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Deals & Leads all at one place.. Pioneer marketers.

Deals & Leads all at one place.. Pioneer marketers.

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  • We are a prime Online Marketing Company. Our full suite of services will take you through the monarchies of online marketing industry. We could help you amplify your business with the records we possess of dormant clients who would be snare, in your product/service or would be willing to do business with you and earnest, 100% ROI, if not more than that.

    We are a list compiler and a dominant player in the Business List Industry with over 35 Million B2B contacts and 45 Million B2C contacts. We have all varieties of business and consumer records that come with complete contact details including working business email addresses.

    We have the exclusive leads and the marketing ideas all we need from your end is content & we will execute the project and deliver the desired results.

    • Search engine optimization on both traditional search and elsewhere on the Internet.
    • Paid advertising on the search engines, known as PPC (pay per click) advertising.
    • Paid (PPC) advertising on locations other than traditional web search.
    • Banner advertising and other forms of paid advertising.
    • Viral marketing and marketing on the web2.0 and new social networks.
    • Online articles PR distribution.
    • RSS and news article feeds.
    • Email marketing.
    • Newsletter signup.
    • Links with non-Internet advertising (using your website in tandem with print / broadcasting or other advertising).
    • Customer feedback.
    • Provision of customized offers based on customer history
    • Online Survey.
    • Website conversion (is your website designed to sell?)
    • Measuring the ROI (return on investment) of the different parts of online marketing
    • International considerations.

    We would be glad to serve you to best of your expectations.
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  • 2. ABOUT PIONEER MARKETERSWe are a Data and Marketing Outsourcing solutions company that owns and delivers business and Consumer verified data across the Globe. 10+ 1,500+ 3 Years in Business Employees Global Delivery Centers 16 Data Partner with 16 of #1 Partner Globally with the Top 100 Directory/ >40% of Top Data Clients Data firms worldwide
  • 3. PIONEER MARKETERS - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • 1500 plus people enterprise with operations across North America, Europe and Asia. • Coordinated and dedicated teams with focused marketing capabilities • Pioneer Marketers has operations ranging from Web Marketing, Web Developing, Content Developing, Marketing Outsourcing, CRM, Data Management. • Through our wide range of businesses and world- class partnerships, Pioneer Marketers delivers some of the best Marketing Outsourcing services worldwide & the largest B2B executive reach INSTANTLY.
  • 4. PIONEER MARKETERS CAPABILITIES Digital marketing Data analytics Database management SEO Delivery PPC & banner Channels Customer adds Processing profitability & SMO purchase Digital PR CRM database propensity Data Marketing Email score database Phone Loyalty score Customer/ma Loyalty program Merge purge Mobile Satisfaction rket research Data appending Mail analysis B2B Data NCOA Web TRAINING titles Do Not mail Demographics Cell Phone dataSegmentationCustomer- Org chart Our Global database and online capabilities enhance ourintelligence Clients to penetrate global market
  • 5. WHAT PIONEER MARKETERS CAN DOGlobal provider of marketing outsourcing solutions helping our customers win, keep, and grow relationships with their targets. DATA & MARKETING OUTSOURCING SOLUTIONS Lead Generation Prospecting/ Software Services Data Services & Applications Social/ Digital TeleContact Data Marketing Services Center Services Management Integrated or Multi Channel Services
  • 6. HOW WE CAN HELP Data Nurturing Content & Applications Prospecting  Nurture Clients  Penetrate new target markets  Improve efficiencies Content & Prospectin  Improve response rates  Increase conversion Applications g  Enhance Reach to new contacts  Increase Lead Volumes Customer management Acquisitions  Maximize customer Acquisitio  Increase Lead Conversions value Customer & n  Increase activation and Account  Improve Profiling Management Campaign “conversion” rates  Increase s  Improve operational revenue/client efficiency Account management  Maintain a positive  Maximize customer share-of- customer experience  Enhance reach within existing Accounts wallet  In-depth Profiling and Targeted Solution Offerings
  • 7. YOUR DECISIONS ARE AS GOOD AS YOUR DATA “There is nothing more treacherous –or alas, more common- than the sales manager’s attempt to make marketing decisions on the basis of coarse and incomplete Data. When information is incomplete guesses have to be made”- Peter Drucker
  • 8. OPT-IN PROCESS FLOWCHART FOR TRAINING EXECS Segregation 1 2 3 Training Network Identified Events & Contacts Identified With emails With Phone Numbers Emails and Uploaded 6 other data 4 5 is to CLIENT appended CRMTele-verification foropt-in process 8 9 10 7Emails are used for Network Opt-outs are Permission based tracked and NEVER An Opt-inopt-in process and with opt-out USED AGAIN Contactsurveys process
  • 9. DO YOU KNOW?Data is incomplete to start with missing Case In Pointemail or telephone numbers or address "IBM, 1 Financial Plaza, Hartford, CT" or andData is either entered wrong first time "International Business Machines, One Financial Plaza, Hartford, Connecticut" Plus become two distinct customers, whileData allowed to corrupt itself they are in essence the same logical entity. =Errors made in Prospecting,inability to communicate viaemail, Duplicate accounts,Junk Data
  • 10. DATA SERVICES • List Acquisition (like the List by SIC codes, Target Vertical etc. for new and existing clients) • Organizational Chart (mapping the key decision makers for new clients and acquisitions) • Data Appending (Add Missing fields to existing data) • Email Appending (add Email and do Pre- and Post- mail out follow up campaigns etc.) • Data Cleansing and Management (Manage Customers’ In-house file & Keep it updated regularly with changes)
  • 11. OUR DATA SERVICE OFFERINGS Enterprise DQ Strategy & Implementation using Trillium, Solutions which Address: DataFlux Completeness - What data is missing or unusable? Conformity - What data is stored in Plug n Play a non-standard format?Building Adaptors Data Quality Adaptors for Consistency - What data values giveto enterprise apps Service Siebel, conflicting information? SALESFORCE, Offerings SAP, Informatica, Accuracy - What data is incorrect or Oracle, Microsoft , out of date?, Duplication - What data records are Contact Eves etc. duplicated? Integrity - What data is missing important relationships? Pointed DQ Solutions for enterprise apps
  • 12. BUSINESS LIST COMPILATION PROCESSES• Tradeshow and • National Change Our telemarketing Key Elements Over 400 full time event of Address team calls Standardizes: researchers solely • Database (NCOA) extensively to dedicated to checked one last• Annual report, • Business Name acquiring, 10Ks and other • Delivery Point acquire and verify time by QA Staff specific email • SIC Code / verifying and before release• Sec filings from Validation (DPV) Category updating data addresses sites like edgar- • Delivery • Experienced QA • Franchise/Brand & Compilation and Sequence File (DSF2) zip+4 • Specialized SMTP check Staff Drives Calling Groups Quality Data• Public Company • 650+ member Duplicate Removal: Filings data team working for Large • Compilation staff Business, New • Compare new DNS lookup 24/7 to update the bonuses based on• B2B portals and Business and file to old file to Flagging all the 99% accuracy magazine master database identify Specialty Files hard bounces subscriptions duplicates from email • QA monitors all• Postal service calls daily campaigninformationincludingNCOA, Zip+ 4,CourierRoute anddelivery sequence• New Business registrationand incorporation• Country court house andSecretary of Statedata• Yellow pages
  • 13. DOUBLE OPT-IN PROCESS Double Opt-in emails delivered to client Opt-out mailer sent before file delivery Tele-verification for opted in contacts Permission based opt out process Emails acquired through legal sources
  • 14. APPENDING SERVICESThe process of updating out dated or missing information to one’s existing in-house database is called appending. Types of Appending Services Appending email addresses to your in-house Direct marketing orEmail Appending: telemarketing databaseReverse Appending: Appending other contact details to your list of companies or email addresses Adding complete details of key contacts in yourContact Appending: targeted list of companies Adding telemarketing/fax marketing numbers to yourPhone/fax Appending: in-house databaseNCOA/ECOA : Appending changed mailing addresses or email addresses to your databaseData Hygiene : Removing errors, typos, data entry mistakes, duplicates, etc., from your database
  • 15. EMAIL APPEND PROCESS Step1: The client database is matched against Pioneer Marketers permission-based database to add a corresponding email address that is matched. Step2: The file is matched against various Domain databases and Email Topology Pattern Repositories that we host. When a match is found, the email address is added to the clients file. Step3: The Domain of the Company/Site are Verified manually along with the Email Topology to finalize the email address, which is further verified via our Proprietary Email Append Software Control Process. The email addresses that are appended will be those matched and are successfully deliverable. Step 4: (optional) - once the files are matched, email recipients are provided with opt-out/opt-in options Individuals are notified that they have been added to the list and are given the option to opt out from receiving future email communications. For means of opting-out, options are provided by Pioneer Marketers including an unsubscribe link, email reply option. We typically wait for 5 working days to receive opt-outs and then the appended data file is sent to client that includes the newly added permission based email addresses removing all opt- outs
  • 16. QUALITY CHECK PROCESS Business directory look- up Quality Check SMTP Check Tele-verification Capture Data quality Sophisticate d Email verification software Email
  • 17. DATA CLEANSING PROCESS FLOWCHART Identify Non-working Replace & Update with Replace address1 data fields 2 current information 3 information using NCOA Domain verification & Replace undeliverable Identifying Undelivered6 Validation 5 emails using ECOA 4 emails Incorrect Syntax in Identify dead domain Identify Invalid IDs (eg:7 emails identified 8 names 9 Manual verification & Ensure accuracy of data Ensure data values fall12 Consolidation of data 11 & de-duping 10 within defined parameters Ensure consistency 13 of data format
  • 18. DATA MANAGEMENT AND DATA LICENSING Continuous data flow through well planned networksClient data basePioneer Marketers cleanse the New contacts Identifieddata and append the missing matching clients customerinformation profile Pioneer Marketers will analyze the campaign and identify behavior pattern of Pioneer Marketers delivers respondents, map for future updated records as per campaigns and market research timelines identified by the analysis. This is stored on the client. server for ready use.
  • 19. PIONEER MARKETERS: YOUR MARKETING PARTNER Research  Email Validation Quality Analysis assurance  Email opt-out campaigns  Newsletters with new offers  Tele-verification Data management  Data compilation  List Append Data entry Informed consent  List verification  List cleansing Coding Design
  • 20. DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES Email Campaigns (Regular Lead generation and Demand Generation, e-News letters, Lead nurturing etc.) Tele Marketing Event Management SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Pay Per Click Lead Generation services Content and Web support services Webinar Organization Marketing Outsourcing & Support Staff for Marketing Projects Custom Application Development ( CRM with email campaign integration and Enterprise software application) Social Media Marketing ( Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • 21. EMAIL CAMPAIGN SERVICESEmail Campaigns:  Proprietary Email campaign platformPioneer Marketers cater to the best of class marketing platform integrated designed based onproducts that today’s digital marketer needs. A huge customer-base worldwiderelies on us to harness the power of email marketing. research  Based upon our client’s needs we use two different campaign tools for conducted on 25+ executing email campaigns. email marketersa) HTML Campaigns: Pioneer Marketers specializes in –  Runs on dynamic Executing email campaigns IP address to Template creation - Designing HTML template with Pre-populated ensure better embedded form deliverability Live Tracking - Campaign tracking which includes leads, clicks, email response and total opens  Easy tracking tob) Text Campaigns: track behavioral pattern of the Specify date and time for each campaign respondent. Provide Pioneer Marketers with the templates or Content for each campaign Our email database is completely permission based. By sending emails only to people who are willing to receive it, you prevent jeopardizing your reputation.
  • 23. TELEMARKETING SERVICES Execute a marketing campaign promoting clients services to its target market as defined by clients.  Call on Target Call List to be researched and provided by Pioneer Marketers.  Perform outbound calls on behalf of Client to the target Business Market as defined by Client. Our agent to work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.  Use Call Script provided by either Pioneer Marketers/Clients AND approved by both parties prior to the start of the campaign.  As discovered, qualify Prospects as appointments / leads based on criteria defined by Client.  Collect Information as defined by Client, when possible for each Qualified Prospect.  Schedule appointments between Qualified Prospects and client’s sales representatives. Scheduled appointments are exclusive to Client’s sales representatives only.Pertinent Information Desired by Client Success Call Criteria  Name of Decision Maker  Prospect must belong to the target industry  Contact Information of Decision Maker (ext., direct line, email, etc.) specified by client.  Company Name  Prospect is willing to meet with the client sales  City representative to discuss the product / services being offered.  Zip Code  Appointments must be done with the decision  Prospect’s specific needs makers.  Best time for Client Rep to Contact Decision Maker  Other qualifications to be defined by Client. Telemarketing Team: Transforming Your Thoughts to Voice
  • 24. EVENT MANAGEMENT & SUPPORTComplete solution to increase event attendance and decrease event cost.By simplifying the event planning, marketing, manage and Measure. Event Planning Managing event  Study intricacies of the client  Identify the target audience  Track email open rates and response  Event attendees list rates  reminders and confirmations  Create customize template  Providing Tell-a-friend functionality encourages invitees to forward the Event Marketing invitation along to colleagues  Customize email templates to match We Pack branding, and save them for future use Measure the event  Send invitations pre show and  Analyze metrics across all events with post show cross-event reports  Personalize communication  Track the success of We Pack email with fields, such as name and campaigns through real-time company, to increase reporting; view which emails were relevance to recipients opened, clicked or bounced back  Different emails to targeted  Export reports in six formats: Excel, groups; PDF, XML, CSV, TIFF, and Web  Modify subject lines and Archive content to analyze which  Sort and filter to customize reports in emails had the highest open real time rate
  • 25. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Your website is the gateway to your business in the modern day global village. Websites have garnered more prominence over the last few years. High visibility on the search engines is regarded as a sign of dependability. Pioneer Marketers offer SEO services, a process of making your prospects easily find your website on search engines. We will help optimize your website in the best possible manner to generate leads through:  SEO Consultancy that gives you a free website analysis using web analytics and competitor analysis  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that pulls pre-qualified visitors to your website from the search engines  Search Engine Submission (SES) that enrolls your website to popular search engines and online directories Keyword Ranking.  Search Engine Compliancy (SEC) that ensures that your website is compliant with the policies of search engines Website Traffic.  Search Engine Ranking (SER) that strives to get higher Increase in "Share of Traffic" per keyword. to your website visibility Increased Revenue/keyword. Lower dependence on Paid Search. Lowering the cost per acquisition.
  • 26. PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING & OPTIMIZINGRESULTS FROM PPC Step 1: Discuss business objectives. Step 2: Conduct initial keyword analysis. Step 3: Identify the keyword/landing page combinations. Step 4: Interim Client Approval for Keyword/Landing Pages. Step 5: Baseline Ranking & Traffic reports. Step 6: On-site & Off-site optimization. Step 7: Detailed Recommendation documents. Step 8: Implementation. Step 9: Monitoring and Optimizing: We provide monthly reporting and optimization recommendations. The reporting is compared to the baseline (or previous month’s results) to identify trends and help guide additional adjustments.
  • 27. LEAD GENERATION SERVICES 1 Targeted list Building : We’ll customize the list build based on your target criteria. 2. Business Intelligence Team: Our team will do a business analysis to ensure the program is successful4.Fax Marketing to Click through & Opens: 3. Targeted email campaign Deployment :Dedicated Fax marketing for all the click through & open Dedicated email campaign will be launched with completereceived from email campaign email campaign benefits  Campaign List Management5. Tele follow-up on Click through :  Live Campaign/Click tracking ReportWe’ll deploy a Tele-marketing team to follow up on all theClick through, response, opens received from campaign.  Dedicated Campaign Manager  Free Email Campaign Content creation & Marketing Support6. Qualifying the lead process:  Html, Text & Rich Text templates creationIdentifying the agreed parameter to qualifying the leads:  Unsubscribe & hard bounce removal. Budget Decision maker Need Timeline
  • 28. CONTENT & WEB SUPPORT SERVICES News • News letter creation and deployment Content • Content Writing and Managementletters Services • Web content management, Articles, Press • Survey Creation and deployment Web releases, Pitches and proposalSurvey Content • eNewsletter Creation & mail out (Tracking • Mini Website development and MicroeNewslet and feeding lists of interested clients to Sites Management ter sales team) • Web Analytics of website visitors and mapping • White papers, case studies, PPT, Training target titles to companies identified via IP Docume materials and business Analysis reportsAnalytic etc. s addresses nt Role of Content in Business Life Cycle
  • 29. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING We tactfully share content and conversations online using tools like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites thereby reducing the cost/lead by 60%. This medium also helps in:  Account Management  Brand Monitoring  Customer Service
  • 30. BLOGS, SOCIAL MEDIA, FACEBOOK, TWITTER,LINKEDIN ETC. Blogs have become the next generation marketing tool to corporate websites. With the use of blogs we will help clients create a dialog with their customers or prospects and explain features of their products and services. This will allow them to share and preview product features, functions, and benefits before the products are released. Pioneer Marketers will setup Blogs for clients and maintain those. Blogs are an excellent way to gather feedback and to make sure products meet the needs of users. Blogs are Basic websites which are updated Regularly by our content team.
  • 31. FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN, TWITTERCreating Profile  Creating Profile  Creating ProfileCreating Fan Page  Integrating Profile with  Post Tweets with SiteIntegrating Profile with Other Other Social Media link(content form the site) Social Media Channels Channels  Following Key influencersPost Updates with links to the  Add Connections  Use hash tags for Keywords Desired Landing Page  Join Groups  Re-tweet influential tweetsJoining Groups & Pages  Targeting & Networking  Post neutral updatesAdding Members & Fans with the Influencers frequently  Starting Discussions in  Create a Twitter Badge &Starting Discussions Groups place it on the Site & BlogsSharing Links  Increase the followers base  Active participation inCreate Facebook “Like” button relevant Q&As constantly & Badge, to place it in the website & blogs  Publish Press ReleasesRun Contests, Promotional  Create Polls Campaigns, Polls..  Submit FeedsYouTube Box (For Viral  Share Presentations Campaigns)  Integrate Blogs to theAdding FBML Tabs profile  Share Links
  • 32. DIGITAL PR • Monitor and evaluate relevant Monitor online media conversations • Engage with key influencers in the Engage blogosphere • Develop corporate blogs, social Develop network sites and multimedia tools • Plan the design of and develop Plan content for corporate websites • Optimize communications for effective distribution in the digital Optimize space
  • 33. Lead Nurturing Plan1 Buying stages: Early, Mid and Late 2 Buyer profiles stage Buying cycle Content Seo Content: Blog posts, Iamges, Diagrams, Presentations and GuestAwareness posts Link bait: Infographics, Calculators, tools PR: Contributed articles White Paper Webcasts, Videos,Education Whiteboard Tutorials White paper and reports Case StudiesConsideration Data Sheets Flash Demos MethodologiesDecision Screen Cast Tutorials Evaluation Guides 3 Content 4 TimingOnline Demos, Seminars ComparisonsWhite paper, Live Demos Free trialseBooks, Technical white papers Case StudiesWebinars Consultation, Pricing
  • 34. PRODUCT MARKETING Pioneer Marketers can promote products at various life cycle’s and create awareness among the potential buyers with complete digital marketing capabilities, cutting edge technology and resources
  • 35. ORGANIZATIONAL CHART CREATION In a complex sales cycle/large account penetration or merger and acquisitions it is necessary to map the key decision makers and their roles and responsibilities. Pioneer Marketers with its unique research team assist our clients to map the reporting authority to win large accounts or acquire new companies
  • 36. OUR EMAIL & DATA COMPETENCIES Data Business Global Online Internet purchasing & Social media Executive Emails habits Business Healthcare Consumer Emails marketing Data 100m Data Daily analysis consumers in databases 120m of how more than 45m+ 36 m U.S. and UK households 200m 25m use executives business 20 m in the U.S. households SocialMedia & the globally ailments in globally Internet emails the UK globally Should we Should I offer Should I send extend credit to this consumer How should we this business? Services for this What Should Should I offer an offer? Reach these Top How well is I offer via ailment? my products to Social Media Decision makers? Email? this consumer? Is Performing? Intelligence
  • 37. Quality Control process SMTP Check Quality Check DNS Lookups Tele verification Sophisticated Web based and email Verification Software Email &Capture quality data via OnlineTele-Verification & verificationPhysical Visits as needed
  • 38. OUR QUALITY – COMPARED TO COMPETITION In a recent audit conducted by we were compared against two top competitors and found the following results: Our Quality Jigsaw D&B Company Name Accuracy 93.8% 90.3% 92.6% Address Accuracy 92.3% 89.8% 91.9% Phone Number Accuracy 84.1% 74.6% 66.7% Industry/SIC Accuracy 70.3% 67.6% 67.9% Employment Size Accuracy 94.9% 93.1% 79.2% Contact Name Accuracy 80.1% 74.8% 74.2% Contact Title Accuracy 83.2% 76.5% 82.7% Deliverability (Email) 90.9% 69.1% 80.6%
  • 39. OUR INTEGRATED MULTI CHANNEL ONLINE SOLUTIONS Customer Lifecycle Segmentation Sales Service Loyalty Retention Prospect Prospect Customer Customer Customer Contact Channels Voice Web Email Chat SMS Customer Service Nurturing OUR Research/ Verify Acquisition Business Technical Support Company Up-sell/ Renewals Multi Channel Development/ Registration & LIVE Call Back & Win Back Solutions Financials Cross-sell Growth Programs Chat RetentionUNIQUE DIGITAL MARKETING Social Media Solutions
  • 40. THANK YOU