Making the Move to Full Service Intelligent Mail


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The Intelligent Mail barcode “Basic Service” is now required (as of January 27th) for a mailer to receive automated mail discounts. The USPS is planning to make the “Full-Service” IMb a requirement for January, 2014.
Should you be making this move now? What will be required in order to be ready in January? How can you plan ahead? Learn about the differences between Basic Service and Full Service, and find out how to plan for the transition.

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Making the Move to Full Service Intelligent Mail

  1. 1. Making the Move toFull-Service Intelligent Mail®
  2. 2. Your PresenterJudy Kalus is a 15 year veteran of the mailing industryand was instrumental in the start-up of the industry’s firstweb-based address hygiene service.Judy joined Pitney Bowes in 2003 as a Product Managerand is now a Senior Business Analyst. During hertenure, she has served in a variety of key positions. In2008, TrackMyMail™ was acquired by Pitney Bowes,and her role expanded to support tracking and addressservices across multiple Pitney Bowes divisions.Judy is very active in various MTAC committees and hasparticipated as a speaker and panelist in a variety ofpostal and direct marketing events, including Mailcomand the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) AnnualConference. She spoke at this years National PostalForum and Mailcom.
  3. 3.  What are the requirements? MID’s, CRID’s and the Business Customer Gateway eDoc using Postal Wizard, Mail.dat® or Mail.XML ® Resources to help you get startedOverview of Full Service
  4. 4. IMb™ RequirementsFor automation discount:The current requirement (effectiveJan 2013) was to use the IMb onthe mailpiece. This could be doneusing Basic or Full Service IMb.January 26, 2014, Full ServiceIMb must be used.
  5. 5. What’s the Difference?Basic vs. Full ServiceBASIC FULL-SERVICEIMb™ barcode on mailpiece x xUnique serial number in barcode xIM barcode on trays and containers xElectronic Documentation (eDoc) xFAST® Appointments x
  6. 6. BarcodeIDServiceType (STID)Mailer ID (6 or 9 digits)Sample shown is nine digitsSerial number(6 or 9 digits)Sample shown is six digits Routing Code 5,9 or 11 digitsSuite of barcodes:IMb™ on the MailpieceBarcodeID-Service Type- Determined by presortService Type ID- Tells USPS what service is being requested and what type of mail is being processed.Mailer ID (MID)- Assigned by the USPS and identifies the individual mailer. Is either six or nine digitsSerial Number (STID)- Unique (license plate) for the individual mailpiece. Is six or nine digits, dependingupon the number of digits in the Mailer ID.
  7. 7. Suite of barcodes:IMb™ on the Mailing Tray or Handling Unit24 digit tray labelsshould use MID of“Mail Owner” or“Mail Preparer”
  8. 8. Suite of Barcodes:IMb™ on the Container/Pallet1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 1415 16 17 18 19 20 21ApplicationIdentifier“99”TypeIndicator“M”Mailer ID (Example shown is 9 digit)Serial Number (Example shown is 9 digits)Should not be reused for 45 days21 digit container labelsshould use MID of“Mail Owner” or“Mail Preparer”
  9. 9. What is a CRID?CRID is “Customer Registration ID” It is a unique number assigned by the USPS® toidentify a company at a business location address Associates every Permit Number and Mailer ID (MID)to a single CRID. Used to identify who is submitting eDoc information
  10. 10. What is a MID? The Mailer ID (MID) is a six or nine digit number assigned by theUSPS® based upon mail volume. The MID is used in theIntelligent Mail barcodes. The six or nine digit MID will determine how many charactersare available for the serial number in each of the IM barcodes. You may have multiple MID’s assigned to a single CRID. May be used to identify who is submitting the eDoc
  11. 11. What is PostalOne!® ?An information-management system that processes mailerselectronic submissions (eDocs) and produces postage statementsand supporting documentationMailers can use PostalOne! to: Download estimated postage View individual postage statements within a mailing See a running total of postage statement activity View the reconciliation of the information at the end of a mailing informationexchange process (mailing job)To participate in the PostalOne! system, files and fields must comply with thePostalOne! implementation of the Postal Service Mail.dat® or Mail.XML® technicalspecifications.PostalOne! is accessed through the Business Customer Gateway .
  12. 12. What is theBusiness Customer Gateway? A single, unified landingpoint to access the onlinebusiness offerings from theUSPS® Single sign-on PostalOne!® FAST® Mailer ID access
  13. 13. Nesting of DataNesting describes how the mailpieces are linked to trays,and how trays are linked to containers.The linked data is reported in the eDoc sent to PostalOne!®MailpieceTrayContainer
  14. 14. Sending the data to the USPS®-Electronic Documentation (eDocs)PostalWizard• Full ServiceMailings under10,000 pieces• Cannot be usedfor incentiveprograms• For “simple”mailings onlyMail.Dat®• Mailingdatabasecreated bysoftware• Contains all infoexcept address• Ideal for mostmailingsMail.xml®• Mailcommunicationtool availablewith software• Sends onlyrequired info toUSPS• Ideal for mostmailings
  15. 15. PostalOne!® and eDocUSPS AccessesInformation in PostalOne!USPS accepts andverifiesUSPS deducts postageMailer PostalOne!Mailer presents mail toUSPS®Transmit eDoc
  16. 16. What is FAST®?Facility Access and ShipmentTrackingFAST is a system designed forbusiness mailers to scheduleappointments for entry of mail intopostal facilities.FAST accomodates both drop shippedand origin entered mail.Accessed through the BusinessCustomer Gateway
  17. 17. Take advantage ofIMb™Full Service featuresIMb Tracing™Address Change Service(ACS®)Informed Visibility
  18. 18. IMb Tracing™Uses the IMb on the mailpiece totrack an individual piece of mailthrough the postal system.Raw data is available at no chargewith Full Service IMb™(third party vendors are available tointerpret data and provide reports).An excellent tool to provide visibilityand measure deliverytrends.
  19. 19. Address Change Service (ACS®) Updates addresses as the mail moves through the postal system andsends the mailer electronic updates. USPS® provides free to Full Service IMb™ participants(non-automation pieces are not included in free “Full Service” ACS) An excellent tool to manage internal mailings and meet Move Updatecompliance
  20. 20. Informed Visibilityfor trays and containersAccess ScanDate/Time fortrays andcontainers
  21. 21. Resources to Help You Get StartedRIBBS™#1 Resource-
  22. 22. Reasons to Get Started Now! Retain your automation discount Allow time for TEM Testing(Test Environment for Mailers) Evaulate IMb features and determine which ones willbenefit your organization Participation in the Tech Credit available for FullService mailers starting in June 2013.
  23. 23. Reasons to Get Started Now!Full Service Tech Credit What is a Tech Credit?A tech credit is a one time credit available to a qualifiedbusiness location’s Customer Registration ID (CRID) Who is eligible?All Permit Holders and Mailing Agents that mailed more than 125,000qualifying pieces from Oct 1, 2011-September 30, 2012. Redemption Period:June 1, 2013-May 31, 2014 (pending PRC approval)Will be redeemed as a postage credit on statements that contain 90% +Full Service pieces Tech Credit reports will be available via the Business Customer Gateway
  24. 24. Reasons to Get Started Now!Full Service Tech CreditRedeem June 1, 2013 through May 31, 2014
  25. 25. Testing with TEM(Test Environment for Mailers)TEM testing is required for Mail.dat® and Mail.xml® TEM has been simplified for mailers to submit Full-Service test mailings using presort software that hasalready been validated by the Postal Service. A list of software vendors who have successfullyvalidated their products is available at
  26. 26. Simplified TEM for Mail.dat®"Simple" Mailings With Mail.datMail Owners and Mail Service Providers (MSP)that use Mail.dat software that has beenvalidated with the Postal Service and preparesimple mailings with a single permit andidentical weight pieces, should consult thefollowing: TEM Process for Simple Mailings usingMail.dat Authorized Vendors List Guide for submitting Mail.dat Files toTEM Guide for submitting Mail.dat Jobs toPostalOne! ®
  27. 27. Simplified TEM for Mail.xml®“Simple" Mailings With Mail.XMLMail Owners and Mail Service Providers (MSP)that use Mail.XML software that has beenvalidated with the Postal Service and preparesimple mailings with a single permit and identicalweight pieces should consult the following: TEM Process for Simple Mailings usingMail.XML Authorized Vendors List Guide for submitting Mail.XML to TEM Guide for submitting Mail.XML Jobs toPostalOne! ®
  28. 28. USPS® published listCertified software vendorsfor Full Service IMb™ and eDoc
  29. 29. Checklist:Full Service IMb™ PreparationYou have confirmed that your presort software is capable ofmanaging uniqueness of serial numbers and generating barcodes formailpieces, trays and containersYou have clear instructions or know where to locate guides fromyour software vendorYour printer is capable of producing the barcodesYou have set up a profile in the Business Customer Gateway andknow your CRID and MID.You have completed or are preparing for TEM testing. Keep in mindthat you will need to set up time with your local mail acceptance unit.
  30. 30. Questions?Thank you!
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