Customer Engagement: Deliver Results for Your Business


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Learn strategies to help achieve your customer engagement priorities and goals across multiple channels to improve operational performance and drive revenue results.

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Customer Engagement: Deliver Results for Your Business

  1. 1. 2014 Enterprise Client Summit Unlock the Value of Your Communications
  2. 2. 22014 Enterprise Client Summit Challenges  Competing on cost isn’t viable  Postage costs aren’t predictable  Digital is seen as cheaper and more relevant  Job sizes are smaller  Ad hoc jobs are more attractive  Print will dominate in the medium term
  3. 3. 32014 Enterprise Client Summit Imperatives Increase the value of each piece. Take advantage of digital technologies to increase the engagement of each piece Decrease the cost of each piece. Take advantage of digital color and your total scale to reduce your costs.
  4. 4. Kevin Marks Vice President, Production Print Global Product Management & Marketing Optimize Print and Mail Efficiency The White Paper Factory™
  5. 5. 52014 Enterprise Client Summit Responding to a digital world Digital Enrichment Digital Enablement Digital Engagement
  6. 6. 62014 Enterprise Client Summit Digital Enrichment  Leverage digital content to add relevance or value  Reduce costs by reducing calls to call center  Add content such as video or rich website  Payment options  Notification solutions
  7. 7. 72014 Enterprise Client Summit Video billing example Printstream • Extract data • Store for later retrieval (XML, database) Content Request • Retrieve the stored data • Enrich based on current context (best next action) Serve Video • Render video • Track responses
  8. 8. 82014 Enterprise Client Summit Example
  9. 9. 92014 Enterprise Client Summit Digital Enablement  Channel Explosion  New channels (personal cloud) for archival • Dropbox • Cloud Drive • … • Evernote  Adding a single stream to deliver to any location
  10. 10. 102014 Enterprise Client Summit Digital Engagement Channels must be coordinated All pieces through the print channels have to be available in any other Actions on all channels must be synchronized
  11. 11. Jay Bourland SVP & GM, Customer Engagement Solutions Improving value through engaging communications
  12. 12. 122014 Enterprise Client Summit Total cost of print and mail Print Printer lease/depreciation Toner / Ink Premium paper Assembly Mailing Pre-print forms Pre-print envelops Storage Management Obsolescence/waste Mail finishing lease/depreciation Reprints Wait time Work in process storage Postage costs Postal Compliance Pre-sorting Sorting lease/depreciation Service and maintenance Square footage Power Labor Overtime Penalties and fines Inventory
  13. 13. 132014 Enterprise Client Summit White Paper Offset Printer Envelope Printer Shells (& storage) Branded, Windowed Envelopes (& storage) Digital Printer White Envelopes Mail Finishing Co-mingling Jobs Workflow considerations for integrating print and mail
  14. 14. 142014 Enterprise Client Summit Tightly integrated document manufacturing Print in presort order, comingled statements and envelopes in full color Assemble envelope wraps and print in-line during mail finishing Add relevant messages on the statement and envelope
  15. 15. 152014 Enterprise Client Summit Use this slide for a Full-bleed image IntelliJet™ 20 Printing System to print variable data, high-quality colorful, communications Production Intelligence® Output Management software for End-to-end system integrity Produce personalized communications that drive business results Solution: Aflac adds relevant benefit information as well as targeted offers for other types of policies directly to their customer communications. Multiply this by 400,000 statements per month and it's a potent cross-sell channel.
  16. 16. 172014 Enterprise Client Summit Use this slide for a Full-bleed image Implement an ultra-lean White Paper Factory™ environment IntelliJet® 42 Printing Systems print high color quality, 100% variable data statements Pitney Bowes Mailstream Productivity Series high-speed inserting systems P/I™ Output Management software optimizes workflow and provides process integrity DFWorks® Full Service IMb Manifesting and Client Job Tracking Solution: A leading global bank is applying innovative digital color print technology to help eliminate pre-printed forms, lower postage costs, and enhance their customers’ experience. They are also adding personalized offers and other relevant information to their newly designed statements to drive higher higher levels of customer engagement.
  17. 17. 192014 Enterprise Client Summit Use this slide for a Full-bleed image Journey to a White Paper Factory™ Move to variable data print and eliminate pre- printed envelopes • Eliminate pre-printed envelops • Simplify inventory management and storage • Eliminate waste Move to variable data print and eliminate pre- printed forms • Eliminate pre-printed forms • Simplify inventory management and storage • Eliminate waste Consolidate smaller jobs • Leverage ADF throughout organization • Household documents • Maximize postal discount • Increase productivity Add colorful relevant offers and messages • Drive customer engagement • Increase revenue • Clarity call to action • Barcode verification • Accelerate payments Shift to inline wrapping of envelopes • Speed production • Lower costs • Simplify inventory management and storage • Eliminate waste End-to-End Integrated White Paper Factory