How DARE You Not Be Awesome? (formatted)


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@wellwishes "What can YOU do" challenge - Start a campaign at and include wellwishes in the name. YOU can provide safe water for an entire village!!!

Formatted version of my BWE keynote deck. Full video is here:

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How DARE You Not Be Awesome? (formatted)

  1. How DARE you!!??* *Not be awesome?
  2. Self-doubt is actually kinda Selfish
  3. (You’re cheating us!)
  4. Mentoring, unpacked.
  5. Fear is a terrible motivator.
  6. Love Matters. Love Lasts. Photo Credit: (cc) prakhar on
  7. [The Awesomeness Manifesto] Four Pillars of Awesomeness… • Ethical Production • Insanely Great Stuff • Love • Thick Value
  8. Awesome is NOT a Private Street cc: moonlightbulb Photo Credit: (cc) moonlightbulb on
  9. Challenge and Inspire • product of a creator’s passion • novel and non- obvious, evoking surprise and delight • something about them perfectly reflects the essence of (their) creation @awesomefound
  10. Team Awesome Photo Credit: (cc) matski_98 on
  11. #crushit.
  12. Think Big
  13. Awesome Anything cc: stallio Photo Credit: (cc) stallio on
  14. How?
  15. What’s Your Superpower?
  16. [Four leaf clover] Photo Credit: (cc) cygnus921 on
  17. • Maximize Chance Opportunities • Listen to Lucky Hunches • Expect Good Fortune • Turn Bad Luck to Good
  18. Believe.
  19. “learn to not be afraid of who you actually are.”
  20. laura’s rules 1. be kind and fair to 6. love yourself. everyone. 7. love others. (try radical 2. don't worry whether or forgiveness) not anyone likes you. 8. gratitude for everything. 3. help people. 9. hope is your only hope. 4. ask. (and fear is your only worry) 5. act. (get excited and 10. be present. share it)
  21. “Only connect.’ -E. M. Forrester
  22. (You KNEW Twitter’d be in here somewhere!)
  23. What Are You Doing?
  24. On-Ramp Photo Credit: (cc) stallio on
  25. “Use it Where You Think Best” -IBM ThinkPad Commercials
  26. The User Multiface browser • SMS • IM • RSS reader • FriendFeed • Facebook • blogs • widgets • desktop • iPhone • Blackberry • clients • websites • subscriptions • listening tools • blog tools • plugins • visualizations • mainstream integrations
  27. What can I do with it?
  29. How to build awesome with Twitter…
  30. Listen. Learn. Care. Serve.
  31. You’re not alone anymore.
  32. Surround yourself with inspiring people
  33. [HORIZON] Photo Credit: (cc) dominicspics on
  34. Be Useful Turn it inside-out Curate and produce value Connect
  35. Become Happier •Transparency & Values •Reframing Reality •Helping Others •Gratitude
  36. Be Uniquely YOU. Talk about your passions
  37. Twitter Campaigns? not so much. Twitter literacy
  38. How Best to Approach? Find/cultivate examples of • Excellence • Authenticity • Engagement Then, eExperiment - What works for you?
  39. Manners 101 • Dress nicely – Background graphic, avatar • Introduce yourself – Fill out profile completely – Mention your Twitter on your site • Be a good conversationalist – Listen, respond – Contribute relevant, useful material
  40. [PeeWee Dummies] cc: moonlightbulb Photo Credit: © Damon Cortesi @dacort
  41. Team Twitter App Developer Eagle Scout Climbed Denali
  42. Homepage screenshot
  43. Influence (was) Attracting attention to yourself
  44. Influence (is) Providing attention and value to others
  45. Photo Credit: (cc) jerryfletcher on
  46. Social Media is Knowledge
  47. Knowledge is Socially Mediated
  48. Knowledge is Socially Mediated Photo Credit: (cc) fredoalvarez on
  49. Knowledge is Socially Mediated
  50. Markets are Socially Mediated
  51. Photo Credit: (cc) gregor_y on
  52. Markets are Socially Mediated
  53. Photo Credit: (cc) matrianklw on
  54. Value. research marketing visibility networking relevance customer relationships service social capital traffic community news ideas sales trust SEO
  55. Externally Customer service Relationships Market awareness Branding News Direct sales Innovation SEO Understanding Driving traffic Extending reach Networking
  56. Internally Sales Teams Decentralized teams Event Planning Employee Support Project Status Mentoring News Problem-solving Coordination Purely Social Interface