135 revision ca prep - 3-27-13


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Remedial English for the beginner student with vocabulary and activities that suit them.

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135 revision ca prep - 3-27-13

  1. 1. 135 Revision & CA PrepBelinda Baardsen, American Ex Pat, Saudi Arabia ~ March 27, 2013
  2. 2. Grammar Review Pronoun I Me
  3. 3. Grammar Review Pronoun You Me You
  4. 4. Activity – Let’s practice Elicit & boardusing the pronoun “I” to see howit works. I I have bags. I have ______ bags. I have ________ bags. I have __________ bags.
  5. 5. Activity – Let’s practice using the pronoun “You” to see how it works. You have a nice You have purple flowers. bedroom. You have __________ . You _______ have ______ in your You are _____________. bedroom. Elicit suggestions from students and board.
  6. 6. Elicit & board suggestions made by students.Activity – Let’s practice using the pronoun “me” to see how it works. I don’t have any money with me. My mother came with me. It wasn’t me. Me Are you talking to me?
  7. 7. Vocabulary Review Sleepy Happy AdjectivesUpset Dirty
  8. 8. What is an adjective? An adjective describes a noun, like: happy. For example: good, bad, I am a happy happy, long girl!
  9. 9. Vocabulary Review Small and big Young Old Short Tall Loud
  10. 10. Vocabulary Review Lovely Bored Cold
  11. 11. What is an adverb? An adverb describes a verb like: faster, slowly, well I can get there faster, because my brother has a great car. Slowly Faster! A caterpiller moves slowly.
  12. 12. Activity – Let’s put what we learned to work! Example I ran faster than my friend. You walked slowly to the airport terminal. WalkedRan
  13. 13. Let’s make sentences from the words and adverbslisted here: Windsurfer Swimmer Trash Faster Slowly Badly Well Good Awful smelly Example: You swim well. Elicit & board suggested sentences.
  14. 14. 30Writing Activity – Putting it all together Minutes Write a 50 word essay about last weeks vacation. Tell us where you went, stayed and what you did. I stayed in a big I was cold hotel in Turkey. everyday. I ate I went swimming in Italian a nice pool. food.
  15. 15. Peer Editing Activity – Putting it alltogether Please trade papers with your neighbor to the right and mark their papers. Spelling? Vocabulary? Grammar? 15 minutes
  16. 16. Interview your neighbor about their holiday. Ask your classmate about their holiday. 1. Where did you go? 2. Where did you stay? 3. Who did you go with? 4. What did you do? 15 minutes
  17. 17. Speaking Activity – share with the class what you learnedabout each other’s holiday Demonstrate I went with my family to ____. I traveled by ___________. I saw __________________. I stayed at ________. I ate ____________________.
  18. 18. 20 minutesActivity – write a postcard to someone about your vacation Write to someone who did not come on your vacation with you, and tell them about it.