Direct Mail: Lower Costs and Improve Results


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Discover innovative ways to help clients increase response rates, improve in-home delivery and lower postage costs.

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Direct Mail: Lower Costs and Improve Results

  1. 1. 2014 Enterprise Client Summit 2014 Enterprise Client Summit Unlock the Value of Your Communications
  2. 2. 22014 Enterprise Client Summit Use this slide for a Full-bleed image Evolution of Commerce
  3. 3. 32014 Enterprise Client Summit Direct Mail is an integral part of Commerce 73% of consumers made purchases from Direct Mail 52% of businesses are currently using QR codes in their catalogs Direct Mail spending up 1% in 2014
  4. 4. 42014 Enterprise Client Summit Direct Mail that WORKS! RESPONSE • Color • Personalization • Technology that links Physical and Digital POSTAGE OPTIMIZATION • Mailpiece Design Matters • Targeted Mail Campaigns • Clean Data Lists reduce waste costs • Presort and Destination Entry for deepest discount • Split files for optimized postage • Postal promotions can offer additional discounts PROFITABILITY • Lower cost per mailpiece • Consolidated workcell • Increased flexibility
  5. 5. 52014 Enterprise Client Summit Direct Mail Success : Wilen Direct  Produce more effective mailpieces  Personalized messaging on the outside of envelope  Increase open and response Increase Response  Use Data to personalize  Use Color to draw attention  Use technology to reduce cost while improving response
  6. 6. 62014 Enterprise Client Summit Make mail personal  Clients experience 24% increase in response rate when personalized over static direct mail  Names  Images  pURLs  Buying habits  More than name or demographics: how and when someone wants to receive an offer  Variable data in print drives connection and mobile personalization possibilities
  7. 7. 72014 Enterprise Client Summit Use technology that links physical and digital  Incorporate technology  QR codes drive them where you want them to go  Augmented Reality Technology sits around the house!  Open Source (QR Code, Datamatrix)  Image with embedded digital watermark  Proprietary Tags  SnapTags  MS Tags  Mail Barcodes
  8. 8. 82014 Enterprise Client Summit Technology drives interaction and retention!  Stamford Symphony gains QR Codes Technology with PBSmartCodes • QR codes on mail pieces, program, and in the lobby drove interaction • Customers had fun with QR codes and found insightful stories and coupons for the gift shop • Raised media attention and increased ticket sales  Augmented Reality brings Direct Mail to Life • • Client used Augmented Reality on Direct Mail piece • Interactive video offered photo opportunities, interactive games, beautiful video of the Resort • Dramatic increase in response • Award Winning Campaign
  9. 9. 92014 Enterprise Client Summit Production technology creates direct mail results  Pitney Bowes Mailstream Engage  Customized pieces  Eye Catching Design  Colorful mail pieces  Unique inserts  Direct Mail Success : Proforma  Innovative mailpiece design significantly improves response rates  Deliver more targeted, personal direct mail
  10. 10. 112014 Enterprise Client Summit Postal Optimization Reduces Cost  Mailpiece design matters  Targeted mail campaigns  Clean data lists reduce waste costs  Leverage postal discounts as applicable by county* • Presort and Destination Entry for deepest discount • Split files for optimized postage • Postal promotions offer additional discounts *Postal promotions and discounts vary by country
  11. 11. 122014 Enterprise Client Summit Mail piece design matters  Understand Country Postal Automation Requirements  Direct Mail Manual (DMM)  Full Service Intelligent Mail barcode  Think creatively for higher response  Postcards 23.4% highest response*  Larger than letter size 16.6% response*  Letter size 7.9% response* *USPS Household Diary Study, 2012
  12. 12. 132014 Enterprise Client Summit Clean Data Lists  Ensure your mail arrives with certified format  Confirm accurate addresses  Improve delivery now and later  Save on postage • Accurate delivery • Reduce waste USPS Example
  13. 13. 142014 Enterprise Client Summit  Presort mail to utilize available workshare discounts  Commingle smaller files • Software • Presort Partner Take advantage of postal discounts USPS Example
  14. 14. 152014 Enterprise Client Summit  Transport to the destination • Consolidator • Co-Transportation • Co-Pallet Take advantage of postal discounts
  15. 15. 162014 Enterprise Client Summit  Optimize for maximum discounts  Software splits files – Commingle – Destination Entry – Mail Services Providers One data file Commingle Origin Entry AADC/MXD AADC/3DIG Destination Entry 5 DIG USPS Example Take advantage of postal discounts
  16. 16. 172014 Enterprise Client Summit  A major financial institution re‐engineered their direct mail process and in nine months: • Saved over $1M in postage after optimization • Reduced average national in‐home by almost a day Postage Optimization saves $$$
  17. 17. 182014 Enterprise Client Summit Postage optimization saves $$$ Direct Mail Success: International Plastic Cards expands its business into promotional cards while improving efficiency and visibility  Expand into new business categories  Lower costs and gain advanced tracking services  Better manage their marketing campaigns  Save postage dollars  Increase predictability of delivery  Gain tracking advantage
  18. 18. 192014 Enterprise Client Summit Improve profitability  Streamline processes to reduce labor and increase productivity  Gain flexibility to handle more types of applications  Improve accuracy to support higher value matched and personalized mailings. You can’t afford to make a mistake! Direct Mail Success: Interlinc  Increase efficiency by 40-percent  Deliver targeted, relevant content accurately and cost effectively  Lower cost per mailpiece
  19. 19. 202014 Enterprise Client Summit Promotions offer additional incentives and postage savings for technology adoption
  20. 20. 262014 Enterprise Client Summit Direct Mail Success “We’re helping our customers create better, more relevant communications that drive increased return on marketing investment” Wilen Media “With our investment in Pitney Bowes’ technology, we can help our clients get an edge on their competition through intelligent, selective inserting matching a specific message to a specific person” Interlinc “Leveraging an innovative direct mailpiece design to help clients significantly improve response rates” ProForma Twin Marketing Group “ The key thing is to get the mail out quickly and Pitney Bowes does that. Once the mail leaves here, we know it’s in good hands” International Plastic Cards
  21. 21. 272014 Enterprise Client Summit Questions?
  22. 22. 2014 Enterprise Client Summit Thank you.