Ppt eco living - 12-14-12 - chapter 9 - and ca 4 exam


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Teachers Little Helper - Unit 9 - you need the book - but, you can steal some countable/uncountable, A/An, Would, Much/Many - etc.

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Ppt eco living - 12-14-12 - chapter 9 - and ca 4 exam

  1. 1. Teacher’s little helper ~ Unit 9 Created by Belinda Baardsen, TEFL Certified ESL Instructor King Saud University December 15, 2012
  2. 2. Let’s turn to Chapter 9 – Food you like! Page 66
  3. 3. Grammar Rule Reminder: Verb To Be I ---------------------------- am He/She/It -----------------is We/You/They –--------- are ``````````````````````````````` I’m / I am He’s = He is She’s = She is It’s = It is We’re = We are You’re = You are They’re = They are New Headway PlusElementary Student’s Book Page 124
  4. 4. Vocabulary Fussy Eater Are you a fussy eater?What is a fussy eater?
  5. 5. Conversation What is a conversation? Can you talk to yourself, and call it a conversation?
  6. 6. Sparkling water Still water
  7. 7. Tap water
  8. 8. order
  9. 9. Practice: sentences using vocabulary What would you like for I would like to dinner, sir?order my dinner.
  10. 10. I would likesparkling water, please.
  11. 11. Would you like desert after dinner, sir?
  12. 12. Yes, I would like the chocolate with berries. Would you like coffee, sir?
  13. 13. Ok, I would like some pear with syrup.I’m sorry, but we don’t have any chocolate cake. Would you like something else?
  14. 14. Plurals vs. Singular What is your favorite fruit? 1. Apples 2. Strawberries 3. Bananas Look at List A & B Which list has plural nouns? New Headway Plus Elementary Student’s Book Page 66
  15. 15. Count & Uncountable Nouns – Some – “Can I have some apples, please?” Countables & Uncountables Some, Any,Any, of, much, many Some, A lot A lot of… Any – “Do you have any eggs?” A lot of – I had a lot of rice. Revision ~ Can we count rice?Water? Air? Hair?
  16. 16. Much, many, a lot (of), little, few We use much with singular (uncountable) nouns 1. Do you have much trouble with English? and many with plurals. 2. I don’t have much trouble with speaking English. 3. Are there many museums in Milan? 4. Not many, but there are a lot of coffee shops. How much time have we got before the 5. I love my father so much. break? 6. Take as much coffee as you like. 7. There are too many people here. 8. Amal feels much better today. 9. She’s got a lot of cousins. How many tickets do we need?
  17. 17. How do you use A & An? A dog. A and An A hat. We use A before a consonant. A coin. We use An before a vowel.But, it depends upon pronunciation of the following word, not the spelling. An orange.
  18. 18. A and An How many oranges are there? (A.) About a hundred. (100) The CA Exam isscheduled for an hour. No, exactly how many oranges are there? (A.) Exactly one hundred and three. (103)
  19. 19. He’s a doctor.We use a/an to say what kind of thing somebody orsomething is,1. He’s a Doctor.what job a person does, He worked as a taxi-driver.2. He worked as a taxi-driver.or what something is used as.3. Don’t use that plate as an ashtray. Don’t use that plate as an ashtray.
  20. 20. Say what these people’s jobs are, using the words in the box. He’s a doctor. Example: He’s a cook. He’s a teacher. He’s __ photographer. He’s __ scientist.
  21. 21. 1. He’s got a long nose.We do not use A/An with uncountable nouns. 2. She’s got an interesting face. Example: 3. She’s got a red purse. 4. She’s a student at King Saud University. (Not) a rain. 5. She’s a mother. 6. She’s a daughter. 7. She’s got an A on her exam. 8. She’s a friend of mine. We do not use A/An with possessives. 9. There is a spoon over there. 10. I need a pencil for my exam. Example: 11. Where is a pen when you need one? (Not) a my friend.
  22. 22. Complete the sentences – with A/AnSome nouns can be used both uncountably and countably. 1. Could you pass me ___ glass? Paper is made from wood. 2. I need __ piece of wood. Did you remember to buy coffee? 3. It was ___ great grade! I’m going out to buy a paper. 4. There’s ___ chicken in the I’ll have a cup of coffee, please. garden. 5. Do you want ___ egg with that steak.