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Published in Design , Entertainment & Humor
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  • 2. MY DECONSTUCTIONS The four films I deconstructed were Trainspotting, Inception, War games and The Dark Knight. Each of the films contains a male main role. In War games there two of them, and in the dark knight theres four. It shows there can be a mix of both groups and independence. They all involve a problem that needs to be solved, if it be due to the characters actions or whats already happened.
  • 3. What do the opening two minutes of your film deconstruction have in common? All of my films have a element of mystery in their first two minutes. This is evident in War Games and The Dark Knight as these opening scenes involve gun action, but why? The audience is unsure. From the first two minutes of Train spotting involves, drugs, sex, rock and roll. Its a thriller film noir so doesnt necessarily relate to the other deconstructions. But this attracts a wide audience. Interception involves gun crime as well, in a mysterious foreign location. This as all the other deconstructions creates fear of the unknown.
  • 4. What is established in the first two minutes? In the dark knight it is hard to establish whats going on. We can see that guns are involved. These people with masks on have broken into a sky scraper and have a mysterious bag... Of what we dont know. In Train spotting we can establish the main character is on drugs, he lives for drugs and he lives in the rough areas of Edinburgh. In interception, we establish that the main character is vitally hurt. And is being hunted down (and found) by a Japanese army. In War Games, the headquarters are in an unknown location and revealed to no one but the undercover army. They entre through a mirror and use guns for protection.
  • 5. Similarities in the four technical codes: SOUND Use of diagectic sound occurs in Interception and War games in the opening scene. Trainspotting uses non-diagetic as the main character talks over the scene The Dark Knight jumps in straight away with the se of intense, slow climax music. Interception uses non-diagetic sound as it builds up emotional tension.
  • 6. MISE EN SCENE All the deconstructions involve stereotypical dress. In Trainspotting the rough looking man wears off white vests with old jeans and worn down shoes. The other deconstructions use clothing that fits the part. In the first two minutes of War Games shows the clothing and gives us an idea about what they do.
  • 7. CAMERA WORK Both War Games and The Dark Knight contain tracking shots as the establishing shot. This allows the audience to get an idea of the scene there set in. They all use close-ups to get the characters emotion. Shot reverse shot is used frequently as well to show expression and the moods of the overall setting.
  • 8. EDITING Inception uses continuity editing throughout, this gives us the vague idea of time. But it jump cuts to different scenes showing non-continuity editing. The other deconstructions all use this, to give a more diverse impact. It also allows different scenes to be addressed from different characters point of view quickly. Keeping th film at a fast, thrilling pace.
  • 9. WHAT MY GENRE RESEARCH SHOWED ME From my REASERCH: Genre research I could see through the decades the most important and constant factors through all thriller films are the use of diverse story line. These story lines are accompanied by characters who build up sympathy. A super villian is also connected with the main character. Making their live evolve in an unlikely way.
  • 10. WHAT I HAVE LEART I conclude that thriller films ‘thrill’ the audience from start to finish, the story line usually involves a victim/s and a villain/s. These characters fight in a unknown world, through relationships. Both non-diagetic and diagetic sounds are used in the first two minutes. The first two minutes usually contain a mystery introductions to possible characters in action and the problem they face. Like Trainspotting and Inception. Gun crime is used in all f my deconstructions. For various reasons, self defence and for questionable harm to others. This shows thrill straight away.