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PITSS The Oracle Modernization Experts
Oracle Forms Upgrade
Oracle Forms Migration

More Information at http://pitss.com

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Pitss introduction 1.0

  1. 1. PITSS Introduction PITSS America LLC Martin Disterheftwww.pitss.com Copyright 2013 PITSS America LLC
  2. 2. PITSS Company Profile Solid Background, Solid Solutions.  Founded in 1999  Software and Service provider specializing in Oracle Development Tools & Application Servers  PITSS GmbH Stuttgart, Germany (World Headquarters) PITSS America LLC Troy, MI (United States Headquarters) PITSS in Latin America  PITSS Mexico Allied Consulting (Partner)  PITSS Brazil Algar Tecnologia (Partner)  Oracle Alliances/Practices Oracle Modernization2 www.pitss.com Copyright 2013 PITSS America LLC
  3. 3. PITSS Benefit – Return on Invest Utilizing PITSS.CON Software  Reduces Project duration  Free up Project Budget  Ensures a higher Quality compared to traditional (manual) approaches Production Definition Planning Implementation Preparation Traditional / Manual Re-Development Re-write without .NET Oracle Fusion Java Technology (PITSS) Modernization ADF (PITSS) with Oracle Fusion Technology Forms 11g (PITSS) Savings by using PITSS.CON compared to manual approach t3 www.pitss.com Copyright 2013 PITSS America LLC
  4. 4. Oracle’s Recommendation to Customers Protect, Extend and Evolve “Oracle has outlined a strategy which allows customers to protect the considerable investment they have in traditional technologies while allowing new tools and technologies to be adopted for evolving or new development initiatives.”* Unsupported Protect Supported Upgrade Oracle Forms/ Extend Future Architecture Reports 2.3, 3.0, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, 6i, 9i, 10g Oracle Forms/ Reports 11g Start Leveraging WebLogic Evolve Technologies *- Oracle, March 2012 http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/issue- Oracle ADF, APEX, … SOA archive/2010/toolssod-3-129969.pdf Continue Leveraging WebLogic4 www.pitss.com Copyright 2013 PITSS America LLC
  5. 5. What makes a successful Migration Staged Migration – via the Forms-ADF Hybrid Solution “A staged (that is, phased) migration effort enables Oracle Forms applications ADF, SOA,… to be migrated over time. This lengthens the period during which Oracle Forms remains an architectural element, Forms t but reduces the overall migration risk Time during that time period.” Gartner - 2011 Migrate at your own pace based on the available skills and project priorities.” *Source: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/issue-archive/2010/toolssod-3-129969.pdf (March 2012)5 www.pitss.com Copyright 2013 PITSS America LLC
  6. 6. Modernization Alternatives / Cost Comparison Cost Manual re-write in e.g. .NET , Java … Migration to ADF, APEX, … with tool based preparation 1:1 Migration-Tools without Forms Preparation Automated Upgrade to 11g Time Conversion project completion Code Maintenance after conversion Recommended Upgrade/Migration Approach “…we believe that modernization and migration efforts that embrace differences, and re-architect and build to the "sweet spots" of their target technology are most successful …” – Gartner 20116 www.pitss.com Copyright 2013 PITSS America LLC
  7. 7. PITSS.CON – Lifecycle Management for Oracle Forms Maintain/Develop Maintenance - DB Handling, Module Handling, Module Compiling, and Form Consistency checking. Development - Search, Replace, View, and Edit all PL/SQL Code objects. Visual Design - Search, Replace, View, and Edit Forms Objects Properties (Fonts, Sizes, Overlapping, etc). Application Analysis - See what is affected when a Form or DB Object is changed. Multi-Language - Make any form display in multiple language without creating multiple forms. Source Control - Archive forms as you make changes. Modernize Migration APEX - Guided automated transfer of forms to APEX. Migration ADF - Guided automated transfer of forms to ADF. Migration - Upgrade any legacy version of Oracle Forms/Reports to 10g or 11g. Reengineer Application Engineering - Identifies/removes obsolete code. Extracts Data Access Layer (DAL) and Business Logic (BL) from your Forms and place in the DB (SOA Enables). Source Code Analytics – Source Code Statistics7 www.pitss.com Copyright 2013 PITSS America LLC
  8. 8. PITSS Modernization Process Forms 11g Oracle Forms Upgrade Ready for SOA Documentations Null Objects Specifications Redundant Objects DA-Layer Not used Objects Dependencies Redundant Source BL-Layer Not Triggered Comparisons DBLA Not Tech. RelevantForms 2, 3, … Java/ADF WEBService Business-Logic Analysis Dead Code Redundancy Protection APEX Quality Assurance Documentation Iteration Co-Existence of Technologies/ Partial Projects8 www.pitss.com Copyright 2013 PITSS America LLC
  9. 9. PITSS Contact Information PITSS - Americas Sales contact: Jason Marra jmarra@pitss.com Website: www.pitss.com Email: info@pitssamerica.com Phone: 248.740.0935 #119 www.pitss.com Copyright 2013 PITSS America LLC