Revision and ca prep march 27 2013

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  • 1. Revision & CA Prep{ Belinda Baardsen, American Ex Pat, Saudi Arabia 3-23-2013
  • 2. Bicycle – cycle - bike House Cup ChairVocabulary Refresher
  • 3. Bathroom Dinner Postcard SandwichVocabulary Refresher
  • 4. Old Woman Daughter and father Young Baby Tired SleepyVocabulary Refresher
  • 5. Travel Luggage – bagsVocabulary Refresher Ticket
  • 6. WalkedWalkVocabulary Refresher Walks
  • 7. Runs Ran – past Run tenseVocabulary Refresher
  • 8. Ski Skis Skied – past tenseVocabulary Refresher
  • 9. Children cousins Mother Father Wife Husband aunt uncle Family Parents Daughter Sister NieceSon, brother, nephewVocabulary Refresher
  • 10. Living room House Home Bathroom Toilet BedroomVocabulary Refresher Kitchen
  • 11. Kitchen Table, plate, fork, cup, cooker, chairs A place in our home, where we make and eat food.Vocabulary Refresher
  • 12. Living room Living room ~ Chair, sofa, rug, light, lamp, stool, television A place where we sit, rest, relax alone or with our family.Vocabulary Refresher
  • 13. Activity – List what youcan find in your bathroom
  • 14. Activity - write ten sentences about what is in your bathroom. For example: I have a bathtub in my bathroom. • I have a bathtub in my bathroom. • I have _______ in my bathroom. • I have _______ in my bathroom. Don’t forget your punctuation.
  • 15. Activity – exchange withyour peers for review. Please check for: 1. Vocabulary 2. Ten sentences 3. Correct spelling 4. Punctuation 5. Make corrections
  • 16. Activity - Speaking Please share with the class – what is in your bathroom while using the vocabulary we discussed earlier.
  • 17. Writing activity: Describe your houseusing 50 words in one hour. How many rooms are there For example: inside? What does your house look like on the outside? 1. Is your house big? Small? I live in a big house at the end of the street. My house is painted yellow, What does it look like inside? but my front door is green.
  • 18. Activity – Peer review 30 minutes • Please exchange papers with your peers directly to your right. • Check for grammar. • Check for vocabulary • Check for spelling. • Check for punctuation.