Pinellas "Creative" - Focus Group Presentation


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  • Pinellas "Creative" - Focus Group Presentation

    1. 1. a plan for the future 2010 PINELLAS ARTS COUNCIL
    2. 2. Pinellas County Cultural Affairs serves as an advocate for the arts, by promoting the development and appreciation of the arts in Pinellas County through programs and services for the arts industry, government and the community at large. In addition, the Cultural Affairs Department serves as the local arts agency for Pinellas County. The Cultural Affairs Department of Pinellas County will be eliminated on October 1, 2010. A plan must be developed to create a future organizational structure for the local arts agency designation for Pinellas County. At this point: 1. Focus groups are being assembled to gather input regarding the future organizational structure 2. Research is being conducted to identify potential options based on best practices of other agencies across the country. 3. A task force of key leaders is forming to determine the future of the local arts agenda, based on input & research. 4. A formal process for determining the organizational structure of the local arts agency is being presented to the County Commissioners Current State
    3. 3. Development of Future Structure Community leaders will work together to define the future state Cultural Affairs Closes Strategic Plan Future State
    4. 4. Pinellas County Cultural Affairs Department is designated as the local arts agency for Pinellas County. The Pinellas Cultural Affairs Council provides oversight to the efforts of the department. In addition to the efforts of the Cultural Affairs efforts, The Pinellas Cultural Foundation is a separate non-profit (501 (c) (3)) organization which solicits and accepts contributions from the general public and other sources to be used exclusively for the benefit of and to further the purposes and programs of the Cultural Affairs Department of Pinellas County. Interim Plans: Pinellas County government will close the Cultural Affairs Department on October 1, 2010. To maintain funding streams associated with the local arts agency, a new entity must be designated as the local arts agency. Until the future is created, Pinellas County government will hold all Local Arts Agency funds until the future state is created. These funds include both ongoing Local Arts Agency funding and county provided seed funding to move the Local Arts Agency from Pinellas County government to the future entity. Pinellas County government is developing interim plans for how business will be done after Cultural Affairs closes. Development of Future Structure Cultural Affairs Closes
    5. 5. A Task Force of Community Leaders will convene to create the future state of the local arts agency. The Task Force will accomplish the following tasks: • Review local art agency (LAA) models across the country • Gather input from arts organizations , community leaders and government through focus groups • Develop the strategic plan for the LAA • Create a future structure • Establish and approve the budget Development of Future Structure Strategic Plan Pinellas County Local Arts Agency Task Force Pinellas Cultural Foundation Board of Directors Focus Group Pinellas County Cultural Council Focus Group TDC Focus Group Cultural Institutions Focus Group
    6. 6. Development of Future Structure Strategic Plan George Cantonis - confirmed Bob Churuti - confirmed Beth Daniels - confirmed Barbara Hubbard – confirmed Susan Betzer - confirmed Peter Kageyama – confirmed Representative from the Foundation TBD Susan Latvala - confirmed Nancy Loehr – confirmed Duncan McClellan - confirmed Doreen Moore (TDC) - confirmed Russ Kimball - Confirmed Lara Shane - confirmed Christopher Still- confirmed Task Force Members Collaboration
    7. 7. The future state will be defined by March 1, 2011. A final report will be provided to the Pinellas County Commission. The Development of Future Structure Future State Strategic planning will be a streamlined process: • Meeting One: Understand your position & create the destination •Vision, mission, guiding principles, SWOT, top priorities • 4 hour meeting • Meeting Two: Determine the 3-5 Key Strategic Areas & the Statements & the Core Work in Each • Validate Key Strategic Area Statements, brainstorm the major piece of work for each, begin generating a general Measure of Success • 4 hour meeting • Meeting Three: Create the Measure of Success & Define the 6-12 month tactics • Finalize Measures of Success, Time lines & action plan for each major piece of work under each key area of success • 4 Hour meeting
    8. 8. Development of Future Structure Future State Kathy Potts holds a BSW from the University of South Florida, and a minor in Opera from FSU. She ventured out into the world of Team Dynamics after college learning the ropes…literally, serving as a high ropes facilitator for TeamBuilders, Corporate Adventures, and other companies across Central Florida. Along the path, she served as an HRIS Administrator for Intermedia Communications and as a recruiting partner with a Tampa based staffing agency. She was on the ropes course when a colleague invited her to join Success Coaching Institute. In 1998, she took her learning from SCI and started a coaching practice targeted towards owners & operators of small, entrepreneurial businesses. Kathy is the former Director of Organization Development & Learning function for HSN. Her major responsibilities included the strategic direction and delivery of leadership & team performance services. In addition, she was responsible for coordinating and facilitating the company’s strategic planning process. In 2009, Kathy was the strategic planning consultant for Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Pinellas County. The quality of work and results were recognized at the National level as a new standard for how to conduct strategic planning and the process was adopted at the national level. Today, Kathy owns Oncore Performance Group, LLC, a company aimed at helping organizations maximize performance through alignment of strategic plans, and development of talent to the point of execution. In other words, Kathy helps her clients discover how to strike a balance of head and heart as they reach strategic goals.
    9. 9. Next Steps Community leaders will work together to define the future state Nancy Loehr & Kathy Potts will present the strategic planning process to representatives from Pinellas cultural institutions by the third week of October. Representative Heller will identify a member of The Foundation to serve on the Task Force. Lara Shane will present the process to the Cultural Council to inform the Council and obtain their participation in September. Karen Seel will inform the TDC and obtain support for their participation in September. The First Task Force meeting will be scheduled in mid October.