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Service Learning Pp

  1. 1. Service learning is an educational tool that gets students out of the classroom and into the community, volunteering with agencies that have specific needs, and applying the concepts taught in class to the world outside the classroom.
  2. 2. What We Are Doing? Right now, there is only one paid - employee, Bill Wheeler, that can help to keep trails in good shape. Bill Wheeler has also had shoulder - surgery, which has slowed down this project to the point that they are now 4 months behind schedule. We will be helping widen trails and - connecting two trails to each other. The stretch we will be widening is about - 100 ft. long. This trail is called the shoreline trail. - We will be using shovels, rakes, and - manpower (and womanpower).
  3. 3.  There are about 6 miles of hiking trails.  One mile of these trails is paved and therefore accessible to handicapped.  All of the trails are open year round.  Be careful when walking these trails.
  4. 4. Park Map
  5. 5. Tools We Will Be Using - Shovels - While digging, firmly hold both hands on the shovel. - Place your foot on top of the shovel and use this to dig into the ground. - Rakes - We will use rakes to clean up any loose tree branches that are easier to rake than to pick it up.
  6. 6. Animals - Turkey - Deer - Geese - Squirrels - Groundhogs - Raccoons - Opossums - Birds - Whales - Polar Bears - Sloths - Rattlesnakes - Dinosaurs - Piranhas and other fish
  7. 7. Safety - Be weary of others around you when using tools. - Wear gloves and good work boots. - Listen to authority (Especially Bill Wheeler and Ranger Lance) - Co-operate with your group leaders and with your group-mates. - Don’t do anything that you have to think twice about. - Don’t pet the polar bears.
  8. 8. - Cliff Safety - There is a large drop-off on part of the trail that we are working on. - When walking along this section don’t be joking around with friends and pushing them. - The drop off is about 50 ft. so don’t take it lightly.
  9. 9. - This is an opportunity to serve our community. - Don’t look at it as community service though, look at it as a time to help out, and have fun with friends. - Take advantage of this time and use it to help out others. - This is also an opportunity to be out in the beautiful fresh air, rather than stuffed up in a cold, hard classroom.
  10. 10. Most of all this is an opportunity to serve. Don’t dread it but look forward to it as a fun opportunity to be outdoors with your friends serving people. Take advantage of it and have a good time with it. Thank you!!!