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ConnectM Offers “Energy Management Solution”
ConnectM offers its Energy Management solution (EMS) which optimizes any organizations’
energy consumption up-to 30%. ConnectM EMS provides justification of the sustainable
positive business impact. This significant business impact is powered by state of the art
Analytics based EMS technology.
• Optimized Energy consumption for lights
• Analytics & Self learning algorithms based decision making
• Switch OFF Delay, Seasonality of organizations & functions, time based
analytics, behavior based (Organization, Groups, projects, etc.,)
• Powered by Energy Management Software, Enterprise Solution Engine, Enterprise
Command Center, Energy Gateway, Energy Saver
• Wireless networked, Unique Network ID for all elements of network
• Value Added Features: Security Analytics, Fire Analytics, Productivity Analytics,
Real Estate Analytics, “As Is Condition”

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ConnectM Wireless BMS

  1. 1. Wireless E-Building Management System
  2. 2. E-BMS System Architecture ZigBee ZigBee AHUs CTLR CTLR Chillers ZigBee ZigBee Precision CTLR AC CTLR Plant room equipments ZigBee ZigBee TFAs CTLR DGs CTLR ZigBee ZigBee UPS CTLR CTLR Energy & Water Meters ZigBee Co-ordinator Application ServerNote:1. Each Controller (CTLR) has its own in-built I/Os and necessary communication ports
  3. 3. What is a Energy-BMS (E-BMS) System “Energy BMS is a Intelligent system designed to address all the energyconsuming assets in buildings or any other infrastructure for the purpose of measuring, monitoring, controlling and conserving Energy Save Control Measure Monitor BUILDING
  4. 4. 1. HVAC Plant Optimization SystemPlant Room equipments are designed to meet the cooling requirement of the building in aworst case scenario of climate and occupancy. The load in the building is a function ofinternal and external load factors and is hence dynamicPlant Room Optimization System is an external system that helps map operation of PlantRoom equipment to exactly meet building load and hence ensure that equipments areoperation in their best possible efficiency zones. Chiller COP Chiller 1 6.00 5.00 4.00 Chiller 2 3.00 2.00 Chiller 3 1.00 CHW pump 0.00 100% 90% 80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% Typical Plant RoomBenefit to User :1. Plant Room Equipments operate to closely map building load. Chillers operate in their best possible efficiency zone for operation.2. Energy Savings of 6% - 10% on Plant Room Energy Consumption
  5. 5. 2.Chiller Performance and Health Monitoring  Chillers are the single most energy consuming equipment in the plant room and in the entire building.  Chillers have a dynamic efficiency which is highly dependent on condition, quality of maintenance, water quality and other operating parameters  Monitoring of Efficiency and Capacity of this equipment gives a real time information about the condition of the equipment and alerts incase of abnormal energy consumption Benefit to user : 1. Real time monitoring of chiller capacity, energy consumption and Efficiency 2. AMCs of the equipment can be performance based that just being a functional AMC 3. On availability of third party integration card other parameters can also be remotely integrated Chiller 1 Chiller 2 Chiller 3 CHW pump Chillers are the most energy consuming Asset in a Building. Their energy consumption is dynamic in nature
  6. 6. 3. Intelligent Indoor Lighting Control based on OccupancyLighting contributes a significant amount of energy consumption in any building.Occupants in buildings generally use their workstations / cabins with about 65 – 70%occupancy levels. This offers a high potential to save on lighting in the occupied areaThe Occupancy cum Day Light sensors offered with the E-BMS help take advantage ofthis variability and availability of Day Light to save lighting energy.Benefit to User :1. Net energy savings on lighting energy. The solution takes advantage of workspace variability in buildings2. Day light harvesting in areas where natural light is available
  7. 7. 3. How Indoor Lighting Control works Occupancy cum Day light sensors provide the information for Lighting on/off Actual Installation
  8. 8. 4. HVAC Low-side Operations optimization  Occupancy information as a strategy is used to control the Start & Stop operation for Small HVAC equipment such as Split units and Cassette units.  Scheduling is used as a strategy to control other low side equipments like AHU, Package Units.  Any saving on the running hours for low-side equipment offer direct savings on low-side energy consumption on low-side equipment and indirect saving on High side. Benefit to User : 1. Energy saving on low side as well as high side equipment on account of optimal start, stop operation.
  9. 9. 6. DG Set Health and Performance Monitoring DG sets operate on expensive fuel, the cost of power generated out of DG set is morethan double the cost of EB power. Hence DG set efficiency has a significant impact onmonthly energy bills even if they are operating for a very small period of time. DG Set Energy Management Modules monitors, DG Set energy generation monitoring DG set fuel consumption Specific fuel consumption of DG Sets to know Power generated per lit of fuel used. DG Set efficiency monitoring DG Set fuel tank level indicator Benefit to User : 1. Monitoring of DG set efficiency on real time. Minimize minimize monetary impact of inefficiency of DG Sets 2. AMCs of the equipment can be performance based that just being a functional AMC 3. On availability of third party integration card other parameters can also be remotely integrated
  10. 10. 7. Data Center Precision AC Health & PerformanceMonitoring (Temperature, Humidity, Energy) Data Center PAC’s on account of the 24x7operation significantly contribute to the energybills and are critical to operations team. Monitoring of energy consumption andoperation of individual PAC units is of utmostimportance to identify energy consumption inthe data centre and identify abnormal patterns.The Data Center PAC energy managementmodule includes, PAC Energy Consumption of each unitAverage Energy consumption for PACData Center Temperature monitoring & Alarmusing Temperature sensors. A third party integration card is required forthis purpose Benefit to User : 1. Monitoring of energy consumption and operation of each PAC on real time. Minimize minimize monetary impact of inefficiency of any unit 2. Monitoring of critical temperature parameters in the Data Center
  11. 11. 8. UPS Performance and Health Monitoring Uninterrupted power supply system play a very important role to provide uninterruptedback-up power for critical areas in buildings. Their monitoring for operation and performance parameters is important to ensuremaximum availability and low O&M costs. The UPS monitoring module includes monitoring of operating parameters like, Voltage and frequency % Loading Temperature in the area Health monitoring & Predictive DiagnosticsA third party integration card is required for this purpose Benefit to User : 1. Monitoring operating parameters and alarms for UPS using Modbus or SNMP communication hardware. 2. Predictive Diagnostics on UPS helps avoid major break-downs
  12. 12. 9. Energy Sub-metering in the Facility It is of high benefit to a facility owner / operator if E-BMShe has information about the energy consumptionin this facility, plant or factory at sub zonal levels. Floor Level Energy These levels could be at equipment Consumptionlevel, building level, area level, floor level, zone Smart Meters (Wireless)level like lighting on each floor or AC on each floorand so on. Equipment Level Understanding of the distribution of energy Energy Consumptionconsumption helps user identify areas of high and Smart Meterslow priority with regards to his energy costs (Wireless) Benefit to User : Plant Room Energy Smart Meters Consumption 1. Energy Sub-metering to understand (Wireless) energy consumption distribution in the facility. Data Center 2. Analytics based on this information Energy Consumption Smart Meters (Wireless)
  13. 13. Thank you for your timeThank YouConnectM Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.ConnectM Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd.4th Floor, KMJ Arcadia,5th Block, KoramangalaBangalore – 560095.U