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Wooden cr page 3

  1. 1. H4276 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE June 9, 2010 showed us how to accomplish it,’’ end of John Wooden, the great coach from how strongly I feel about my alma mater . . . quote. UCLA. my dog happens to be named Bruin. Today, the highest award in college The resolution, by the way, that we It is a humbling moment to rise on behalf of basketball is named the Wooden are discussing today was originally in- thousands of UCLA alumni who are proud not Award, which honors the Nation’s best troduced by my colleague HENRY WAX- just to graduate from a great university but to player in both men’s and women’s col- MAN, who spoke a while ago. HENRY’s be associated with John Wooden, the pre- lege basketball. district includes UCLA within its terri- eminent basketball coach for all time. John Wooden coached, taught, and tory. And HENRY and I have worked to- From 1964 to 1975, his Bruin teams won 10 lived with honor. He was a very special gether for many, many years and have national championships, including seven in a human being. And this is a Hoosier of had in common the fact that we are row. No other men’s basketball coach has which many of us are distinguishedly both, kind of, red-hot graduates of won more than four. He led UCLA to four per- proud about. I know, California, you UCLA. fect seasons. No other coach has had more also love to claim him. I think all of We don’t agree upon everything. In than one undefeated season. Wooden’s teams America can claim him. He is a distin- fact, some would suggest we almost won with legendary players known the world guished gentleman. never agree. The reality is, though, over and were victorious with players whose Ms. SHEA-PORTER. Madam Speak- that HENRY and I have worked together names are remembered only by the UCLA er, I continue to reserve the balance of for many, many years, and I’m very faithful. my time. proud of the fact that he’s a close But Coach Wooden was so much more than Mr. ROE of Tennessee. Madam friend. statistics, championships, and career honors. Speaker, I yield 3 minutes to the gen- Beyond that, let me say that the He was a reminder of values both endearing tleman from California (Mr. DREIER). House might be interested to know and enduring during a time of great social and Mr. DREIER. Madam Speaker, I that HENRY and I are such fans of political upheaval. Bruins and basketball lovers thank my friend for yielding. And I UCLA that he actually allowed me to could disagree over the headlines in the news- have to say that, with the exception of name my dog Bruin. And Bruin walks papers but could unite around the humble the two floor managers here, we have a to work with me every day, and, in leadership of Coach Wooden. Hoosier, Mr. BUYER, and of course two It is his role as an educator where he has fact, he’s over in my office watching UCLA graduates, Mr. WAXMAN, who’s made his greatest mark. Wooden developed this on the floor and will be most in- the ‘‘Pyramid of Success’’ a simple, yet pro- already spoken, and Mr. LEWIS, who is trigued by the fact that people finally found, representation of the ideals that form going to follow. are recognizing John and Nell Wooden As we take this time to very appro- the basis of Wooden’s outlook on life and ex- for the wonderful, wonderful contribu- plain much of his success on and off the priately remember an amazing life, tion they’ve made to our country. court. Emphasizing such traits as skill, poise, someone who—as was pointed out when Ms. SHEA-PORTER. I continue to re- and confidence, the Pyramid of Success has Mr. BUYER mentioned his birth date, serve the balance of my time. helped millions be their best when their best October would have marked his 100th Mr. ROE of Tennessee. Madam was needed. birthday. So Coach Wooden lived vir- Speaker, I will close by saying that Wooden’s maxims benefit us all. Be quick, tually an entire century. this country has been much better for but don’t hurry. It’s not how tall you are, but And I was struck with the quote that the presence of John Wooden here and how tall you play. Character is what you really Mr. WAXMAN reminded us of, that the role model that he’s applied for so are; reputation is what you are perceived to you’ve never lived a perfect day until many young people. And I would sug- be. you’ve done something for someone gest that you go out and read his book, Wooden’s supreme devotion was to his fam- that cannot repay you. And Coach or books. ily. He married his beloved Nell, the only Wooden is an individual who had a hu- And one of the quotes, and I’m para- woman he ever dated, and wrote her love let- mility but a great inner strength. phrasing this, that struck me that he ters every month on the anniversary of her And one of the things that was very has said—I think his players would say passing. When UCLA’s basketball court at apparent as you watched him coach Woodenisms—but it is: ‘‘It’s much Pauley Pavilion was recently renamed in their and as you saw him involve himself more important what kind of indi- honor Wooden insisted her name came first. with students and with so many others vidual you are than what kind of ath- He and his wife symbolized the very best of in the community, there was that lete you were.’’ And I think we all need family life. gentleness and strength of character to keep that in mind as we go forward Coach Wooden often said ‘‘make each day that did belie that resolve that he had. in our day. your masterpiece.’’ While he had many days But, at the same time, he’s someone And I appreciate the opportunity to that were masterpieces, the 99 years John who was able to be a real winner. be able to honor Coach Wooden today, Wooden graced us with his presence were his And I think it was pointed out very one of my heroes. magnum opus. appropriately right after his passing I yield back the balance of my time. Ms. RICHARDSON. Madam Speaker, I rise when Bill Walton and Kareem Abdul Ms. SHEA-PORTER. Madam Speak- today in support of H. Res. 1427 which honors Jabbar stood on the floor of the court er, I would also like to point out I have the life of John Wooden, the legendary bas- for the team that in the not-too-dis- a basketball player in my home, and I ketball coach of the UCLA Bruins, who died tant future is going to become the NBA certainly had the biography because this past Sunday, June 6, at the age of 99. champion, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the man that we’re talking about, the Coach Wooden’s success as a college bas- remembered the life of Coach Wooden. great hero, John Robert Wooden, did ketball head coach is unparalleled. But his on- And so I want to join with my col- indeed show Americans how to play a court success was matched by the positive im- leagues in extending our thoughts and sport and how to play it honorably and pact that he had on the lives of his players. prayers to the family members and to how to play on and off the court. Coach Wooden was the very embodiment of all of the students who were able to I urge my colleagues to vote ‘‘yes’’ what a coach should be. He was a teacher, a benefit from the amazing life of Coach on this resolution. mentor, and a friend. As an alumnus of UCLA John Wooden. Mr. LEWIS of California. Madam Speaker, I and a former college basketball player, I am Ms. SHEA-PORTER. I continue to re- rise today to honor the extraordinary life of inspired and awed by Coach Wooden’s legacy serve the balance of my time. John Wooden who became an angel at age and proud of his contributions to the game of Mr. ROE of Tennessee. Madam 99 on June 4, 2010. Our thoughts and prayers basketball. Speaker, I yield 3 minutes to the hon- are with his family and friends during this dif- Born in 1910 in Hall, Indiana, John Wooden orable gentleman from California (Mr. ficult time. began his basketball career at Martinsville tjames on DSKG8SOYB1PROD with HOUSE LEWIS). I appreciate the efforts of my colleague, fel- High School, where he helped lead his team (Mr. LEWIS of California asked and low UCLA graduate, and friend HENRY WAX- to a state championship. He went on to star at was given permission to revise and ex- MAN who authored this resolution honoring Purdue University, where he was a three-time tend his remarks.) Coach Wooden. While HENRY and I haven’t al- All-American and the 1932 national collegiate Mr. LEWIS of California. Madam ways agreed on policy issues, I have long val- player of the year. He is the first and only per- Speaker, I too rise today to express my ued his friendship and our shared love of all son inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall deep appreciation for the life and work things UCLA. For those who do not know just of Fame as both a player and a coach. VerDate Mar 15 2010 02:14 Jun 10, 2010 Jkt 089060 PO 00000 Frm 00028 Fmt 4634 Sfmt 9920 E:CRFMK09JN7.052 H09JNPT1