Madness Sale 2013 now over


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Performance Improvements Madness SALE ended April 20, 2013. Visit for current sale info.

Pricing in this flyer is no longer active. Performance Improvements Speed Shops: Barrie, Brampton, Guelph, Hamilton, Oshawa, Pierrefonds, and Toronto.

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Madness Sale 2013 now over

  1. 1. Sale Ends April 20, 2013 MADNESS SALE Supercharge your 5.0L Pony and stay legal! Flowmaster Exhausts! MORE See Page 60 Instant, reliable and safe HP AND maximum low end torque for your Mustang 5.0L. Edelbrock superchargers provide the most power at the lowest amount of boost, resulting in performance that is safe for a completely stock engine. K&N Air Intakes 559 HP & 503 TQ See Page 28 MORE See Page 35 ED1588 2011-13 5.0L Mustang FREE AIR CLEANER With purchase of any new Performer or Thunder Series CarbTrifecta Tonno Cover ED1221 ED1235 ED1223Assembled in the box, making installation a snap! Folds into See store for full details.3 sections for easy cargo access or instant removal. MORE See Page 38 See Page 3EX44405 Trifecta Tonno Cover MORE
  2. 2. Dress Up and Car CareSTORAGE PROTECTION - Uses technology developed for the U.S. Military forstoring and shipping their combat equipment. Protects your engine against rust Break In Oiland corrosion even when it’s not running. BR protects flat-tappetHIGH ZINC CONTENT - Higher levels of Zinc (ZDP) than regular passenger camshafts and lifters during break-in and it providescar oils. Delivers proper anti-wear protection for older style push-rod and flat-tappet engines. excellent ring seal. ProvidesCAMSHAFT WEAR PROTECTION - Superior camshaft wear protection chemistry. high levels of Zinc, Phosphorus Single & Multi-Case Discounts available! and Sulphur in a mineral base oil.Conventional Synthetic StreetStreet Oil Engine Oil Great for Great choice small block for street/ engines and strip bracket“crate” motors. racers.JG02006 10w30 Conventional Qt $*X* JG01506 10w30 Synthetic Qt $*X* JG00106 15w50 Break-In Oil Qt $*X*JG02106 15w50 Conventional Qt $*X* JG01606 15w50 Synthetic Qt $*X* JG01806 5w30 Break-In Oil Qt $*X*K&N’s Pro Premium Racing OilSeries Oil Wrench-Off Oil FilterFilter K&N is the Filter #1 filter in NASCAR. From From $ Now $ K&N high flow oil filters provide better engine performance Consumer favourite for durability & easy removal. High Flow for Maximum Oil Pressure $ by reducing oil filter restriction. Engineered to handle all Features Heavy duty construction and a high flow rate. Fully Moroso Oil Filters have less pressure drop, more flow, less grades of synthetic and conventional motor oils, including compatible with synthetic oils, the best part is the welded oil by-pass and maximum filtration performance that’s so blends, and use a pleated filtration media that provides nut for easy removal. important in severe racing conditions! increased capacity and outstanding filtration.KNPS1001 Pro Series Oil Filter from KNHP1001 Premium Oil Filter from $*X* MO22459 Racing Oil Filters from Zinc Additive Xtreme Oil High Performance Engine Booster Oil Supplement with Zinc Xtreme Protection, Additive. Designed for hot Power & Performance rods, sports cars, muscle cars and exotics, this special CLEARANCE formula of zinc, phosphorous and moly adds wear protection Works with all to any motor oil. engine oils, for new and high mileage vehicles. Patented ball seal prevents drips and puts the oil where Reduces you want it, not all over your engine. Friction! OnlyPR68068 No Drip Funnel $ ED1074 Zinc Additive $*X* TC31820 32 ounce Oil Booster $*X*2 Engine Oil & Filters
  3. 3. Dress Up & Car Care High Performance Street with SYNERLECUltra HPS - High Suitable for Performance or Modified vehicles.Tough High PerformancePerformance Synthetic Oil All cars that ran the OLD API Oil, should now run Royal Purple increases the New HPS OIL.Gear Oil horsepower and savesBy combining the highest fuel while reducingquality synthetic oils with heat and wear. Fully 5 GallonsRoyal Purple’s proprietarySynerlec technology, Max Gear compatible with other of HPS Oil synthetic oils. 5 gallon pail ofmakes gears run smoother, HPS works outquieter, cooler and longer. to only $8.25/qt!Includes a friction modifier- no additional additives arenecessary! ONLY SYNERLEC $8.15RP01301 75W140 $*X* HPS Performance a quartRP01303 85W140 $*X*RP21300 75W90 $*X* RPHPSQT Single Quart $*X* RPHPSPAIL 5 Gallon HPS Pail $*X*API-LICENSED SAVE up to 30% off our 5W40 & 0W40Synthetic Every Day Low Price Synthetic OilMOTOR OIL Royal Purple 40W Oil increases horsepowerRoyal Purple increaseshorsepower and savesfuel while reducing Single & Multi- and saves fuel while reducing heatheat and wear. Fullycompatible with other Case Discounts and wear. Fully compatible with other synthetic oils.synthetic oils. available!Excludes 5w40 & 0w40RPQUART Single Quart From $*X* Stock up and See store for details. Save! RP40W 0W40 & 5W40 Single Quart $*X* 5 Gallons Heavy Duty 5 Quarts of of Oil Transmission Synthetic Oil If you have your own mini-fleet, fluid New 5 quart size, a single jug costs $8.5 /qt! a 5 gallon pail Whether you have is right for you. an automatic Holding 20 transmission or a manual that ONLY quarts, a pail works out to requires ATF or $8.5 only $7.50/qt! engine oil, Royal a quart Purple has a performance fluid ONLY for you! $7.5 New Car a quart Apprroavtyd r n e Wa Excludes 5w40 & 0w40 New Car Apprroavtyd e Excludes 5w40 & 0w40 RP01320 ATF for Automatic Transmissions $*X* RPPAIL 5 Gallon Pail r n Wa RP01512 ATF for Manual Transmissions $*X* RP5QT Five Quart Jug $*X* Synthetic Oil 3
  4. 4. Dress Up & Car Care PowerBall 4Lights H/L Mag & Aluminum PolishClay Bar Restoration Kit (283g) re|visionSystem Touchscreen Cleaner Cleans smart phones, tablets, touch screens, computer and navigation screens SAVE SAVE SAVE MR06611 Touchscreen Cleaner $ *X* MR07250 $ *X* Kt. MR05101 $ *X* Ea. Ea.Removes the contaminants Car Wash 32 oz. Wash & Wax Interior Protectant Glass Cleanerwashing and polishing can’t! California GoldClay Bar System isn’t hazardous to your paint - it’s justfirm enough to pick up the bad stuff, without being tooaggressive. Use Mothers Clay Bar to get rid of paint foulinggrime and pave the way for complete waxing. SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVEMR37240 Clay Bar System MR35632 $ *X* Ea. MR35674 $ *X* Ea. MR35316 $ *X* Ea. MR06616 $ *X* Ea.California Car Pure Carnauba Wax Fx Spray Wax LeatherTech Foaming Wash LeatherTech Moisture Infusion Gel CreamDusterDon’t just move dust -Remove It! SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE MR35750 $ *X* Ea. MR20224 $ *X* Ea. MR06410 $ *X* Ea. MR06310 $ *X* Ea. SAVE Back-to-Black Tire Chrome Polish 12oz Leather Cleaner Leather Conditioner Shine• Compact, lightweight and easy to use• Wax-treated strands lift dust• Won’t scratch paint• Reduces number of car washings• Comes with handy carrying case SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVEOC62442 California Car Duster - Magic Duster $*X* MR06924 $ *X* Ea. MR35212 $ *X* Ea. MR36412 $ *X* Ea. MR36312 $ *X* Ea. Wheel & Tire Cleaner FX Tire Shine VLR Vinyl Leather Reflections LeatherPowerCone Rubber CareIdeal for tight, difficult toreach areas. It makes quickwork of uncoated polishablemetal, no matter howintricate. Combine withMothers metal polish for a SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVEdeep mirror-like finish. MR05924 $ *X* Ea. MR20324 $ *X* Ea. MR06524 $ *X* Ea. MR10424 $ *X* Ea. FX Wheel Cleaner Back-to-Black Tire Spray Wax Showtime Renew California Gold Instant Detailer Now $ SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVEMR35146 PowerCone Polishing Tool $*X* MR20524 $ *X* Ea. MR09324 $ *X* Ea. MR35724 $ *X* Ea. MR38216 $ *X* Ea.4 Cleaners and Wax
  5. 5. Dress Up & Car Care revolutionary indoor CLEARANCE car cover • Easy to useNo dust. • No damaged paint due to scratchesNo trapped moisture. • No dirty and smudged windowsNo chance for mold to grow. • Easy storage • Access to car with cover in place If you use the old-fashioned cover just • No metal parts to rust or corrode after washing your car, you subject • Universal front / rear skirts yourself to growing mold and bacteria under the cover and within those • Universal size – Can be used for unreachable nooks and crannies. We’ve more than one car (fits sedans, all entered a car that has the faint (or Clearance SAVE coupes, sports cars and wagons up strong) odor of mildew. This can be to 196” in length) prevented by immediately covering the just washed car with the Touchless Car on Display Cover. Models Was. $ • Now $ AA34002 Touchless Car Cover $*X*Custom Fit Covers Block-It Evolution Universal Fit Maximum • Moisture Resistant - Acid rain, pollutants, & bird droppings won’t harm the fabric. outdoor protection 4 Layer • Dries Easily - Fabric does not absorb Moisture. • Breathable - Allows air to circulate through the fabric. BEST! • Dust / Pollution Barrier - The two middle layers act as a filtration barrier. • Impact Absorption - 4-layer thickness absorbs SAVE UP TO impacts better than any other vehicle cover. ProtectCustom coversavailable for most SAVE UP TO your finish from nicks, dings, dents and scratches. 4 Year Warrantyvehicles in Blue, COC80002 Evolution “B” 13’-14’ $*X*Gray or Tan. Use a proper car cover to protect COC80003 Evolution “C” 14’-15’ $*X* your vehicle. Tarps & plastic sheetsCOC16873TK Custom Cover 2010 Camaro $*X* COC80004 Evolution “D” 15’-16’ $*X* will scratch your paint, and hold inCOC16594GK Custom Cover 300C $*X* moisture causing rust and mold. COC80005 Evolution “E” 16’-17’6 $*X*COC16649TK Custom Cover 05-09 Mustang $*X* COC80006 Evolution “F” 17’-19’6 $*X* Block-It 200 Universal Fit Doesn’t Your Protect your car cover from wind custom car Great indoor & theft deserve a 7 foot vinyl clad steel cable cover for dust 2 protection Layer custom cover? plus a brass padlock will keep your car cover where Better! it belongs. COZCBL Cable Lock Kit SAVE UP TO Gust Guard secures your 2 Year Warranty car cover COC40002 Block-It 200 “B” 212”-223” (13’-14’) $*X* The kit includes two COC40003 Block-It 200 “C” 224”-244” (14’-15’) $*X*Custom covers available for most 36 inch cords and four guard clamps for tension COC40004 Block-It 200 “D” 245”-265” (15’-16’) $*X*vehicles in Blue, Gray or Tan. adjustment. COC40005 Block-It 200 “E” 266”-278” (16’-18’) $*X* COZGGARD Gust Guard COC40006 Block-It 200 “F” 279”-309” (18’-20’) $*X* Car Covers 5
  6. 6. Dress Up & Car CarePlasti Dip Plasti DipMetalizer Glossifier As the name implies, thisAvailable in Gold and Silver, new product will add athese Plasti Dip Enhancers glossy finish to Plasti Dipwill give your Plasti Dip coated items. Availablecoated items a shimmering in 11-ounce aerosol cans,metallic look. Plasti Dip Plasti Dip Glossifier goesMetalizers come in 11-ounce on just like our sprayaerosol cans, and apply just Plasti Dip—just shake itlike our spray Plasti Dip. Our Creating Killer Custom Combos: up and spray it on. YourMetalizers don’t completely Plasti Dipped items will Spray Plasti Dip Enhancers on top ofcover up Plasti Dip, but rather be imbued with a superb, your Dipped parts. These panels areadd a metallic look, so you can shiny finish.complement your color choice a plain Black Plasti Dip panel, thenwith silver or gold shimmer. one covered in Glossifier, then ones with Silver Metalizer in Silver & Gold sprayed on top.PD11210 Silver Metalizer $*X* PD11212 GlossifierPD11211 Gold Metalizer $*X* $*X*Plasti DipSmoke Turn spray cans Plasti Dip BlazePlasti Dip Smoke is another nifty into spray guns! Create a one-of-a-kindnew formulation of your all-time look! The Blaze collectionfavorite multipurpose synthetic is electric, eye-catchingrubber coating. Imagine the • EZ Pull Trigger neon-bright colour andpotential awesomeness: a sharp- • Fits All Cans still creates a protectivelooking set of rims, sleek looking • Made in the USA easy-grip surfacetrim pieces, or even subtle-yet- coating to shield againstamazing racing stripes on a silver abrasion, corrosion,or gray car. The possibilities are mild impact, and thelimitless! As you add more coats, elements. If you decidePlasti Dip Smoke’s color changes to change the look it’llgradually, from light grey all the peel off easily leavingway to black. A talented Plasti the material underneathDipper could create a stellar “fade” in its original, pre-look, going from light to dark from Dipped end of a project to the other. PD11218 Blaze Orange $*X*PD11220 Smoke $*X* PDCANGUN1 PD11219 Blaze Blue $*X*Plasti Dip Plasti Dip Clear Add someMulti Purpose will make chrome EuropeanRubber Coating! look like Aluminum! Style!It sticks to just aboutanything clean, buteasily peels off. Great fortemporary colour changesof wheels, body panels,valve covers and muchmuch more! Try out a new colour on your rims - easy to remove!PD11201 RED (11oz) Special $PD11203 BLACK (11oz)PD11207 WHITE (11oz)PD11209 CLEAR (11oz) VH888 Nite Shades - redPD11221 GUNMETAL (11oz) VH999 Nite Shades - original smoke $*X*ea 6 Paint
  7. 7. Dress Up & Car Care Max Clean Automotive Brake & Parts Fuel System Cleaner & Stabilizer Degreaser Cleaner Use this special An excellent general parts Royal Purple Max-Clean is automotive-strength cleaner this non-chlorinated a 3-in-1 high performance formula to clean your formula dries fast and leaves synthetic cleaner that racecars and every no residue. Quickly removes maximizes the performance cleaning/degreasing brake fluid, grease, oil and of your fuel system. need in your shop. Our other contaminants. Formulated with state- professional strength of-the-art detergents to formula foams away dirt, deeply penetrate and clean grease, and oil from all injectors, carburetors, intake automotive parts and valves and combustion surfaces. chambers. Max-Clean is EPA/ CARB Compliant. Safe for Safe for use Cuts through gasoline and diesel engines. on rubber and grease, but plastic. doesn’t leave a film. RP11722 Max Clean $*X* JG50010 Automotive Degreaser - 510g $*X* JG50020 Brake & Parts Cleaner - 397g $*X*Lucas Octane Hi-Temp 570Booster Racing BrakeTested and proven to deliverthree times more boost than Fluid Hi-Temp 570 Racing Brake Fluidmost other brands. Lucas withstands the severe heat ofOctane Booster is a GENUINE racing thanks to an elevatedPerformance Enhancer! It’s boiling point and it’s lowsafe for turbos, oxygen sensors viscosity allows easy bleeding ALL 33 or e sand catalytic converters. Stops of your brake system. Built forknocks, and raises MPG in high the track, safe on the street!compression engines. Series Filter! are ON SALE K&N Stock ReplacemEnt KE10026 Lucas Octane Booster MS290-0633 Hi-Temp 570 Racing Brake Fluid $*X* FiltersSPECIAL Performance K&N Car Dolly Recharger Ratchet Style Filter Care “Move-It” Service Kit Dolly Sold in Makes your K&N Pairs air filter perform like new! Each kit includes filter SAVE cleaner, an aerosol filter SAVE oil spray can or a squeeze oil bottle, and a service • 14” wide - fits most cars decal. Position the tire in between the rails, and • Steel wheels for maneuverability use the foot activated ratchet to bring the • Constructed of heavy gauge plate steel rails closer together! • Max Weight: 1,000 lbs/dolly • Powder-coated black TE9090 From $*X* Ea. TE9058 Performance Car Dollies (set of 2) KN99-5050 K&N Recharger Kit $*X* Chemicals 7
  8. 8. Ignition & Electrical HID Conversion Kits 6,000K & 8,000K kits in stock, other colours available by special order. 3 times brighter 1 Year than halogen Warranty Complete Kit - everything you need to convert your halogen bulbs to powerful H.I.D. lighting. SAVE UP TOHIK06H1 Most Single Beam HID Kits fromHIK06H4HL Most Hi-Low HID Kits fromHID Bulbs HID Ballast Replacement The dealer wants how much!? HID BulbsOEM HID bulbsat a fraction of Now you can use an aftermarket ballast to replace your dead OEM one. Add a connector to our replacement ballast and Already got HIDs?Dealer cost! Swap the bulbs to save big compared to the dealer! change the look!Upgrade with Lumens Already converted to HIDs?OEM HID Bulbs. Built to Completely change the lookthe original specs of the by swapping the bulbs!original bulbs. The bulbs determines the colour of light; the ballast does not influence the colour output. Choose from 1 Year Warranty the colours above. 1 Year WarrantyHIB06D2M OEM HID Bulbs from HIBAL1 Standard Replacement Ballast fromHIB06D1 OEM HID Bulbs from HICOND2 Replacement Connector from HIB06H1 Replacement HID Bulbs fromLED Festoon LED Panels Flexible LEDBulbs Strips SAVE SAVE SAVE Add light High intensity Brightest LEDs accents brightness! on the market! anywhere on your vehicle! LED Panels provide brighter and cleaner colour lighting forExcellent for upgrading halogen dome light bulbs, licence plate These strips consume minimal power and can be mounted vehicle interiors. Three of the most common bulb adapters arebulbs, and door courtesy lights. These high power LEDs provide virtually anywhere on the vehicle. Can be used in foot wells, included make these boards plug and play, without the needa clean and crisp light output. stereo accents, headlight, foglight anywhere you choose! for cutting any wires.HIL30MMW Festoon 6 LED Bulb - Short $*X* HILTS30B Flexible LED Flat Strip - Blue $*X*HIL38MMW Festoon 6 LED Bulb- Medium $*X* HILS16W 16 LED Panels 30mm x 30mm HILTS30R Flexible LED Flat Strip - Red $*X*HIL44MMW Festoon 9 LED Bulb - Long $*X* HILS20W 20 LED Panels 36mm x 30mm HILTS30W Flexible LED Flat Strip - White $*X* 8 HID Conversion Kit
  9. 9. Ignition & Electrical HID Installation Parts SAVE UP TO IT owCANBUS Ke!S N Your H.I.D. !Availabl Headquarters We stock complete kits,European vehicles may need CANBUS kits. HIHDRL HIRES2 replacement parts & much more!CANBUS bulbs and ballasts communicate with the To convert vehicles where the headlight bulbs are alsovehicles’ ECU and for most European vehicles can solve the Daytime Running Lights, other parts may be required,“bulb out” warnings and other error codes associated including the following:with low wattage draw replacement bulbs (like HID kitsand LED bulbs). HICAP2 Capacitor Box from $*X*Stop by a P.I. store to see if CANBUS kits are right for you! HIHDRL DRL Relay Harness from $*X* HIRES2 Resistor Box from $*X* Super White LED Bulbs Headlight Bulbs All in stock Lumens Headlight Bulb STOP THE pairs only $15! ANNOYING OVER SAVE FLASHING! Was $ • From $ SAVE UP TO Now $ Includes both single and dual filament bulb Awesome white light with an even bette s. r price ! White or Blue LED bulbs have a clean colour that doesn’t fade, are energy efficient, and simple to install. No Load FlasherHISW All Super White Pairs only HILT10B Most Single LED Bulb Pairs Now Switchback Multi LED Bulbs Bulbs 18 different flashers for most vehicles From SAVE UP $ • Slows “Hyper Flash” that can occur TO SAVE UP TO Now after LED bulbs are installed • Less expensive than installing resistors A “Switchback” bulb flashes amber for your turn signals then switches back to steady white light for your running lights! $ • Simple plug and play installation One bulb - Two colours! White,Blue Red and Amber LED bulbs have a clean colour that Simply bring in your stock flasher and we’ll match HIL1157WA 1157 White/Amber “Switchback” $*X* doesn’t fade, are energy efficient, and simple to install. it up with a new LED flasher! HIL3157WA 3157 White/Amber “Switchback” $*X* HIL7443WA 7443 White/Amber “Switchback” $*X* HILEDFLASHER LED Flashers from HILT10HPA Most Multi LED Bulb Pairs Now LED Bulbs 9
  10. 10. Ignition & Electrical 520SMR/CLR DRIVING 540KIT(DRIVING) 580KIT(DRIVING) 510SMR DRIVING KIT-BLACK XTREME WHITE XTREME WHITE LIGHTS Your source for SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVEDriving or Fog, we’ve got PI5294 PI5462 PI5862 PI5192lights for you! 530 LED FOG LAMP KIT 2000FOG LAMP KIT H3 Driving Lamps increase 55w=110w the range and brightness of your high beams. Fog Lights enhance your low beams for improved SAVE SAVE visibility in rain, fog or snow. PI5370 PI2090 H13 XTREME WHITE+ H11 XTREME WHITE+ H4 XTREME WHITE+ 9006 XTREME WHITE+XTREME WHITEPLUS HeadlightBulbs SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE PI19618 $ *X* Pr. PI15211 $ *X* Pr. PI15224 $ *X* Pr. PI19616 $ *X* Pr. H7 XTREME WHITE+ 9007 XTREME WHITE+ H1 XTREME WHITE+ 9005 XTREME WHITE+ The Xtreme White Series of bulbs have a cool white light output that gives the driver better color recognition on depth perception and better contrast than stock halogen lamps. The blue top coat on this series of bulbs adds a slight blue tint to a lamp with no loss of performance. SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE PI17655 $ *X* Pr. PI19617 $ *X* Pr. PI11655 $ *X* Pr. PI19615 $ *X* Pr. H1 NIGHT-TECH H3 NIGHT-TECH H4 NIGHT-TECH H7 NIGHT-TECHNIGHT-TECHHeadlightBulbsBetter light,greater range, SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVEand longer life! PI10701 $ *X* Pr. PI10703 $ *X* Pr. PI10704 $ *X* Pr. PI10707 $ *X* Pr.PIAA Night-Tech bulbs use an innovative new blend of gases PIAA’s new line of H11 NIGHT TECH 9005 NIGHT-TECH 9006 NIGHT-TECHwith a higher proportion of inert gases, coupled with a new Night-Tech bulbsand exclusive filament material. The gasses, filament material, offer up to 90% moreand coatings on the bulbs offer a color temperature in the light, whiter/brighter3600 Kelvin range for a whiter output than standard bulbs illumination, andand retain a DOT/SAE approval. The result is a family of Night- up to 100 feetTech bulbs that offer more light, better light, greater range, more range thanand longer life than standard halogen bulbs, all with DOT and conventional bulbs, SAVE SAVE SAVESAE compliance. all while offering longer life. PI10711 $ *X* Pr. PI10725 $ *X* Pr. PI10726 $ *X* Pr.10 Light kit
  11. 11. Ignition & ElectricalSealed Beam Sports Horn Slim SportsConversion HornHeadlights Sports Horn Slim Sports Kit: 500Hz & Horn Kit: Upgrade your 600Hz 400Hz & 500Hz older vehicles SAVE UP TO You’ve got bright lights and a clear windshield, yet other A loud, attention getting horn is one of your most important lighting! drivers still don’t see you? Let them know you’re coming safety devices. Make sure people notice you with these with a blast from your horns! Two Dual Tone Horns with super-light weight and easy to install horns. Two Slim line weather resistant covers. Horns with weather resistant covers. HE002395801 7” Round Headlight Conversion Kit $*X* HE003427811 200mm Rectangular Conversion Kit $*X* PI85112 SPORTS HORN KIT(500/600hz) PI85114 SLIM SPORTS HORN KIT(HI/LO)LED 360 Bulbs Ceramic LED LED Dome Lights Load Resistor Solve LED related turn signal problems such as hyper flashing or burnt out bulb indicators! Upgrade to 360º of high intensity LED $ Simple to install, replaces stock bulb PU230004C Ceramic LED Load Resistor Now360º Premium Replacement Bulbs Make your car, truck, or SUV SAVEreplace dull factory bulbs in your tail SAVE UP TO stand out with Putco’s LEDlights, brake lights, side marker lights, Aluminum LED dome light replacements!turn signals, and reverse lights! Load Resistor PU230125 LED Dome Light 1.25” $*X*PU230194W36 LED 360º 194 $*X* PU230150 LED Dome Light 1.50” $*X*PU231156W36 LED 360º 1156 $*X* PU230004A Aluminum LED Load Resistor Now PU230175 LED Dome Light 1.75” $*X*PURE High Performance Halogen BulbsHeadlightBulbsAdd a customlook to yourvehicle! Sold in Pairs & Available in 3 colours: Nitro Blue, Jet Yellow, and Mirror White. $ SAVE Jet Yellow 3,000K Mirror White 4,000K Nitro Blue 6,000KPU239006JY Jet Yellow Headlight Bulbs $*X*PU239006MW Mirror White Headlight BulbsPU239006NB Nitro Blue Headlight Bulbs $*X* $*X* 180 Day Warranty Headlight Bulbs 11
  12. 12. Body & Interior (2”) VAC/BOOST (2”) FUEL LEVEL (GM) (2”) OIL PRESS 100psi (2”) OIL PRESS 100psi2” Sport CompGaugesFeaturing a BlackFace & Silver Bezel SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE AU3301 $ *X* Ea. AU3314 $ *X* Ea. AU3321 $ *X* Ea. AU3327 $ *X* Ea. ALL GAUGES ON SALE NOW! PHANTOM - White/Black (2”) WATER TEMP (2”) WATER TEMP 250deg (2”) VACUUM 30in (2”) VOLTMETER ULTRALITE - Silver 240deg SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVEUpgrade to Ultra Lite or Phantom just $5-$10 more AU3332 $ *X* Ea. AU3337 $ *X* Ea. AU3384 $ *X* Ea. AU3391 $ *X* Ea. AEM Wide AEM TruBoost band 02 ControllerGive yourgauges afactory-installedlookMade from tough plastic that SAVEresists warping or cracking,these customized accessories Wickedly accurate, these gauges workattach easily to A-pillars. as a gauge or with standalone EMS. SAVE Gauge and BoostAvailable for 1, 2 or 3 gauges OFF ALL Includes Bosch 5v sensor. Analog Controller all in one!for popular vehicles. GAUGE WORKS! gauges also availableGW10101 Single Gauge Pod from $*X* AW304100 Wide band Digital O2 Gauge $*X* AW304350 Boost Controller/Gauge $*X* GAUGE CUP (2”) BLACK GAUGE PANEL (2”) GAUGE PANEL (2”) GAUGE PANEL (2”) - DEEP 1-HOLE ALUM. 2-HOLE ALUM. 3-HOLE ALUM. We have the parts you need to install your gauges Right! SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE AU2204 $ *X* Ea. AU2236 $ *X* Ea. AU2237 $ *X* Ea. AU2238 $ *X* Ea. Angle Rings INSTALL KIT 10’ NYLON TUBING KIT (6’) COPPER 1/8” DIA. TUBING KIT (3’) Braided TUBING KIT (4’) Braided SS w/ Fittings SS w/ Fittings Make those gauges face you! SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE AU2234 ANGLE RINGS (2-1/16”) 3pc AU3223 $ *X* Kt. AU3224 $ *X* Kt. AU3227 $ *X* Kt. AU3229 $ *X* Kt.12 Gauges
  13. 13. Body & Interior (2-5/8) MECH FUEL 15psi (2-5/8) MECH OIL SPORT-COMP TACHS 0-100psi 2-5/8” Sport Comp Gauges Big or small, SAVE Featuring a Black Face & Silver we’ve got a Bezel Tach for you! AU3780 SPORT-COMP TACH (3-3/4)8000 $*X* AU3411 $ *X* Ea. AU3421 $ *X* Ea. ULTRALITE - Silver (2-5/8) MECH WATER (2-5/8) VOLTMETER 280 F 5” SPORT-COMP TACH w/ Shift All Gauges SAVE light on Sale Now! Also AvailableAU3904 SPORT-COMP TACH (5“)S/LITE 10K $*X* AU3431 $ *X* Ea. AU3592 $ *X* Ea. in Ultra LiteSO-CAL Speed HI-DEF Gauges 5pc GaugesShop Instruments 5-piece LED Gauge kits - “Designer Black” AU1402 5pc Gauges - “Designer Black” $*X* The SO-CAL 5 gauge kit includes a mechanical 3-3/8” 200mph AU1202 5pc Gauges - “American Muscle” $*X* speedo. The auxiliary 2-1/16” gauges; electric oil pressure, Includes Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Fuel Level, Volt, and 5pc Gauges - “Bowtie electric water temp, electric fuel and volt meter all include the Electric Speedometer! Performance” appropriate senders and hardware. They have black faces with a small SO-CAL logo, chrome bezels, steel cases and convex glass. SC62650 5 Gauge set, w/mech. Speedo $*X* SC62655 3-3/8” 10,000 RPM tachometer $*X* SC62663 5 Gauge set, w/elec. Speedo $*X* AU1101 5pc Gauges - ”Cruiser” $*X* AU130000408 5pc Gauges - “Bowtie” $*X*Value Priced 2” Chrome 2” GaugeGauges from Gauge Consoles ConsolesAutoMeter Oil/Volt/Water Black Dual-Oil Press &3-3/4” Tachs Water Temp Autogage tachometers really mean business in traditional chrome or modern black. State-of-the-art air core movement ensures accurate reading and quick pointer response. SAVE SAVE TACH (3-3/4”) 8000 TACH (3-3/4”) 8000 BLACK CHROME AU2325 Chrome Trio - White Face AU2392 Black Dual-Oil Press & Water Temp SAVE SAVESAVE SAVE Chrome Trio - Black Face GAUGES (2”) OIL/WATER/VOLTS BLKAU2300 $ *X* Ea. AU2304 $ *X* Ea. AU2349 AU2397 Gauges 13
  14. 14. Body & Interior 15” Classic - Chrome 13.5” BLACK 4-SPOKE 13 3/4” Formula 1 Style 13” GT - Silver Spoke - Spokes - Wood Grip Black/Red Black Vinyl CLEARANCE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE GR201 $ *X* Ea. GR464 $ *X* Ea. GR1067 $ *X* Ea. GR771 $ *X* Ea.15” Nostalgia - Brushed 13.75” Challenger - 11.75” Classic - Black 4 14.5” Collectors - SS - Black Foam Black Grip Spoke Polished - Mahogany Grip SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE Was $ • Clearance $ GR968-0 $ *X* Ea. GR870 $ *X* Ea. GR434 $ *X* Ea. GR1170 $ *X* Ea. GR714 14” GT - Silver Spoke - MahoganyGrant Adaptor Customize your wheel MOMO SteeringKits Wheels NowNew lower price on Add a Logo Horn Available!most adaptors Button SAVE Available in both Classic & Signature styles for popular Ford, Chrysler & GM vehicles.Formerly starting at$40, most now starting Classic - S/S Button Signature - S/S Buttonat $35 everyday! SAVE SAVE OOPRO35BK2B Black Leather Steering Wheel $*X* From $*X* GR5644 OOADAPTOR Momo Adaptor Kits from $113GR3162 Grant Adaptor Kits SAVE $ *X* Ea. GR5649 $ *X* Ea. Rect. Boot w/ S/S Ring Rect. Boot w/ Billet CLEARANCE High Quality Ring Race Inspired Workmanship Styling SAVE SAVE UP TO SAVE LO70FMB $ *X* Ea. LO70BFMB $ *X* Ea. Small Shift Boot and Large Shift Boot andGrant’s Revolution steering wheels allow you to Plate Platereplace your dirty and worn OEM wheel with a Give your handscustom styled one! Re-uses the factory airbag and a treat!switches. Customize the one thing in your Truck you touch every time GR52100 Mustang 05-10 BLK/BLK $ you drive ... your steering wheel! Black leather or Silver accents available. Re-uses switches & factory airbag. GR52150 Mustang 05-10 Roush BLK/BLK $ SAVE SAVE GR52201 Mustang 10-11 BLK/GRY $ GR61030 GM 02-09 Black $*X* GR52203 Mustang 10-11 BLK/RED $ GR61046 GM 07+ Black/Silver $*X* SR6283 $ *X* Ea. SR6284 $ *X* Ea.14 Steering Wheel
  15. 15. Body & Interior B&M - The first name in Automatic Shifters! • Take control of your automatic transmission and shift • Features backup light switch, neutral safety switch, it yourself to maximize torque and performance, or put and NHRA/IHRA reverse lockout it in drive for normal automatic operation • Includes knob, hardware & 5’ shifter cable • Ratchet style shifting mechanism eliminates over- shifting! StarShifter QuickSilver MegaShifter 3 Speed Detent/ 3/4 Speed Ratchet 3/4 Speed Ratchet Ratchet SAVE SAVE SAVE BM80675 StarShifter - 3sp Detent/Ratchet $*X* BM80683 QuickSilver - 3/4sp Ratchet $*X* BM80690 MegaShifter - 3/4sp Ratchet $*X* STICK(CHROME)8”TALL Pistol Grip Handle Roll Control Button Roll Control - Camaro x 3” Switch 10 & Up Roll Control SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE HU538-0015 $ *X* Ea. HU153-1000 $ *X* Ea. HU248-3875 $ *X* Ea. HU567-1518 $ *X* Ea. Bushings/Clips Brushed Alum T-Handle ROLL CONTROL Roll Control - INSTALLATION KIT Challenger 08+ When Drag Racing, the Hurst Roll Control is used to lock the front wheels for massive, SAVE consistent burnouts. You can also use it to stop from rolling downhill at a red light. It fits SAVE SAVE SAVE most brake systems.HU332-0001 Nylon $ *X*HU332-7302 Steel $ *X* HU153-0020 $ *X* Ea. HU567-1517 $ *X* Ea. HU174-5000 Roll Control $*X* HU567-1510 $ *X* Ea. Transmission Bracket & Black Knob w/Button White Knob w/ Button Lever Kit Launch Control SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE UP TO BM35498 $ *X* Ea. HU163-0050 $ *X* Ea. BM46112 $ *X* Ea. T-Handle Shift Knob Performance Shifter Pistol Grip w/ Button Chrome T-Handle w/ Cable Button B&M launch controls are the choice for performance and dependability. They’re intended primarily as brake-locking devices for drag racing, but they also can be used on the street as hill-holders. They’re available either as complete kits or as just the line lock units themselves. SAVE SAVE SAVE BM80604 4 Foot $ *X* BM46075 Launch Control Solenoid $*X* SR6280 $ *X* Ea. BM80605 5 Foot $ *X* HU153-6200 $ *X* Ea. BM80659 $ *X* Ea. BM46076 Launch Control with Installation Kit $*X* Shifters & Accessories 15
  16. 16. Air & FuelAEM Dryflow Universal Air Filter Universal Air Filter Universal Air FilterPre-filters Cone Air Filter SAVE UP TOStops small SAVE KNRU4950 KNRU4450 KNRE0930dirt particles; Inlet 2.5” length 5.5” $ Inlet 2.75” length 5” $ Inlet 3” Length 6” $yet adds little Universal Air Filter Universal Air Filter Universal Air Filterrestriction. K&N makes a dizzying Was $ • Only $ assortment of high performance reusable airEasily slips over your existing filter. Manufactured from filters, but these ones area durable micro-screen material and pretreated with a by far the most popular.proprietary hydrophobic process designed to prevent Even if these aren’t rightsplashes of water or mud from saturating your Dryflow air for you, chances are K&N’sfilter. Available in sizes to fit most cone filters. got the one you need! KNRU2590 KNRE0950 KNRU3130AV14000 Pre-Filter Wrap Inlet 3.5” Length 6” $ Inlet 3.5” length 7” $ Inlet 4” length 7” $ HONDA CIVIC 2.0L - ‘06-’11 HONDA 3.5L V6 - ‘07-’12 FORD FOCUS 2.0L -’07-’09Dryflow filter- no oilingrequired! Typhoon Air Intake Systems SAVE UP TO KN69-1014TS KN69-1210TS KN69-3513TTK ADDS UP TO ADDS UP TO ADDS UP TO Built for performance 7.1 HP $ *X* 10 HP 9.4 HP $ *X* $ *X* Only and show, K&N Typhoon CHEV CRUZE 1.4L -’09-’13 MAZDA 3 2.0/2.3L -’03-09 HONDA CIVIC 1.6/1.7L - air intakes feature a free- $ ‘01-’06 SAVE UP TO flowing, mandrel-bent aluminum tube induction system designed to fit many performance vehicles.AV21201DK Cone Filter - 2.5” Inlet & 5” Body Typhoon air intakes willAV21202DK Cone Filter - 2.75” Inlet & 5” Body dramatically reduce intake restriction, resulting in KN69-4521TS KN69-6010TS KN69-1008TSAV21203DK Cone Filter - 3” Inlet & 5” Body ADDS UP TO ADDS UP TO ADDS UP TO additional power andAV21204DK Cone Filter - 3.5” Inlet & 5” Body torque. 6.5 HP $ *X* 5.7 HP 5 HP $ *X* $ *X* MAZDA 3 2.5L -’10+ HONDA CIVIC 1.8L - ‘06-’12 NISSAN ALTIMA 3.5L -’07+ MITSUBISHI LANCER -Short Ram Air ‘08-’12Intakes SAVE UP TO KN69-6013TTK KN69-1013TS KN69-7062TTK KN69-6544TS ADDS UP TO ADDS UP TO ADDS UP TO ADDS UP TO92-00 Honda Civic 6.6 HP $ *X* 5.7 HP $ *X* 6.6 HP $ *X* 6.7 HP $ *X*AV22401P $*X* Kt. CHEV COBALT 2.2L -’05-’10 MAZDA 6 3.05L -’03-’07 VW GOLF/JETTA - ‘98-’05 VW GOLF & AUDI A3 2.0L - ‘03-’08Cold Air IntakeSystem04-08 Mazda 3 SAVE UP TO KN69-4515TS ADDS UP TO KN69-6026TS KN69-9501TP ADDS UP TO KN699503TFKAV21488P $*X* Kt. 6.6 HP $ *X* ADDS UP TO 6.7 HP $ *X* 10 HP $ *X* ADDS UP TO 19 HP $ *X*16 Typhoon Intake