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The Birch Tree And Bobby
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The Birch Tree And Bobby


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. The Birch Tree and Bobby A Poem by Winston W Wallace
  • 2.
    • 'Twas twixt twelve and twenty
    • When I believed I had plenty
    • Of everything in the way of hopes and dreams
    • I knew not of men and their schemes
    • I guess I stayed a little girl too long
    • I thought the only music was my song
    • And right always trumped over wrong
  • 3.
    • And evil was just a word I heard in church
    • All that was before I met Bobby Birch
    • I had just turned twenty two
    • When I met this boy with eyes so blue
    • And a smile that would knock you out
    • I was so in love I could shout
    • Little did I know what life was all about
  • 4.
    • Bobby always had that assurance and that cocky walk
    • Boy, did he have that charm and that talk
    • And out of all the college girls he picked me
    • He said he would teach me to be free
    • He said I would be his and his alone
    • Those square old church days would be gone
    • And having fun would replace any sins I needed to atone
  • 5.
    • He would always come over and visit my dorm
    • It was so often it got to be the norm
    • And the chaste life I had once lived
    • Became a memory because I had gived
    • And gave until I could give no more
    • Finally I showed him the door
    • As long as he was in my life I would never soar
  • 6.
    • Or even fly at all
    • I felt about two feet tall
    • He had taken all my self esteem
    • And my little girl dream
    • Of being somebody my town would be proud of
    • I had the spirit of a wounded dove
    • And this pain would be hard to rise above
  • 7.
    • So I left the city and Bobby Birch
    • Went back home and rejoined my church
    • And the sun seemed to shine again
    • Mom started joking about happiness being my twin
    • And Dad said he was glad that twinkle was in my eye
    • I was so at peace I needed to cry
    • But soon it all fell apart and here is why
  • 8.
    • Bobby Birch had not taken me leaving lightly
    • Seems I was in his dreams nightly
    • And he stilled loved me and wanted me by his side
    • He always said together we would ride
    • But I didn't want to be on his train
    • Because he was cruel and insane
    • He would only cause me misery and pain
  • 9.
    • But now he was back and staring in my face
    • My cheeks were flushed and my heart started to race
    • You should not have left me he said
    • You are going to wish you were dead
    • Then he grabbed me and threw me in his trunk
    • It was dark and it stunk
    • It reeked of empty beer cans strewn in with the junk
  • 10. And clutter of Bobby's old car This loser wouldn't get far Surely someone had seen him abduct me Surely the police will capture him and I will be free But time passed as we roared through the dark I started thinking about dying and leaving no mark Suddenly the car started slowing and I though he was going to park
  • 11.
    • The old car sputtered to a stop
    • Soon it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop
    • Bobby slowly got out and started to whistle in the night
    • I had never known such fear or fright
    • He slowly opened the trunk lid with his key
    • And in the darkness his face I started to see
    • He was coming at me with a knife screaming “ I'll set you free”
  • 12.
    • He thrust it into my body again and again
    • “ This will atone you from all your sin
    • No woman ever leaves Bobby Birch
    • Soon you will be lying dead in that church
    • All dressed up in your coffin with people filing by
    • Your family will cry and the old men will sigh
    • As they bid you that final goodbye”
  • 13.
    • " Honey, it's time to wake up and get out of bed"
    • In the nightmare those words my mother said
    • “ Come on sweetheart you must have been having a dream
    • You were thrashing about so hard you tore the pillow seam
    • And look at those covers all over the floor
    • It's a good thing I heard you through the door
    • Let's get ready for church and I won't mention it anymore"
  • 14.
    • I told my twelve year old friend the next day at school
    • About the nightmare I had and she looked at me like a fool
    • " Oh, you have such an imagination" she said
    • That story would frighten the dead"
    • That night Dad was reading the paper to me and Mom
    • “ Hey here is a story about a fellow taking his girl home from the prom
    • Man this story is a bomb"
  • 15.
    • "It just blows up in your face
    • How could stuff like this take place
    • It happened over at Centerville late last night
    • Two lovers got into a quarrel and then a fight
    • His girlfriend stabbed him to death beneath the tall birch
    • His name was Bobby and tomorrow they will file by him at the church
    • It looks like for the girlfriend they still need to search"
  • 16.
    • I am just sitting here playing with my dolls in the house
    • School is out for the summer and it's quiet as a mouse
    • The leaves are dark green on the trees
    • And down in the meadow the flowers are attracting bees
    • The Earth spins around and everything has its place
    • I see love and contentment on every face
    • I am happy to be a little girl in the human race
  • 17. The End