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Trying to get pregnant

Trying to get pregnant



Trying to get pregnant

Trying to get pregnant



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    Trying to get pregnant Trying to get pregnant Presentation Transcript

    • Predicting Baby Gender - Best 10 Conception Myths Revealed
      • www.predictingbabygender.info
      • Are you currently trying to get pregnant and unclear how? Uncover the answers to the ten most common conception myths. Conception Myth One - Far more sex equals higher chances of getting pregnant A lot more crucial than frequency is the timing of ovulation. It does not matter how many times you've had sex, if you are not ovulating, you won’t get pregnant. For that reason, focus on when ovulation is occurring and concentrate your efforts during those couple of days.
      • Conception Myth Two - Too much sex or masturbation can reduce probabilities of getting pregnant Technically, if a man ejaculates too regularly his overall sperm count can decrease. As a result, there are fewer sperm to make it to the ovum. However, semen contains about 300 million sperm and it only takes 1 to fertilize an ovum. Moreover, men replenish their sperm count within two days.
      • Conception Myth 3 - Hot tubs, briefs, and douches are to be avoided if attempting to get pregnant Hot tubs, steam rooms and saunas can kill semen as a result of the heat. Tight briefs don’t matter as much. However, based on the Shettles Method, tight underwear for men does kill semen because it constricts the scrotum. Douching disrupts the PH balance in the vagina and can make it far more difficult for the semen to travel.
      • Conception Myth 4 - You can’t get pregnant the very first time you've had sex Whether it is the very first time or the 50th time, if you are ovulating you are able to get pregnant.
      • Conception Myth Five - You can’t get pregnant if you have not had a period. Ovulation occurs prior to your very first period. As a result, it really is possible to get pregnant prior to even having a period. This also applies to ladies who've had a newborn and are waiting for their period to return. A lot of ladies get caught off guard with one more pregnancy due to the fact that they assumed they ovulate soon after their period returns.
      • Conception Myth Six - You can’t get pregnant if you’re breastfeeding Breastfeeding might delay the onset of ovulation and a period, but a female can still get pregnant. Breastfeeding in its truest form, the way Mother Nature planned, can postpone ovulation for longer than 6 months. Even so, one of the key variables is that a baby needs to be exclusively breastfeeding without any other food or drink or pacifying with a soother. This method is called the Lactational Amenorrhea Method (LAM) and it may be 98% to 99% effective if utilized effectively. Keep in mind: the ovum is released prior to the visual sign of a period.
      • Conception Myth Seven - If penetration only occurs for several seconds, you can’t get pregnant If you are ovulating, any direct contact between a penis and vaginal region increases the chances of getting pregnant even if there was no ejaculation. If a man utilizes the “withdrawal technique,” a female can still get pregnant from the pre- ejaculation semen (the liquid that seeps out of the penis prior to ejaculation).
      • Conception Myth Eight - You won’t get pregnant in case you have sex throughout your period Semen can live from three to five days. If you have short cycle and ovulate shortly after your period, the sperm can already be waiting for the ovum.
      • Conception Myth Nine - You won’t get pregnant if you go to the bathroom quickly after sex In case you have sex throughout the infertile phase, the semen will die inside the vagina soon after a couple of hours because the environment isn't conducive for the sperm. Nevertheless, if you are in the fertile phase, the cervical fluid acts as a “super highway” to help the sperm quickly get to the ovum. Attempting to flush out the sperm following sex when you’re in your fertile phase will not do any good. Conception Myth Ten - You won’t get pregnant when you have sex in water You are able to still get pregnant when you have sex in water if there's penetration, ejaculation and ovulation.
      • To learn more about predicting baby gender, check out the Predicting Baby Gender website now
      • http://www.predictingbabygender.info