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ADP MOTM 2009 - "Now is the Time!"
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ADP MOTM 2009 - "Now is the Time!"



Presentation at ADP's Meeting of the Minds conference in March 2009

Presentation at ADP's Meeting of the Minds conference in March 2009



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ADP MOTM 2009 - "Now is the Time!" ADP MOTM 2009 - "Now is the Time!" Presentation Transcript

  • Now is the Time!
  • Your Presenters Today Sue Marks CEO A well-known founder of the recruitment processing outsourcing (RPO) industry, Marks has helped client organizations turn themselves into recruiting powerhouses, upgrading their talent and increasing their success in the market. Sue is the founder of Pinstripe, the privately held Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm focused entirely on talent acquisition and management issues critical to corporate executives. Over the span of more than two decades, in every role she has played throughout her career—Entrepreneur, Board Member, CEO, Operator, Strategist, Leader—she has embodied a focus on the future and remained an industry visionary and thought leader.   She received her B.S. is business administration from Marquette University, where she recently received Marquette University College of Business’s Entrepreneurship Award and is an annual participant in YPO’s prestigious Executive Education Program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Business. She has been the recipient the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and has received HRO Today Magazine’s HRO Superstar designation for four consecutive years from 2006-2009. Anne Nimke Co-founder and Executive Consultant Anne Nimke is a seasoned veteran in the world of RPO, talent strategy and performance improvement. Adept at creating staffing models, Anne understands solutions need to align with the strategic objectives of the business to achieve an organization’s maximum performance capacity. She has an extensive experience developing talent lifecycle strategies, driving employment branding and positioning, aligning recruitment and on-boarding initiatives, and ensuring sustainable performance through process change, integrated technology and metric development. Anne's experience includes leadership roles at Miller Brewing Company and other Fortune 500 organizations and RPO leaders; a cum laude graduate of Marquette University. She is past president of MMSHRM, SHRM State Conference Chair, and currently Vice Chair of RPO Alliance and member of HROA and the SHRM Staffing Special Expertise Panel.
  • About Pinstripe
    • Pinstripe, Inc. designs, builds and manages high-performance, large scale talent acquisition solutions. For clients in industries that include financial services, technology, telecommunications, healthcare and others, Pinstripe’s innovative approach to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) integrates sourcing, recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, and engagement into a complete, end-to-end outsourced acquisition and retention solution.
    • For healthcare organizations, Pinstripe’s Healthcare Group offers the provider-side experience it takes to help clients reduce their recruitment and labor costs while continuing to provide the highest quality of patient care. Pinstripe’s Project Search Group offers on-demand hiring solutions that allow companies to choose from discrete modules of service—using just what they need, when and where they need it. Clients choose services that best complement their existing capabilities, while controlling the overall costs of recruitment.
    • For more information, visit
    • www.pinstripetalent.com and
    • www.pinstripehealthcare.com
  • 31 Customers 2,300,000 resumes sourced 31,223 hires 5,650,000 candidate interactions 213 cities Scope of full-scope RPO
    • What is impacting today’s recruiting and hiring?
    • Strategies for today and tomorrow
    • Q&A
    Agenda – Now is the Time!
  • Polling Question - Audience
    • Please describe your current role:
      • HR or Recruiting Leader
      • Recruiter
      • HRIS/HRIT
      • Hiring Manager
      • Other
    • Talent is strongly linked to superior financial performance
    • A Fortune 500 company can realize a $70m-160m bottom line increase, with a 10 point increase in its Talent Quotient
    • 70% of value of NASDAQ is Intellectual or Intangible Asset Value (IAV) a complete reversal from just over a decade ago; 50% of total American capital markets
    Talent Impacts Financial Performance Comparing the Best and Worst HR Systems Bottom 10% Top 10% Employee Turnover 34.09% 20.87% Sales Per Employee $158,101 $617,576 Market Value to Book Value 3.64 11.06 % Jobs filled from within 31% 53% % with formal staffing plan 3% 48% % qualified for >1 job 2% 63% # Hrs training for new EEs 3 5 Hewitt Study Huselid Study
  • Re-strategize…Why bother?
    • Economic and Business Conditions - Paradox
      • Significant “staffing need” changes
      • High unemployment may result in too many applicants
      • Talent shortages by skill and geography
    • Demographic Trends Point to a 11m worker shortfall
      • 15% fewer 35 to 45 year olds; Baby boomer retirements
      • Vacated jobs + newly created jobs = 33 to 55m open positions
      • 11m to 23m person talent shortage by turn of the decade
    • Domestic and Global War for Talent
      • Offshoring; Remote workers to electronic; Immigrants; Working 24x7; Job migration; Global talent supply chain
    • Cost of Replacing Talent
      • Retiring Talent; Turnover; # years of work experience lost
      • It takes 2 new employees to replace 1 skilled worker – Forrester
    • Communicate to 5 Generations in the Workforce
      • New ways to communicate
      • More demanding candidates and employees
  • Now!
    • Optimists see job growth as soon as spring,
    • With the economy losing only about 750,000
    • more jobs between now and then.
    • Pessimists predict the economy will keep
    • losing jobs until late next year or 2010, with
    • additional losses of well over 2 million jobs,
    • bringing the peak-to-trough decline to more
    • than 4 million. - BusinessWeek, “Is the Jobs Panic Justified?” 12/10/2008
  • Geography of the Recession
    • First level, Calibri 24pt, gray
  • Yesterday and Today
  • Current Market Behaviors
    • Organizations are in cost cutting mode
      • Focus is clearly on 2009
    • There is less urgency to address the recruiting challenges of 2007 and 2008
    • Organizations are focused on addressing specific and immediate problems - targeted solutions or outsourcing
    • Large-scale strategic initiatives are being deferred due to the cost of investment
    • Drivers for evaluating a Recruitment Process Outsourcing solution remain the same
      • Variable cost structure, improve candidate quality, and shorter time to fill
    • Issues are you facing?
    • Right NOW!
    • Fears for the future….
    What’s keeping you up at night?
  • Impact of Economic Downturn
    • Harmed
      • Limited resources
      • Uncertainty, both for hiring organizations and candidates
      • Relocation problems – home sales impact willingness/ability to move
      • Increasingly poor quality of candidates
    • Helped
      • More talent available; “their loss is our gain”
      • Less competition enables organizations to better position to attract talent
      • Uncertainty decreases attrition
    RPOA Study Fall 2008
  • Now…is the Time!
    • A downturn can give smart companies
    • a chance to upgrade their talent!
            • McKinsey
    • Redesign jobs (even as you execute headcount reductions)
    • Protect your training and development programs
    • Measure and make decisions based on talent needed now and in three years
    • Invest in maintaining internal brand – no matter what
    • Even though hiring may decline, quality of hire increases during a recession
  • Polling Question - Audience
    • How concerned are you about effectively
    • recruiting the best talent right now? (pick one)
      • Not concerned at all
      • Moderately concerned in all job/skill areas
      • Some areas very concerned & in other areas NOT concerned
      • Very concerned in all job/skill areas
  • What to do now?
    • 5 Things to Start Today
      • Enhance your brand
      • Measure your results
      • Innovate your process and mobilize technology
      • Know your costs and alternatives
      • Be nimble – change when it is necessary
  • 1. Enhance your brand
    • Remember there are 5 Generations in the workforce
    • Use Web 2.0 to promote your unique employee relations, culture, investments
    • Know what the public knows about you
    • Insure exceptional candidate care & communication throughout the process
  • Generations in the Workforce
    • Veterans
      • “ Work First!”
    • Boomers
      • “ Live to Work!”
    • Generation X
      • “ Work to Live!”
    • Generation Y
      • “ Live, then Work!”
    • Generation Z
      • “ Live/Work NOW”
    • Gen Z: Born 2000+
      • Millennial
      • Gen C - “click and connect”
      • Gen V - “virtual”
      • Gen Now - immediacy
      • Gen@ - MySpace Generation
  • Social Networking Usage Trends
    • We have found that current employees are the most widely used and are by far the most trusted source of information about organizations for candidates. Unfortunately, only 24% of employees actively promote their organization in the labor market.
            • Corporate Leadership Council
    • Trust in “a person like me” has more than tripled, from 20% in 2000 to 68% in 2006. Edelman Trust Barometer
    • Level 1: Minimal collaboration. Density creates value.
    Web 2.0 Taxonomy
    • Level 2: Collaboration adds value, which drives traffic and adds density
    • Level 3: Collaboration creates value, which drives traffic and density
  • Blogging
    • Smaller Companies fair better
    • Inbound marketing activity had 62% lower cost than outbound
      • Blogging,
      • Social media,
      • SEO and
      • Pay-per-click
    • 75% found blogs useful, important or critical and
    • 75% blog at least weekly
          • HubSpot
  • Companies don’t control the message
  • Every Candidate is Your Customer
    • … Or Your Potential Customer!
    • Either way you want to leave them with a positive
    • feeling toward your company…
    • Enable auto emails
    • Don’t string them along
    • Post only real openings
    • Be honest about your company an their status
      • Be nice even if you have to say “NO”
    • Show what is GREAT about your company and this position
    • Survey them about thier experience
  • 2. What Gets Measured Gets Done
    • Cost per hire
    • Volume
    • Time to fill
    • Source analysis
    • Funnel ratios
      • (leads to interview, interview to hire etc.)
    • Satisfaction of new employees/hiring managers
    • Recruitment Efficiency Ratio
      • (Total staffing costs/total compensation of new hires) x 100
    • Analyze effectiveness regularly…make it routine!
    • What you measured annually do quarterly…
    • What you measure quarterly do monthly!
    • Hiring Managers define quality for recruitment….
      • Knowledge, skills, ability
      • Attitude, motivation
      • Culture fit (organization and department)
    • Recruiters who feel Hiring Managers don’t
    • understand recruiting
    • Hiring Managers who feel Recruiters don’t
    • understand the jobs they are trying to fill
    Who defines what’s “RIGHT”? 57% 63%
    • First level, Calibri 24pt, gray
    Find the “Best” Qualified Not “First” Qualified
  • Missing Quality and HM Expectations
    • Unclear success profile
      • The hiring managers expectations were not identified clearly at the onset of the staffing process
    • Poor quality sources
      • Candidates having the characteristics to meet the hiring managers pre-hire expectations were not represented in sufficient numbers in the candidate pool
    • Lost quality due to poor responses
      • The staffing process did not react fast enough to hire the candidate who best met the hiring managers expectations before candidate found employment elsewhere
    • Poor selection
      • Staffing process rejected candidates who possess characteristics that would meet the hiring manager’s expectations
    • Mis-fit
      • Ramp-up, productivity and results not achieved because suboptimum hire was selected
  • Recruitment and Staffing Metrics
    • Quality of Hire = PR + HP + HR / N
      • PR = Average job performance rating of new hires
      • HP = % of new hire reaching acceptable productivity with acceptable time frame
      • HR = % of new hires retained after 1 year
      • N = number of indicators
  • 3. Innovate Process and Mobilize Technology
    • Review processes and systems environment
      • Do they support the needs of your hiring managers
    • Utilize the functionality you already have
      • Only 12% of ATS’s have their “auto-emails” turned on
      • Retrain staff on current & new ATS functionality
      • Enhance your career site
    • Know and deploy new options available in automation and self-service
      • eQuest/JobViper (Automated Job Posting Distribution)
      • Jobs2Web (Requisition SEO)
      • SkillSurvey (Automated Pre-hire 360 Reference Checking)
      • TalentDrive (Sourcing and TRM System)
  • Accelerate Your Process Dramatic increase in job seekers – Adjust your posting/adv strategy & Increase pro-active “sourcing strategy” for hard to fill positions Review knock-outs in screening questions. Increase selectivity. Refine validated/other assessments & move earlier in the process Automate screen/interview scheduling & customize screening questions to the position Candidate Application Online Assessment Recruiter Phone Screen/interview Hiring Manager Interviews Offers Starts Improve interview-to-offer ratio saving hiring managers time All done faster, cheaper, and with a great candidate experience Cascade Background Checking Automate Reference Checking Begin new employee engagement on “start date” with automated on-boarding Active & Passive Leads
  • 4. Know Your Costs and Alternatives
    • Address today’s needs AND build recruiting and staffing delivery model for the future today
    • Calculate the current cost of administration
      • Are you surprised at the cost?
      • Measure Total Cost of Ownership
    • Seek to reduce the complexity of your environment
    • Identify strategic alternatives to the status quo
      • Model business case for each alternative
      • Analyze feasibility/attractiveness of options
      • RPO is one of the most proven area of HR Outsourcing success
  • Total Cost of Ownership
    • Cost per hire may not include all your “workforce acquisition costs”
    • Review all hiring paths and their costs/quality
      • Temporary help
      • Temp to hire fees
      • Agency costs
      • Recruiting from within
      • Independent contractors
      • Candidate travel and lodging
      • Relocation expenses
    • Travel and lodging costs should be managed more closely
    • Costs may be hidden in cost centers and line items
  • Leverage the market
    • Review your posting strategy and contracts
    • Agencies and staffing providers need your business
    • Consolidate vendors
      • Build partnerships
      • Gain value-adds
    • Mobilize free-advertising
    • Consider outsourcing alternatives
      • Efficiencies available
      • Move costs to professional services line item
      • Increase flexibility for now and scalability for the future
      • Secure technology without capital investment
      • Gain access to best practices
  • 5. Be Nimble evolve or transform. status quo is not an option. now is the time!
  • What does it take?
    • Awareness
    • Leadership with a sense of urgency
    • Role-modeling a candidate, internal customer and employee-centric vision
    • Accountability and rewards
  • “ We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” Max Depree Author, CEO
  • Take-aways
    • Thank you for your
    • time and attention.
    • Sue Marks
      • [email_address]
      • 877-797-3379
    • Anne Nimke
      • [email_address]
      • 877-797-3379