworldwide http://www.linkedin.com/in/piworldwide More Information: http://www.piworldwide.com 10