How to Use Twitter for Real Business Impact


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Mastery of Twitter - or any social network - marketing depends on your execution of these four steps.

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How to Use Twitter for Real Business Impact

  1. How to Use Twitter for Real Business Impact Smart Tips from the Dummies Author! Laura “@Pistachio” Fitton
  2. Twitter’s Not Just for Marketing… Use  to  to  Generate  Real  Business  Impact:   1.   A%ract     a  targeted,  engaged  following   2.   Build  community     with  actual  business  impact   3.   Source  Leads   and  nurture  valuable  relaAonships   4.   Develop  relaAonships   With  media  and  influencers  
  3. Laura Fitton, Spring 2007 Homebound mom. Two kids under two. NO business network in Boston What’s Web 2.0? Do I upgrade my browser to see web 2.0? Twitter is Dumb!
  4. Heh. Twitter is Dumb!
  5. Laura @Pistachio Fitton Evangelist, HubSpot Founder (acq. By HubSpot)
  6. How did THAT Happen??! Photo:
  7. Twitter will Change the World It Started a Bit Obsessively…
  8. Twitter HAS Changed the World
  9. We’ve Only Just Begun…
  10. Twitter’s Not Just for Marketing… Use it to Generate Real Business Impact: 1. Attract a targeted, engaged following 2. Build community with actual business impact 3. Source Leads and nurture valuable relationships 4. Develop relationships With media and influencers
  11. 1. Attract a targeted, engaged following 1.  WIIFT? – NOT About You. 2.  Be on a Mission – WHO should follow you? WHY?
  12. Influence (was) ATTRACT attention to yourself WIIFT? What’s in it For Them?
  13. PROVIDE attention & value to others Influence (is) WIIFT? What’s in it For Them?
  14. Twitter Marketing in 2 Words: WIIFT? What’s in it For Them?
  15. Be Useful WIIFT? What’s in it For Them?
  16. Image:
  17. Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about. Benjamin Franklin “ Image Credit:" lhalstead"
  18. Image:
  19. SOLVE FOR THE HUMANS Not just their happiness, but also their success. Be on a Mission
  20. Be on a Mission
  21. Be on a Mission Mission: [@OurAcct] is where _(who)__ can find _(value offered)_. Bio: “follow us for…”
  22. Be on a Mission
  23. Use  it  to  Generate  Real  Business  Impact:   1.   A%ract     a  targeted,  engaged  following   2.   Build  community     with  actual  business  impact   3.   Source  Leads   and  nurture  valuable  relaAonships   4.   Develop  relaAonships   With  media  and  influencers   Twitter’s Not Just for Marketing…
  24. 2. Build Community   with  actual  business  impact 1.  Define   2.  Nurture   3.  Measure  
  25. Define Do this: •  Write down everything you know about your ideal personas •  What are their challenges? •  How are they measured? •  What do they read? •  What (and where) do they share on social media?
  26. Share this: •  Content types that fit with everything you know about their lives •  Solutions to their challenges •  Tools to help them crush their numbers •  Must-read articles and digests •  Shareable items that will make them look good Define
  27. Nurture
  28. How Can I Get More Followers? Nurture
  29. You don’t just want a following. 29
  30. You want screaming, raving fans
  31. 41
  32. 32
  33. No, Really, Pistachio. How Can I Get More Followers? Measure
  34. 35 Be generous. • the more you give, the more you get • build trust, credibility, & goodwill • increase # of pages & inbound links
  35. 37 Be helpful. Helpful Relevant Remarkable Frequent ask yourself how you can be of service to your current and potential customers. What problems can you solve? What questions can you answer? What knowledge can you share? Read more: tabid/6307/bid/10291/Helpful-is-the-New- Viral.aspx#ixzz1GsSghdGN Helpful is the new viral.
  36. 39 Remarkable is the new ‘business as usual.’
  37. Twitter’s Not Just for Marketing… Use  it  to  Generate  Real  Business  Impact:   1.   A%ract     a  targeted,  engaged  following   2.   Build  community     with  actual  business  impact   3.   Source  Leads   and  nurture  valuable  relaAonships   4.   Develop  relaAonships   With  media  and  influencers  
  38. 3. Source Leads and nurture valuable relationships 1.  Listen,  look,  and   provide  value     2.  Keep  in  touch   supporAvely  
  39. 1. Listen, look and provide value. Twitter Marketing in 4 Words:
  40. Listen. Learn. Care. Serve.
  41. Listen.
  42. Learn.
  43. Care.
  44. Serve.
  45. 2. Keep in Touch Supportively
  46. Integrate Social With Your Marketing Database
  47. Keep in Touch Supportively
  48. Keep in Touch Supportively
  49. Keep in Touch Supportively
  50. Keep in Touch Supportively
  51. Keep in Touch Supportively
  52. Keep in Touch Supportively
  53. Keep in Touch Supportively
  54. Keep in Touch Supportively
  55. Twitter’s Not Just for Marketing… Use  to  to  Generate  Real  Business  Impact:   1.   A%ract     a  targeted,  engaged  following   2.   Build  community     with  actual  business  impact   3.   Source  Leads   and  nurture  valuable  relaAonships   4.   Develop  relaAonships   With  media  and  influencers  
  56. 4. Develop Relationships   with  media  and  influencers 1.  Who  needs  your  service?   2.  Who  do  they  listen  to?   3.  What  you  can  do  for   these  influencers?  
  57. build relationships
  58. PAY COMPLIMENTS: RT right! 1.  copy/paste 2.  cleanup 3.  edit 4.  append
  59. THANK THE @REPORTER for heaven’s sake, when you get mentioned, @mention the reporter who wrote it.
  60. Any to Many
  61. 6.8 BILLION.
  62. The Message is the Influencer. by @JKrums
  63. Twitter’s Not Just for Marketing… Use  to  to  Generate  Real  Business  Impact:   1. A%ract     a  targeted,  engaged  following   2. Build  community     with  actual  business  impact   3. Source  Leads   and  nurture  valuable  relaAonships   4. Develop  relaAonships   With  media  and  influencers  
  64. 4 FREE Tools for You… Your marketing grade & how to improve it Library Academy FREE Trial
  65. Effective Results     ma%er,  not  raw  effort •  What’s  in  it  for  THEM?   •  What  is  your  community  for  and  how  do  you  nurture   it?   •  Who  can  you  help?  (first  via  Twi%er,  later  with  your   product?)   •  Where  are  the  people  who  need  you  already  tuned  in?  
  66. THANK YOU!