June/July 2013 Sale Flyer


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This Sale expired July 31, 2013. Visit www.performanceimprovements.com for current sale info.

Build your Ride Right! New products from SO-CAL Speed Shop, and United Pacific LED Tail lights. Sale pricing on AutoMeter, Bully Dog, B&M, FAST, DEI, InTune, Diablosport, Edelbrock, E-Force Superchargers, Flowmaster, Flex-A-Lite, HushMat, Driven Oil, K&N Air Filters, MSD, Painless Wiring, JBA Headers, Dougs Headers, Royal Purple Synthetic Oil, Russell Performance, SO-CAL Speed Shop, SSBC Brakes, SCT Tuners, iTSX, Superchips, TKO Performance, United Pacific LED lights and more!This one is good until the end of July. Anything “Cheaper then Mail Order” was against Summit Racing’s website 05/24/13.

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June/July 2013 Sale Flyer

  1. 1. Build your Ride Right!June/July 2013Items in the Yellow squares areclearance priced, and when they’regone, they’re gone!YELLOW BOXMEANSACT FAST!Act fast to take advantage of these deals, theyare extremely limited in quantity. Some of theseare end of line deals, or discontinued products,but all are offered at significant savings. We’vedone our best to keep the list up to date, butthese deals are being snapped up all the time.All CLEARANCE items are final sale.CLEARANCEBONUSPurchase any MSD Distributor (excluding StreetFire) andreceive a FREE MSD 8202 High Performance Coil!MSD Coil Rebate: 06/03/ - 07/01/2013. See store for more MSD deals!FREE 8202 CoilwithDistributor!$500REBATE!FREE HAT See Page 20NEWLEDTail Lights$50REBATEAct fast to take advantage of M/TAll are on Sale!Your Tuner Headquarters!Ontario’s only FactoryDirect Dealer forSee Page 2
  2. 2. 22E-Force SuperchargersE-Force SuperchargersED1532 2009-10 5.7L HEMI $7695Does your5.7 HEMI needmore power?All Edelbrock E-Force supercharger kits feature Eaton’sGen VI Twin Vortices Series TVS rotor group - the sameinternals used on the new Corvette ZR-1. The most efficientsupercharger on the market for the popular Chrysler 5.7Land 6.1L HEMI engines.506 HP & 501 TQEdelbrock E-Force Superchargersystems deliver excellent horsepowerand torque in a complete, street-legalkit that fits under the factory hood. Thecore of each system is the Eaton GenVI 2300 TVS® Supercharger rotatingassembly. Eaton’s assembly features afour lobe design with 160° of twist formaximum flow, minimum temperaturerise and quiet operation for excellentdrivability.SpecialFeatures:• Bolt-oninstall-fitsunderstockhood• Everythingfitsrightoutofthebox• Eaton®2300TVSRotorassembly• Selfcontainedoilsystem• ElectronicPCMprogrammingmodule• HighFlowMassAirFlowSensor(MAFS)• Littletonodecreaseinfueleconomy• IndividualrunnersformaximumtorqueSAVENOW!We have the most EdelbrockSuperchargers in Canada in stockright now at the best prices!SAVENOW!ED1578 2007-12 4.8 & 5.3L GM $6995Boost thepower in yourGM truckTurn your truck into a true work horse! Towing and off-roadapplications will see a tremendous benefit created fromthe twelve inch long intake runners that are designed toincrease low end torque. You will also feel the boost inhorsepower throughout the entire RPM curve!334 HP & 380 TQED1588 2011-13 5.0L Mustang $6495Superchargeyour 5.0LPony and staylegal!Instant, reliable and safe HP AND maximum low end torquefor your Mustang 5.0L. Edelbrock superchargers providethe most power at the lowest amount of boost, resulting inperformance that is safe for a completely stock engine.559 HP & 503 TQSAVENOW!SAVENOW!ED1598 2010-13 CAMARO $7195Take yourCamaro to thenext LevelThis supercharger kit for the 2010-12 Camaro SS features12” long intake runners for maximum low end torque. It’scompact design fits under the stock hood and complimentsthe clean look of the engine compartment.599 HP & 547 TQED1536 2005-10 6.1L HEMI $7395Most efficientsuperchargerfor your 6.1HEMIThis complete Edelbrock E-Force supercharger systemincludes everything you need to bolt it on under the hood,including supercharger/manifold assembly, fuel injectors,air-to-water intercooler and a handheld flash programmerto properly tune the factory ECU for the added power.556 HP & 501 TQSAVENOW!$500REBATE!$500 mail-in Rebate available onselect Edelbrock Supercharger kits!See Store for full details.
  3. 3. 33Ignition & ElectricalIgnition & ElectricalIgnition & ElectricalIgnition & ElectricalUP31544 Chrome“Guide”H4 Headlight $159 Ea.Real OldSchoolHeadlights5 Amber LED w/ Clear LensChrome “GUIDE”Style HeadlightUPA5022BSB 7”Dietz Style Black Headlight $95Pr.7” Dietz StyleBlack SealedBeam HeadlightGloss Black PowderCoated Housing withChrome Plated BezelUPA5024 7”Kingbee Style SS Headlight $169Pr.7” Kingbee StyleStainless H4HeadlightStainless Steel CompleteAssemblyLight emitting diodes light up in microsec-onds, draw less from your car’s electricalsystem, and have no filaments to break.United Pacific LED taillights offer brilliantquality, innovation, and safety for your resto-ration. LEDs are rated for over 100,000 hoursof operation. All feature solid-state construc-tion and are epoxy coated. This makes themimpervious to shock and vibration, whileprotecting LED diodes from moisture andcorrosion.New LED Tail lightsInstallation is easy— just plug them in!1964-66 Mustang 48LED Amber Turn SignalUPFPL6401LED $55 Ea.1964 Chevelle 23 LEDTail Light - RightUPC6402LEDR $59 Ea.1964 Chevelle 23 LEDTail Light - LeftUPC6402LEDL $59 Ea.1964-66 Mustang 68LED Tail LightUPFTL6401LE $75 Ea.1950s Pontiac Style 41LED Tail LightUPS1006LED $75 Ea.1955 Chevy 60 LED TailLightUPC5510LED $65 Ea.1959 Cadillac 40 LEDTail LampUPC5913LED $89 Ea.1957 Chevy 51 LED TailLightUPC5720LED $59 Ea.1975-82 Corvette 25LED Bubble Tail LampUPC7582LED $69 Ea.1966-67 Nova 30 LEDTail LightUPC6667LED $75 Ea.1990-96 Chevy Corvette30 LED Tail LightUPC9096LED $79 Ea.1956 Chevy 40 LED TailLightUPC5608LED $55 Ea.1940 Passenger DeluxeTail LightUPF4004 $39 Ea.UP90656 Sequential LED Light Kit $89Ea.SequentialLED Light KitKit Includes Two Modules,Wires and Connectors,Instructions.White LED LicenseFastenerUP70303 $24.95 Pr.Battery DisconnectSwitchUPS1202 $19.99 Ea.UPF3839LED 1938-39 Ford 51 LEDTail Light $55Ea.1938-39 Ford 51LED Tail Light51 Super Bright Red LED with RedLens. Chrome “Teardrop” LightBezel available separately.UPA1060 1938-39Tail Light Assembly $39Ea.1938-39 TailLight AssemblyHighly Polished Stainless Steel Rim,Red Glass Lens, Modern Nylon WiresWe have non-LEDTail Lights too!1967 Camaro 40 LEDTail LightUPC6703LED $105Ea.1969 Mustang 108 LEDTail LightUPF6901LED $110 Ea.1967-68 Mustang 84LED Tail LightUPF6701LED $105 Ea.
  4. 4. 44 SO-CAL Speed ShopSO-CAL Speed ShopSC62650 5 Gauge set, w/mech. Speedo $299SC62655 3-3/8”10,000 RPM tachometer $144SC62663 5 Gauge set, w/elec. Speedo $399The SO-CAL 5 gauge kit includes a mechanical 3-3/8” 200mphspeedo. The auxiliary 2-1/16” gauges; electric oil pressure,electric water temp, electric fuel and volt meter all include theappropriate senders and hardware. They have black faces with asmall SO-CAL logo, chrome bezels, steel cases and convex glass.SO-CAL SpeedShop InstrumentsSO-CAL Wolf T-shirtSC1012BM $24.99SO-CAL Logo T-ShirtSC1005BM $24.99SO-CAL Flex-Fit HatBlackSC6000BL $24.95Lake Roadster T-shirt -SC1049BM $24.99Tank Script Flex-Fit HatSC6002L $24.95Aviator Patch LargeSC9010 $29.95Logo Patch SmallSC9001S $5.99SO-CAL Tool Box Decal11 x 3.5SC91033 $2.99Hot Rods FrameSC90600 $11.95Keyed Ign Switch w/Polished BezelSC60752 $39.95SO-CAL Logo Decal4.5 x 1.5SC93030 $1.99SC60684 Shocks painted, steel $69SC60685 Shocks Short No Cover Painted $69SC60680 Shocks Long Covered Painted $79SC60681 Shocks Short Covered Painted $79SC60686 Shocks Long No Cover Chrome $119SC60687 Shocks Short No Cover Chrome $119SC60682 Shocks Long Covered Chrome $129SC60683 Shorty covered shocks chrome, steel $129We are proud to introduce our new line of Speedshocksin steel. These nitrogen filled gas shocks are engineeredspecifically for hot rod applications and offered in the“Standard” length of 9 1/4” closed x 14 1/4” extended or inthe “Shorty” length of 7 7/8” closed x 11 1/4” extended. Theyare manufactured with or without dustcovers and can berun on the front or rear end of the car in either configuration.The distinctive design of the dustcover is reminiscent of the“airplane shocks” used on early hot rods during the 40’sand 50’s. Other features are 90 durometer replaceable 5/8”ID lower and 7/16” ID upper neoprene rubber bushings andthey come finished in either high gloss SO-CAL red or showchrome.NewTraditionalistSpeedshocksSC60700 5 Gauge Dash Panel S/S Insert $269SC60710 6 Gauge Dash Panel S/S Insert $279Designed in the style of luxury cars of the Thirties, each SO-CALinstrument panel is individually sand cast and polished andcomes with an engine-turned stainless steel fascia. The panelsare available in two sizes for mounting 5 or 6 gauges. Eachpanel is pre-machined to accept standard 2 1/16” gauges (oftenreferred to as 2” gauges) and standard 3 3/8” speedometer andtachometer. Detailed installation instructions and hardware areincluded. Gauges are not included.SO-CALInstrumentPanelsKeyless Ign Switch ArtDeco PolSC60753 $39.95Direct Fuel PressureGaugeSC62657 $49.95SC70503 Forged Axle Plain $349SC70505 Forged Axle Plain, Drilled $499SC70503C Forged Axle Chrome Plated $679This new 4” dropped axle takes into account the idiosyncrasiesof a reproduction part that must first work with original Fordspindles. SO-CAL’s axle shows a 30% improvement over thecompetition in turning radius alone. So when it comes timeto install reproduction parts, there’s no problem. The axlemeasures 47” through the kingpin centers, 34” at the 2 1/4”inch thick spring perch boss and fits a 29 1/4” spring.SO-CAL ForgedSteel I-BeamFront AxleSC60646250S 250lb Steel Coilover Shocks Pr $399Pr.SC60646250 Rear Speedshocks 250lb $499Pr.Alloy Gas Filled Coil-OverSO-CAL SpeedshocksThese 6061 aluminum coil-over shocks havea ten position rebound adjustment, blackpowdered coated Silicone wire springs and acollar nut for quick pre-load changes.LOTS OFSTYLESAVAILABLE!Sold in Pairs!
  5. 5. 5AutoMeter GaugesAutoMeter Gauges(2”) OIL PRESS 100psiAU3321 $79 Ea.(2”) OIL PRESS 100psiAU3327 $99 Ea.(2”) VACUUM 30inAU3384 $83 Ea.(2”) VOLTMETERAU3391 $65 Ea.(2”) VAC/BOOSTAU3301 $89 Ea.(2”) FUEL LEVEL (GM)AU3314 $65 Ea.(2”) WATER TEMP240degAU3332 $115 Ea.(2”) WATER TEMP 250degAU3337 $78 Ea.GAUGE PANEL (2”)1-HOLE ALUM.AU2236 $26 Ea.GAUGE PANEL (2”)2-HOLE ALUM.AU2237 $28 Ea.TUBING KIT (3’) BraidedSS w/ FittingsAU3227 $59 Kt.TUBING KIT (4’) BraidedSS w/ FittingsAU3229 $79 Kt.GAUGE CUP (2”) BLACK- DEEPAU2204 $25 Ea.INSTALL KIT 10’ NYLONAU3223 $15 Kt.TUBING KIT (6’) COPPER1/8” DIA.AU3224 $20 Kt.GAUGE PANEL (2”)3-HOLE ALUM.AU2238 $31 Ea.AU2234 ANGLE RINGS (2-1/16”) 3pc$20Angle RingsMake those gaugesface you!We have theparts you needto install yourgauges Right!TACH (3-3/4”) 8000CHROMEAU2304 $95 Ea.TACH (3-3/4”) 8000BLACKAU2300 $79 Ea.AU2392 Black Dual-Oil Press &WaterTemp$592” GaugeConsolesBlack Dual-Oil Press& Water TempAU2349 ChromeTrio - Black Face$692” ChromeGauge ConsolesOil/Volt/WaterAutogage tachometers really mean business in traditionalchrome or modern black. State-of-the-art air core movementensures accurate reading and quick pointer response.Value PricedGauges fromAutoMeter3-3/4” Tachs(2-5/8) MECH OIL0-100psiAU3421 $69 Ea.(2-5/8) MECH FUEL 15psiAU3411 $66 Ea.(2-5/8) VOLTMETERAU3592 $65 Ea.(2-5/8) MECH WATER240 FAU3432 $99 Ea.AU3904 SPORT-COMPTACH (5“)S/LITE 10K $3455” SPORT-COMPTACH w/ ShiftlightAU3780 SPORT-COMPTACH (3-3/4)8000 $199SPORT-COMPTACHSBig or small,we’ve got aTach for you!
  6. 6. 6CoolingCoolingSR7759 20”Radiator Hose $69SR7769 30”Radiator Hose $79SR7809 44”Heater Hose Kit $89MagnaKool S/SRadiator HoseFlexible stainless hose can be cut to fit and bent to virtuallyany shape. Rubber adaptors included for 1 1/4”, 1 1/2” or 13/4” outlets, then cover them up with Chrome ends.Custom Rad hosesfor a Custom Look!Not just catch cans, these stainless recovery tanks allowexcess coolant to be drawn back into the rad upon cool down.Kits include brackets & bolts. 6 different sizes available.AA2850 13”x 2”- Holds 1.4 Pints $55AA2854 10”x 3”- Holds 2.5 Pints $75PolishedStainlessOverflow TankAdjustable Temp.ControllerFX31147 $49 Ea.SAVE$10Thru Rad Mounting kitFX3910 $15 Ea.Polished Rad CapAA2890 $25 Ea.Chrome Rad CapSR4338 $14 Ea.AA3715 AdjustableTemp. Controller $39AdjustableTemperatureControllerAdjustable temperature controller turns the electric fan onand off at the desired temperature. It includes a dial that letsyou adjust the activation temperature between approximately180-240 degrees Fahrenheit. It also turns the electric fan onwhen the vehicle air conditioner is engaged.Turn on your fanbetween 180-240degrees FDN040200 Radiator Relief 16oz$12SuperchargeyourradiatorReduce your operatingtemperature up to 30ºF,reducing engine wear thatoccurs during extreme use.No mixing required; just addto cooling system. Corrosioninhibitor also reduces mineraldeposits.two for$20$12 Each orBM70255 11”x5.75”x0.75”- 9,800BTU $89BM70264 11”x5.75”x1.5”- 14,400BTU $99BM70268 11”x7.25”x.75”- 13,000BTU $89TransmissionCooler• Heavy-Duty rigid stacked-plate design• Better cooling than ‘fin and tube’ coolers• Lightweight aluminum w/ black finish• Pressure tested to 200 PSI• Includes installation kitHeat kills transmissions,keep yours cool!BM70297 HI-TEK Cooler with Fan$299HI-TEK Coolerwith FanThese coolers handle tough cooling jobs using a9.5” electric fan with built-in mounting brackets.Include a 175 degree thermal switch to activatethe fan. Can be used for racing, RV and streetperformance vehicles. Suitable for all fluid coolingneeds.12” x 13.5” x 3.25” CoolerFX4110 5x12 Kit $49FX4116 7 1/2 x 12 Kit $53FX4118 7 1/2 x 15 Kit $58FX4120 7 1/2 x 20 Kit $62These coolers use Turbulators inside the tubes for superiorheat transfer. A 20 degree drop in transmission fluidtemperature can double the life of automatic transmissioncomponents. Cooler transmission oil gives more reliable,consistent shifts. Kit includes cooler, 4-feet of rubber hose,hose clamps and nylon nuts and bolts for mounting.TransmissionOil Cooler KitProtect your transmissionor power steeringFX4110-6 5x12 -6 AN Kit $53FX4120-6 7 1/2 x 20 -6 AN Kit $71Transmission OilCooler with ANFittingsBM70273 11”x5.75”x1.5”- 15,000BTU $89BM70266 11”x8.00”x1.25”- 20,500BTU $115BM70274 11”x11”x1.55”- 29,200BTU $149Race CoolerFeatures 1/2” NPTPortsSAVE$10SAVE$7UPTODon’t LeakCoolant onthe Ground!
  7. 7. 7CoolingCoolingPF212 12”Electric Fan $99PF216 16”Electric Fan $109Electric FanFans include mounting hardware, fuse and wiring.Great for supplemental coolingwhen stuck in traffic!FLEX-A-FIT Cross-Flow RadiatorThree times more side tank surface area! Internal fins perform as heat sinks, quicklyabsorbing heat from the engine coolant and radiating it through external fins. Thisnew FLEX-A-FIT sidetank design turns an otherwise tough radiator swap into a simpleinstallation using a few drilled brackets. The unique external fin design integrates limitlessfastening points into the tank itself, transforming the radiator into a convenient bracketfor attaching expansion tanks, electric fans, oil coolers, etc.FX1317 HD SEMI-FLEX 17”STAINLESS $77FX1318 HD SEMI-FLEX 18”STAINLESS $79FX1319 HD SEMI-FLEX 19”STAINLESS $80FX1518 HD SEMI-FLEX REV 18”STAINLESS $89StainlessSteel Flex FanFlex-a-lite high performance flex fans are designed to giveyou maximum airflow at low RPM, and the least amountof engine loading at high RPM. Less resistance at highwayspeeds equals more horsepower and better gas mileage.FX398 16”Fan - 2,500cfm! $149Syclone 16”electric FanCompact S-blade fan moves up to 2,500cfm! Slim designis reversible, quiet & adds horsepower.Syclone S-Blade Electric FanRAD W/FAN(TOPTANK)18.5x27.5RHFX52180TR $949 Ea.SAVE$77RAD(W/FAN)22”FX52180L $855 Ea.SAVE$74Rad/Fan Left Inlet 28 inw/295FX58295L $1095 Ea.SAVE$92RADIATOR W/FANMUSTANG 5.0LFX52185 $889 Ea.SAVE$70FX270 Dual 15”Fans - 5,500CFM! $629FX295 Dual 13.5”Fans - 4,600CFM! $529Dual Fans For2X the Cool• Twin Fans in a black shroud• Includes adjustable thermostat control & A/C relay• Variable fan speed for precise temperature control• Hardware, wiring and instructions includedSAVE$90UPTOFX180 Inc adj. thermostat and ac relay $349FX183 as above for Dodge Ram $369FX185 as above for 5.0 Mustang $399Black MagicXtremeCooling FanThe shroud on this heavy Duty fan creates 40-50% betterheat transfer than the same size caged fan. Easy to install, kitincludes a rigid mounting system for easy installation.SAVE$53UPTOSAVE$36PW30140 F5 Dual Fan Controller $249F5 Dual FanController• Control two 35 amp fans to run between 50% & 100%• A/C override runs the fans at 100% when A/C is ON• 3 position toggle switch ON Automatic OFF• Fan can be programmed to turn off at highway speeds!• Includes all hardware and a detailed illustrated manualState-of-the-artFan Control!SAVE$100UPTOFX52000L Rad 22”Core Left Inlet $539FX52000R Rad 22”Core Right Inlet $539FX58000L ALUM RAD(LEFT)28”COREWIDTH $588FLEX-A-FITCross-FlowRadiatorBetter Coolingby Design!SAVE$54UPTO
  8. 8. 8Air & FuelAir & FuelCC30282-KITEZTCUTrans Controller$649Controls Late ModelElectronic GMTransmissions. Easy toInstall & Use.SAVE$50EZ-TCUTransmissionControllerYes, Atomic EFI will fit your carbureted vehicle! TheAtomic EFI was designed to bolt on to any square bore,4-barrel intake. No computer needed!Replace your Carb with EFIthe easy way!The Atomic EFI outshines the competitionin ease of installation and performance!Better idle quality, better starting, andbetter overall drivability throughout the rpm range. Youand your engine will be glad when you Go Atomic. Can berun returnless if an in-tank pump is used.Atomic EFIEasier than EZ &Faster than FAST!MD2910 Atomic EFI Basic Kit $2149MD2900 Atomic EFI Master Kit inc. Pump $2449SAVE$150UPTOConvert to Fuel Injection FASTCC30226-KIT EZ-EFI Base Kit $1799CC30227-KIT EZ-EFI Master Kit In-line Pump $2199No laptop or tuningexperience needed itdoes the work for you!• Kit includes mini ECU, wideband O2 sensor, wiring harness,injectors, fuel pump kit & 4150 throttle body• 4150 throttle body works with original carb-style linkage• Bolts on to any engine under 600 HP• Perfect choice for street rods & muscle cars• Easy-to-use setup Wizard system tunes itself• No factory ECU/Harness required• No Tuning Experience Necessary• Plug & PlaySAVE$200UPTOAF18688 Phantom 340 Stealth Fuel System $549EFI Fuel Delivery in any Gas Tank!To make serious power, you need an in-tank fuel pump. Butwho wants to weld a sump, or lose trunk space to a Fuel Cell?Aeromotive has designed a completely universal system thatwill fit your stock gas tank, plastic, steel, aluminum, corrugatedor smooth. The Phantom system’s internal baffle controls fuelslosh and keeps the fuel pump submerged in fuel, even at lowfuel levels and in aggressive driving.Phantom340 StealthFuel SystemThe entire system is modular to fit almost any tank,cut the foam to keep the fuel pump submerged.The installation tool helps locate all the holes todrill and guide the foam baffle into the tank.The gasket ensures a tight seal all the way around,even on an uneven corrugated tank.SAVE$50MD2950 Atomic EFI LS2/LS3 Master Kit $2549MD2960 Atomic EFI LS7 Master Kit $2849MD2955 Atomic EFI LS1 & LS6 Install Kit $179MD2956 Atomic EFI LSTruck Install Kit $129Less Wire, MorePerformanceYou want to put the power of an LS engine in your old vehicle,but don’t want the hassle of wiring harnesses & Computers.Atomic EFI LS incorporates the electronics into the fuel rails ofthe system. There’s no bulky ECU to mount and therefore nowires to route to and from--it’s all on the engine, hidden inplain sight. The Atomic LS eliminates the massive loom of wiresfrom the ECU. You can do it!AtomicEFI LSThe Atomic LS EF system doesnot require a computer.SAVE$162UPTOBONUS!FREE 6A Ignition BoxPurchase an Atomic TBI Kit (2900, 2901) and receive aFREE (6201) MSD 6a Ignition Box!MSD 6A Rebate: 05/27/2013 - 07/22/2013
  9. 9. 9Temperature ControlTemperature ControlDN010128 1”x 15’-Titanium From$19.95DN010129 2”x 15’-Titanium From$26.95DN010126 1”x 50’-Titanium From$42.95DN010127 2”x 50’-Titanium From$69.95DN010120 1”x 15’- Black From$15.95DN010121 2”x 15’- Black From$21.95DN010107 1”x 50’- Black From$42.95DN010108 2”x 50’- Black From$64.95• Reduces Under Hood Temperature up to 50%!• Increases Exhaust Flow• Improves Horsepower• Convenient Installation GuidelinesHT Silicone Coating spray is highlyrecommended.Tan ExhaustWrapDN010105 1”x 15’-Tan From $14.95DN010106 2”x 15’-Tan From $19.95DN010101 1”x 50’-Tan From $39.95DN010102 2”x 50’-Tan From $59.95HT Silicone Coating spray is highlyrecommendedBlack ExhaustWrapTitanium ExhaustWrap• Made from Pulverized Lava Rock• Woven into a Proprietary Weave• Improved Thermal Performance & Durability• Silicone Spray Not Required!DN010202 SS LockingTies (14”) 4Pc From$14.95DN010201 SS LockingTies (8”) 8Pc From$19.95DN010203 SS LockingTies (20”) 10Pc From$29.95Exhaust WrapS/S Ties• 304 Stainless Steel• 100lbs tensile strength• Withstands temperatures up to 2500º!Perfect forSecuringExhaust Wrap!Hush MatQuiet TapeSecures wiresand cablesEliminates nuisance rattlescaused by loose wires andcables.$24.95 Kt.HM30300Hush MatPro RollerToolHM90100 Hush Mat Pro RollerTool $24.95HM10111 Speaker Kit(4pcs)6”x12”Silver $24.95HM10151 Starter Kit(4pcs)12”X12”Silver $39.95HM10201 Door Kit(10pcs)12”X12”Silver $79HM10301 Trunk Kit(10pcs)12”X23”Silver $129HM10331 Cargo Kit(10pcs)12”X23”Silver $199HM10401 Floor/Dash Kit(20pcs)12”X23”Silver $219HM10501 Bulk Kit(20pcs)12”X23”Silver $299Hush Mat Ultra KitsLeave the rumble on the outside!Reduce your interior noise. Enjoy A Cool,Quiet, And Comfortable Ride With HushMat!Simply trim, peel and stick. No expensiveheat guns, bulky tools or spray equipment.Trims with a pair of scissors or utility knife.Also Available in Black!DN010122 Tan w/ 4 LockingTies $33.95DN010119 Black w/ 4 LockingTies $34.95DN010123 Titanium w/ 4 LockingTies $38.95ExhaustWrap KitKit includes one rollof 2” x 25’ exhaustwrap & four 8”stainless steel lockingties to secure wrap.• Increases Exhaust Flow• Improves Horsepower• Convenient Installation Guidelines• Reduces Under Hood Temperature up to 50%!HM20100 2pcs - 23”x36”- 1/8”thick $135.99HM20300 4pcs - 12”x23”- 1/2”thick $165.99HM20200 2pcs - 23”x36”- 1/4”thick $176.99Thermal insulating & sound absorbing foam is the perfectmatch to use with HushMat Ultra for the ultimate Cool,Quiet and Comfortable interior!SilencerMegabondFoam
  10. 10. 10ExhaustExhaustJBA long tube headers deliver the greatest possible increasein horsepower and torque throughout the RPM range.Each system includes high quality hardware and thoroughinstructions for a professional no-leak installation.Long TubeSS Headers• 3/8” CNC Flanges• JBA Firecone Collector• Oversized Exhaust Ports• Large Diameter S/S TubesPX6812S 10-13 Camaro LongTube $599PX6673S 05-10 Mustang LongTube $599PX6965S 05-12 Chrysler LongTube $599Also Available coated in Silver or Titanium.Match with a JBAmid pipe for MaxPower & easyinstallation• 02 sensor provisions• Factory style hangers• Heavy duty flanges• Large diameter mandrel-bent tubing• High flow catalytic converter available on most V8applicationsPX6673SHC 05-10 Mustang Mid Pipe $509PX6813SDC 10-13 Camaro Mid Pipe $509PX6966SYC 05-12 Chrysler Mid Pipe $509Also Available without catsFireCone Collector 3/8” FlangesSAVE$90UPTOSAVE$100UPTOPXDEC300A-1 3”ExhaustValve (SNG) $249PXDEC300A 3”ExhaustValve (PR) $419PXDEC300AK 3”Electric Cut-Out Kit $519Stainless SteelElectric Cut-OutUncork your exhaust systemwith the flip of a switch.These cut-outs feature a rug-ged gear reduction 12 volt DCmotor and a rotating gate for aleak proof seal every time thecut-out is opened and closed.Unlike butterfly style cut-outsthe Doug’s cut-outs don’t havethe leaky gasket sound andwhen fully opened there is noexhaust flow obstructions.Guillotine-StylePXDEC250A-1 2.5”ExhaustValve (SNG) $249PXDEC250A 2.5”ExhaustValve (PR) $419PXDEC250AK 2.5”Electric Cut-Out Kit $519FE15935 2.25”U-FIT DUAL KIT $285FE15936 2.50”U-FIT DUAL KIT $305FE15937 3.00”U-FIT DUAL KIT $325U-Fit DualExhaust KitTheuniversalkitthatwillhelpyoutoinstalladualexhaustsystemonyourcarwithacrossoverpipe.JUST ADDMUFFLERS!Does not include hardwareHeat ScreenProtectareaswhereexcessiveheatcanblisterpaintDN010401 Heat Screen 36”x 40” From$99DN010402 Versa Shield 24”x7” $39.95Versa ShieldVersatile heat shield isperfect for wrapping heatsensitive items, like starters,to protect them from heat.Easily cut with scissors andattached with Velcro. Inmost cases there is no needto remove component.FE942446 2.25”- Offset In / Centre Out $99FE942448 2.25”- Offset In / Offset Out $99FE942546 2.50”- Offset In / Centre Out $99FE942548 2.50”- Offset In / Offset Out $99Deepest soundingstreet mufflerever built!Super 44MufflerFE42441 2.25”- Offset In / Centre Out $89FE42443 2.25”- Offset In / Offset Out $89FE42541 2.50”- Offset In / Centre Out $89FE42543 2.50”- Offset In / Offset Out $89The Original2-ChamberFlowmasterOriginal40 SeriesMuffler
  11. 11. 11ExhaustExhaustFE2220120 Round 2”w/o air tube $79FE2220124 Round 2.25”w/o air tube $79FE2220125 Round 2.50”w/o air tube $79FE2200120 Oval 2”with air tube $89FE2200124 Oval 2.25”with air tube $89FE2200125 Oval 2.50”with air tube $95Standard DutyCatalyticConverterFlowmasterIntroducesCatalyticConvertersMade in the U.S.A. and available in a wide variety of Pre-OBD and OBD II universal fit applications while carrying a25,000-mile internal components emissions warranty and50,000-mile/5-year warranty on the exterior casing.HD68478 87-92 CAMARO - SBC $449HD68648 82-93 MIDSIZE GM - SBC $449HD68618 66-75 CAMARO - BBC $459Hedman EliteHeddersElite = thicker steel& ceramic coated!FE817395 GMTRUCK 99-05 4.8/5.3L $519FE817428 GMTRUCK DUAL 99-05 4.8/5.3L $635FE817472 FORDTRUCK DUAL 98-03 4.6/5.4L $649FE817477 RAMTRUCK DUAL 09-13 5.7L $745FE817478 FORDTRUCK DUAL 09-13 V8’S $735FE817492 GMTRUCK DUAL 07-13V8’s $725AmericanThunderCatbacksystemsBB1612 Chrome Mustang Header $369BB4012 Chrome 05-10 LX HEMI Header $345BB4020 Chrome 10-’12 Camaro SS Header $345Free FlowingExhaust!Bolt on horsepower & torque with a set of these qualityBBK shorty tuned length headers. Available in Chrome orSilver Ceramic.Mustang,Camaro& HEMIFE2250225 Oval 2.50”Enhanced Standard Duty $99FE2250230 Oval 3”Enhanced Standard Duty $99CatalyticConverterEnhancedStandard DutyFE2230124 Round Spun 2.25”One Piece Design $99FE2230125 Round Spun 2.50”One Piece Design $99FE2230130 Round Spun 3”One Piece Design $99CatalyticConverterOne PieceDesignFE817409 68-72 GM A-BODY DUAL EXHAUST $585FE817497 11-13V6 FORD MUSTANG $619FE817104 67-74 GM F-BODY CROSSFLOW $645FE817457 78-88 GM G-BODY DUAL EXHAUST $719FE817149 70-73 GM F-BODY DUAL EXHAUST $755AmericanThunderCatbacksystemsFE817496 11-’12 -V8 Ford Mustang $469FE817410 05-’10 -V8 Ford Mustang $535FE817461 09-’12 - HEMI Challenger $895FE817405 05-’10 - HEMI 300C/Charger/Magnum $915FE817481 10-’12 -V8 Camaro SS w/o skirts $999FE817487 10-’12 -V8 Camaro SS w/ skirts $999FE817499 09-’12 - SRT8 Challenger $1020AmericanThunderCatbacksystemsPXH1050 Shielded Side Pipes 50” $279PXH1060 Shielded Side Pipes 60” $299Large 3” o.d. inlet/outlet pipes and low back pressuresix-sided louvered core mufflers guarantee performanceand produce a distinctive power tone. Complete installationflexibility is built in with the full 360° rotation feature on bothinlet and outlet pipes. Includes mounting hardware.ShieldedSide PipeGive your vehicle thatcustom look!SAVE$63UPTOFE2820224 EPA OBDII Oval 2.25” $129FE2820225 EPA OBDII Oval 2.50” $129FE2830124 EPA OBDII Round 2.25” $139FE2830125 EPA OBDII Round 2.50” $139EPA OBDIICatalyticConverter Made to keepthe light off
  12. 12. 12CLEARANCECLEARANCEAM404111TLR 82-93 CHEVY S10 (EURO) $99AM404138TLR 94-98 FORD MUSTANG (EURO) $99AM404148TLR 99-00 FORD MUSTANG (EURO) $99AM404166TLC 95-99 MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE (CF) $99AM404177TLR 00-05 DODGE NEON (EURO) $99AM404181TLR 96-97TOYOTA COROLLA (EURO) $99AM404197TLR 99-00 HONDA CIVIC SEDAN (EURO) $25AM404201TLR 02-07 IMPREZAWRX SEDAN (EURO) $25AM404510TLR 88-98 CHEVY SUBURBAN (NEXT GEN) $99AM404512TLC 94-00 CHEVY S10 (CF NEXT GEN) $99AM404530TLR 97-04 FORD F150 (NEXT GEN) $99AM404563TLR 98-05 FORD FOCUS 3dr (NEXT GEN) $99AM404586TLR 95-04TOYOTATACOMA (NEXT GEN) $99AM404752TLR 96-00 HONDA CIVIC (3D CHROME) $99AM404752TLT 02-05 CIVIC HATCHBACK (3DTITAIN) $99AM404756TLR 02-05 CIVIC HATCH (3D CHROME) $99AM404772TLR 00-06 NISSAN SENTRA (3D RETRO) $99AM404808TLR 03-08 DODGE RAM PU (3D CHROME) $99AM404818TLR 01-06 BMW MINI (3D RETRO) $99APC Tail Lights• 3D • EURO •CARBON FIBER •NEXT GEN •SAVE$286UPTOAM402017BL 90-91 CIVIC BUMPER LENS (CLR) $15AM402025BL 95-99 CAVALIER BUMPER LENS (CLR) $39AM402502SM 92-95 CIVIC SIDE MARKER LENS (CLR) $5AM402555SM UNIVERSAL LED SIDE MARKERS (RED) $5AM403025CLE 95-99 CAVALIER CORNER LENSES (EURO) $29AM403049CLE 87-93 MUSTANG CORNER LENSES (EURO) $35AM403049CLI 87-93 MUSTANG CORNER LENSES (CLR) $35AM403051CL 88-93 GM PU CORNER LENSES (CLR) $5AM403051CLE 88-93 GM PU CORNER LENSES (EURO) $45AM403060CLE 90-91 ACCORD CORNER LENSES (EURO) $15AM403074SI 92-95 CIVIC CORNERS (CLEAR) $25AM403150CL 98-00VW BUG REAR CORNER LENS (CLR) $5BumperandCornerLensesBC31050-020 02-05Toyota CAMRY (F) Was $404.99 Now $159 SAVE $246BC31063-020 89-98 NISSAN 240SX (R) Was $293.99 Now $109 SAVE $185BC3116-020 84-89 Accord / 85-90 PRELUDE (F) Was $275.99 Now $109 SAVE $167BC31300-020 99-04 MITSUBISHI LANCER (F) Was $401.99 Now $169 SAVE $233BC3178-020 88-91 HONDA CIVIC/CRX/INTEGRA (F) Was $288.99 Now $99 SAVE $190BC3215-020 89-96 NISSAN 240SX (F) Was $354.99 Now $139 SAVE $216BC3292-020 90-97 HONDA Accord (F) Was $310.99 Now $109 SAVE $202BC3416-020 75-93VW Golf/Jetta/Rabbit/Sciroco (F) Was $333.99 Now $149 SAVE $185BC34221-020 00-04 AUDITT QUATRO (R) Was $384.99 Now $159 SAVE $226BC3464-020 85-97VW Jetta/Passat/Sciroco (F) Was $311.99 Now $109 SAVE $203BC4262028 FORD 8”OR 9”REAR END CONVERSION Was $1444.99 Now $959 SAVE $486BC5356-020 93-03 CHRYSLER Concorde/LHS (R) Was $268.99 Now $129 SAVE $140BC5365-020 94-99 Dodge Ram 4WD (F) Was $409.99 Now $149 SAVE $261BC5382-020 97-02 DODGE DAKOTA/98-02 Durango (F) Was $434.99 Now $159 SAVE $276BC54025-020 93-06 FORDTAURUS/MERCURY SABLE (R) Was $309.99 Now $109 SAVE $201BC54042-020 97-04 FORD F150 4WD (R) Was $356.99 Now $99 SAVE $258BC54092-020 99-04 FORD F150 4WD (F) Was $606.99 Now $209 SAVE $398BC54101-020 03-06 LINCOLN/MERCURY MARAUDER (R) Was $437.99 Now $159 SAVE $279BC55012-020 88-95 CORVETTE (R) Was $472.99 Now $209 SAVE $264BC5550-020 82-97 Chevy/GMC BLAZER S10 4WD (F) Was $303.99 Now $109 SAVE $195BC5575-020 82-95 Chevy/GMC BLAZER S10 2WD (F) Was $485.99 Now $179 SAVE $307BC5595-020 92-99 CHEV/GM PU (F) Was $495.99 Now $159 SAVE $337All In Stock DECELERATOR RotorSCLEARANCESOLD INPAIRS30% 50%SAVE toAll In StockPoweraid SpacersWhile theyLast!AI200-514-1 03-06 CHEVY PICKUP 4.8L, 5.3L, 6L Was $171.99 Now $125 SAVE $47AI200-520 96-00 GMC/CHEVY PICKUP/SUV, 5.7L Was $148.99 Now $115 SAVE $34AI200-586 02-09 ENVOY/TRAILBLAZER 4.2L Was $146.99 Now $95 SAVE $52AI200-606 07-13 CHEV/GM 2500/3500 - 6.0L Was $142.99 Now $95 SAVE $48AI300-560 94-02 DODGE RAM PU, 3.9L, 5.2L, 5.9L Was $127.99 Now $79 SAVE $49AI300-573 03-07 DODGE RAM 1500 4.7L Was $168.99 Now $125 SAVE $44AI300-577 04-08 DODGE DURANGO/RAM 5.7L Was $157.99 Now $150 SAVE $8AI400-529 94-95 FORD MUSTANG 5.0L Was $142.99 Now $99 SAVE $44AI400-590 97-04 FORD F150/EXPIDITION 4.6L Was $133.99 Now $109 SAVE $25AI530-572-P 92-00 HONDA CIVIC 1.6L SOHC Was $170.99 Now $105 SAVE $66
  13. 13. 13CLEARANCECLEARANCEAll In StockACT ClutchesAD1000204STREET DISC93-95 MAZDA RX-7 SS DISCWas $197.99 Now $129 SAVE $69AD1000302 LANCER/TALON/LASER SS DISC Was $80.99 Now $45 SAVE $36AD1000602 TOYOTA 4AG/T-SERIES SS DISC Was $78.99 Now $49 SAVE $30AD1000701 VW GOLF/JETTA SS DISC Was $194.99 Now $125 SAVE $70AD1000702 VW GOLF/JETTA SS DISC Was $95.99 Now $55 SAVE $41AD3000105 90-01 CIVIC/INTEGRA SS DISC Was $293.99 Now $145 SAVE $149AD3000109 93-02 CIVIC/CRX/DELSOL SS DISC Was $227.99 Now $115 SAVE $113AD3000203 PROBE/MAZDA 323 626 B2200 SS DISC Was $261.99 Now $129 SAVE $133AD3000407 93-01 240SX/280SX/MAXIMA SS DISC Was $232.99 Now $115 SAVE $118AD3000606 TOYOTA/LOTUS/SCION SS DISC Was $220.99 Now $109 SAVE $112ADF011PRESSURE PLATE01-03 FOCUS/FOCUS ZX3 HD PPWas $453.99 Now $249 SAVE $205ADF012 97-02 ESCORT/TRACER HD PP Was $356.99 Now $199 SAVE $158ADGM010 CAVALIER/SUNFIRE HD PP Was $362.99 Now $189 SAVE $174ADH023 88-05 CIVIC HD PP Was $378.99 Now $215 SAVE $164ADH023X 88-05 CIVIC XTREME PP Was $491.99 Now $275 SAVE $217ADH025X 90-01 INTEGRA XTREME PP Was $572.99 Now $339 SAVE $234ADH026X 90-02 ACCORD/PRELUDE XTREME PP Was $528.99 Now $279 SAVE $250ADMB012X LANCER/TALON/LASER XTREME PP Was $504.99 Now $279 SAVE $226ADMZ011 93-95 MAZDA RX-7 HD PP Was $630.99 Now $345 SAVE $286ADMZ015 PROBE/MAZDA 323 626 B2200 HD PP Was $367.99 Now $189 SAVE $179ADMZ018 PROBE/323 626 MIATA PROTEGE HD PP Was $400.99 Now $229 SAVE $172ADMZ021 90-00 MAZDA MX-3/PROTEGE HD PP Was $407.99 Now $229 SAVE $179ADN014 87-89 NISSAN 300ZX HD PP Was $454.99 Now $249 SAVE $206ADN015 90-01 NISSAN MAXIMA/PULSAR HD PP Was $407.99 Now $209 SAVE $199ADN018 89-98 NISSAN 240SX HD PP Was $336.99 Now $249 SAVE $88CLEARANCERO011300AA 99-04 Mustang Side Skirt (R) Was $280.99 Now $199 SAVE $82RO011700AA 99-04 Mustang Side Skirt (L) Was $280.99 Now $199 SAVE $82RO401271 05-09 Rear Fascia Was $404.99 Now $319 SAVE $86RO401339 05-09 Cat-Back Kit Was $803.99 Now $659 SAVE $145RO401420 05-06 ROUSHcharger Supercharger Kit Was $ Now $3999 SAVERO401439 Rear Fascia Inserts Was $180.99 Now $119 SAVE $62RO401551 05-13 Convertible Styling Bar, Camel Was $754.99 Now $599 SAVE $156ROSM995400L LH Seatbelt Guide Was $23.99 Now $10 SAVE $14ROSM995400R RH Seatbelt Guide Was $23.99 Now $10 SAVE $14All In Stock ROUSH PARTSGR52100 Mustang 05-10 BLK/BLK $349GR52150 Mustang 05-10 Roush BLK/BLK $349GR52201 Mustang 10-11 BLK/GRY $149GR52203 Mustang 10-11 BLK/RED $149Race InspiredStylingGrant’s Revolution steering wheels allow you toreplace your dirty and worn OEM wheel with acustom styled one! Re-uses the factory airbag andswitches.SAVE$276UPTOHE008283801 “FF50”CLEAR FOG KIT $99HE008283811 “FF50”CLEAR DRIVING KIT $99HE008283821 “FF50”CLEAR FOG KIT $99SAVE$84Was $182.99 • Now $99HellaFF50CLEARANCEMS4CL218010L VORTECV3 SI SUPERCHARGER KIT $4950Boost your 2006-07 5.7HEMI Charger, Magnum,or 300C to an impressive432 horsepower and huge471 lb/ft of torque!LASTOne!CLEARANCEVORTECHHEMISupercharger
  14. 14. 14PERFORMANCE TUNERSPERFORMANCE TUNERSThese DiabloSportinTune computerprogrammersfeature dual processors and over one gig ofmemory, making them the most powerful,fast, and reliable programmers on themarket. They offer hours of data logging,custom tuning, adjustable parameters,universal diagnostics, and DiabloSport’sworld-famous canned tunes designed formore power and fuel economy.DSI-1000 inTune C.T.S. Flash Programmer $399DSI-1000DCX inTune‘11+ up ChryslerVehicles $465• Colour touch screen• Stainless steel construction• Drag and drop file updates• Free online updates for life• Removable cables for simple storage• External sensor inputs (0-5 V analog)• Can be loaded with custom tunes• Fits in your pocket, smaller than phone• Preloaded with multiple tunes• Designed and manufactured in USA• Diagnostic tool for all OBD2 vehicles• Includes mileage booster and throttlebooster for select applicationsCadillac,Chevy, GMC,Pontiac,Ford,Chrysler,Dodge, JeepDiabloSport inTuneSAVE$40UPTOST4015 iTSX Programmer for iPhone$469Turn youriPhone into aTuner!All the tuning power and features that you have come toexpect with SCT, without the need for carrying around atuner! A wireless OBD-II plug communicates with youriOS device. Simply download the free App in the iTunesstore and you’re off and running!BD40415 GAS GT-GAUGETUNER $409BD40430 Hemi Plus Gauge &Tuner $515BD40440 JEEP GT Gauge &Tuner $515BD40420 DIESEL GT $615Four products in one! It functions as a power-adder, atuner, monitors four gauge functions at one time and aconscientious Driving Coach. The revolutionary DrivingCoach software monitors wasted vehicle energy and theninforms the driver how to change their driving habits toincrease fuel economy.GT - GaugeTunerGauge & Tuner!SAVE$64UPTOSX1840 FlashPaq Ford Gas & Diesel $359SX2840 FlashPaq GM Gas & Diesel $359SX3840 FlashPaq Dodge/Ram Gas & Diesel $359SX3870 FlashPaq Jeep Gas $359Give your vehicle more horsepower,improved fuel mileage and greater drivabilityin Minutes - Easy installation!Most Bang foryour BuckSAVE$40ST3015 Ford Programmer Gas & Diesel $379ST3416 GM Programmer Gas & Diesel $379The SF3 Power Flash arrives Pre-Loaded with DYNO Proventune files that INCREASE HORSEPOWER and TORQUE!Programming your vehicle with one of SCT’s pre-loadedperformance or fuel economy tune files is as easy as 1-2-3.Simply plug the OBDII connector into your vehicle’s OBDIIport, select the pre-loaded tune file using the simple tonavigate menu and within minutes the SF3 programs yourvehicle.Tire ShreddingHorsepower & Torque!SAVE$20SX8040 SCR Redline In-CabinTuner $459SCR was designed specifically with the sport compact andmuscle car enthusiast in mind. SCR comes fully loaded withthe highest horsepower tunes available on the market for the2013 Ford Focus ST as well as Superchips’ superb catalog ofperformance driven tunes for 2005-13 Mustangs. SCR providesthe horsepower and torque you crave combined with hundredsof combinations of data points to monitor, performance tests,and the ability to read and clear trouble codes.SuperchipsRedline (SCR)in-cabintunerSAVE$40SX379505 iHAWK LINQ $199It’s like having a portable dyno, digital gauge kit, troublecode scanner, data logger, and 1/4 mile drag strip withinyour iDevice. The Superchips iHawk consists of a smallBluetooth “LINQ” module and an App. The iHawk LINQplugs into the OBD-II diagnostic port under the dash.Installation takes seconds and requires no tools! iHawk iscompatible with virtually any car or truck made after 2007and most vehicles made after 2005.Watch yourvehicle like aHawkSAVE$10ST5015 LiveWireTS F-Series Super Duty $599ST5416 LiveWireTS GMC/Chevy 6.6L Duramax $599Don’t leave valuable Horsepower & Torque hidden insideyour vehicle! The Livewire TS unlocks your vehicle’shidden performance by re-calibrating your vehicle’scomputer for Maximum Horsepower & Torque, IncreasedThrottle Response, Firmer Shifts and even IncreasedFuel Mileage.Livewire TSTouch ScreenPerformance ProgrammerSAVE$50SAVE$30
  15. 15. 15Wheels & TiresWheels & TiresBillet AluminumWheel Spacers5 mm Spacers from $25 Each10 mm Spacers from $30 Each15 mm Spacers from $35 EachHubcentric andWheelcentric —made specificallyfor your car!No hub tower on Spacers less than 10mm.NewWheel Studs/Bolts may be required.Billet AluminumWheel AdaptersNo Lip Adapters from $55 EachAdapters with Lip from $70 EachPut anywheel onany carNote:These adapters are not hubcentric, they only changethe bolt pattern. NewWheel Studs/Bolts may be required.KE001579 245/45R17 Street Comp $179KE001600 275/40R17 Street Comp $209KE001601 235/55R17 Street Comp $215KE001602 235/40R18 Street Comp $215KE001603 225/40R18 Street Comp $209KE001605 245/40R18 Street Comp $215KE001606 275/35R18 Street Comp $265KE001607 235/50R18 Street Comp $225KE001608 245/45R18 Street Comp $225KE001609 255/45R18 Street Comp $255KE001615 255/35R20 Street Comp $249KE001616 275/35R20 Street Comp $255KE001617 245/45R20 Street Comp $249KE001618 275/40R20 Street Comp $269KE001620 275/40R18 Street Comp $269KE001621 245/40R19 Street Comp $269KE001622 255/40R19 Street Comp $285KE001623 285/35R19 Street Comp $309Street CompBuilt for ultra high performance applications, providesincredible traction, crisp handling, and high speed corneringability with the outstanding appearance you’d expect fromMickey Thompson. Compounded for both dry and wet traction.The UltimateUHP Tire ForAmericanMuscleStreet CompSC-5The new Mickey Thompson Street Comp SC-5 wheel hasdesigned to perfectly complement the all-new MickeyThompson Street Comp UHP tire. Match SC-5 wheels withStreet Comp UHP tires for a winning combinations.Designed forAmericanMuscle CarsSAVE$44UPTOKE001864 SC5 18 X 9 only $315KE001865 SC5 18 X 10.5 only $333KE001870 SC5 20 X 9 only $359KE001871 SC5 20 X 10.5 only $385KE6023 215/70R15 Sportsman S/T $149KE6025 225/70R15 Sportsman S/T $155KE6026 235/60R15 Sportsman S/T $159KE6027 245/60R15 Sportsman S/T $159KE6028 255/60R15 Sportsman S/T $175KE6030 275/60R15 Sportsman S/T $179KE6031 295/50R15 Sportsman S/T $215Sportsman S/TFor Muscle Car owners demanding Performance, Quality andStyling. Raised White Letters or Black Sidewall out, this AllSeason Performance tire will give your Muscle Car a wide lowprofile look along with the great handling and performancethat your car deserves.Popular Sizesfor Muscle CarsKE3752R 235/60R15 ET Street Radial $259KE3756R 255/60R15 ET Street Radial $259KE3754R 275/60R15 ET Street Radial $275KE3762R 295/65R15 ET Street Radial $275ET StreetRadialMickey Thompson’slegendary race tiretechnology comes tothe street with the ETStreet Radial. Built usingthe latest in high tech radialconstruction techniques and years of drag racing experienceand compound development, this D.O.T. approved street legaldrag radial will get your car down the track in record time anddrive you home with sure handling and an excellent ride.Worlds Fastest Street Radial!Buy any four new Mickey Thompson Baja STZ, BajaATZ, Baja MTZ, Baja Claw TTC Radial, Street Comp,Sportsman ST, Sportsman SR, Sportsman Pro Tires, orbuy any two new Mickey Thompson ET Drag, ET Street, ETStreet Radial, or ET Front Tires, or buy any four new SC-5,Pro 5 ET Drag, MT-28, MT-88, Sidebiter, Classic III, ClassicIII Black or Classic Big Rig wheels, in each case, in a singletransaction before June 30, 2013 and get a $50 PrepaidMasterCard® by mail as a rebate.$50REBATEAct fast to take advantage of M/TKE3730R 205/50R15 ET Street Radial II $215KE3785R 305/35R18 ET Street Radial II $399KE3788R 345/35R18 ET Street Radial II $435KE3727R 305/35R20 ET Street Radial II $495ET StreetRadial IIThe ET Street Radial line isspecifically designed formodern performance carsincluding sport compacts,Mustangs, Corvettes, Vipersand others that requirebigger wheel diameters forbrake clearance. Soft CompoundFor Superior Traction On The Drag StripOptimized ForModern Sports Cars& Sport Compacts
  16. 16. 16Air & FuelAir & FuelHO86670BK 670 cfmVacuum Secondaries $529HO86670HB 670 cfm Hard Core GreyV/S $585HO86770BK 770 cfmVacuum Secondaries $529HO86770HB 770 cfm Hard Core GreyV/S $585Ultra StreetAvengerCarburetorHO83570 570 cfm Aluminum-Electric Choke $419HO83670 670 cfm Aluminum-Electric Choke $439HO83770 770 cfm Aluminum-Electric Choke $449Street AvengerCarburetorRedesigned for easybolt on horsepower!HO1850SA 600 cfm shiny-Mechanical Choke $315HO3310SA 4160(ALUM)750cfm DUAL MAN/CHK $319HO80457SA 600 cfm shiny-Electric Choke $339TraditionalPerformanceCarburetorA low cost upgrade for yourstreet car!Chrome Dual Feed Line-Holley 4150GA1552 $30 Ea.Adj. Dual Feed Line w/GaugeSR29603 $59 Ea.Competition DualReturn Spring KitCP40321 $19 Kt.Vacuum SecondaryQuick Change KitHO20-59 $20 Kt.Black Throttle Cable- 24”CP40235 $25 Kt.6’ Choke CableSR2450 $15 Ea.Stainless ThrottleReturn Spring KitCP40322 $19 Kt.Throttle Cable Bracketw/KickdownSR24283 $15 Ea.HO76651BK 650 cfm Double Pumper Man. Choke $495HO76751BK 750 cfm Double Pumper Man. Choke $495HO76650BK 650 cfm Double Pumper Elec. Choke $529HO76750BK 750 cfm Double Pumper Elec. Choke $529Ultra DoublePumperCarburetor• All aluminum• Billet Base Plate• Billet metering block• All have Electric Choke• Vacuum Carbs IncludeQuick Change KitsNew Hard Core Grey& Black BilletSR47622 FilterTop Air Cleaner $115Xtraflow AirCleanerFilter top air cleaner assembly with a Red 14”x3”high flow cotton fiber filter lid. Factory oiled,cleanable element.Allows for maximumair flow.SR728 14”Air Box w/ dual black ducts$149Includes 14” Air Box, (2) Collarclamps, & (2) Black ducts w/mount plates.SR761 Dual Plenum 45ºTubes$179Cold Air intakesfor Muscle CarsPut a Cold Air Intake onyour Muscle Car!Includes Dual Plenum, (2) Collar clamps, & (2) angledAluminum tubes
  17. 17. CAR KITS Build Your Own Legend with Factory Five & Performance Improvements! P.I. is proud to announce apartnership to make us THE source for Factory Five in Eastern Canada.All prices in US Dollars. Kits can be purchased in Canadian dollars at the Bank of Nova Scotia’s exchangerate on the day of purchase, or payment can be made via US Dollar bank draft or Certified Cheque. Kitsmust be paid in full before the paperwork can be transmitted to Transport Canada for release. Release fromTransport Canada can NOT be expedited, allow 3-6 weeks minimum. Credit Card payments will be assesseda 2.5% surcharge. All prices subject to applicable sales taxes.Photos show optional extras not included in base kits.  All kits require engine, transmission, rear end, wheels and tires. * Completion kit required $4,999 + $200 freight (must be purchased & shipped separately from base kit) I.R.S. kits extra. + All kits require; crating $699, Freight $1,250 and $600 Handling (includes, duty, brokerage, paperwork securing release from Transport Canada.)’33 HOT ROD: This is not your grandfather’s ’33Ford! Massive wheels wells, a steeply raked nose,removable engine side covers, and a lower and widerstance than any original ’33 Ford tell the world thatthis car is meant to be driven fast.The Factory Five Racing ’33 Hot Rod kit comeswith a hand-laid vinylester composite body. Thehood, doors, trunk, and optional hard top havemolded liners and come complete with hinges andpre-drilled mounting holes. The side engine coversand front lower nose are single lined panels. Thedash is integral to the body and the kit is deliveredwith one of two available transmission tunnel covers.The rear cockpit bulk head and trim piece are alsopart of the kit.The body shell and panels contribute to aremarkably low vehicle weight of around 2120 lbs!You choose the engine, transmission, rear-end,brakes, wheels, tires and paint to make your dreamcar unique.50009 ’33 Hot Rod Kit – Canada $15,490*+MK4 ROADSTER: With a power-to-weight ratiothat can be as low as 3.5 pounds per horsepower,the Mk4 Roadster is a match for any sports carmade today. 0-to-60 acceleration times in thethree second range, and 10-second 1⁄4 milepasses are not uncommon. Factory Five customerSteve Berg has run his own FFR Roadster downthe drag strip at an amazing 9.13 seconds at 154MPH! With a well-built, modestly powered FactoryFive, you will simply own any stoplight.The marriage of modern CAD based engineeringand vintage design is a winning combination.Today’s fourth-generation Mk4 Roadster frame hasbenefited from more than 15 years of refinementand development. It is both lightweight (321 lbs)and strong. We use high quality precision cutplate steel with 1010 and 1020 DOM tubing. TheMk4 frame stands head and shoulders above theoriginal 1965 legend thanks to better tools, bettermaterials, and modern technology.50012 Mk4 Base kit – Canada $12,490*+TYPE 65 COUPE: There were just six originalCoupes ever made. Those cars captured the1965 FIA World Championship for America inthe last years before mega-money stole Americanroadracing from its roots and from the averageguy. Despite the fact that the design never enteredproduction, those six cars, hand-built upon 289AC chassis, became symbolic of the end of an era.The Coupe has an aluminum and steel chassiswith a composite body shell. Although theframe is similar in design to the roadster, it hasbeen modified to a longer 95” wheelbase andincorporates a central backbone and full roll cage.The Coupe backs up its dramatic good lookswith performance to match. A modestly builtFactory Five Coupe powered by a 345 HP FordRacing 302 crate engine will sprint to 60 mphin less than four seconds! It will also out-brake aFord GT and out-handle a brand new Porsche 911Carrera. Build a car that can win at Le Mans!50004 Coupe Kit – Canada $15,590*+It’s no secret that most Hot Rods and Customs handle poorly.Not so with Factory Five!Underneath the period-correct body shapes lie race-proven chassisand suspension technology that delivers comfortable sports carhandling.If you’ve always wanted to build your own car, start with the world’sbest selling, best performing, and best engineered component carsfrom the great guys at Factory Five.
  18. 18. 18Performance OilPerformance OilRP01320 ATF for AutomaticTransmissions $16.95RP01512 ATF for ManualTransmissions $19.95Heavy DutyTransmissionfluidWhether you havean automatictransmission ora manual thatrequires ATF orengine oil, RoyalPurple has aperformance fluidfor you!RPHPSQT Single Quart $10.95HPS - HighPerformanceSynthetic OilRoyal Purple increaseshorsepower and savesfuel while reducingheat and wear. Fullycompatible with othersynthetic oils.PerformanceSYNERLECHPSSee store for details.Always A CaseDiscount!Buy 11 Quarts and get the12th for FREERPQUART Single Quart From$9.95API-LICENSEDSyntheticMOTOR OILRoyal Purple increaseshorsepower and savesfuel while reducingheat and wear. Fullycompatible with othersynthetic oils.Excludes 5w40 & 0w40JG02006 10w30 Conventional Qt $9.95JG02106 15w50 Conventional Qt $9.95ConventionalStreet OilGreat forsmall blockengines and“crate” motors.STORAGE PROTECTION - Uses technology developed for the U.S. Military forstoring and shipping their combat equipment. Protects your engine against rustand corrosion even when it’s not running.HIGH ZINC CONTENT - Higher levels of Zinc (ZDP) than regular passengercar oils. Delivers proper anti-wear protection for older style push-rod and flat-tappet engines.CAMSHAFT WEAR PROTECTION - Superior camshaft wear protection chemistry.JG01506 10w30 Synthetic Qt $12.95JG01606 15w50 Synthetic Qt $12.95Synthetic StreetEngine OilGreat choicefor street/strip bracketracers.JG00106 15w50 Break-In Oil Qt $9.95JG01806 5w30 Break-In Oil Qt $9.95Break In OilBR protects flat-tappetcamshafts and lifters duringbreak-in and it providesexcellent ring seal. Provideshigh levels of Zinc, Phosphorusand Sulphur in a mineral baseoil.$16.99 Value - Limit 2free filters per customer.JG03006 5w20 Synthetic Qt $12.95FR20 is the first syntheticperformance motor oildesigned for high outputFord modular and Moparengines. FR20 features ahigh zinc content to protectaggressive cam profiles,and the advanced syntheticformula delivers hightemperature protection fromviscosity breakdown.Synthetic5W-20Designed for highperformance Fordmodular enginesJG02906 5w30 Synthetic Qt $12.95LS30 Ultra High Viscositysynthetic street performancemotor oil designed for GM LSbased engines. LS30 featuresa high zinc content to protectaggressive cam profiles,and the advanced syntheticformula delivers hightemperature protection.LS30Synthetic5W-30Great for high outputLS based enginesFREE K&N HP Series OilFilter with any CasepurchaseProtectyourEngine!Oil made for MustangsOil made for LS
  19. 19. 19Air & FuelAir & FuelMORE K&N Intakesthan anyone inEastern Canada!Performance Intake KitK&N is the only company that GUARANTEES horsepowerincreases! Add a million mile warranty and up to 160,000kmbetween service, and you have one really nice intake!FORD F150 6.0L DSL;03-07KN57-2546-1ADDS UP TO13 HP $350CHEV/GMC PU/SUV4.8/5.3/6.0L, 05-07KN57-3050ADDS UP TO12 HP $289CHEV SILVERADO, V8-4.8L, 5.3L; 1999-04KN57-3021-1ADDS UP TO9.2 HP $295DODGE RAM 1500 & 2500,5.7L HEMI, 03-07KN57-1533ADDS UP TO10 HP $310GM SILVERADO/SIERRA1500; V8 09-10KN63-3070ADDS UP TO17 HP $345CHEVY SILVERADO, V8-6.0L; 99-04KN57-3023-1ADDS UP TO14 HP $295DODGE DAKOTA 4.7L V8,00-04KN57-1516ADDS UP TO8 HP $310FORD F150 4.6L, 5.4L;97-04KN57-2541ADDS UP TO13 HP $299FORD F150 5.0L; 2011-13KN63-2581ADDS UP TO16 HP $299FORD F150, V8-5.4L,04-08KN57-2556ADDS UP TO15 HP $315CHEV GMC, V8-6.0L,2001-07KN57-3031-1ADDS UP TO9.2 HP $295CHEVY GMC 5.0L & 5.7L96-02KN57-3013-2ADDS UP TO9.4 HP $305DODGE RAM 2500 & 3500,5.9L DSL 03-07KN57-1532ADDS UP TO10 HP $299CHEVY, GMC, CAD, 4.8,5.3, 6.0 & 6.2; 07-08KN57-3058ADDS UP TO18 HP $299CHEV/PONTIAC, V6-3.8L,99-04KN57-3045ADDS UP TO14 HP $305FORD V6 4.0L, 08-11KN63-1108ADDS UP TO13 HP $3105.3L V8 06-09 CHEVYKN63-3059ADDS UP TO15 HP $315FORD F150 3.5L 11+KN63-2583ADDS UP TO11 HP $315DODGE RAM 1500 5.7L V8HEMI, 09-10KN63-1561ADDS UP TO16 HP $315FORD 5.4L TRUCK 07-12KN63-2575ADDS UP TO12 HP $299SAVE$50UPTOTyphoonAir IntakeSystemsBuilt for performanceand show, K&N Typhoonair intakes feature a free-flowing, mandrel-bentaluminum tube inductionsystem designed to fit manyperformance vehicles.Typhoon air intakes willdramatically reduce intakerestriction, resulting inadditional power andtorque.HONDA CIVIC 1.8L - ‘06-’12KN69-1013TSADDS UP TO5.7 HP $299HONDA CIVIC 1.6/1.7L -‘01-’06KN69-1008TSADDS UP TO5 HP $239VW GOLF/JETTA - ‘98-’05KN69-9501TPADDS UP TO10 HP $339CHEV COBALT 2.2L -’05-’10KN69-4515TSADDS UP TO6.6 HP $319MAZDA 6 3.05L -’03-’07KN69-6026TSADDS UP TO6.7 HP $359FORD FOCUS 2.0L -’07-’09KN69-3513TTKADDS UP TO9.4 HP $345CHEV CRUZE 1.4L -’09-’13KN69-4521TSADDS UP TO6.5 HP $289HONDA 3.5L V6 - ‘07-’12KN69-1210TSADDS UP TO10 HP $325MAZDA 3 2.0/2.3L -’03-09KN69-6010TSADDS UP TO5.7 HP $335HONDA CIVIC 2.0L - ‘06-’11KN69-1014TSADDS UP TO7.1 HP $335SAVE$40UPTOAll K&NIntakes on Sale
  20. 20. 20Engines & ComponentsEngines & ComponentsED1405 600 cfm Manual Choke $349ED1406 600 cfm Electric Choke $389PerformerSeriesCarburetorAll new Edelbrock Carburetors bolt onand run right out of the box!Black & EndurashineCarbs also available!FREE HATTo celebrate Edelbrock’s 75th Anniversarythey are giving one of their limited editionBall Caps to everyone who purchasesany combination of Edelbrock or Russellproduct worth $75 or more!Supplies are limited - See store for details.ED45070 E-Street Long Block $3995ED45270 Performer RPM 347 Ford $11000PerformanceCrate Engine350 ci GM short blocks with four-bolt mains with EdelbrockE-Street 185cc aluminum cylinder heads and Performer hydrauliccamshaft. Black Edelbrock valve covers and breathers accentuateE-Streets’ looks. The compression ratio checks in at a pump-gasfriendly 9.0:1 and delivers a modest 315+ HP and 380+ lbs/ft oftorque.Ready to run rightout-of-the-box!2-Year,UnlimitedMileagewarrantyED20254 Air-Gap Dual-Quad Kit Endurashine $1449Dual QuadIntakeManifold KitIncludes the new Edelbrock RPM Air-Gap Dual-Quad intakemanifold and two 500 cfm Thunder Series AVS carburetors(one manual choke, one electric choke). To make theinstallation simple, these kits also include a high-techprogressive throttle linkage, Russell fuel line and high-quality Edelbrock intake gaskets.Convert yoursmall blockChevy to aDual CarbED2098 Power Package Kit 410HP $1949PowerPackage TopEnd KitEdelbrock has taken the guesswork out of top-endcomponent selection by actually placing the power packagecomponents together in complete kits. These kits includealmost everything you need to make serious horsepower.ED7501 SBC - pre‘86 heads SAVE$27 From $269ED7561 BBC - Oval Port SAVE$36 From $299ED7516 SBC -Vortech Heads SAVE$38 From $310ED7576 Chrysler 340/360 SAVE$38 From $315ED7581 Ford 351W SAVE$39 From $319ED7521 Ford 289/302 SAVE$35 From $320ED7531 AMC 304/360/390/401 SAVE$43 From $345Performer RPM- Air GapEdelbrock’s Performer design makes power from 1500-6500RPM, and the Air Gap keeps the manifold cool!ED2701 SBC - Performer EPS SAVE$23 From $139ED2161 BB Chevy Oval Port SAVE$37 From $249ED2156 Pontiac 326-455 SAVE$43 From $275ED2131 AMC 304/360/390/401 SAVE$44 From $279ED2151 Oldsmobile 400-455 SAVE$51 From $339PerformerIntakeManifoldsDual-plane, low rise intake manifolds with a 180º firing orderand patented runner design you won’t find in other brandsFrom$139Easy StreetCylinder HeadsAll E-Street cylinder heads are sold in pairs andMade in the USA.ED5073 SB Chevy - 2.02”in/1.60”ex 70cc $1025 Pr.SB Ford - 1.90” in/1.60”ex 60ccED5023 $1039 Pr.SAVE$50SB Ford - 2.02” in/1.60”ex 60ccED5025 $1039 Pr.SAVE$50SB Ford - 2.08” in/1.60”ex 60ccED5028 $1249 Pr.SAVE$50Chry 440 - 2.140”in/1.81” ex 84ccED5093 $1499 Pr.SAVE$126SB Chevy - 2.08” in/1.60”ex 64ccED5085 $1129 Pr.SB Chevy - 2.02” in/1.60”ex 110ccED5089 $1025 Pr.
  21. 21. 21Air & FuelAir & FuelRadius PortAdaptorsoutflow NPT!These Radius Port Adaptors will out flow a NPTadaptor and the O-Ring provides a positive seal everytime. No messing with teflon tape!-6AN O-ring to -8ANRU670640 $10.50 Ea.-8AN O-ring to -10ANRU670660 $11.25 Ea.-8AN O-ring to -8ANRU670700 $9.75 Ea.-6AN O-ring to -6ANRU670840 $9.00 Ea.Power Steering HoseEndRU620401 $16.50 Ea.SAVE$5Power SteeringAdaptorsRU640380 $7.50 Ea.SAVE$2RU632600 #6 AN Power Flex Hose - 3’$18.75Power SteeringHose &AccessoriesThe right hose to standup to high pressure!-8 TO 1/4”NPSM(PR)TRANNY BLKRU640530 $14.95Pr.-6 TO 1/4 NPSM TRANSFITTINGSRU640520 $14.95Pr.Simplify yourtranny coolerinstallationwith Russell!Easily adaptAN linesto mostth350 / 400TransmissionsRU632050 3’of -6AN Hose $24.75RU632100 3’of -8AN Hose $26.25RU632150 3’of -10AN Hose $29.25ProFlexBraidedStainless HoseStainless Braided Hose - supports up to1,000psi!ProfessionalPlumbing doneright!Blue ANAdaptorsRed/BlueHose Ends RU650130 -6AN Red/Blue $33.75RU650133 -6AN Black $26.25RU650140 -6AN Polished $35.75Compact HighVolume FuelFilter• 2pc Aluminum Construction• 40 Micron S/S Element• -6AN male inlet/outlet• Also available in other sizes!StraightRU610020B -6AN $4.50RU610030B -8AN $6.00RU610040B -10AN $4.5045ºRU610160B -6AN $9.75RU610170B -8AN $12.75RU610180B -10AN$16.5090ºRU610090B -6AN $6.75RU610100B -8AN $12.00RU632055 3’of -6AN Hose $23.25RU632105 3’of -8AN Hose $26.25RU632155 3’of -10AN Hose $29.25ProClassic IIBraided HoseBlack Nylon Outer with S/S inner,improves bend radius with lesspossibility of collapse.All Black hose,supports up to350psi!RU632053 3’of -6AN Hose $23.75RU632103 3’of -8AN Hose $26.25RU632153 3’of -10AN Hose $29.25Capable of handling nearly everyplumbing task on your car. Safe to usewith fuel, oil, or antifreeze. Supports upto 350psi!ProClassicBraided HoseEasy to Cut - Lighterthan S/S hose!SAVE25%on most in stock Russell Fittings & Hose!(Excludes Brake Lines, Kits and Pre-Assembled Hoses.)Straight -AN to NPT PipeRU660440B $2.25 Ea.90º AN to NPT PipeRU660820B $5.25 Ea.AN Flare UnionRU660350B $2.25 Ea.
  22. 22. 22SSBC Performance BrakesSSBC Performance BrakesSSA0764 2lb - Red PressureValve $19.95SSA07642 2lb - Polished PressureValve $34.95SSA0765 10lb - Blue PressureValve $19.95SSA07652 10lb - Polished PressureValve $34.95Maintain minimum brakepressureInline valves retains pressure, eliminating excessive braketravel. Use 2lb valve for disc brakes, 10lb valve for drumbrakes. Required in systems where the master cylinder ismounted lower than the calipers.SAVE$10SSA0707-1 Black ProportioningValve $49SSA0707-1P Polished ProportioningValve $69SSA0707E Black Prop.Valve w/ Gauge $65AdjustableProportioningValveA must for disc brake conversions, these valves allow you tocustomize the front to rear brake bias of any vehicle. Maximum60% reduction to the rear. 1/8”NPT to 3/16” tube brass adaptorincluded.SAVE$30SSA0730 Black Distribution Block $109DistributionBlockSimplify your brake plumbing with this all in one block.Adjustable proportioning valve allows you to customizethe front to rear brake bias of any vehicle. Maximum 60%reduction to the rear. Kit includes brake light switch and1/8”NPT to 3/16” tube brass adaptors.Adjustablevalve, brakelight switch andblock, all in oneSSA148 Mustang ll Front - GM Bolt circle $448SSA148-1 Mustang ll Front - Ford Bolt circle $448Mustang IIDisk brakeconversion kitSimple to install comes withall the parts necessary tocomplete the conversion.SAVE$80Was $527.99 • Now $448SS28146 ElectricVacuum Pump Kit $299ElectricVacuum PumpKitPump builds 24” of vacuum, great for cars with lumpycamshafts and power brakes. Kit includes 12v pump,switching relay, vacuum line and mounting hardware.An electricboost for yourpower brakes!SSA181 Chev/GM Late Model - 2 Piston $525SSA181R Chev/GM Late Model - 2 Piston RED $525SSA185 Chev/GM Muscle Car - 2 Piston $525SSA187-4 Chev/GMTruck - 4 Piston $1099QuickChange KitSSBC high-performance Quick Change calipers mount in placeof your stock calipers fit over your stock rotors and will fit intomost stock wheels! All Quick change caliper kits include 2hi-performance calipers, brake pads, and hardware needed toinstall the calipers. Easy installation.SAVE$96UPTOSSA110-2 Ford 9”Large Bearing Kit $689SSA111-2 Ford 8”or 9”Small Bearing Kit $689SSA125 GM 10 or 12 bolt Staggered C-Clip $689Convert your rear Drumsto Disc Brakes!SSBC Stop faster and straighterthan ever with rear end disc brakeconversion kits from Stainless SteelBrakes. Each kit includes all parts andhardware necessary.SAVE$130UPTOSSA1726 Adjustable Pushrod Kit $59AdjustablePushrod KitSimplify custom brake installations with this pushrod kit.Includes adaptors for 10 different configurations to workwith power and non-power brakes. Will work with clevis,eyelet and bell crank style pushrodsAdjustablePushrod Kit forBrake or ClutchPedalsNow$59SAVE $20All SSBC Kits &Parts on Sale!Come to our FREE Seminar June 10SAVE$50
  23. 23. 23Ignition & ElectricalIgnition & ElectricalMD6425 Digital 6AL$249MSD digital6AL ignitioncontrollerSame footprint as original 6A, MSD lowered the profile androuted the wiring out one side for easy installation with aclean, neat look under your hood. Updated circuits makemore power with less current draw!With Soft Touch Rev Control!MD6201 Digital 6A$199MSD digital6A ignitioncontrollerSame footprint as original 6AL, MSD lowered the profile androuted the wiring out one side for easy installation with aclean, neat look under your hood. Updated circuits makemore power with less current draw!Great ignition systemsget even better!MD6421 6AL2 w/2 Step Rev Limiter$2996AL2 w/ revlimiter & 2 stepAll new digital 6AL2 housing includes a built in 2-step revcontroller! Puts out more spark energy than the original6AL box in a lightweight compact design.The Next Generation of6-series ignition controls!MD8202 Blaster 2 Canister Coil$59HighPerformanceCoilsAll MSD coils have improvedwindings to produce astronger output. Improvedspark burns your fuel mixturemore efficiently, giving youimproved mid-range powerand a smooth idle.from$59GM External CoilMD8226 $69 Ea.Blaster SS CoilMD8207 $69 Ea.Ford TFI CoilMD8227 $69 Ea.Blaster 3 Power TowerCoilMD8223 $69 Ea.MD8361 SBC & BBCVacuum Advance$279Pro-BilletDistributor• Billet Aluminum Housings• Maintenance-FreeMagnetic Pickup• Oversized Shaft & Ball-Bearing Guides• Adjustable MechanicalAdvanceNow$279Ford 289/302MD8352 $419 Ea.SBC & BBC MechanicalAdvanceMD85551 $299 Ea.Chrysler Small BlockMD8534 $269 Ea.Ford “FE”MD8595 $459 Ea.Ford 351C - 460MD8350 $379 Ea.5.0L MustangMD8456 $349 Ea.92-’96 LT1 OptisparkMD8381 $529 Ea.Chrysler 383-400MD8386 $419 Ea.BONUSPurchase any MSD Distributor (excluding StreetFire) andreceive a FREE MSD 8202 High Performance Coil!MSD Coil Rebate: 06/03/ - 07/01/2013. See store for more MSD deals!FREE 8202 CoilwithDistributor!
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