The Boxee Box Is The Best Media Streaming Solution Ever!


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If you are looking to buy the Boxee Box, find out why it is one of the best media box. Owners of the Boxee Box share their experience to give you an excellent idea on what to expect of the Boxee Box by D-Link.

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The Boxee Box Is The Best Media Streaming Solution Ever!

  1. 1. The Boxee Box Is The Best Media Solution Ever!By Twanee PhelpsShould I Buy The Boxee Box?You are looking to buy the Boxee Box but is not sure whether it is the correct gadget to buy ornot. You have read reviews and many of them are from professional reviewers. So now why notfind out the real experience of actual owners of the Boxee Box. Get it straight from the horses’mouth…4.0 out of 5 stars The best media solution ever, May 8, 2012By Avi Burstein (Astoria, NY)Over the years Ive tried a variety of media systems for my ever expanding library of digitalcontent, and the Boxee Box is finally the solution that meets all my needs.My primary use of the Boxee is to play saved video files (not streamed online content) and in thatregard it performs exceedingly well. I have never come across a common video format it couldnot play (although I did hit some obscure formats that it couldnt fast forward through properly).It never skips, stutters, or has codec issues of any kind.It correctly catalogs 99% of my media automatically, pulling in titles, genres, cover art, airdates,synopsis info and even categorizing TV shows into series and seasons properly. The userinterface is elegant and easy to use. My 2 TB media hard drive thats attached to the Boxee isaccessible from my PC as a NAS device so copying files from my computer to the external harddrive is no hassle. Resuming a file that was previously interrupted gives you the option to returnto your last position.Fast Forward/Rewind through a movie is fast and accurate. It automatically keeps track of whatyouve already watched (and its simple to modify when you need to manually change it). Page 1 of 6
  2. 2. Controlling how to view the listings of all your media gives you a choice between a number ofreally nice layouts. "Favoriting" an item is simple and easy. They even got the little things right,like easily toggling between seeing how far into the movie you are and how much time is left.Once you get used to it, the remotes few control buttons are easily accessed by touch so youdont need to look where youre pressing, and it even works when under the covers (usually).Even obscure specialized issues are handled well, like accessing subtitles, or letting you adjustthe audio delay if you encounter a file that has audio-video synchronization issues. They evenhave an Airplay interface so you can send a movie from your iPhone, iPad or from iTunes onyour PC, directly to the Boxee Box and it will pick up from where it was playing on the otherdevice.Unequivocal verdict: For viewing stored digital media the Boxee Box excels like no other.My other main usage is to watch content from sources such as YouTube and Vimeo, and in thatregard it also shines excellently. I use the PC bookmarklet feature to save items when Imbrowsing on my PC during the day, and when I come home later at night, these items are allqueued up in my "Watch Later" folder for easy access. Having the ability to easily play/pause/FFthrough high quality streaming YouTube or Vimeo content with a remote, and not have to use aclunky TV mouse interface is just wonderful.I also occasionally use some of the many Apps that are available, but usually its simpler for meto find what I want to watch using my PC and then just bookmarklet it to show up in the "WatchLater" queue, so I dont bother with those too much. But hundreds of sites have made Boxee Apps(including NetFlix, MLB, YouTube, Flickr, Pandora, The Onion, and all the other well knownmedia sites) that let you access their media content through a much better interface thanclumsily navigating a website through a TV.I dont use it for watching mainstream online content, although I have tested that at times to seehow well it works with streamed content from established media sources like CBS or the like.Some of those sites worked ok, but it was inconsistent, and I havent gone back to that very oftenas the need has not arisen for me.Id wholeheartedly recommend the Boxee box to anyone that has lots of saved media and/orwants to easily stream YouTube or Vimeo content to their large screen TV. It isnt perfect though,and I do have a few minor gripes, but overall I am extremely satisfied with how this deviceperforms. The few gripes are as follows:* Importing extra features of films & TV series into the catalog is cumbersome and not wellimplemented. (They should make a library management program that lets you edit and managethe library from your PC, and then syncs that with the box.) Page 2 of 6
  3. 3. * The keyboard keys on the remote are hard to see in the dark.* Navigating through seasons of TV shows could be improved. (And whyd they take away theepisode synopsis from the full listings?! Now you have to select an episode to see the synopsis.Very stupid design change.)* No Hulu!* The occasional format that it doesnt handle 100% properly. (Its almost always WMV, whichis really not very common anymore.)* Home screen items should be able to be customized. (Cant stand that it keeps trying to pushsubscription services like Vudu.)* Auto shutoff doesnt kick in when online content has finished playing.* System occasionally hangs (once a month or so I have to manually restart it). Badly codedapps also seem to cause the hanging sometimes.5.0 out of 5 stars Finally The Multimedia center, June 5, 2012By ksd "ksd"First i thought it too much money for this device but after i tried WD Live i realized that Boxeebox is fast ,unique, much options to configure, also web browser.Before Boxee box ,i was using PS3 to watch and stream movies to my TV.(Nullriver softwareinstalled on macbook pro) But PS3 doesnt support too many file formats like FLV,MKV andsometimes drop connection and not flawless.After i got Boxee box finally no hassle no freezingno issues at all.Even 3d or 1080p movies over 20gb.You can fast forward or rewind. adjust subtitle ,I read badreviews about boxee box and i disagree with them.No restart no freeze its just cansupport iso,zip files its all you can want from a streaming,multimedia device.Web browser and web search works good and flash support also. But browser its not that goodeven with wireless mouse.there is no shortcut buttons like windows or Mac browsers but its getthe job more thing forward and rewind needs some improvement there is no sensitive adjustmentlike PS3.less you can rewind or forward minimum 8 or 10 seconds or something like that.So i Recommend this product to every one who is looking for really good unit to watch simpleevery file format even iso and zip files also streaming from windows or Mac.I havent use google tv but i tried the other Boxee box is way to go! Page 3 of 6
  4. 4. 5.0 out of 5 stars Best Thing I Ever Bought for My HDTV, March 31,2012By Shawn Simmermon "cynet2k" (Blue Anchor, NJ USA)As this is my first media player streamer I was very skeptical on which to purchase and did a lotof research. It was between this and two others. My brother in law bought one and said he lovedit so I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. I purchased a refurbished one and absolutely loveit so far. I watch everything from TV shows to 1080p HD movies to regular DVDs. It covertsanything and everything I throw at it and its so easy to use. And even if I play a crappy moviethat has the audio sync off, the Boxee has quick and easy adjustment settings that I can make themovie audio sync right in the middle of the movie if I want to. Or if I want subtitles on or offsimple click away.This thing is awesome and I like it better and easier to use then my BluRay player. I amabsolutely amazed at how clear the 1080p is when I stream it. I dont know what some of theseother people are whining about but I love love love this thing. I use it every day.The double sided remote is so easy to use. I watch a lot of my own movies on here and not stuffover the internet but it works with everything and is simple and easy to use and navigate aroundwith and perfect having that qwerty keyboard one side so you can search for things super quick.My mom wants me to buy her one and stream everything to her from my room so that is my nextplan. Ill review back when I do but I see no issue...What You Can Be Expecting To Get With The BoxeeBoxWith the Boxee Box you can expect to get: Intuitive, very easy and friendly interface. Some owners even found the Boxee Box’s interface easier to use than their Blu-ray Converts and plays almost any media format. Awesome two sided remote with a QWERTY pad on the other side for easy typing Cool and imaginative casing design that easily fits on entertainment area and have a tendency to be a topic of conversation with your guests Great job playing local content Plays flawlessly and clearly the 1080p mode. Page 4 of 6
  5. 5. An owner with WDTV Live, Logitech Revue, Acer Revo 3600, and Roku found the Boxee Box to be the best An owner with Google TV and Roku, found the Boxee to be the best of the 3 Able to pull down profile information such as a movie poster thumbnail, synopsis, trailers, and the Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB rating and also cast and crew lists Scans content from the likes of NBC, CBS, ABC etc. to pull down available TV show content Very simple installation and awesome performance. Able to discover NAS and local storage devices.This is a comment from an owner… “for now this is the device to get. I think Imight buy another.” Get yours now. Click on the image below to buy the Boxee Box by D-Link and get a $20.00 discount! (Hurry – while offer still last) Figure 1 - The Boxee Box by D-Link Page 5 of 6
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