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Forever too far pdf

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Forever too far pdf

  1. 1. Forever Too Far pdfTo download now please click the link below. promised her forever... but promises can be broken.Torn between his love for his family and his love for Blaire, Rush has to find a wayto save one without losing the other. In the end one has to be more important.Letting go isn’t easy.
  2. 2. Blaire believed in her fairytale... but no one can live in a fantasy.Her love for Rush and desire to have a family keep her believing that they can finda way for this to work. Until she has to make the right decision for her and thebaby. Even if it breaks her heart.Can they find the forever that they both want or has it all just gone... too far?Reviews"Forever Too Far" by Abbi Glines is the third book in the "Too Far" series of books.There are some parts of it that overlap with scenes that occur in "TwistedPerfection", the first book in the spin-off series, but I feel that "Forever Too Far"can still be read by those whove never read the spin-off.Im giving this third book a 4.5 out of five stars, rounding it off to a five sincethere are no halfsies in Goodreads. ^.^ The story of Rush Finlay and Blaire Wynncontinues and I was happy to see that both lead characters relationships withtheir fathers have reached a point of forgiveness and acceptance.We see the return of a lot of characters from the previous books as well as theintroduction of a handful of them. I still cant stand Nan and Im glad Grant stoodfirm near the end of the book. Fingers crossed that he and Harlow are able to havetheir story told next. ^.^The negatives, as far as I was concerned, were Blaire running off again and Rushrunning after his wacko sister again. I wouldnt be surprised if the next book (ifthere is a next one!) will be titled "Running Too Far". Hehehe!If the series were to end with "Forever Too Far", at least itll be on a high note, asfar as Im concerned, what with this third book being my favorite of the three. ^.^Not all the issues were resolved but Im assuming the author will take care of theremaining ones in the spin-offs.
  3. 3. Abbi Glines you are heaven sent in my book world! I started to fall in love withyour books after i read the Vincent Boys; since then you have become one of myfavorite abuthors. I always check your upcoming books:)Im not going to dish out too many details, I dont want this to spoil It for anyone.I just finished this book literally a minute ago and its now 147am in SF. I knew Iwouldnt be able to put this down til Im finished. I have had a bad case of theRushCrush. I honestly fell inlove with his and Blaires love story all over again. Iswooned&squeed so much! Damn it why is he so darn sweet! Best ending for theirstory. *sigh* but I know theyll make appearances in other books so Im not thatsad. I cant imagine a better version.Now Im freaking excited about Grant;) Ive always been curious about him sincehe appeared in the book, hell I even wanted to be his love interest:)) so when Iread more of him I got excited over the roof and Im sporting a huge idiotic grinthat I believe I will carry to sleep! I cant wait for his book. Hes my not so-gentlenice man;) rawwr!I love this series and I will add it to ny paperback collection:) now I dont knowhow long It will take me to get over this and move on to another book.This was an AMAZING end to a great trilogy. its hard not to give spoilers b/c Iwant to talk about everything but ill go with what everyone already knows...Blaire is amazing.. it amazes me how strong she is with every thing that has beenthrown her way. I was happy to see her stand her ground and make amends withsome things..Rush... well what can I say about him.. in the first book we werent to sure abouthim until the end.. the second book we loved him and how he stepped up.. inForever Too Far we will love him even more.. I know Rush type guys are few andfar between but we need more guts like Rush.. the way he takes care of Blaire(not just in Forever) is amazing...
  4. 4. Nan.. well Nan is still a bitch... nothing new about that... the child needs to growup and stop acting the a spoiled brat..Woods & Della make some appearances.. Della more then Woods... I wont go intofurther details b/c that would include spoilers but OMG...Dean Finlay (Rushs dad) is introduced.. I love Dean, just sayin :)I have even comed to like Abe.. you really see a different side of him in this book..and last but not least.... Bethy.... I still love Bethy and would like to know herstory somewhere down the line...up next we have part 2 for Woods and Della. if the ending to Forever is anyindication Simple Perfection is going to be awesome..then we will have Grants story.. I kinds hope Nan stays away... I know who Imrooting for but I cant say!!Anyways I hope everyone who reads Forever Too Far enjoys it as much as I did.. Ihad a smile the entire time.. may have even cried a little (shhhh dont tellanyone).. Abbi you did an amazing job on this trilogy and it couldnt have endedmore perfectly!Very rarely do I finish an Abbi Glines book unsatisfied and content, and this bookwas no different. After reading the first two books in the series, I was(im)patiently waiting for the final installment. Luckily, being the crazy woman Abbiis, we didnt have to wait long and thank the lord for that. Forever Too Far wasperfect. It wasnt over-dramatic. It had the perfect amount of steam, and mademe fall in love with Rush and Blaire all over again. It was all wrapped up nicely,leaving me content with the series coming to an end. Since its been a big secret I
  5. 5. wont indulge the name of the baby, but I will say that I was all giddy and excitedwhen I read it- it just so happens to be my sons name. As usual, Abbi, fabulousjob!When I first found out that Glines would be writing another book for Rush andBlaire, I was equal parts elated and nervous. Of course after reading FOREVERTOO FAR, I couldnt imagine not having this book for them. FOREVER TOO FAR hasits share of drama, but there is also plenty of romance and a few surprises.I was really happy with the ending of Never Too Far. I felt like Blaire and Rushwere settled, happy, and ready to move forward with their Happy Ever After. Dontworry...theyre still madly in love, but there are still a few issues they need to getthrough. Can you guess which "issues" those would be? If you guessed Nasty Nan,you would be correct. Shes causing trouble for everyone. Rush still feels tornbetween his loyalty to his family and his responsibility and love for Blaire and theirfamily.Rush wouldnt be Rush if he didnt make mistakes. While, there were a few timeshe made me mad, I have to say that in a way I understood why he would a senseof obligation to her. Nan is a very troubled person and the fact of the matter is,she is his sister and he does love her. In the end, I felt proud of Rush that he didwhat he needed to do for Nan, but his priority is and always will be Blaire.Another thing I loved about this book was getting to know a few new characters.We get to know Rushs dad, Dean, a bit better. I loved him. He was funny, butalso super to sweet to Blaire. I felt like he really did value his relationship withRush too. Kiro is Nans father and we meet him in this book as well. Hes a rockerthrough and through. Hes not all that nice to Nan, but shes not an easy person tolike. And I admit, Im not a fan of his right now, but he does seem to be good toHarlow, his other daughter. As for Harlow, OMG...I adore her!!!! Shes so sweet.Basically, the polar opposite of Nan. I cant wait to get to know her even better.There is another new character that is introduced and Im curious to see if Glineswill do anything with his character down the road. He has me intrigued.I have to mention the original supporting characters too. I think Grant is myfavorite in this series. Hes going through his own set of issues. I am absolutelyDYING for his book. Youll understand why after you read this one. We also get to
  6. 6. see Woods and Della. It was interesting to see a different perspective on Woodsand Dellas relationship. There are also a few new developments with them thathas me anxious for their next book. I have to say that the way Glines is designingthese series is pretty brilliant. Shes interwoven these stories. And really, thatshow life works. Plus, it leaves us readers wanting MORE, MORE, MORE!The last thing I will say is, if you read Never Too Far, you had an idea of whatRush and Blaire were planning for. I wont go into detail about it, but just knowthat there are two significant life moments that Blaire and Rush share that had mein tears. Rush won me over in NTF, but man oh man...he completely melted me inthis book. You wont be disappointed.Overall, I got everything I wanted from FOREVER TOO FAR and more.Relationships are tested, but in the end, love prevails. Its a bit sad to saygoodbye to Rush and Blaire, but I have no doubt well see them around Rosemary!If you are a fan of steamy, dramatic, passionate romances, definitely check outthis series. It truly is a favorite of mine!I was really disappointed in the last book so I was excited to read this book to seeif Rush could redeem himself.. Well he did! :)He was so sweet but I still feel like he didnt grovel enough after that incident withBlaire midway through the book. But thats just me. I like reading about men ontheir knees crying and begging to get their girl back. I like knowing the girl holdsall the power in the world and uses it to teach guys their lesson kind of thing! HA!The book showed parts from Twisted Perfection through Blaires POV as well asgave us an insight on whats currently happening to Woods and Della. I like howeverything ties together.This book had a lot of alternate point of views! From Blaire to Rush to Grant andthen Harlow!!! OMG! I was smiling the whole time I read Grants POV when he firstsaw Harlow! Can they have a book together? I want them to be together!!!Hahaha
  7. 7. And as for Nan, I think Captain can handle her crappy attitude!To download now please click the link below.