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Globalizing gen z through social media and web tools virtcon modified
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Globalizing gen z through social media and web tools virtcon modified


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Presentation at DEN Spring VirtCon …

Presentation at DEN Spring VirtCon
April 20, 2013

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Globalizing Gen Zthrough Social MediaandWeb ToolsKathy BeckApril 20, 2013
  • 2. Proposal for DenSpringVirtConGlobalizing Gen Z through Social Media and Web ToolsA session that explores web tools aligned with Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy,connecting Common Core, ISTE/NETS standards, and research skills whileshowcasing collaboration tools for 21st century global student competence.Educators will benefit from understanding these connections and exposure toweb tools and strategies to integrate into instruction.Presenter:Kathy• Twitter @pinktechgirl• Blog -• Websites––– Technology CoordinatorIredell-Statesville•
  • 3.
  • 4. Characteristics of Gen Z1. Speed Demons- a generation that has grown up oninstant gratification with instantaneous Google answers-Age of AADD-Acquired Attention Deficit Disorder- OnDemand is the New Normal2. Community Organizers and Curators- Born socialthrough social nets befriending and interactingKey Behaviours: Share, Express and Consume3. Open Books-Personal information is shared with littlethought to privacy4. Micro Miners-Information broken down andcondensed- think tumblr and twitter5. Self-publishing
  • 5. For Businesses: Gen Z is6. Not Brand Loyal - Instead, the product itself is what’s important, regardless ofmarketing campaigns.7. Age of the Curator - Generation Z is doing the same with every other purchasingdecision. The result — what you see them wearing, watching, and reading — is theirown curated version of the world. There is no hiding from Generation Z. They areextreme curators, sharing and panning everything from movies to books to clothes(and eventually, cars, home furnishings and health care plans).8. Enhance and Enable Curation - What does Generation Z care about? Finding andsharing the best stuff in the world. They aren’t just consumers, they are curators. Theynot only discover brands and products but they evaluate them with brilliantobjectivity, sift through them, and share the results. Please a Generation Z-er withyour particular product or service and you’ll earn your biggest supporter. As a result,marketers need to make it easy to share what their Gen Z customers love. FromFacebook “Likes” to branded tweets to Polyvore’s brand expression collages, it’s neverbeen easier to share your opinion online.
  • 6. Socialnomics
  • 7. Connect Globally to Collaborate
  • 8. Partnership for Global Learning
  • 9. Webinars for Global Learning
  • 10. Global Learning
  • 11. Taking it Global
  • 12. Global Learning Partnerswww.gng.orgGlobal Nomads Groups "is an international non-government organization that creates interactiveeducational programs for students about global issues."http://www.epals.comepals is a K-12 online community for meaningful learning. More than half a million educators andmillions of learners across 200 countries and territories safely connect, collaborate and build community.www.iearn.orgThe iEARNs non-profit website "enables teachers and youth to use the Internet and other technologiesto collaborate on projects that enhance learning and make a difference in the world."http://www.globalschoolnet.orgThe purpose of Global School Network is to "engage teachers and students in meaningful projectlearning exchanges with people around the world.“Partnership for Global LearningTaking it GlobalGlobal Learning
  • 13. Blooms Digital Taxonomy
  • 14.
  • 15.
  • 16. CreateAppWeb ToolCreate a Comic App
  • 17. CreateAppWeb Tool
  • 18. Quote from ISTEThe International Society for Technology in Education“Comics are a great tool for engaging struggling learners, andwhen students use technology to create their comics, theybuild both digital age and traditional literacy skills.”“Illustrating the story helps students with visual literacy, whichin turn helps them express their thoughts; develop a storyline;and strengthen their reading, writing, and analytical skills.”“Comics can help students at all levels overcome reading andwriting difficulties by improving their literacy skills in anenvironment that fosters learning, collaboration, andcreativity.”
  • 19. CreateAppWeb ToolAnimoto Video Maker
  • 20. CreateWeb Tool
  • 21. CreateAppWeb ToolZooburst App
  • 22. Create
  • 23. CreateAppWeb ToolPictureBook
  • 24. CreateAppWeb Tool
  • 25. CreateAppWeb ToolPuppet Pals
  • 26. CreateWeb Tool
  • 27. Animate it
  • 28. CreateAppWeb ToolVirtuoso Piano
  • 29. CreateAppWeb Tool
  • 30. CreateAppWeb Tool
  • 31. Deeper Learning
  • 32. EvaluateAppWeb Tool
  • 33. EvaluateAppWeb Tool
  • 34. Evaluate• Use BrowserWeb ToolInstagrok
  • 35. Evaluate• Use BrowserWeb Tool
  • 36. Evaluate• Readability levelWeb Tool
  • 37. Evaluate• Use BrowserWeb ToolOolone
  • 38. Evaluate• Use BrowserWeb Tool
  • 39. EvaluateAppWeb Tool
  • 40. EvaluateAppWeb Tool
  • 41. EducationalTrends
  • 42. AnalyzeWeb Tool
  • 43. AnalyzeAppSimple Mind Mapping
  • 44. AnalyzeAppWeb Tool only be Viewed on iPad
  • 45. AnalyzeAppWeb Tool
  • 46. AnalyzeAppWeb
  • 47. 7 Habits of HighlyEffective TeachersWho useTechnology
  • 48. ApplyAppWeb Tool Rover Browser
  • 49. Combine a Voki Activitywith Solve the Outbreak
  • 50. Voki
  • 51. ApplyAppWeb Tool Use Flipboard to view Thinglink How Here
  • 52. ApplyWeb Tool
  • 53. MotivateStudents
  • 54. Gamification of Education
  • 55. Gaming in EducationEnter social video games as asolution — immersiveenvironments that simulate real-world problems.Today, technologically eagerschools are replacing textbooklearning with social videogames, and improving learningoutcomes in the process.
  • 56. Gaming
  • 57. UnderstandAppWeb ToolPolldaddy
  • 58. UnderstandAppWeb Tool Kiosk
  • 59. UnderstandWeb Tool
  • 60. Literacy in America
  • 61. RememberAppWeb Tool
  • 62. Wallwisher is now PadletPadlet
  • 63. RememberAppWeb ToolBag the Web Bookmarklet
  • 64. ApplyAppWeb Tool theBagTheWebbookmarklet on theiPadCheck out this Bag
  • 65. RememberAppWeb ToolScoop It! It!
  • 66. RememberAppWeb ToolScoop It! It!
  • 67. RememberAppWeb ToolPinterest Pinterest
  • 68. RememberWeb Tool
  • 69. How Teachers are using Pinterest
  • 70. RememberAppWeb ToolLiveBinders LiveBinders
  • 71. RememberAppWeb ToolLiveBinders LiveBinders
  • 72. RememberAppWeb ToolQR Codes
  • 73. RememberAppWeb Tool codes at KaywaScan codes at i-nigma Reader
  • 74. RememberAppWeb
  • 75. RememberAppWeb Tool
  • 76. Apps Gone FreeApp
  • 77. 555 PlanWhat are you going to do with what youlearned?What are you going to do in the next 5days?What are you going to do in the next 5weeks?What are you going to do in the next 5months with what you have learned?
  • 78. Resources• Partnership for Global Learning:• Global Learning:• Global Learning Solutions:• Global Learning for Educators Webinars:• Global School Net:•
  • 79. Infographics and Videos••••••••
  • 80. WebTools• Make Beliefs Comix -• Animoto -• Zooburst -• Xtranormal -• Isle of Tune -• Popplet -• InstaGrok -• Oolone -• WolframAlpha -• Text2Mindmap -• Tagul -• Tagxedo -• Voki -• Thinglink -• PollEverywhere -• Lino -• Padlet -• Bag the Web -• ScoopIt -• Pinterest -• Livebinders -• Kaywa -• Inigma -• Symbaloo -
  • 81. iPad Apps• Create a Comic-• Animoto -• Zooburst -• PuppetPals -• Animate It -• Virtuoso Piano -• Isle of Tune -• Popplet -• WolframAlpha -• Simple Mind Mapping -• Word Cloud -• Rover Browser -• CDC -• Thinglink - Use Flipboard to view Thinglink• PollDaddy -• Vote Kiosk -• Lino -• Bag the Web -• ScoopIt -• Pinterest -• Livebinders -• QR Reader -• Scan -• Symbaloo -• Apps Gone Free -
  • 82. Presenter InformationKathy Beck North CarolinaAbout Me• I have a BS in Elementary Ed and Psychology from the University of Pittsburghand MA in Educational Media and Instructional Technology from AppalachianState University. I have taught elementary students, taught in a computer lab,and now work as an Instructional Technology Coordinator currently serving 7schools, and working with teachers and students collaboratively on projectsintegrating technology. I have a real passion for finding tools and resources tohelp teachers integrate technology into their classroom instruction. My photois from Spirit Week at one of the middle schools I serve. Its all about thePINK!!• Contact Details• Twitter @pinktechgirl• Blog -• Websites–––
  • 83. Presenter InformationKathy Beck North• Contact Details• Twitter @pinktechgirl• Blog -• Websites–––– Resources gathered by me, in collaboration with many teachers.– Special Thanks to Media Coordinator Extraordinaire - Karen Van Vliet– Please contact me if I can assist you in any way – or if you would like me to presentthis or additional content.