Tracing with the IMb: A Power User Session


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Tracing with the IMb: A power user session by Judy Kalus from July 16, 2013.

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Tracing with the IMb: A Power User Session

  1. 1. Tracing with the IMb™: A Power User Session
  2. 2. Your presenter Judy Kalus Product Manager, Pitney Bowes
  3. 3. IMb Tracing™ Uses the IMb on the mailpiece to track an individual piece of mail through the postal system. An excellent tool to provide visibility and measure delivery trends.
  4. 4. Two ways to use IMb Tracing Destination option  For outgoing mail  Provides information about the status of a mailpiece and when it will reach it’s destination Origin option  For incoming mail  Enables mailers to anticipate when customers' checks, replies, etc. are in the mail. Destination Origin
  5. 5. Barcode ID Service Type (STID) Mailer ID (6 or 9 digits) Sample shown is nine digits Serial number(6 or 9 digits) Sample shown is six digits Routing Code 5,9 or 11 digits The Intelligent® Mail Barcode BarcodeID-Service Type- Determined by presort Service Type ID- Tells USPS what service is being requested and what type of mail is being processed. Mailer ID (MID)- Assigned by the USPS and identifies the individual mailer. Is either six or nine digits Serial Number (STID)- Unique (license plate) for the individual mailpiece. Is six or nine digits, depending upon the number of digits in the Mailer ID.
  6. 6. You can go from USPS™ raw data….
  7. 7. … to business intelligence!
  8. 8. IMB Tracing allows you to answer these questions:  Does the USPS have custody of an individual mail piece?  When is the mail being delivered?  How many days did delivery take?  Was the mail delivered as addressed?  Which pieces were forwarded or returned?  Whose remittance is in the mail?
  9. 9. Does the USPS have custody of the mail? First scan occurred 5/09/2013 at 04:14:00AM
  10. 10. When is the mail being delivered? Get delivery dates and compare to targeted in-home dates
  11. 11. How many days did delivery take?
  12. 12. Was the mail delivered as addressed? Address Change Service (ACS) provides mailers with electronic updates with updated addresses and reasons that mail could not be delivered as addressed. Sample shown is from Trackmymail “Update Pro” report
  13. 13. Which pieces were forwarded or returned? First Class letter is mailed to 449 Deere Rd Columbia, SC 29203 IMB uses tracking 123456789 and routing code 29203999999 USPS determines that mail is undeliverable as addressed USPS PARS system provides a “Change of Address “notification on file Depending upon the instruction on the mailpiece, to “Forward “or “Return”, the routing portion of the IMB is changed OR
  14. 14. Whose remittance is in the mail?
  15. 15. What separates the Power Trackers from the rest of us?
  16. 16. Characteristics of a “Power Tracker” Monitoring- • Use detailed delivery data to maintain visibility and ensure desired results Anticipating – • Analyze trending data to stay ahead of changing delivery patterns Communicating- • Share data across the enterprise to leverage cost savings and improve results
  17. 17. Monitor delivery results by segment for a more detailed view
  18. 18. Pay close attention to USPS Network Consolidations…
  19. 19. …and consider tracking for benchmarks on delivery
  20. 20. Anticipate- stay on top of delivery trends
  21. 21. Anticipate - cash flow through remittance
  22. 22. Communicate- share visibility Finance Production Marketing Staffing Departments in the organization impacted by mail processing and delivery
  23. 23. Client communication – data answers delivery questions J Gentry Account 65437
  24. 24. Consider Address Change Service (ACS®)  Updates addresses as the mail moves through the postal system and sends the mailer electronic updates.  USPS® provides free to Full Service IMb™ participants (non-automation pieces are not included in free “Full Service” ACS)  An excellent tool to manage internal mailings and meet Move Update compliance
  25. 25. Apply ACS updates - improve delivery Apply updated addresses in your database and flag records that are “Temporarily Away” Sample shown is from Trackmymail “Update Pro” report Monitor and manage “Undeliverable as addressed” mail
  26. 26.  IMb™ Tracing  ACS PB solutions for use with IMb Tracing!  Assign and generate the IM barcode  Smartmailer integrates seamlessly into Trackmymail
  27. 27. Reminder-IMb™Requirements January 2013 Basic or Full Service IMb required for Automation Discounts. Beginning in January 2014, the USPS will require mailers receiving automation discounts to be ‘Full Service’ compliant. Full Service Intelligent Mail® will be REQUIRED for:  Postcards (First-Class Mail® only)  Letters, and flats when mailed using:  First-Class Mail  Standard Mail®  Periodicals®  Flats mailed at Bound Printed Matter® prices.
  28. 28. Questions? Please Contact us at 1-800-322-8000 Thank you!
  29. 29. Every connection is a new opportunity™ The Corporate logo, SendSuite, and Pitney Bowes are trademarks owned by Pitney Bowes Inc. Postal Service, USPS, First-Class Mail, First-Class, First-Class Package Service, Express Mail, Priority Mail, Parcel Select, Delivery Confirmation, Global Express Guaranteed, Express Mail International, Priority Mail International, International Priority Airmail, and International Surface Air Lift are trademarks owned by the United States Postal Service.