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Pinmanee charunmethee for agency

  1. 1. * * *Pinmanee CharunmetheePi Ch th Pinnynoy ピンニー p // /p y y CRAFT FAIR
  2. 2. Current statistic in social media Pinnynoy’s stat in social media as of August 11 S.No 1. 1 Pinnynoy’s Bio and Facebook fans + friends 3 2. Pinnynoy’s followers on Twitter 4 3. Pinnynoy’s blog via and 5 4. Pinny’s Portfolio 6-9 5. Pinny’s Personal Data 10 CRAFT FAIR
  3. 3. Pinny’s Biography and Facebook’s stats CRAFT FAIRPinny is considered to be a beauty bloger,Fashionista, appreviewer, appvisor, news gadget hi i i i dreporter of, columnist for PCtoday.She is held responsibility especially for iPhoneapplication segment She is alsoone of team. Plus, Shes working as a gSenior Social Media Marketing Executive for TRUEDigital Content and Media Co.,Ltd.Furthermore, she is willing to learn to get moreknowledge regarding neo-devices and always love toupdated new trend of various gadget all over theworld and also love to explore her beautyexperiences to try all kind of cosmetics. Facebook Friends counter As of August,2011 Pinny ピンニー 2,542 2 542 friends Aug.2,2011 Aug 2 2011 Pinny ピンニー(Group) 514 members group Aug.2,2011Pinny ピンニー(Fans Page) 469 Fans Aug.2,2011
  4. 4. CRAFTThe Power of Social Media FAIRPinny’s Followers on TwitterSince joined in social media as twitter on MARCH 2010 her followers 2010,are continuing increased due her activities (tweets).At present, her followers are remaining at 4,697 followers (As ofAugust.2,2010) and tendency is continuing increased every steps.
  5. 5. Power of Social Media via Blogger CRAFT FAIR Pinny’s stats on ( blog)As the stats below, they’ve shown that her visiting stats from readers are alwaysincreasing like a skyrocket no matter what she’s wrote on her blog, the readersare always pay attention to read. Especially, when she recommended something asproducts or gadgets. htt // i f htt //hit 11 lti l
  6. 6. Interview @ FM102 Nation “Social OK” CRAFT FAIR Appreview Team were interviewed on 25 June 2010Radio Host : @Joe9L9 and @phrommin
  7. 7. Mashable : Social Media Day CRAFT FAIROrganized Mashable : Social Media Day ( Mashable Happy Birthday) in BKKThis event was created by # y #MkttwitAt Bugs and Bee restaurant Silom on30 June 2010.We used hash tag #smday #Bkk #mkttwitfor this event in that day
  8. 8. Pinny’s Portfolio CRAFT FAIRMystery Shampoo Campaign• Attending for MysteryShampoo campaign(Pantene)as one of 30 Celebrities and well-known beautyblogger to experience with new Pantene formulaand attending th workshop at M k Th i H i d tt di the k h t Mark Thawin HairAcademy.
  9. 9. Pinny’s Portfolio CRAFT FAIRHTC Gendriod Academy (Pull Man King Power)• Organized this event for HTC (Thailand) onJuly.31,2010• This event was extremely successful with 300upattendees also almost well-known 10 speakersregarding android knowledge.• Pushed hush tag (#HTCday+ #appreview) at 1st Ranking in that day
  10. 10. Pinny’s Portfolio CRAFT FAIRWyne in Motion (3D Live Projection by Sansiri) ( @SansiriPlc)• Organized this Campaign via social media as Twitter forSansiri (S i i (period 3 5 S i d 3-5 Sep 2010)• This event was extremely successful with Ranking and well-known in social media.(Talk of the town)• We Pushed hush tag (#Wyne) in at 1stRanking in that day.
  11. 11. Pinny’s Portfolio CRAFT FAIRLive Report [ Apple’s Fall 2010 ] on Sep.2,2010• Live report Apple event for new product on Sep.2,2010• We Pushed hush tag (#appreview) in at 1stRanking in that day.• Also, I was mentioned as ranking #12 in that day whichWoodytalk was 16th and Kalamare 20th .
  12. 12. Lunasol : Autumn 2010 workshop CRAFT FAIRAttending Lunasol New Collection workshop : Autumn 2010• Auroral Purification : new collection from Lunasol under branding Kanebo- JAPAN)• Venue: TAISIN SQUARE 5th fl. // Date : Sep.12,2010
  13. 13. Silpa Bhirasri Day : 15 Sep 2010 CRAFT FAIRSilpa Bhirasri Day on Sep.15, 2010 // 118 years of Prof. Silpa BhirasriFounder hash tag #Silpakorn and Pushed hash tag #SilpakornTo 8th ranking in thaitrend I was mentioned in top 20 mentioned as 19th ranking for that dayvia provided the information regarding Prof Silpa Bhirasri and also Prof.provided his biography.
  14. 14. #ThaiFlood: 18 Oct 2010 CRAFT FAIR#Thaiflood since this disaand ster in has occurred I am mentioned as 8th ranking in thaitrendHash tag #ThaiFlood be held the 1st ranking i th it ki in thaitrand d d due t fl d to flood disaster in Korat.And I was mentioned in this situation as 8th ranking in thaitrend also I was mentioned in top 20 mentioned as 10th and 9th ranking on that day. The main activity is report flooding news in korat from news reporters from nation as @pranot @noppatjak and local news reporters like @capitellum he is the orthopedic doctor for Maharach hospital)
  15. 15. Act as GURU for Truevision67 Gsquare CRAFT FAIR She is also act as IT GURU and GJ for “Appgang” Truevision67 (Gsquare) every Sunday 17.00-18.00 and Social Media GURU for “SNNgang” True67 as well same time every Wednesday SNNgang Wednesday. Gsquare is considered to be an interactive TV on internet and Cable TV which is broadcast on http://tv truelife com/g2/appgang and and on Truelife Mobile Application on smartphone.
  16. 16. To be Interviewed by CRAFT FAIROn 14 Feb 2011, She was interviewed, a location-based websitewhich can added food recommend andrestaurant location +food review.Interview Topic is regarding to“The best restaurant for Valentine’s for TheTwitter Celebrity”
  17. 17. To be Invited to F&F Grand Opening in BKK CRAFT FAIROn 2 Mar 2011, She was invited to be abeauty blogger guest by F&F Brand i F & F inonline Fashion show Grand Opening atCentral World with PuYisme, a well-knownbeauty blogger in Thailand.
  18. 18. To be a part of Hot 9 Blogger for OLAY Campaign CRAFT FAIR To attended OLAY campaign since 13 Mar 11 as one of 9 hot blogger in Thailand with TOPIC “ What women want? ” This campaign is launching on OLAY Facebook Fanpage
  19. 19. To be Interviewed in CRAFT FAIR To be interviewed and published in on 18 Mar 11 ( Commart ) Page view: 1,069
  20. 20. To be a Social Media Speaker for CRAFT FAIR
  21. 21. To be a part of Nivea Hydra IQ campaign CRAFT FAIR To attended Nivea Hydra IQ campaign. This campaign is launching on Nivea Thailand Facebook Fanpage and p p g as text + VDO y content. Page View : 676 views // Share on FB : 75 Shares
  22. 22. Joined with “THE BLACKLIST” CHEDI Chiangmai CRAFT FAIR To be invited from Johnnie Walker Thailand to join the “THE BLACKLIST” CHEDI Chiangmai as an exclusive blogger to attend the exclusive party with Mr.Apisilp Trunganont or @MacroArt Product Mr Apisilp Manager of (Pantip 3G Project)
  23. 23. Only one Thai Blogger to Join Microsoft CampaignCRAFT FAIR To be invited from Microsoft Operation Pte.Ltd. Singapore to join campaign “X-men First Class Stunt School in New York with Hotmail” at Hollywood Stunts School in Brooklyn during 16 22june2011 in NYC as a 16-22june2011 representative of Thai Blogger.
  24. 24. MC for iMarketing 10.0 Launch at B2S CTW CRAFT FAIR To be perform as MC for iMarketing 10.0 Event Launch at B2S CTW on 23 July 11
  25. 25. MC for IT iTrend by Thaiware “Cloud Computing CRAFT FAIR To be perform as MC for IT iTrend by Thaiware “Cloud Computing” at K SME Knowledge Center on 30 July 11
  26. 26. Pinny’s Personal Data CRAFT FAIRContact me• Name : Pinmanee CHARUNMETHEE Age : 27 Yrs• Nickname : Pinny but known as[Pinnynoy]• Log in (bloggang/pantip/Jeban): Fly_Misaki•• Tel : 087-352-6254 *089-789-3998• W b bl Web blog :http://www.pinnyforever.comhttp://pinnynoi.wordpress.com• Twitter: @pinnynoy• Facebook :• Fans Page: facebook com/pinnynoy• Linkedin :
  27. 27. Thank you Pinny from appreview Make up tutorial blogger & appreviewer CRAFT FAIR