PAFJO-TMJ 4th scientific seminar invitation


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PAFJO-TMJ 4th scientific seminar invitation

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PAFJO-TMJ 4th scientific seminar invitation

  1. 1. DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING OF THE TMJ<br />Mariejecelle Diño - Lim, DMD, MDS (OMFS), MD, FIAOMS, FPAHNSI<br /> In principle, clinical examination of patients with TMJ disorders should always be done before imaging is considered. Findings of the clinical examination are the basis for deciding whether or not imaging should be undertaken and also for choosing the type of imaging that is appropriate. It is usually very difficult to determine the status of the joint by the findings of the clinical examination alone. Therefore, further study is needed to assess the status of the joint accurately and the next step after clinical examination should be imaging.<br /> This presentation aims to give an overview of the different diagnostic imagings employed for TMJ including their values and limitations. It also attempts to discuss their possible applications in the management of patients with TMJ or TMJ related problems. <br />WHEN 3D MAKES SENSE IN TMD CASE<br /> Jerry Limkaco, DDM<br /> Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) is used in Dentistry for imaging related to several procedures, including temporo-mandibular joint evaluations. The 3D views provide better visibility of structures as well as pathologies affecting the surface morphology of the TMJ areas that are often difficult to read and understand in 2D images. This presentation will provide an overview on the applications of CBCT imaging and its benefits to patient diagnosis for temporomandibular dysfunctions.<br />Dynamics of Occlussion and Its Relation to Symptoms of TMD<br />. James M. Sagawa, DDM<br /> It is important to remember to rule out caries and periapical pathology from the differential diagnosis. Once caries has been restored or abscess treated, persistent pain or pain that focuses on musculature must be evaluated as an occlusal problem or TMD. These are the typical situations where treatment is rendered but symptoms still persist and cause the practitioner frustration and feeling of helplessness. These are the experiences that have made me look for a straightforward and practical approach in order to get results in a timely and methodical manner. <br /> Therefore my intention of sharing a simple and methodical approach may alleviate some of these fears of “something” immediately. My approach combines the philosophy of canine-guided function and its role in treatment of the majority of TMD related symptoms.<br />8:00Registration<br />9:00 Invocation <br /> National anthem<br /> PDA Hymn<br />9:15 Welcome Remarks: <br /> Dr. Delia A. Castillo<br /> (Chairman, 4th Scientific Seminar, Secretary)<br /> <br />9:20 Opening Remarks: <br /> Dr. Judith T. Haban (President 2011) <br /> <br />9:25 Overview of the Topics for 4th Scientific Seminar<br /> Dr. Jean H. Tating ( President 2004 / <br /> Chair, Continuing Dental Education) <br /> <br /> 9:30 SNACK <br /> <br /> 9:45 Introduction of 1st Lecturer:<br /> Dr. Luz Paglinawan (Secretary to the President)<br /> <br />9:50”Diagnostic Imaging of The TMJ”<br /> Dr. Mariejecelle Diño - Lim<br /> <br /> 11:00 Introduction of 2nd Lecturer: <br /> Dr. Joel Vergel de Dios<br />11:05 “When 3D Makes Sense In TMD cases”<br /> Dr. Jerry Limkaco, DDM<br />12:15 LUNCH<br />1:00 Hands - on On Cone beam ct scan & 2d digital tmj<br /> Dr. Jerry Limkaco, DDM<br />1:45 Introduction of 3rd Lecturer<br /> Dr. Edna H. Pe (President 2009)<br />1:50 “Dynamics of Occlusion and Its Relation to <br /> Symptoms of TMD”<br /> Dr. James M. Sagawa, <br /> 3:05 SNACK<br /> 4:45 Election of Officers 2012<br /> 5:00 Closing Remarks: <br /> Dr. Apolinario A. Alzona (President Elect 2011) <br />RAFFLES<br />Dr. Liezl M. Ceballos (President 2008)<br />Moderator<br />Dr. Maria Cecilia T. Alcaraz<br />Dr. Melecio Osias<br />E M C E E S<br />REGISTRATION DETAILS: <br />Limited Attendance <br />Pre-reg: P 1,800<br />On site reg: P 2,500<br />PAYMENT CAN BE MADE THROUGH:<br />Any Metro Bank Branches<br />Account No. 007-067-50846-3<br />Acct. Name: PAFJO-TMJ, Inc.<br />*Must email or surrender Deposit Slip with<br />1. Your name & contact number<br />2. Status–Member or Non-member <br />Or Email to –<br /> <br />For Details:<br />PAFJO HOTLINE: 09237259440/ (02) 3482613 <br />Dr. Judith T. Haban - 0917-9997755<br /> 0922-8758476<br />Dr. Delia A. Castillo - 0917-8453728<br /> 0922-8999114<br />Dr. Jean H. Tating - 0922-8098578<br />PAFJO - TMJ, Inc. 2011 Officers<br />Dr. Judith T. Haban<br />President<br />Dr. Apolinario A. Alzona<br />President-Elect<br />Dr. Joycelyn Frances L. Esguerra<br />Executive Vice –President<br />Dr. Ma. Cristina S. S evilla<br />Vice President- Luzon<br />Dr. Julie Ann B. Divinagracia<br />Vice President- Visayas<br />Dr. Ma. Lourdes M. Coronacion<br />Vice President- Mindanao<br />Dr. Delia A. Castillo<br /> Secretary<br />Dr. Mary Jean G. Garcia<br />Assistant Secretary<br />Dr. Luz A. Paglinawan<br />Secretary to the President<br />Dr. Catalina B. Pullan <br />Treasurer<br />Dr. SHiela O. COBcobo <br />Assistant Treasurer<br />Dr. Isabel Allyn D. Mendoza<br />Auditor<br />Dr. Ma. Elena R. Osias<br />Dr. Ma. Janet V. Capulong<br />DR. Divina Gracia C. Nueva<br />Dr. Jose Joel M. Vergel de Dios<br />Dr. Maria Cecilia T. Alcaraz<br />Dr. Love Joy I.. Paras<br />Board Directors<br />Dr. Juseline C. Geronimo<br />Dr. Joseph L. Catipon<br />P.R.O.<br />Dr. Liza Grace Taa - Cu<br />Ex-Officio<br />Dr. Rene U. Lasquite<br />Dr. Herminia P. Chavez<br />Dr. Ma. Lourdes M. Coronacion<br />Dr. Jean H. Tating<br />Dr. Joyce Michelle A. Reyes<br />Dr. Rico T. Calingasan<br />Dr. Liezl M. Ceballos<br />Dr. Edna H. Pe<br />Past Presidents <br />PHILIPPINE DENTAL ASSOCIATION<br />PHILIPPINE ASSOCIATION<br />OF FUNCTIONAL JAW ORTHOPEDICS –TMJ, Inc.<br />(PAFJO-TMJ, INC.)<br /> 4th SCIENTIFIC SEMINAR<br />Hands-On & Demonstration<br />&<br />Election of officers 2012<br /> Theme:<br />“Clinical Assessment of the Most Common TMJ Imaging Modalities.”<br />August 30, 2011<br />8:00 AM- 5:00PM<br />Venue:<br />Century Park Hotel, Harrizon Plaza, Manila<br />This serves as an invitation<br />