USPS Intelligent Mail™ Package Barcode (IM™pb): Implementation and Benefits


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What are the benefits to using USPS Intelligent Mail™ Package Barcode (IM™pb) for shipping? Ryan Seipp of the United States Postal Service joins Michael Rosenfield of Pitney Bowes.

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USPS Intelligent Mail™ Package Barcode (IM™pb): Implementation and Benefits

  1. 1. USPS Intelligent Mail™ Package Barcode (IM™pb) and the Tracking/Visibility Implementation and Benefits August 13, 2013 Shipping Information Systems Product Information USPS
  2. 2. Ryan Seipp, United States Postal Service Ryan works in the Shipping Information Systems group of the USPS, which supports the Product Tracking System and certification process. He brings years of sales experience to this position and works with customers on the IMpb transition and certification process. He also oversees various Postal projects to improve package visibility and the overall customer experience. Ryan earned his undergraduate degree at Lynchburg College and is working towards a MS in Technology Management at Stevenson University. Michael Rosenfield, Pitney Bowes Michael has been with Pitney Bowes in the areas of program and product management for three years. As part of his position, he focuses on the relationship between Pitney Bowes and the USPS, with regard to our metered clients. Previously, Michael was with CIGNA and GE Financial. He graduated from Pace University. Your Presenters
  3. 3. IMpb Benefits 3 WHY IMpb? • Best Prices for Packages • Commercial Base and Commercial Plus • Avoids upcharges or fees • End-to-End Tracking with no additional charge for most products • Know when to expect your shipments to arrive • Improves sorting efficiency • Baked-in Insurance up to $50 for Retail and Commercial Base Pricing and $100 for Commercial Plus customers  Priority Mail. • Supports simplified carrier route distribution and in the future, dynamic routing • Improves customer service
  4. 4. 100% Package Visibility • What does this mean? – Barcode on every package – Tracking built into pricing for major shipping products – Full end-to-end tracking – Rich information to help customers and USPS manage operations and improve customer experience 4
  5. 5. Rebranding and Recent Changes Better validation for package delivery Name changes represent move to tracking, not just delivery confirmation: – Delivery Confirmation to USPS Tracking – Parcel Post to Standard Post – Baked in tracking for Priority Mail and Standard Post at Retail Offices. 5
  6. 6. USPS Tracking Capabilities – Scans, Domestic Items Increased number of scan events - better tracking – Domestic information/scanning events: • Electronic Shipping Info Received • Acceptance • In-Transit / Processed • Arrival at Unit • Out for Delivery • Delivered • Notice left when packages not delivered on 1st attempt – Additional Information available • Expected Delivery Date, Container Information – More Domestic Scan Events • Nested events • In / out of processing facility events 6
  7. 7. Track & Confirm Example 1 (Domestic) 7
  8. 8. Intelligent Mail Package Barcode General Requirements & Features • Tracking at no additional charge for competitive products • Priority Mail • First-Class Package Services * • Parcel Select* • Parcel Select Light Weight* • IMpb Requirements – Unique IMpb – Destination Delivery Address and/or ZIP+4 Code – Shipping Service File Version 1.6 or higher * Commercial only product Intelligent Mail Package Barcode General Requirements & Features
  9. 9. IMpb - Implementation Timeline • First Introduced: September, 2011 • Final Rules: effective January 28, 2013 • Covered certain products and extra services • Added transition period until July 28, 2013 • Additional rules proposed • Customers continue to receive presort/destination entry prices • Compliance measured and feedback to customers • Non-compliant mailers must request exception • Pitney Bowes exception (January, 2014) • Final Compliance Date – January 26, 2014 • In conjunction with Price Change
  10. 10. Intelligent Mail Package Barcode
  11. 11. IMpb – Details & Benefits Details • Supports 6 and 9-digit Mailer IDs • Longer serial numbers - up to 14 digits – to maintain barcode uniqueness Benefits • Reduces multiple barcodes on package • Saves money – less printing toner/ink when barcodes combined • Better processing - potential to simplify operations and improve customer service
  12. 12. USPS Tracking Label 400 Customer’s Receipt (Perforated) Don’t need this
  13. 13. • New! Information must be provided by customer on the product that the label will be applied and where mail will be entered in USPS. 13 Internal Tracking Visibility only Fee for USPS Tracking info must be paid by customer External and Internal Tracking Visibility available Fee for Signature Confirmation must be paid by customer External and Internal Tracking Visibility available Preprinted Intelligent Mail Package Barcode Labels Available for Order
  14. 14. WHY? • Built-in intelligence promotes accurate reporting of package shipments, enabling mailers’ call centers to respond to customer inquiries with speed and accuracy • Proactively manage customer expectations, operations and supply chain  Greater Accountability • DYNAMIC ROUTING – resulting in more efficiently moving all parcels 14
  15. 15.  IMpb FAQ’s can be viewed at: pdf  Barcode, Package, Intelligent Mail (USPS2000508) document and Publication 199: Intelligent Mail Package Barcode (IMpb) Implementation Guide are posted on RIBBS and viewable at:   Publication 205, Electronic Verification System Business and Technical Guide is also available on RIBBS at:  The IMpb Final Rule Federal Register Notice is available at:  The IMpb Proposed Rule Federal Register Notice is available at:  For other questions, please email: IMpb: Additional Information
  16. 16. Q&A 16