Can, can’t, could, couldn’t, prepositions


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Can, can’t, could, couldn’t, prepositions

  1. 1. CAN, CAN’T, COULD, COULDN’T, WAS/WERE By Belinda Baardsen, American Ex Pat
  2. 2. UNIT 6
  3. 3. BAKING
  4. 4. BEDTIME
  5. 5. BETWEEN
  6. 6. BIKE
  7. 7. BORING
  8. 8. BUSINESS
  9. 9. CAN
  10. 10. CAN YOU BREATH UNDER WATER? No. You can not breath under water!
  11. 11. CAN YOU BREATH UNDER WATER? You can only breath under water if you have a mask, and oxygen tank.
  12. 12. CAN YOU FLY?
  13. 13. CAN YOU FLY?No, you can not fly! You can only jump out of a plane with a parachute to help you land safely on the earth.
  14. 14. CAN YOU SWIM? Yes!!!!I can swim. --- >I can not swim.I cannot swim.I can’t swim. No!!!
  15. 15. CAN / CAN’T Can & can’t have the same form in all persons. There is no “do” or “does.” Can is followed by the infinitive (without to).IHe/she/itWeYou Can/could walk.They
  16. 16. COULD/COULDN’T I He/She/It Can’t We Couldn’t Swim. You theyCan not – can’t ---- No!
  17. 17. QUESTIONWhat I Can You Could He/she/it We they Do?
  18. 18. YES/NO QUESTIONS You Cook? Can SheCould Drive? they Short answers: No, I can’t. / No, we couldn’t. Yes, she can/could. Yes, they can/could .
  19. 19. WAS/WERE Was/Were = past
  20. 20. WAS/WEREI Was In ItalyHe/She/It (wasn’t) yesterday.We, Were In Englandyou, (weren’t)they last year.
  21. 21. WAS / WERE Where? Was: I/he/she/it? Were: we/you/they?
  22. 22. YES/NO QUESTIONS Was – he/she At work? At home? Were – you/the y
  23. 23. WAS BORN He was sheWhere You were they Born?
  24. 24. PREPOSITIONS They were in England in 1998. I was at the library. Can I speak to you? I was at a conference? He writes for two hours until bedtime. Yesterday there was a lecture at the museum.
  25. 25. PREPOSITIONS OF LOCATION My book is on my desk. In (a): On = preposition My desk = object of the preposition On my desk = a prepositional phrase
  26. 26. PREPOSITIONS OF LOCATION Tom lives in the United States. He lives in New York City. He lives on Hill Street. He lives at 4472 Hill Street. A person lives: - In a country and in a city. - On a street, avenue, road, etc. - At an address
  27. 27. SOME PREPOSITIONS OF LOCATION Above The sun is above the earth.
  28. 28. SOME PREPOSITIONS OF LOCATION Around We flew around the world.
  29. 29. BEHIND Behind The cat was hiding behind the tree.
  30. 30. BELOW Below The roots of the tree grew below the water line.
  31. 31. BESIDE Beside The cupcake is beside the coffee cup.
  32. 32. BETWEEN Between There is a cute puppy between two bunnies.
  33. 33. FAR AWAY FROM Far Away From The moon is far away from the bird.
  34. 34. IN BACK OF In back of The cup is in back of the cupcake.
  35. 35. IN FRONT OF In front of The coffee cup is in front of the book.
  36. 36. ON TOP OF On top of The man is on top of the horse.
  37. 37. NEXT TO Next to Knut, the Polar Bear is next to the man.
  38. 38. OUTSIDE OUTSIDE The flowers are outside of the house.
  39. 39. ON TOP OF On top of The butterfly is on top of the flower.