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Time Machine: Resurrecting the Davy Volvo Special. Blowing Smoke: Time to Scrap the Drive Clean Test? Bringing the Stock Car back to NASCAR. How do you choose the right Intake Manifold? Lost Drag Strips: Ghosts of the Quarter Mile. Join the SVAO! Camaro & Firebird performance projects. SO-CAL Speed Shop Eastern Canada flyer inside!

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2013 vol13 no2!

  1. 1. Spring 2013 • Vol. 13 #2Canadian Publications Mail Product Sales Agreement #40609642
  2. 2. .SPRINGTony Easton shot the Cover photoof the Volvo Special, and thecurrent photos for the articlestarting on page 21, thanks Tony! 21_NASCAR returns to it’s roots (sorta) 6_Time to Scrap the Drive Clean Progam? 8_Intake Manifold 101 10_ • Performance in Motion • 3
  3. 3. Your Source for Edelbrock, since 1964The most Edelbrock Superchargers in-stock in Canada!Call Toll Free: 1-877-471-6700 www.performanceimprovements.com P.I. NEWMARKET P.I. BRAMPTON P.I. BARRIE P.I. GUELPH Queen St. E 422 Dunlop St. W 567 Silvercreek Parkway Coming 12 Rutherford Rd. S 705-735-1274 519-821-6740 Rutherford Rd. Silvercreek Pkwy. HWY. 400 905-453-9901 HWY. 410 Soon! Woodlawn Rd. W Dunlop St. W Clark Blvd. P.I. TORONTO P.I. HAMILTON P.I. OSHAWA P.I. PIERREFONDS 87 Advance Road Boul Pierrefonds Islington Ave. 416-259-9656 Lincoln Alexander Pkwy Boul St Charles Upper Ottawa Boul St Jean 4909 Boul St Charles Kipling Ave. Simcoe St. N New Location 1487 Simcoe St. N 514-626-1866 Upper Gage Ave Stone Church Rd. E 905-725-3533 Advance Road Norseman St. 1515 Upper Ottawa 905-574-6940 Taunton Rd. HWY40 @PIspeedshops facebook.com/pispeedshops
  4. 4. Publisher’s Note 2012 seemed like the year of the Ministry of the Environment. Throughout the year, The SVAO mandate is: • to establish the demographics of thePerformance in Motion Publications we heard tales of roadside inspections specialty vehicle community,
87 Advance Road regarding the emission legality of specialty • to guide the provincial and municipalToronto, ON M8Z 2S6 vehicles. Some of those tales were real governments in matters that impactPhone: 416-259-3678 • Fax: 416-259-6433 and some imagined. However, the result or are of interest to the specialty vehicle was much turmoil within the enthusiast community,
PUBLISHERBob McJannett community. So much in fact, that • to monitor all government initiativesbmcj@sympatico.ca Durham MPP John O’Toole created a that may impact upon the specialtyPhone: 416-259-3678 petition asking the Ontario Legislature vehicle community,
 to amend current laws and exempt cars • to provide the specialty vehicleEDITOR over 20 years old. Signatures are still being community with a forum for sharingRob McJannett collected, and if you haven’t signed one, it information. is important that you do. There are copiesCONTRIBUTORS at all Performance Improvement locations During 2012, they were able to holdThomas Anderson in Ontario, as well as many other sit-down meetings between their membersBob A. BooeyJim Madigan enthusiast businesses; they will also be and members of the Compliance BranchRobert Michaelson available at cruise nights when the season of the MOE. During these meetings,Jeff Norwell begins again. a number of points were clarified onJover Papag Unfortunately, McGinty’s proroguing the subject of emission compliance forDave Thomas of Parliament brought things to a specialty and hot rod vehicles.Leonard F. Slye standstill. However, now that they are In addition, SVAO has been providingChuck Vranas back in session, things will start to move guidance about VIN number corrections, again. If you support MPP O’Toole, be Historic Plate misuse, Ethanol levels inwith Bonnie Staringas the Reluctant Passenger sure to sign the petition, and if you are in gas, the current Drive Clean fiasco and his district, remember that he is on the car other concerns of the specialty vehicleCOVER IMAGE enthusiast side when it is time to vote. community. There are a number ofTony Easton 2013 brings new problems. Effective dedicated volunteers capably led by Chris January 1st, Drive Clean testing has taken Willans working behind the scenes withPROOFREADER on a new face. No longer are tailpipe no recognition.Spike “The Machine” LaVigne emissions sniffed on vehicles newer than Are you a member of SVAO? Any 1997. Instead, they are being tested by group is only effective if it has strongMOVING? Please let us know!  plugging into the OBD port on your membership. With the number ofE-mail both your old & new address to:moving@performanceimprovements.com vehicle. enthusiasts in our province and the low Unfortunately, this program has many cost of membership, their member listReturn undeliverables to: bugs. See “Blowing Smoke” in this issue should be out the window. Well, it isn’t.87 Advance Road for full details. Complaints have been If you care about the car hobby I urgeToronto, ON M8Z 2S6 numerous, and Conestoga-Kitchener you to join SVAO right now. The costPUBLICATIONS MAIL AGREEMENT NO. 40609642 MPP Michael Harris, recognizing the is minimal and the result remarkable.PERFORMANCE IN MOTION is publisheda year: Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer, five times Fall, and futility in this program, has a petition Membership for an individual is $10, for aWinter. Circulation is 30,000+ (ISSN 1703-8421) to phase-out Drive Clean completely. club it’s $25 and a business $50.Copyright ©2013 All rights reserved by Performance In Motion Once again, it is important, if you agree, Go to www.iwebhosting.ca/svao/Publishing. Be good to the environment, recycle this magazine –give it to your friends. The fine print: We respect your privacy, and for you to sign his petition at www. click on Join, print the form and send indo not sell our mailing list. All opinions are those of our writers, scrapdriveclean.ca. your $10. IT IS IMPORTANT.(the usual gang of idiots) most of whom have sniffed too many gasfumes to trust as far as you can throw. The information presented When the legislature realizes that the Now it’s about time to get out thoseis via said gas sniffers from which there can be no responsibilityby the Publishers as to legality, completeness and accuracy. If you voters are angry, they may pay attention. great cars and enjoy the ride. Hopefully, Ienjoy our magazine, be sure to let us know! This magazine may And again when the next election comes will see you down the road.not be reprinted without permission of Performance In MotionPublishing. (We’re nice guys, just ask) • Have you checked out our facebook be sure you support those who havepage yet? Jover is cranking out the cool links & pics: www.facebook.com/PIspeedshops! • supported us within the hobby. Which brings me to the Specialty Vehicle Association of Ontario (SVAO). SVAO is the only province-wide association with the car enthusiasts problems and concerns as its first priority. • Performance in Motion • 5
  5. 5. _TECH_Bringing the Stock Car back to NASCARStory By: Bob McJannett • Photos courtesy of NASCARIn 2001, Dale Earnhart was killed when he slammed into the wallduring the Daytona 500. This after the year racing around with exotic paint schemes and sponsor lettering. A far cry from Bill France’s original concept of racing “stock” Well, 2013 will see a return to Sprint Cup brand individuality. The Gen-6 cars will look more like the model they repre-previous when Kyle Petty’s son Adam and cars that you would buy from a dealer and sent on the dealer’s floor. Chevrolet justformer sprint car racer Kenny Irwin were modify for the track. The fans didn’t like announced their SS-based race car, whilekilled crashing into the concrete wall at the these clones. How could you “race on Sun- Ford will have a Fusion-based model andNew Hampshire track. day and buy on Monday” if you could not Toyota a Camry. If Chrysler hadn’t pulled This caused Nascar’s “powers that be” to identify the brand you were watching. out of NASCAR this year, they would havemandate research to create safer cars. By Now the CoT has improved the safety of fielded a Charger.2007, they started bringing forward the the driver. They strengthened the frames Here are some shots of what the year willCar of Tomorrow (CoT). They ran about with the addition of a double frame rail, the bring. It should be a great year and yeah! wehalf of the races that season and made the cab is more spacious allowing more space will be able to recognize the Marques.new car mandatory in 2008. Over the years around the driver, they also moved the Special thanks to Ford for providing thesince, there have been ongoing modifica- driver farther inboard away from the inside detailed photos explaining the changestions to the car structure and appearance. framework. This allowed impact-absorbing they made to a stock Fusion. 2013 shouldUntil by last year, 2012, all cars looked the material to be inserted in the doors. There be interesting.•same; the only way you could tell which are many other invisible changes that weremanufacturer you were watching was by made to protect the drivers. The biggestthe lettering on the front. complaint from the fans remained the simi- It was as if there were 43 jelly beans larity between the cars. 6 • Performance in Motion •
  6. 6. _REVIEWFive things every race fan should know about theNASCAR Sprint Cup Series Generation-6 car:• Brand Identity: Nearly two years in the making,today’s Sprint Cup cars more closely resemblethose found on the showroom floor, with eye-catching bodylines and stylish features giving eachmodel its distinctive appearance.• Safety Enhancements: Additions of forward roofbar and center roof support bar to the roll cagereinforce integrity and increase the crush structureof the roof. Larger roof flaps improve liftoff numbersand decrease the likelihood of the car becomingairborne.• Slim and Trim: Total weight of the car has been Reminisce About Drag Stripsreduced by 160 pounds (100 less on right side; 60 Lost (and Found!)pounds on left). Minimum weight of driver has alsodecreased from 200 to 180 pounds. In the early 50s and 60s, drag racing was exploding.• Stamp of Approval: With exception of carbon fibre Drag strips were opening at an unbelievable level. Racesrear deck lid, all body panels are now produced were held on virtually any straight paved surface allby the manufacturer and individually stamped for over the country. Lost Drag Strips looks back at manyverification. of those strips that have now become part of suburbia. Gone, but not forgotten.• Your Name Here: Driver names will be featured In 160 pages, author Tommy Lee Bird documentson the upper portion of the windshield; sponsor many of those lost racing surfaces and, in some instances,decals and car numbers have been removed from tells the stories behind their demise. Laced with bothheadlight and taillight areas and now appear on black-and-white and coloured photos from their heyfront and rear bumpers; also, a single sponsor logo days, this is a hard book to put down.will be permitted on the roof of the cars. The great, true stories behind some of the best-known and unknown old tracks in the country. Tracks include: Lions Associated Drag Strip, Orange County International Raceway, Riverside International Raceway, Bee Line Dragway, Motion Raceway, Motor City Dragway, Oswego Dragway, U.S. 30 Drag Strip, Dover Drag Strip, Pittsburgh International Dragway, Connecticut Dragway, Pocono Drag Lodge, and many, many more. LOST DRAG STRIPS • Tommy Lee Bird CT514 • 160 pages • 299 images. • Performance in Motion • 7
  7. 7. _PetitionBlowingSmokeStory by Bob McJannettA One in every two cars fails new emissions s of January 1, 2013, the Ministry of the Environment has changed the method that Drive clean test- test, mechanics saying is done. No longer do you have to haveyour vehicle run up on a dyno and tailpipe However, the new tests have been the correct operation of the evaporativeemissions sniffed under simulated driving plagued with problems. While the Govern- system causing the on-board computer toconditions. Unless, of course, you own a ment claims a 93% success rate, mechan- fail the self test, kicking out a “Not Ready”vehicle model years ‘88 to ‘97, where the ics who send their customers’ cars for the report.old style test is still required. test are seeing something different. The Drive Clean realizes they have a problem The new test , designed to decrease the CBC reported that they were seeing a 50% and announced on February 7 that a condi-amount of time it takes to complete, takes failure rate. tional pass can be issued providing that:its information from the on-board diagnos- In one instance, a mechanic from thetic system. Here is the explanation taken Ottawa area claimed seven out of ten cars • At least 24 hours have passed be-from the government web site. he has had tested failed. Source CBC News tween the tests. Ottawa. • The vehicle has been driven at leastThe modernized Drive Clean program Our local mechanic friend has had every 30 km between the tests.will provide significant benefits by: car tested fail this week! Machine says “Not • The battery was not disconnected or• Providing a faster, more accurate Ready.” This can be because the car had the OBD codes cleared within the emissions test; been boosted lately, had a dead battery, had last 30 km.• Identifying vehicles with emissions had the codes scanned or ? Solution; after • The number of “Not Ready” reports systems failures before they become you pay your $35, let the car sit for eight has not increased. gross polluters hours and then drive it on the highway for• Identifying emissions systems prob- two hours and in city traffic for two. This is Meanwhile, there is no discussion of the lems for more effective repairs; supposed to reset everything, we hope. amount of money being spent for these bo-• Reducing more smog-causing pol- Since the first of the year, many newspa- gus tests. The consumer can spend between lutants from vehicle emissions; and pers have been reporting on the flaws in the $52.50 and $87.50, yet there is no proof any• Minimizing fraud. new system. One of the suggested problems of this is going to help the environment in is winter weather, low temperatures prevent any measurable way. 8 • Performance in Motion •
  8. 8. Ontario’s Auditor General in his 2012 report questionedthe continuing need for the program. Here is a small part ofhis report: The Ministry of the Environment’s Drive Clean vehicle emissions-testing program does ensure vehicles get properly tested, but the reduction in vehicle emissions in Ontario is due largely to factors other than the program, Auditor General Jim McCarter says in his 2012 Annual Report.Drive Clean Impact On www.scrapdriveclean.caEmissions Decreasing,Auditor General Says PC MPPs SMITH AND HARRIS VOW TO SCRAP DRIVE CLEAN On-road vehicle emissions have declined so significantly from 1998 to 2010 that they are no “The Liberals have refused to seriously longer among the major domestic contributors of smog address the costly technical flaws with their in Ontario. However, ministry emissions estimates new computerized emissions test and have show that more than 75% of the reduction in vehicle instead opted to force Ontarians to foot the emissions since the program’s inception is actually due bill,” Prince Edward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith to factors other than the Drive Clean program, such as said, joined by his colleague PC Environment tighter manufacturing standards on emission-control Critic Michael Harris. technologies, federal requirements for cleaner fuels and “What’s truly unfortunate is that the Liberals ongoing retirement of old vehicles. gave no thought to the unwarranted financial hardship and stress these ‘false fails’ would As the papers have been reporting, it certainly appears that have on drivers and car dealers, who areDrive Clean has outlived its usefulness. The question is will required to get an emissions test every timethe government be willing to give up this cash cow? they sell a vehicle no matter how old it is,” Kitchener- Conestoga MPP Michael Harris, and Prince Smith stated. “I encourage Ontarians to voiceEdward-Hastings MPP Todd Smith are promoting a web site their opposition to this government programencouraging everyone to sign their petition to scrap Drive by signing our online petition today atClean that they will present to the legislature. Check out ScrapDriveClean.ca.”www.scrapdriveclean.ca for all the information. Up until the Liberals introduced their new We recommend you print out the form and get all your and technically flawed Drive Clean test thisfriends to sign, they say hard copy gets more respect than year, 95% of vehicles met the program’sinternet petitions. Be sure to fi ll out all the spaces when sign- requirements.ing since they will not accept signatures without a name and “Such a high pass rate indicates thataddress. improvements in technology and fuel There is an election coming, sooner than later. Be sure you efficiency standards have rendered thetell all the candidates about the problems car enthusiasts have Drive Clean program redundant. That’sbeen facing for the last couple of years, then vote for the ones why the Auditor General questioned thewho you feel have listened! • overall effectiveness of emissions testing in his report last year,” Harris said. “Instead of acknowledging advances in technology, the Liberal government forged ahead with their new emissions test in a cynical attempt“It’s always something!” to raise the failure rate and justify what has obviously become a useless program.”- Gilda Radner Now – less than two months after the introduction of this test – the failure rate has more than doubled. • Performance in Motion • 9
  9. 9. _TECH Single Plane or Dual Plane? The inside story behind Intake Manifold design 101Story & Photos by Len Sly & Smitty SmithIt all started in the late 30s. Vic Edelbrock Sr. was running a So Calrepair garage and working on a 1932 Ford Which one is right for my engine? Should I buy a single plane or a dual plane? To find out, we went to Smitty Smith, cylinder through the whole RPM range”. The dual plane design sends induction pulses to one half of the carb (assuming aRoadster project to race on the dry lakes. Edelbrock’s Technical Sales Coordinator. divided plenum) enhancing low air velocityHe had installed a dual carb intake to “Every manifold serves a different pur- creating more efficient low RPM boosterincrease the power, but felt it didn’t fill the pose,” explained Smitty. function, this typically results in betterbill. He thought he had a better idea, and For years we have heard single plane is low-end performance, smoother drivabilitycreated the first Edelbrock manifold the for racing, while the dual plane versions are and more importantly for a street engine,“Slingshot”, a 180-degree design running for street. As with most things, it’s not that better fuel mileage.two Stromberg 97’s. simple. Other racers took note of how fast Vic’s Single plane intake manifolds intro-car was running and wanted to try one of Dual or Single? duce the fuel/air mix into a large openthese new intakes. By the time the War plenum which feeds all eight cylinders.came Vic, had built about 100 “Slingshots.” Basically a dual plane intake has a This design receives overlapping inductionWith his success, a manufacturing business divided plenum under the carburetor with pulses every 90 degrees. At lower RPMs,was born. Now almost 75 years later, the a higher floor on one side and lower floor your engine will feel a bit sluggish and toEdelbrock name is found on hundreds on the other. The dual plane design offers perform at peak efficiency the single planeof high-quality performance parts, still a wide power range starting at a lower design needs high port velocity. In order“Made with pride in the USA.” RPM. Generally these are best for street to quickly reach higher RPM ranges where Looking through a current Edelbrock use since you will not be running at wide this design shines, consideration should becatalogue at intake manifolds, you will find open throttle often (at least you shouldn’t given to higher numerical rear end ratiosliterally dozens of applications for almost be on the street). The two separate plenums and depending on transmission type, aany type of performance engine, with mul- feed individual intake runners that are very high stall torque converter or a more ag-tiple models for the really popular ones. Ex- similar in size. These connect with every gressive clutch release. So the single planeample: there are 28 versions of single four other cylinder in the firing order. Dual design is usually best for race applications.intakes for both race and street listed for plane intakes receive an induction pulsethe popular small-block Chev engine. That every 180 degrees of crank rotation. Smitty Seems simple so far, but wait, there’sis, before you add in the differing finishes, noted “these dual plane designs offer bet- more.polished, powder coated, EnduraShine. ter balancing of the air from cylinder to 10 • Performance in Motion •
  10. 10. Dual-plane manifold with separate plenums that feed four cylinders each. Dual-plane manifolds improve A defining characteristic of a dual-plane is the divided plenum layout, torque for excellent throttle separating the manifold into two units, with a high and low plenum response, especially off-idle through bisecting the intake. The corresponding runners branch out to alternating the mid-range. They are ideal for cylinders in the firing order, essentially isolating induction pulses by half the passenger cars, Street Rods, trucks, natural frequency, from 90 to 180 degrees. 4x4s, tow vehicles and RVs. If for example, you have decided to run These designs feature a separation of the that Edelbrock’s R&D division has vettedmore cubic inches by converting your small runners from the intake base. By separating for maximum horsepower. You can be sureblock to a 383 stroker motor, you may con- the runners from hot engine oil splashing on that all the pieces will really fit together andsider a single plane for the street. According the intake base and providing cool air flow provide the power you are looking for.to Smitty, “the larger engine allows a wider under the runners and plenum, the intake Throughout all of their 74 years, Edel-operational range, the additional cubic charge is denser and cooler, providing more brock has been the leader in testing theirinches provide more cylinder volume help- power. products. As well as time on the dyno anding to dilute the air to fuel ratio providing a Smitty is quick to point out there is far the flow bench, Edelbrock’s parts are testedmore forgiving lower RPM combination.” more to gaining the greatest useable power on the street under all types of circum- Depending on the desired operational than simply changing the intake. The whole stances. For years, Vic Edelbrock Jr has said,RPM range, some racers are using a dualplane configuration. In fact, some race seriesspecify a dual plane intake as the spec piece. For street use, a single-plane manifold worksSome of the dual plane designs come withlarger cross- sectional runners that allow great on stroker motors. — Smitty Smiththe intake to run strongly into the 5,500to 6,500 range. As a way to accommodate combination has to be taken into consider- “We promise you the quality performancethose racers desiring the dual plane design, ation. Camshaft, carburetor, ignition and you deserve or I won’t put my name on it.Smitty explained that on certain models exhaust all feature in achieving maximum PERIOD”they will cut down the centre divider. The power. We have only touched the surface onamount varies per model, but it is based on As the leader in intake design, Edelbrock this subject. To ensure you make the rightextensive dynamometer and flow testing to is a strong proponent of the complete choice, visit your nearest knowledgeable per-ensure maximum power in the range noted power package. For most applications, they formance retailer and discuss exactly whatin the Edelbrock catalogue. can provide proven performance with no you want to accomplish. • Edelbrock also offers “Air Gap” intakes in guesswork. The power package is made upboth single and dual plane configurations. from dyno and flow tested components Single-plane manifold feeds all eight cylinders from a common plenum. Single-plane manifolds are used in With an open plenum and short direct runners conveying mixture from the drag racing, on oval tracks, and on carb to the intake ports, the single-plane intake configuration is the master of NASCAR engines--anywhere that maximum airflow. High rpm, high flow and high-demand situations are where maximum horsepower and torque the engine can really use one. are needed to win races. • Performance in Motion • 11
  11. 11. PERFORMER AIR-GAP & RPM AIR-GAP MANIFOLDS The air-gap design features an open air space that separates the runners from the hot engine oil resulting in a cooler, denser charge for more power. RPM Air- Gap manifolds are modeled after Performer RPM intakes for high performance street power from 1500- to-6500 rpm, and the Performer Air-Gap manifolds are ideal for street performance from idle-to-5500 rpm. EDELBROCK MANIFOLD GUIDE SERIES STYLE RPM RANGE PERFORMER SERIES DP LOW RISE IDLE TO 5,500Sources:Smitty Smith PERFORMER RPM DP HIGH RISE 1,500 TO 6,500Technical Sales CoordinatorEdelbrock, LLC PERFORMER AIR GAP DP HIGH RISE IDLE TO 5,5002700 California StreetTorrance, CA 90503 TORKER II SP LOW RISE 2,500 TO 6,500PH: 1-800-221-1666 X 2817 VICTOR SERIES SP HIGH RISE 3,500 TO 8,500 DP – DUAL PLANE  SP – SINGLE PLANE012 McJannett ad half 4c:09 McJannett ad 1/2 June 3/9/12 5:54 PM Page 1 PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS ® We Make Your Performance Wiring Harness Installation “Painless” Ease of installation was one of the key goals for our wiring products from the very beginning. Of course we specified the very highest quality Thermal Crosslinked Polyethylene wire stock too. Then we print each application the entire length of each color-coded wire. And most important, we do half the job for you by pre-terminating each wire into the main fuse block for optimum reliability. Painless is not just a name. See More In Our Catalog: Fuel Injection Harnesses LS Engine Harnesses Then we go further; We build-in a 70amp Maxi-Fuse to protect the entire circuit 4x4 and Race Harnesses PowerStar Alternators system, we use only the finest quality connectors, relays and switches, and we Switch Control Panels PowerStar Starters include a comprehensive instruction manual to guide you through to completion. CirKit Boss Fuse Blocks Battery Cables Finally, we offer the only Lifetime Guarantee in the performance wiring business. Relay Kits Power Braid Wire Wrap Connectors & Pigtails Bulk TXL Wire We offer a wide variety of vehicle-specific applications for many popular Complete Catalog Online At: American muscle cars and classic trucks. Plus we have universal harnesses in 8, 12 and 18 circuits for custom and race car applications. painlessperformance .com Together We Can Do It Keep Your Classic All North American! PERFORMANCE PRODUCTS ® Tech Line 800.42 3. 9696 , 2 5 01 Ludelle Street, For t Wo r t h , Texas 7610512 • Performance in Motion •
  13. 13. SO-CAL Lightweight Mechanic Jacket:This lightweight mechanic jacket hasvintage-style chain stitching on the backand our old “gear driven” logo stitchedon the front. Jacket is made from 100%brushed cotton twill with inside lining andpocket. Black onlySC4000 S-3XL: $88.99 ea.Service Lightweight Mechanic Jacket:The back is chain-stitched with our SO-CALService design by Chris Froggett.SC4001 S-3XL: $88.99 ea. Front Chest Logo Eisenhower Mechanic’s Jacket: Everybody knows how tough SO-CAL jackets are with brass zipper, slash pockets and adjustable waistbands. Constructed of 65% Poly / 35% combed cotton you can wear’em till ya blow the motor! Available in sizes: SC6010 Cam $19.95 SC6002 S/L Tank Script $24.95 S, M, L, XL, XLT, 2XL, 2XLT All sizes: $116.99 Wolf Jacket SC4001W Front Chest Logo on Mechanic’s Jackets SC6000B SO-CAL Logo Black or Tan S/M, L/XL: $24.95 Flexfit Hoodies Front Print Only The SO-CAL vintage style hoodie sports a classic chain stitched logo on the back and a small script on the front left chest. The garment is pre-laundered for a pre-shrunk and ultra comfortable light weight feel. Black only.Tankscript Sweatshirt SC7012S-XL: $37.99 Cam Logo Hoodie SC7003 Navy S-XL: $58.99 SC7009 M-2XL: $63.99 • SO-CAL SPEEDSHOP EASTERN CANADA • 1-877-471-6700 •
  14. 14. Left Chest Print Ts Most SC1005 Left Chest Print Left Chest Print $24.99 SC1013 SC1040 SC1053 SC1035 SC1052 SC1049 SC1007 Lots of other Shirt Styles available! SO-CAL Shirts are available from Small, all the way up to 2XL: and prices vary accordingly. Most S-L Ts are $24.99, 2XL-3XL $26.99; with Long Sleeves ranging from $38.99 to $41.99. Add the size to the end of the part number when ordering. Prices subject to change without notice. SC1018 SC7015 SC1043 SC1031 SC1020 SC7016 SC1032 SC1042 SC1012 SC1014 SC1509 JS Outlaw Truck T-shirt SC7008 Long Sleeve Thermal S-2XL: $37.99 Front Print Only SC6004 $19.95 Logo Long Beanie Shine Tattoo Long Sleeve Shirt - Double Sided with smaller SC6005 $19.95 Logo Short Beanie design on front and larger on back SC1502 S-L: $22.99 2,3XL: $29.99 - $31.99 Long Sleeve ShirtsSO-CAL Oil Can Piston ThermalSC7011: Double-sided Print Cam Long Sleeve Navy Text on Sleeves Tank Script - Double-sided Shine Bike Long SleeveLong Sleeve Black S-2XL: $37.95 SC1036 $38.99 - $41.99 SC1006 $29.99 - $31.99 SC1506B $29.99 - $31.99 • 87 ADVANCE ROAD, TORONTO, ONTARIO • 1-877-471-6700 •
  15. 15. The SO-CAL Step-Boxed™ ’32 Frame Buggy Spring RearAll SO-CAL Step-Boxed™ ’32 frames use American Stamping rails forstrength and authenticity. All frames are numbered and tagged for addedvalue and include the following:• The strength of an unground fillet weld on the boxing plates.• Recessed boxing plates which increase clearance for: Brake lines A. Fuel lines Power cables Exhaust systems Steering components• A “swept C” in the rear which minimizes the stress of the cut Coil-Over Rearand spreads the load over a greater area.• A universal trans mount that cleverly accommodates TH350,TH400, 700R4 transmissions, as well as 4- or 5-speed manuals.• Front cross member angled at 7 degrees for correct caster.• Brake proportioning valve mounting pad• In-line fuel filter mounting pad• Rear cross member• Steering box mount B.• Front panhard bracket• Front brake line tabs• Master cylinder bracket• Rear radius rod tabs (A) SC70100 Pinched-nose hiboy base frame• Brake pedal mount with buggy-spring rear suspension. $3,210.• Hiboy front cross member 1” forward (B) SC70200 Pinched-nose hiboy base frame• F1-style Front shock upper mounting tubes (threaded) with coil-over rear suspension. $3,210.• Rear shock upper mounting tubes SO-CAL Model A and A-V8 frames are also available. Call for more information.Front Axles A. B. Forged Steel Front Spindles: These forged 1045 heat treated steel spindles are a direct replacement for ’37 to ’41 Ford spindles. They come with center mounted grease fittings that clear bolt-on steering arms and are available in either plain or show chrome finish. SC60104 Forged steel spindles, plain: $259. pr. C. SC60106 Forged steel spindles, plain, bushed & reamed: $299. pr.SO-CAL New Traditionalist™ Forged Steel I-beam Front Axle:SO-CAL’s engineers refined a design that takes into account the idiosyncra-sies of a reproduction part that must first work with original Ford spindles.This new 4” dropped axle does that and more. The real test is trying to installstock spindles and having them go lock-to-lock. SO-CAL’s axle shows a 30%improvement over the competition in turning radius alone. So when it comestime to install reproduction parts, there’s no problem. The axle measures47” through the kingpin centers, 34” at the 2-1/4” inch thick spring perch GT2 S/S Front Spindles:boss and fits a 29-1/4” spring. These investment cast stainless steel spindles utilize a pressed-in 431 heat treated S/S spindle shaft and are a direct replacement for ’37 to(A) SC70503 Forged axle plain: $349. ea. ’41 Ford spindles. They come pin fit with bronze kingpin bushings, S/S(B) SC70505 Forged axle plain, drilled: $499. ea. grease fittings and spindle nuts. They are only available polished.(C) SC70503C Forged axle chrome plated: $679. ea. SC60101 S/S polished spindles: $599. pr. • SO-CAL SPEEDSHOP EASTERN CANADA • 1-877-471-6700 •
  16. 16. SpeedshocksNew TraditionalistCoil-Over SpeedshocksSO-CAL Coil-Over SpeedshocksManufactured in the USA to the highest standardsin the industry, featuring:• 6061 brushed alloy body.• 10 position rebound adjustment. Stainless steel badge, polished.• Black silicone wire springs. Measures 2-5/8” x 1.5”.• Adjustable pre-load collar nut. SC60663: $5.99 ea.• 9/16" piston shaft.• Unique shock eye design.• Urethane bushings.• 10" closed, 13-1/2" extended. Cast metal badge. MeasuresAlloy Gas Filled Coil-Over SO-CAL Speedshocks 2-3/8” x .75”. SC93038: $9.99 ea.Manufactured to the highest standards in the industry,these brush finished 6061 aluminum coil-over shockshave a ten position rebound adjustment, black powderedcoated Silicon wire springs (offered in 220lb., 250lb.,300lb. and 350lb. increments) and a collar nut for quickpre-load changes. There is a 9/16" piston shaft for addedstrength, urethane bushings and the unparalleled designof the upper and lower shock eyes.SC60646220 Rear Speedshocks 220lb: $499. pr.SC60646250 Rear Speedshocks 250lb: $499. pr.SC60646300 Rear Speedshocks 300lb: $499. pr. SC93036 SO-CAL Logo keychain: $8.99 ea.SC60646350 Rear Speedshocks 350lb: $499. pr. Crossmembers • Hairpin Radius Rods • Spring Perches • Pitman Arms • Steering Arms More Parts Available • King Pin Kits • Steering Stabilizer • Shock Mounts • Front Springs • Shackles • Coil- Over Shock Mounts • Ladder Bar Kits • Column Drops • Accessories & More!New TraditionalistSpeedshocks C. A.• Nitrogen Gas Filled D. B.• Engineered for hot rods• Fits all popular shock kits• 90 Durometer Neoprene Bushings Speedshocks in Steel: These nitrogen filled gas shocks are engineered specifically for hot• Comes in SO-CAL red or show chrome rod applications and offered in the “Standard” length of 9-1/4” closed x 14-1/4” extended or in the “Shorty” length of 7-7/8” closed x 11-1/4” extended. They are manufactured with or without dustcovers and can be run on the front or rear end of the car in either configuration.(A) SC60680 Covered shocks painted, steel: $79. pr. The distinctive design of the dustcover is reminiscent of the “airplane shocks” used on early(B) SC60683 Shorty covered shocks chrome: $133. pr. hot rods during the 40’s and 50’s. Other features are 90 durometer replaceable 5/8” ID lower(C) SC60684 Shocks painted, steel: $69. pr. and 7/16” ID upper neoprene rubber bushings and they come finished in either high gloss(D) SC60687 Shorty shocks chrome, steel: $123. pr. SO-CAL red or show chrome. • 87 ADVANCE ROAD, TORONTO, ONTARIO • 1-877-471-6700 •
  17. 17. Accessories C. A. B. B. D. E. SO-CAL Switch Knobs: (A) SC50405 Art Deco knob, polished: $18.99 ea. (B) SC50425 ’40 Style knob, polished: $18.99 ea. SO-CAL ’40 Style GM Column Shift Dress-Up Kit: This polished kit replaces the knobs and levers on the popular GM steering column less the shift knob. SC62018 ’40 Style GM Dress-Up: $59. kit Keyless Ignition Switches SO-CAL Speed Shop Electrical Switch Assemblies: We’ve searched high and low to assemble a selection of electrical switches that meets our C. B. SC60753: $39.95 ea. SC60762: $39.95 ea. A. D. Wiper Switches E. quality criteria and has the right aesthetics to complement our hot rods, customs, trucks, even VWs and motorcycles. (A) Shift knob SO-CAL Art Deco GM Column Shift SC60750: $39.95 ea. SC60760: $39.95 ea. (B) Turn/tilt knob (C) Flasher knob Dress-Up Kit: SC62005 $79. kit (D) Turn signal lever and knob Horn Push Switches (E) Tilt lever and knob SO-CAL Voodoo Shift Knobs: SC60766: $39.95 ea. SC60768: $39.95 ea. Shift knobs come and go but these are the best I have ever seen. I don’t know how they’re made and quite frankly don’t care. Simply put I think it’s voodoo, just flawless. —Pete Chapouris Includes inserts, from $29.95. 2/Position Headlight Switches B. C. SC60757: $49.95 ea. SC60763: $49.95 ea. A. D. Shift 3/Position Headlight Switches E. Knobs F. SC50467: $49.95 ea. SC50470: $49.95 ea. Off-On SwitchesG. H. I. SC50447: $29.95 ea. SC50448: $29.95 ea. Headlight Parking Switch (A) SC62007 Art Deco Standard $29.95 ea. (F) SC60676 Black w/ inlaid Ivory $49.95 ea. Art Deco Ignition Switch: (B) SC50420 Early Ford Standard $39.95 ea. (G) SC60622 SO-CAL Wolf Knob $49.95 ea. Key operated ignition switch. (C) SC50600 3-Speed Art Deco $54.95 ea. (H) SC60620 Jimmy Shine Knob $49.95 ea. SC60752 $39.95 ea. (D) SC50601 4-Speed Art Deco $54.95 ea. (I) SC60621 Black SO-CAL Knob $49.95 ea. SC60754: $49.95 ea. (E) SC60619 SO-CAL Cue Ball $49.95 ea. • SO-CAL SPEEDSHOP EASTERN CANADA • 1-877-471-6700 •
  18. 18. InstrumentsNew TraditionalistInstrumentsSO-CAL Speed Shop Instruments: The SO-CAL 5 gauge kit includes eithera mechanical 3 3/8" 200mph or electric 140mph speedo. The auxiliary 2 SC62650 SO-CAL 5 Gauge set, w/mechanical 200mph speedo: $299 set1/16" gauges; electric oil pressure, electric water temp, electric fuel and volt SC62663 SO-CAL 5 Gauge set, w/electric 140mph speedo: $399 setmeter all include the appropriate senders and hardware. They have black SC62655 SO-CAL 10,000 RPM Electric Tach: $144 ea.faces with a small SO-CAL logo, chrome bezels, steel cases and convexglass. All instruments are available separately including our new 10,000RPM electric tach and electric 140mph speedo.SO-CAL Speed Shop Direct Mount Gauges: We offer two types of directmounts gauges; (A) water temperature 0-250 degrees and (B) fuel pressure0-15 psi, 1 1/2" dia. The fuel gauge is 1/8" npt male direct mount and thetemp gauge is 3/8" npt male direct mount. Both are anti-vibration liquidfilled.(A) SC6265812 Water temp: $64.95 ea.(B) SC62657 Fuel pressure: $49.95 ea.A. B. Actual Size ShownA. B.SO-CAL Instrument Panels: Designed in the style of luxury cars of the Thirties, each SO-CAL in- C.strument panel is individually sand cast and polished and comes with an engine-turned stainlesssteel fascia. The panels are available in two sizes: 16" wide (5-1/2" high) for mounting five gaug-es, and 20" wide (5-3/4" high) for mounting six gauges. Auburn-style panel measures 18-1/2”wide by 8” high at the centre. Each panel is pre-machined to accept standard 2-1/16" gauges(often referred to as 2" gauges) and standard 3-3/8" speedometer and tachometer. Detailed in-stallation instructions and hardware are included. Gauges and switches are not included.(A) SC60700 5-gauge panel—stainless steel finish: $269. ea.(B) SC60710 6-gauge panel—stainless steel finish: $279. ea.(C) SC62093 SO-CAL Auburn-style instrument panel - polished: $329. ea. • 87 ADVANCE ROAD, TORONTO, ONTARIO • 1-877-471-6700 •
  19. 19. SO-CAL SO-CAL Speed Shop® Eastern Canada 87 Advance Rd. Toronto, ON M8Z 2S6 SPEED SHOP ® Call Toll Free: 1-877-471-6700 EASTERN This flyer is just a taste of the hundreds of SO-CAL Speed Shop Products available! CANADA While stocked at 87 Advance, they can be ordered through all Performance Improvements locations.PatchesEmbroidered twill logo patchesSC9001S: $5.99 ea. Small (3.5”)SC9001L: $18.99 ea. Large (12”) Vicious Aviator Patch: Felt base with embroidery and chainstitch. (10”x10½”) Wolf Chenille Patch (9”x11”) SC9010: $29.95 SC9002: $27.99 B.A. Vicious Patch: Felt base with D. embroidery, chenille and chainstitch. Script Felt Patch: (5”x3¾”) (9½”x10½”) SC9009: $26.95 SC9005: $11.99 C. 3” DiameterSO-CAL Nose Art Patches Set: Get them all! Complete Front End PackagesSave a few bucks. SC9015: $27.99 (4)(A) SC9011 Vicious Aviator(B) SC9014 Speed & Power(C) SC9012 Daredevil(D) SC9013 Vicious Hot Rods Nothing says hardcore hot rod more than a set of hairpin radius rods and a dropped I-beam axle. This is ourSO-CAL Shine Shift Knob: Cast from the very most popular complete front end package.part that Shine crafted for his bare nekid ’34 Clearly there are countless configurations and bypickup, this 7-pointed shift knob is great for using the components detailed in this catalogall applications, even paperweight. Includes you (or with the help of our skilled sales staff)inserts. can put together just about any hot rod front end package imaginable. Note: Front end packagesSC98023 Shine shift knob: $49.95 ea. come unassembled. Call for pricing. • Note: All SO-CAL prices are subject to change without notice and prices do not include shipping, handling or sales tax. •
  21. 21. Whatever Happened to… Story by Bob McJannett • Photos by Tony Easton • History & Build Photos courtesy of Fraser EarleH ow often do you wonder what happened to something About this time, they began to grow an interest in sports car you were involved with when you were young? In the racing. First, it was Don, with Fraser going along for the ride. case of car guys, it is usually, where is a certain car. If it Soon, they were both really interested in the cars that they werewas really something special, had a lot of meaning to you in your seeing at Harewood acres, Watkins Glen and other tracks in theyoung life, you might even regret letting it go in the first place. north east. They began to ask how can they could participate Well, 54 years ago, 1959 to be exact, two friends built in the races themselves. It was obvious that they were not in athemselves that special car. These young men Don Davy, 19 and position to own one of the elite sports cars of the day. Affording aFraser Earle, 18, were already dedicated hot rodders. This at a Scarab, D Jag, Porsche 550 Spider or a Ferrari 412 was definitelytime when the hot rodder was looked down upon. You know the out of the question. They began to focus on the home-builttype, jeans and white T-shirts with the smokes wrapped in the specials that were turning up at the track. They thought that onesleeve, engineers boots etc. But what they really were was talented of those could be within their reach. So the hunt for parts began.enthusiasts. Don was a body man’s apprentice so he created his One day in 1958, Don came across what was left of a Volvoown custom. His ride was a customized 1949 Mercury, frenched PV444 that had been crashed at Watkins Glen. The car washeadlights and all the other popular body modifications of the being driven by the owner’s son and was virtually new beforeday. Meanwhile, Fraser was working on his 1940 Ford Coupe the accident. A deal was struck, $101 changed hands, and all thepowered by a 1959 V8 engine. useable parts of the Volvo moved to Don Davy’s Dad’s barn in Vineland, Ontario. The design came from the fertile mind of Fraser Earle; he drew the pictures of the swoopy body that eventually became the Davy Volvo Special. Plans were drawn out in chalk on the barn floor, pieces were set approximately where they thought they should go and work was started fi lling in the missing spaces that would make a race car. Over 100’ of 1” square tubing was used to create the space frame. The body was built in three sections, the front and rear clips were fiberglass, the center section, the cockpit, was built Don Davy proudly squats beside his automotive creation, circa 1959 22 • Performance in Motion •
  22. 22. The Davy Volvo racing at Cayuga. Don Davy is behind the wheel, while Fraser Earle (third from the Left) waits for his next turn - behind the safety wall!from aluminum. Not just any aluminum, but neighborhood with no exhaust, while thealuminum scavenged from old “free” scrap driver sat on a box. By the end of the year, thesheets. Fraser’s description of the fiberglass body was mounted and painted, ready to go toportion of the construction is priceless. “We the first race.created a mold using chicken wire and burlap Along the way, the guys had been keepingover plywood. Then laid up the fiberglass, their eyes on other local builders. In particularand ground off anything that didn’t look like they were inspired by the cars that Bill Sadlerthe sports car we had in mind.” The body was building in his St. Catherine’s shop. (L-R) Don Davy, Murray Howard,was completed at the Provincial Institute and Fraser Earleof Trades in Toronto where Don wascompleting his training. At this point, it should be pointed outthat this was to be a budget project. DonDavy was a second-year apprentice bodyman earning 85 cents an hour; Fraser Earlehad taken a year off from high school andwas earning an enormous $30 a week.Needless to say, money was tight. To keepexpenses at a minimum, they fueled theirspace heater with (free) seasoned peach pits.This is where their experience as real hotrodders came into play. To keep costs aslow as possible, parts were scavenged from a‘48 Studebaker, a ‘52 Morris Minor with asmall amount of Jaguar parts thrown in themix. In fact, the most expensive pieces Donpurchased were a pair of Gabriel shocks. The rolling chassis was completed inabout three months and driven around the The Davy Volvo Special in front of the unheated Barn where it was born in ‘59. • Performance in Motion • 23
  23. 23. Bill has since been inducted into the Canadian Motor sports Hall of Fame and is considered the preeminent Canadian builder of sports cars in this era. With the car completed, the first step was to license it and put some miles on it to see what bugs they would have to deal with. It was quick, but quirky, recalls Don. After a few miles, they took it to some local tracks to see what they had. Unfortunately, what they had was a lack of funds. It soon became apparent that racing, even with a home-built, was beyond their budget. In January 1962, an era ended, Don sold the car to the son of the gravel pit owner in Wiarton, who drove it on the street. The car sold for $1,000, the amount that Don had invested. It soon became nothing but a memory. Don moved to England where he worked for a year at Merlyn Colchester Racing Developments before returning to Canada. Fraser went into business and the Davy Volvo Special became simply a reminiscence of what might have been. Meanwhile, the new owner had a couple of accidents and finally parked it. They soon lost track of their baby. Fast-forward 30 years. Tired of listening to Dad’s stories of the “good old days,” Fraser’s son convinced him to find their old car and restore it. The search was on; luckily Don believed he knew where it was. It turned out the fellow who bought it put it away in a barn where it sat until Fraser located it and offered to buy it back from his widow. Time had not been kind to the Davy Volvo Special – the body was pretty torn up and the engine and transmission had gone missing. But it was still their car and once found, Fraser determined that it would not be lost again. $400 changed hands and the remnants were moved to Fraser’s garage. Work began in earnest. The custom space frame had stood up fairly well, a couple of the mounting points needed repair and refitting, then it was repainted. Since the original B16 engine had gone missing, this time they installed a B18 1.8 litre Volvo engine, modified by Cesar at Mississauga EnginesInside a barn in Wiarton rested the remains ofThe Davy Volvo Special. Badly damaged body, missing it’s engine and transmission, covered in straw and rust, it hibernated while awaiting it’s resurrection. 24 • Performance in Motion •
  24. 24. to produce 150hp.They had decided thatthis would not be a completely originalrestoration. This time they would add thingsthat they would have liked to do originally,but at the time were beyond their means. Itbecame a painstaking restoration that tookfive years to complete to the point seen inthese pictures. This time there would be more peopleinvolved. Don Davy brought the originalbody back to perfection then they sent it outto have a mold taken from it. The new bodywould be much lighter than the first version.Unfortunately the first “fibreglass expert”messed it up, having created the new bodywith no mold release on the mold. It cameapart in pieces. Finally the body was repairedto perfection by Arnold Galadhar who wasalso responsible for the paint. Brian Hunterput in many hours fabricating aluminumpanels and aiding with the other mechanicals,including the magnificent hand-built headers.After assembly, the car was race prepped withthe help of Tony Martini, Steve O’Connelland Richard Sharpe. Fraser licensed it for the street and tookit out for a few blasts in the neighborhood.Finally, it was ready to go to the track. Since When asked what was best about the Davy Volvo Special 2.0 Fraser replied, “The fact wecompletion in its current form, they have have been afforded the luxury of reliving an important part of our youth, while making theraced the car at Mosport, Watkins Glen, car into a viable vintage race car. We hope to see it performing for years into the future.”Pittsburg and Beaver Run in Michigan. Both As with any project it remains ongoing. Fraser has located a B16 engine and a JudsonFraser and Don chose not to drive the car, supercharger that once completed will be installed. While this combination puts the carinstead putting it in the hands of the more in an awkward class for vintage racing it can compete in a VSCCA hill-climb. Besides, “weexperienced Brian Hunter, Steve O’Connell want to see how it runs with a supercharger”. Proving no matter what the age you cannotor Richard Sharpe. take the hot rodder out of the man. • Before & After • Performance in Motion • 25
  25. 25. The Special makes a triumphant lap around Watkins Glen with Richard Sharpe at the Wheel, and Fraser Earle riding shotgun. Below is Fraser parked in front of the very Barn where the Special came to life!26 • Performance in Motion •
  26. 26. _REVIEW Performance Directory Modify your Second-Generation Camaro or Firebird A lot has been written about the first generation of GMs popular Camaros and Firebirds. This book moves on to the second generation. Those cars built between 1970 and 1981. Compared to the first generation cars, these cars are more attractively priced and more available. Many of these were sparsely equipped vehicles with six-cylinder or small V-8 engines and are perfect candidates for a full pro-touring treatment. In 176 pages, Jeff Tann details many of the performance improving projects the owner can easily complete. Jeff covers everything from simple bolt-ons to complex chassis modifications. No matter if you want more power, improved braking or better handling, this book can help you make the right decision. Detailed step-by-step instructions are provided with full colour photos, so you can confidently tackle the biggest projects. These include: installing mini tubs, an aftermarket front subframe, a multi-link rear suspension, aftermarket brake kits, and performing a full LS swap. With these upgrades, performance increases by leaps and bounds. This book is an essential tool for all second- generation enthusiasts looking to modify their car.• CAMARO & FIREBIRD PERFORMANCE PROJECTS Jeff Tann • SA237 • 176 pages • 485 images • Performance in Motion • 27
  27. 27. This one-of-a-kind Volvo is always a hit at Volvo gatherings. No Trailer Queen, the Special has been on the track atPittsburgh, Mosport, Cayuga, Watkins Glen International, & Beaver Run in Michigan.
  28. 28. Performance Directory • Performance in Motion • 29
  29. 29. Flooded Carb Potatoes smothered with butter and gravy. Fuel Injectors The IV bags they use in hospitals for patients who can’t eat. Grease Gun The weapon used during a fry truck holdup.Part Three! Automatic Choke What marriage counsellors try to Park Assist A ranger who helps you when you get lostIt’s that time of year again, when glimpses prevent. in the woods.of the road bring new shocks, struts and, insome cases, leaf springs to mind. Potholes, Big End Rad Finshowever, are the least of a reluctant passen- What some people see in three-way What stoned surfers think they see in theger’s worries. mirrors. waves. Chrome Surround Side Air BagWhy? I shouldn’t have to spell it out for What Iron Man wears. An opinionated person who sits next toyou. Have you noticed the way your driver’s you.been acting lately? Gathering up parts and Clay Barcleaning products in the basement or garage, A place where Clay Aiken sips mint Squeegeeshoping you won’t bug him about going to juleps. A failed vocal trio from Argentina.the garden centre? Clutch Diaphragm Steering Column What happens when you wear Spanx. The part in the Leaning Tower of PisaHe’s got Spring Fever. And no, it’s not the that went kaflooey.groovy kind of fever where John Travolta Controller Boxsuddenly appears in a white suit, ready to Where the guy with OCD sits during a Tap Sethustle—this is Automotive Spring Fever. game. A pair of shoes with metal bits on theThe kind that gets into a man’s soul and bottom.won’t stop until a vehicle is completely Creeperwaxed. A type of horror film that features a Tie Rod End dodgy-looking man in a trench coat. What happens in the last chapter to a guy named Rod in a 50 Shades-esque novel.Don’t get me wrong. There are worse things Dash Venta driver could be excited about. Like Yeti What joggers with issues do. Universal Jointhunting. But this is the time of year when A place where humans and aliens areour automotive knowledge is put to the Dished Pistons welcome.test. So I’ve taken the liberty, yet again, to Really fancy bedpans.provide you with the correct definitions* Hey, I never said whether the impressionof random words and phrases overheard you’d make would be good or bad. I leaveat PI and car shows to help you make an Dome Light that up to you.impression. The shine reflecting off a bald spot. Exhaust Baffles Enjoy the ride • When you start imaging things because you’re so tired. About the Author: Bonnie Staring is a comedic triple-threat (writer, performer, coupon user), and she appreciates the road of life a lot more than she might let on. Bonnie has plans to master social media one day, right after she learns how to machine rotors. www.bonniestaring.com * Please note that the words “correct” and “definition” may have been used incorrectly in this sentence. 30 • Performance in Motion •