High Tech-High Touch RPO: What the Doctor Ordered for Boehringer Ingelheim
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High Tech-High Touch RPO: What the Doctor Ordered for Boehringer Ingelheim



Learn about BI's talent solution journey and how their partnership with Pinstripe allowed them to drive ambitious HR strategies through data-driven decisions and hiring for key skills.

Learn about BI's talent solution journey and how their partnership with Pinstripe allowed them to drive ambitious HR strategies through data-driven decisions and hiring for key skills.



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High Tech-High Touch RPO: What the Doctor Ordered for Boehringer Ingelheim High Tech-High Touch RPO: What the Doctor Ordered for Boehringer Ingelheim Presentation Transcript

  • High Tech-High Touch RPO: What the Doctor Ordered for Boehringer Ingelheim SERVICE DELIVERY: SD1 Presented by: Corry Ioli and Sue Marks
  • About Our Presenters Corry Ioli Sue Marks Executive Director of Talent Management and Talent Acquisition CEO Boehringer Ingelheim @corryioli Pinstripe & Ochre House @SueMarks #TalentMindset
  • Today’s Agenda • • • • • About Boehringer Ingelheim Business and HR Strategic Plans BI’s Talent Solutions Journey Driving Decisions With Data Addressing Your Questions & Comments
  • Value Through Innovation
  • Aligning Talent Strategies to the Strategic Plan
  • Boehringer Ingelheim BI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Ridgefield, CT (Prescription Medicines, Consumer Health Care, Research & Development) BI Vetmedica, Inc. St. Joseph, MO (Animal Health) BI Fremont, Inc. Fremont, CA (Biopharmaceuticals) BI Roxane, Inc. Roxane Laboratories Columbus, OH (Generics and Distribution) Ben Venue Laboratories, Inc. Bedford Laboratories™ Bedford, OH (Sterile Injectables)
  • Trust, Fairness, Development: Together with our employees, we are creating the future of Boehringer Ingelheim Talent management •We foster ongoing employee development through our global talent management approach •Integration of Learning Agility from selection to succession Leadership development •Our global leadership development programs will develop leaders who set direction, lead innovation, lead and manage change, lead people & deliver results to ensure the sustained growth and independence of the company •To deliver on our talent management goals, leaders have to be committed to developing and coaching employees and focusing on identifying, growing and developing future leaders Diversity and inclusion •We believe that diversity in our workforce fosters innovation, supports decision-making and increases our attractiveness as an employer •Diversity represents the differences and similarities between people, inclusion brings together diversity to make the company better and stronger because of each employee
  • BI’s Talent Solutions Journey Overcoming Common Misperceptions
  • MYTH: RPO providers are only good at high volume hiring solutions.
  • REALITY: BI & Pinstripe created a customized solution equipped to deal with complexity.
  • Roles in Partnership Scope • Science: Research, Development and Medicine • Sales and Marketing • Validation • Environmental Health & Safety • Regulatory Affairs • Quality • Clinical Research/Affairs • Supply Chain/Logistics • Sourcing/Purchasing • PR, Governmental Affairs/ Communications • • • • • • • • • • Manufacturing/Production Legal IT HR Engineering/Site Services Business Development/Services Administrative Ethics and Compliance Accounting/Finance Consumer Health Care
  • BI Executive Director, Talent Management & Acquisition (1) BI Talent Acquisition Operations Management (3) Pinstripe Client Service Management (2) Enabling Functions Pharma/ Commercial Model Science – R, D & M Technical/ Manufacturing BI TA Manager BI TA Manager BI TA Manager BI TA Manager Pinstripe Recruiters (3) Pinstripe Recruiters (6) Pinstripe Recruiters (7) Pinstripe Recruiters (6) Pinstripe Talent Acquisition Coordinators (12) Pinstripe Reporting & Compliance Analyst (1) College & Diversity Recruitment Team (Pinstripe 2) BI (1)
  • MYTH: RPO providers are transactional vendors chosen to cut recruitment costs.
  • REALITY: BI & Pinstripe were eager to form a consultative partnership.
  • Maturity of RPO Partnerships
  • MYTH: It is the sole job of the buyer to drive change efforts.
  • REALITY: Pinstripe brought BI experience driving successful change & transitioning between RPO providers.
  • Basic Transition Checklist  Clearly define expectations of incumbent provider, new provider and internal organization.  Inform incumbent provider of transition.  Create Interim Recruiting Contingency Plan.  Host transition meeting with all parties.  Catalog all “knowledge transfer” from incumbent.  Take or transfer ownership of database and third-party tools/partnerships.  Incentivize incumbent provider to continue performing.  Continually assess progress and adjust as necessary.
  • Successful Change Management Stabilization Expectations Partnership Evolution Early Stage Performance Rhythm * “Raving Fans” Leading & Differentiated Solution * 6+ Months 3-6 Months Responsiveness & Correction * 0-3 Months • Four week post-launch correction • Learning Curve • Address Applicant Flow • Hiring Manager Assimilation • Correct Process Assumptions • Tweak Service Delivery Model • Achieve Productivity & Quality of Hire SLA targets • Technology Productivity • Differentiated Local Marketing & Candidate pipelining • Continuous Improvement • Competitive Edge for Candidates • Employment Brand Differentiation • Leading Social Media Strategy • Beating Hiring Managers expectations for performance
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. • Identify and customize communications for each stakeholder group. • Clearly define expectations: 30-, 60- and 90-day. • Tap a representative sample for voice-ofcustomer sessions; satisfied, unsatisfied, active and inactive hiring managers. • Provide several methods for questions and feedback, but one central internal contact. • Include host in all communications between providers. • Document and share all conversations, meetings and agreement exchanges.
  • MYTH: Using an RPO provider dilutes your employment brand.
  • REALITY: Pinstripe brought BI a renewed focus on Candidate & Hiring Manager experience.
  • Impression Center • Enhances BI’s employer brand in the communities they serve. • Augments dedicated recruitment teams. • Creates positive candidate and hiring manager experiences through: • Immediate availability. • Single call resolution. • Unprecedented responsiveness. • Eliminates candidate black hole.
  • The Impression Center "I have done a lot of phone interviews in the last month and you have the best candidate experience. You really make me feel like I am a human being by giving me that extra time."
  • Bridge Team • Manages the gap between an accepted offer and the candidate’s first day. • Background checks. • Drug screens. • Reference checking. • Onboarding. • Clearly defined approach ensures compliance and mitigates risk. • Acts as central point of contact for all candidate, hiring manager and vendor management. • Ensures high-touch candidate experience.
  • Hiring Manager Surveys • 707 Hiring Manager surveys sent out – August 2013 • Previous Survey November 2012 (6 months after Pinstripe engaged) • No previous metrics • 58% Response rate (412) • Improved ~ 10% from 9 months previous in every recruitment area! • Planning & Administration • Execution of Recruitment Plans • Candidate Quality & Diversity
  • MYTH: RPO providers only perform transactional recruitment.
  • REALITY: Together, BI and Pinstripe consider end-to-end Talent Acquisition & Management.
  • Building the BI Brand & U.S. EVP • • • Created microsites across all business areas and the BI Cares Foundation US EVP team focused on the “Employee Experience” : Culture, Learning & Career Development, Total Rewards & Meaningful Work US aligned with global EVP and Corporate Brand
  • Diversity Recruiting & Unconscious Bias
  • MYTH: Achieving SLAs are the only goal of an RPO provider.
  • REALITY: BI and Pinstripe are committed to shared leadership accountability
  • Transactional to Transformational Traits of a Shared Accountability Partnership • Moving beyond SLAs • Complete Transparency • Mutual Respect • Access to Senior Leadership
  • MYTH: RPO providers are tied to specific technologies.
  • REALITY: Pinstripe helped BI choose best-in-class technologies and implement transparent analytics.
  • Talent Relationship Management Technology Platform
  • Taleo Technology Implementation Results No, 23% ATS was easy to use Yes, 81% 4% point increase in Satisfaction
  • Employee Referral Program Re-launch Goal Increase hires from Employee Referrals to decrease of costly sources of hire and an increase of employee retention.
  • Driving Decisions With Data
  • Driving Diversity Though Social Recruiting Sharing your Employment Brand and Company Culture Building an Engaged Talent Community Candidate Communication & Customer Service
  • Understanding the Labor Market Data-driven conversations around skill, demographics and availability.
  • Using Predictive Indices
  • Oncology Launch Project Launch Meeting 20MAY 2013 1st Hire Date 18MAR 2013 Kick-Off Call 3DEC 2012 Position Posted 10DEC 2012 2nd Hire Date 8APRIL 2013 Areas of Focus •Sales experience •College education •Previous choice employers •Source of hire – direct source focus •Competitive salary – reduction in agency spend
  • Hiring Activity Dashboard Year Opens Fills TTF *2012 2,797 2,840 46.7 2013 1,707 1,368 58.6 From 2012 to 2013, the following sources of hire increased: Direct Sourcing- 53% Career Fairs- 40% University Recruiting- 15%
  • Quality of Hire and ROI on Source of Hire • Track new hire data annually to identify key trends in quality of hires based on the source of the hire Metrics include performance and retention rates for the 1st year and adding in potential after the 2nd year with the company
  • What’s Next?
  • Talent Acquisition ABCDs Achievements Benefits • Scaled and ramped as needed to support changing • Talent Acquisition RPO Model can successfully scale up/down…quickly! As we continue to hire versatile talent and cross train staff, we’ll increase depth and subject-matter expertise across the team. Solid partnership with TAMs – increasing engagement with HRBPs. volumes and priorities throughout 1st year of partnership. Continuing to stabilize and optimize Seeing improvements across the board with regard to Overall solid HM feedback from 2012 Satisfaction Surveys Successfully supported PM launches and expansions Added key hires across the account • • • • • • Strong performance against agency competition. Proving we can fill them just as fast if not faster and much cheaper. Do Next Concerns • Hiring Manager “complacency”/lack of urgency • Team retention – no flags but always on watch to make sure we’re retaining top talent. • Regional Challenges to identifying talent – need more intel and targeted/customized/creative sourcing solutions. • • • • • • • Diversity focus Targeted recruitment plans Enhanced communications Hiring Manager/New Hire Surveys Recruiter Scorecards Establish standardized reporting Talent Analytics Function
  • Continuing the Journey
  • Q&A
  • Thank You & Contact Us! Corry Ioli corry.ioli@boehringer-ingelheim.com @corryioli Sue Marks smarks@pinstripe.com @SueMarks http://www.pinstripetalent.com/resources/case-studies/