Countable uncountable nouns


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Countable uncountable nouns

  1. 1. COUNTABLE & UNCOUNTABLE NOUNSBy Belinda Baardsen,American Ex Pat, TEFLCertified ESL Instructor, JurisDoctor, B.S., The University ofFlorida, and Endicott College
  2. 2. Some nouns are countable:A book ~ two booksAn egg ~ six eggs
  3. 3. Countable A book.One book. Book.The book.Your book. My book.Her book. It.
  4. 4. Countable Six books. Books = 6 There are six books on the shelf. I have six books. She has six books. We have six books. Those six books are for his English class. Why do we need six books? Six books? How did you finish all six books so fast? Where are those six books I was talking about? Six books for sale!
  5. 5. Countable = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Can I have one egg, please? I need one egg for breakfast. Would you like an egg? One egg. Egg = 1 Where is that egg? Where did you get that egg?How did you find that egg? Only one egg? She wants one egg.
  6. 6. Countable – egg(s) Eggs = plural She wants three eggs. He wants more eggs. I want a dozen eggs.Where did you get those eggs?How many eggs do you want? Why can’t I find any eggs? Who wants eggs?
  7. 7. Some nouns are uncountable. Bread Rice Water Air Hair
  8. 8. Rice
  9. 9. Water
  10. 10. Air
  11. 11. Hair
  12. 12. Countable Nouns Singular Plural a book Books One book Two books Some books A lot of books Many books A few books
  13. 13. Egg Eggs A countable noun Singular:Pearl A + noun One + nounPearls Plural: Noun + -s
  14. 14. Non countable Noun ~ PluralsRiceSome rice ?A lot of rice SingularMuch riceA little rice None
  15. 15. A non countable noun ~ Singular ~ Do not use a. Do not use one. Plural ~A non countable noun does not have a plural form.
  16. 16. Common non countable nouns Money Mail Homework Information Work TrafficJewelry Weather Bread MilkCheese Meat Food Tea Fruit Water Rice SaltPepper Soup
  17. 17. Underline the noun. Is it noun countable, or non countable? COUNTABLE --------- NONCOUNTABLE Chair - countable 1. He sits on a chair. 2. He sits on furniture. 3. She has a coin. -s 4. She has some money. 5. She has some letters. 6. She has some mail. 7. The street is full of traffic. Chairs
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