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  • 1. DENTAL WIZARD® PATIENT EDUCATION PROTOCOLOVERVIEWThe Dental Wizard is a set of 3D animated tutorials with voiceovers in English or Spanish. The tutorials explainvarious dental procedures in simple terms. The program is (1) in DVD format that can be played in a DVD-readycomputer drive or in a DVD player or (2) available online as a link from the dental practices web site or a portalavailable through DigiDentist.WHEN TO USE THE DENTAL WIZARD • Prior to a procedure such as a filling or a crown. • Anytime a patient is alone in the room, waiting for an X-ray, treatment plan, etc. • Anytime a patient asks about a specific procedure.Note: Always put an entry in the chart, e.g. “Shown Dental Wizard Perio tutorial”, to avoid showing the same tutorialto the same patient on subsequent visits.EXAMPLES • An emergency patient is told he needs a root canal. While you’re entering the treatment plan, ask the patient, “Do you have any questions about root canals?” or “We have a short tutorial explaining root canal treatment. Would you like to see it?” If the patient does, show him the Root Canal tutorial. Do the same for Crowns, Perio, or any other procedure that was mentioned by the doctor. • A new patient’s treatment plan includes periodontal care. Offer to show the Perio tutorial. This can be shown while you’re entering the treatment plan, or when you follow the doctor to the next room before the Treatment Coordinator comes in. Also, all patients receiving prophy care should be shown the Cleaning tutorial. • A hygiene patient has incomplete treatment. The hygienist can say, “I notice you haven’t had that crown done on the left side. Do you have any questions? I have something about crowns you may like to see while I’m working.”SUMMARYThe Dental Wizard is a useful tool for your practice. Many patients may think they know about a specific procedure,but they don’t really understand. Others are afraid to ask. Use of the Dental Wizard will help patients appreciate thetreatment more, as well as to encourage follow-up questions and help insure comprehension.Watching the Dental Wizard also gives patients something to do while they’re waiting. Consider showing them theVeneers or Implants tutorials, for future reference.