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Animoto for Educators

Animoto for Educators



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  • Show Presidents’ AnimotoWe just had Presidents’ Day on MondayAnimoto is a mashup web 2.0 tool to create an online video slideshowOnce you have completed your story, script and storyboard and compiled your images your animoto video should take no more than 10-15 minutes to create. This ease of use and flashy MTV style video makes this application a great tool for both teachers and students.
  • As you are watching these examples I want you to do two things:One start thinking of all the ways you can use Animoto in your classroom because I am going to ask you to help me compile a list of ideas after the viewingWhile you are watching these videos in the chat box I want to get you ready for the Oscars…give me some reactions to these videos does it tell a story, do the images make an impact, does the music make an impact, does the text make an impact?
  • I am going to give you a couple of minutes to brainstorm all the different ways you can use Animoto…Think in terms of student use and how you as a teacher can use it…
  • Why would we use valuable classroom time to use Animoto?
  • In addition to visual literacy, Animoto is just a tool that helps us tell a story. When using digital media I have found that to construct a digital story works much better when we go through the following steps: We begin with the brainstorming, we then collaborate this allows our students to be critical thinkers as they must be able to analyze images to text. There must still be a story. One of the benefits of digital storytellingis that precisely written brief textscan generate a compelling digital story. A script can then be written and then the student is ready to storyboard.
  • The storyboard is great way to compile and organize graphics and as a teacher we can begin teaching about copyright and fair use. I have compiled a few resources that are copyright free for images and for sound. I include a sound effect url. This can be fun… I also want to remind you that we are going only through the very basics of Animoto if you would like to narration with your animoto such as the animoto that we use to intoduce our webinars we use an audio editor such as Audacity and then this audio clip is then imported to your animoto.
  • There are two Animoto versions. There is the free version that you can use to create 30 second videos. If you want longer videos you have to purchase that. However, animoto has an education version that you can apply for. This version gives you unlimited full length videos or up to 300 images in a video.
  • Once you apply it takes 2-5 days to recive your classroom code.
  • Once you have your classroom code you can also add student accounts using google accounts….And I can’t wait to show you how easy this great little video tool is…Take it away Miley!!

Animoto Webinar Animoto Webinar Presentation Transcript

  • Animoto for Educators
  • What is Animoto?
  • Great Features….you can:
  • More Features…
  • Animoto Examples
    Animoto Education: Christina Germano
    Wee Web Wonders:Alex’sGlobal Warming
    NC Public Schools Presentation:
    The Tragedy of Haiti: Joseph Scotese
    All resources can be found at: RETAPEDIA
  • How would you use Animoto in the classroom? Classroom Ideas for...
  • ClassroomIdeas
  • Visual Literacy
    Jason OhlerDigital Storytelling in the Classroom, talks about how stories help us remember important information that might be forgotten if it’s delivered to us in the form of reports, lectures, or isolated bits of information.
    (Gambrell& Koskinen, 2002; Keene & Zimmerman, 1997; Wilhelm, 1995)
  • It’s all about Story…
  • Storyboard for Animoto
    Storyboards are a planning tool to help you outline and organize your video.
    The T-Script Audio/Video Storyboard
  • Resources…RETAPEDIA:
    Copyright Free Images
    Creative commons:
    Wikipedia Public Domain Image Resources:
    Pics for Learning:
    Davis Audio & Video clips:
    Royalty Free Sound Sources
    • Internet Archive:
    • Creative Commons:
    • The Free Sound Project:
    • Stonewashed Sound Effects:
    • Macloops:
    Audacity Audio Editor:
  • Animoto for Education
    It will take 2-5 days for you to receive your classroom code by email.
  • Getting Started with Animoto
  • Register with Animoto
  • Quick Tips for Animoto