Which To Buy? The Logitech Z5500 Or The Logitech Speaker System Z906?


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Undecided if you want to buy the Logitech Z5500? Find out here if the Logitech Speaker System Z906 can be a better alternative and at a lower cost.

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Which To Buy? The Logitech Z5500 Or The Logitech Speaker System Z906?

  1. 1. Which To Buy? The Logitech Z5500 OrThe Logitech Speaker System Z906?By CamriHollandaYou know that the Logitech Z5500 is an excellent speaker system based on the largenumber of praises that owners have given it but unfortunately you find that the price is a biton the higher side and you are looking for something that equivalent to it but at a lowerprice. If that is the case then check out the Logitech Speaker System Z906.Here are some of the feedbacks from owners who have both the Logitech Z5500 and theLogitech Speaker System Z906. I believe that after reading through their reviews, you willbe able to decide whether to put your money on the Logitech Z5500 or the newer LogitechZ906.Here are some of the reviews:Great follow up to the awesome Z-5500!, May 11,2011By William Gilbert (California, USA)One of the best kept secrets in the home audio theater market is Logitechs high-endspeaker line. Traditionally considered a high-end PC speaker system, the immense powerand audio detail that these speakers deliver are a match for many high end, purpose built,home theater solutions.For the past 3 years, I had been using the Z-5500, but when I heard that it was replaced bya new model, I had to give it a try. What I liked most about the Z906 from a specificationperspective was its ability to accept many more optical and coaxial inputs. Also, the morehome theater component looking control box better suited my family room entertainmentsystem.From an audio performance perspective, the Z906 is easily as good, if not better, than theoutgoing Z-5500. At 505 watts continuous, 1,000 watts peak, this system absolutelythunders through my home. The speakers are specifically tuned to work with each other andthe subwoofer, so the sound is rich, clean and full. Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. If you are in the market for a high quality, integrated home theater speaker system, look nofurther. The Z906 is hard to beat and a true upgrade to the much loved Z-5500.Awesome, June 15, 2011By PersaonOne of the better surround sound speakers I have heard in a long time. It is almost thesame as the Z5500 but it has a better bass and slightly clearer satellites. The design isbeautiful and the speakers have a nice build quality.Great Speakers, June 23, 2011By J. PowellFirstly I got these as a replacement for a Logitech Z5500 that had a control pod failure. So Ihave owned and used both systems. Now if you currently have a Z5500 and are thinkingthat these would be an upgrade, they are not and you should not get these. To go from theZ5500 to the Z906 is pointless unless you have to. They both have similar stats and bothsound roughly the same.If you are looking to upgrade to a new set of 5.1 speakers, these are an excellent choice.The satellites sound exactly the same as Z5500. Crisp and clear. Very fluid and a warmsound.Also can get very very loud. They also made them much easier to wall mount by justhaving a bolt hole in the back of it which is an industry standard. They have removed thecloth covers that the Z5500 had but that is just a personal taste thing.Now when it comes to the sub-woofer, here is where the difference comes into play. TheZ5500 has a 10 inch sub, the Z906, an 8 inch sub. You would think that this would causethe system to suffer compared to the Z5500 however this is not the case. The sub-wooferon the Z906 seems to have more of a bass punch to it than the Z5500.While at high volumes however, the Z906 obviously falls prone to being a smaller sub-woofer then Z5500. On bass test tracks it can bottom out or become "farty" before theZ5500 does. So in a sense, it cannot shake up the house/room as much as the Z5500. Itstill CAN shake up the room and cause things to move however, this still is a powerful subwoofer and sounds better than any PC sub woofer out there. But the plus of this system is Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. the punch it gives at normal listening volume. Another plus is the actual size of the subwoofer box.It is almost half the size of the Z5500. Makes putting the sub and also moving it mucheasier. Through design they have kept the great sound of the sub woofer and greatly shrunkthe size of it.The control pod also is redesigned for the better. Its much smaller, doesnt have a brightLCD screen on it that can be distracting, and doesnt heat up like the Z5500. Another note isthat changing the effect mode of the system is much quicker then the Z5500. It happensinstantly, the Z5500 would take about 1 full second to change the effect mode.The downsides of the system are as follows. The remote control feels really cheap. Thebuttons have this plastic "clicky" sound/feel when you press a button. Another is having allthe inputs on the sub woofer instead of the control pod. Which means you have to have allyour devices within roughly 4 feet of the sub woofer. This was probably changed due to thefailure of the control pods but its just a minor complaint.This is an awesome sound system and overall is slightly better than the Z5500 which wasalready an awesome system. Dont listen to all the people who bought this set expecting tobe way better then the Z5500. This is meant to just be newer design. It isnt meant tooutperform or out class the Z5500 at all.Best system EVER!!!!!, May 18, 2012By chandler2121This system is great! Doesnt fall short in the bass thats for sure this system packs aPUNCH! Actually if you were to compare this system to the Z5500 id say its better. It hasmuch clearer sounding satellites, same pounding bass just like the z5500 despite the 2 inchdifference. 5 stars if your debating whether or not to buy this system BUY IT!So what is the recommendation? Scroll downand find out on the next page… Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. In Summary…From the opinions of owners of both the Logitech Z5500 and the Logitech speaker SystemZ906, it looks like the Logitech Z906 is at least comparable to the excellent Logitech Z5500.However many owners has commented that the Logitech Z906 is actually better than theLogitech Z5500.Unless you have owned the Logitech Z5500 and you need to replace it because it is notworking anymore and you absolutely need to replace it with an exact unit, the click here tobuy the Logitech Z5500.Otherwise I would highly recommend the Logitech Speaker System Z906 for the followingreasons: It is almost the same as its predecessor, the Logitech Z5500 but it has even better bass and clearer satellites It is almost a third cheaper than the Logitech Z5500 – real value for your money Simple and easy to setup High quality and solidly build Can be really loud if you turn up the volumeClick here to buy the Logitech Speaker System Z906from Amazon now and enjoy a $29discount plus free shipping. Note – prices, discount levels and other terms and conditionsare subjected to change by Amazon without notice. So act now to enjoy the discounts. Click here or the image above to buy the Logitech Z906 Page 4 of 4