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Leviseminaari Northern Childhood
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Leviseminaari Northern Childhood


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Published in: Education, Health & Medicine

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Symposium NORTHERN CHILDHOOD – lenses to children’s lives in Northern areas Date: November 23th- 25th Place: Hotel Levitunturi, Kittilä
    • 2. The network ”Northern Childhood
      • A subgroup of the Finnish Society for Childhood Studies, which have been founded after the Finnish Network of Childhood Studies will end its activity after 2008
    • 3. The Finnish Network for Childhood Studies
      • a multidisciplinary network that interconnects local and thematic research networks, research groups, and individual researchers working within childhood studies    
      • Main aims of the network
        • to create a variety of opportunities for the researchers to converse and collaborate across various disciplines
        • to form a general view of the current state of childhood studies and the future challenges in the field
        • to establish preconditions for a multidisciplinary childhood research programme
        • to promote interaction and collaboration among researchers, administrative organizations, decision-makers, and the practice
        • to establish and enhance contacts with international research centers and networks
    • 4.
      • Events in 2008 and 2009
      • National Congress on Childhood Studies was in 2-3 June 2008 , Turku
      • Special Interest Group meetings, themes and location:
      •      1)     Agency and participation, Jyväskylä
      •      2)     Children & Politics, Tampere
      •      3)     Children and control, Helsinki
      •      4)     Northern dimension, Oulu 
      •   Next National Congress on Childhood Studies will be held in 1- 2 June 2009 in Tampere.
      • The coordination is located at the University of Jyväskylä.
      The Finnish Network for Childhood Studies
    • 5. The network ”Northern Childhood”
      • ” a bottom up”-network, founded at the University of Oulu
      • aims of the network:
        • a forum for discussions
        • to promote multidisciplinary research
        • to build a non-formal, innovative group
        • to publish papers, articles and books
    • 6. Northern childhood Children’s well-being Everyday life of children Children’s and youth’s participation Social services for families with children Early learning and learning environments
    • 7. Members of the Northern Childhood- network/research group
      • Anu Alanko: Developing ways for children and young people to participate in the city of Oulu
      • Pirkko Hyvönen: Children as routine and adaptive experts in designing play environment
      • Seija Järvi: Parents’ participation in early childhood education services
      • Marko Kielinen: Education for all
      • Sinikka Kaartinen and Riitta-Liisa Korkeamäki: Joint Book Reading as an Acquisition of Number Words
      • Eeva-Liisa Kronqvist: Early learning and children’s collaboration
      • Taina Kyrönlampi-Kylmänen: About children's perspective on everyday life
      • Elina Viljamaa: Storytelling in children’s everyday life in home context
      • Marikaisa Kontio. Children’s everyday contexts
    • 8.
      • How do the network support childhood research?
      • Which are the critical qualities? Which are the “good-enough” prerequisities for a good research group?
    • 9. Challenges and possibilities of the Northern Childhood- research group
      • To clarify the basic task
      • To focus on multidisciplinarity and multimethodology
      • To promote international collaboration, especially to other Nordic countries
      • To link to other research groups and networks
      • To find research funding
      • To find time for sharing (!)
      • To collect common data base or/and own data?
    • 10. An example of research funding: Research Programme on Child Welfare and Health by Academy of Finland
      • The Academy is preparing a research programme focusing on the well-being and health of children
        • The focus is on ways of promoting children’s health and well-being as well as on children’s health and welfare problems
        • The programme is also concerned to research health and welfare risks, risk management and environments of childhood growth.
    • 11.
      • The programme will deal with the following research themes: 1) Changing environments of childhood growth 2) Healthcare systems  3) Challenges to children’s health
      • Focus on interdisciplinary research projects and international networking of researchers
    • 12. Northern childhood – new openings? Children’s Well-being Everyday life of children Children’s and youth’s participation Social services for child families Early learning and learning environments ?