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KSU Study Guide for November 2012 CA Essay

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Ca essay exam study guide

  1. 1. CA ESSAY EXAM STUDY GUIDEBy Belinda Baardsen, American Ex PatTEFL Certified ESL InstructorKing Saud University, Saudi ArabiaNovember 2012
  2. 2. Section 135Marking Criteria How much is this Exam worth? This is one of four tests, and it is valued at 5%
  3. 3. How many CA Exams are there? There are four (4) CA exams total. You have already taken 2 CA exams. This will be your third (3rd) one. You will have one more after this one.
  4. 4. Where will I take my CA Exam? You will take the CA exam in your regular classroom.
  5. 5. How long will the exam be? The CA Exam will be 60 minutes!
  6. 6. How many words do I have to write? You have to write 50 words to have the option of a full mark. If you write 25 – 40 words; your mark will be deducted – 1point for task fulfillment. Less than 50% - you will be deducted: 1 mark in all four categories = - 4
  7. 7. What are they grading me on? 1. Word count 2. Task Fulfillment 3. Vocabulary & spelling 4. Grammar & punctuation 5. Organization
  8. 8. What’s the highest mark for each category? The best score for each category is a 3 (three.) The lowest score is a 0 (zero) if write nothing about what are asked to write. Best scores are a 3 (three) in each category = 12
  9. 9. What can I study to help me get a great grade?  Please review all of the stories you read in each unit of your first book.  Units 1 through 8 have themes: holidays, travel, and more.  Look how these stories were written.  Read, and practice.
  10. 10. Answer all of the questions you are asked. Where do you live? I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with my parents. What does your house look like?  It’s big. It’s white with green trim. It has a lot of windows, but it has a wall around it so you cannot walk in without knocking.
  11. 11. Does spelling matter?If I can’t read it; how can I give you a good mark?
  12. 12. Does it make sense? If it does not make sense; then I cannot understand it. If I cannot understand it; I cannot give a good grade.
  13. 13. Vocabulary! Use it! You have worked very hard these past few months to learn words like: cosmopolitan, international, credit card, because, A/An, The, This is – why not use it?
  14. 14. Grammar! Whatttt….? Use the grammar you know: Plurals I am To be Singular And more.
  15. 15. Punctuation! Don’t forget to: Put a period at end of the sentence.  Use capitals at the beginning of a sentence, and when appropriate: Saudi Arabia, America, Milano, Belinda, King Saud University, etc.  Use comas, and more.
  16. 16. Organize your thoughts so I can read it. Remember to use paragraphs, and spaces. Remember to answer the first question, and then the next in order, so it makes sense. Don’t skip a question, or leave it out.
  17. 17. Exam Rules 1. There is no talking in class. 2. You cannot use a dictionary. 3. You cannot ask your neighbor for help. 4. You cannot go to the bathroom alone. 5. You must stay in class until the exam time is finished.
  18. 18. Believe in yourself the way I believe I you! Remember: to study is to provide the tools to your own success, and to have belief that through hard work that you can achieve your goals, and dreams. I believe in you! Your teacher, Belinda