How to Reduce Mailing Costs: A Practical Guide from Pitney Bowes


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This June, 2012 presentation provides 5 ways to reduce mailing costs - document composition and design, address quality, letterhead, envelopes, and labor.

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How to Reduce Mailing Costs: A Practical Guide from Pitney Bowes

  1. 1. How to Reduce Mailing CostsJune 13, 2012 Every connection is a new opportunity™ Every connection is a new opportunity™
  2. 2. What makes up mailing costs?PaperEnvelopesInserts (e.g. reply envelopes or ads)PostagePrintingLabor (if processing is not automated)Equipment maintenance and agreements (if processing is automated)Returned or delayed mail June 15, 2012 PBI Internal use only 2
  3. 3. Looking for savingsFive key ways you can save on these costs: 1. Document Composition and Design 2. Address Quality 3. Letterhead 4. Envelopes 5. Labor June 15, 2012 PBI Internal use only 3
  4. 4. Document Composition and Design  Mail pieces can be redesigned to perform the same communications function in a more cost-efficient format.  Optimizing the real estate on each document.  Use less paper.  Create a smaller mailing piece. June 15, 2012 PBI Internal use only 4
  5. 5. Address Quality  Keeping an updated and accurate list can reduce expenses by saving on postage for invalid addresses.  Maintaining good list hygiene can also make it easier to comply with privacy regulations, as a consumer’s confidential information won’t end up at the wrong address. This lowers the cost of expensive audits and helps you avoid fines for non-compliance. June 15, 2012 PBI Internal use only 5
  6. 6. Address Quality  There are two aspects of address quality - the accuracy of the physical portion of the address and the accuracy of the individual, business or family component.  A mailing solution should solve both of these challenges. Possible solutions include: – CASS™ certified software that standardizes the physical portion of the address and assigns a delivery point routing barcode. – A move update solution for individuals, businesses, or households These include pre-mailing solutions that allow for proactively employing a National Change of Address (NCOA) solution before addressing an envelope. June 15, 2012 PBI Internal use only 6
  7. 7. Letterhead  You may find it convenient to buy custom letterhead and run prints at a later date. However, the hidden costs associated with printing equipment will result in a high cost per print.  Achieve significant savings by purchasing blank paper and having a logo, along with other text and graphics, printed during a single run.  This one change can reduce paper and toner costs by 58%-80% per print. June 15, 2012 PBI Internal use only 7
  8. 8. Envelopes  An on-demand printing system that prints both postage and graphics at the same time can reduce envelope expenses by as much as 33%.  Inventory management for envelopes will also become easier, as there is no longer waste associated with old, damaged or unused stock. June 15, 2012 PBI Internal use only 8
  9. 9. Labor  Automating labor processes can lower expenses while ensuring that each mailing is prepared to the highest standards.  Delivery point routing barcodes, such as the Intelligent Mail registration mark barcode (IMB), can streamline the labor process.  Prepare and sort all mail according to U.S. Postal Service regulations to achieve the cost- and time- savings benefits of automation.  Automation will also eliminate some processing steps at the post office, which maximizes the opportunity for timely delivery. June 15, 2012 PBI Internal use only 9
  10. 10. Learn More about Reducing Mail CostsThere are many costs that go into producing mail – andthere just as many ways to save when you use the rightcombination of best practices, processes, and technology.To learn more about how to save on mailing, contact alocal {Pitney Bowes representative}[link]. June 15, 2012 PBI Internal use only 10
  11. 11. Every connection is a new opportunity ™ ™
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