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  • 1. Fundamental Unit of Life
  • 2. Cell organelle containing chlorophyll is known as_______• Rough endoplasmic reticulum• Mitochondria• Chloroplast• Leucoplast• Chloroplast
  • 3. Kitchen of the house of a cell is ______• Ribosome• Lysosome• Nucleus• ChloroplastChloroplast
  • 4. Plastid that help in pollination is _____• Chloroplast• Chromoplast• LeucoplastChromoplast
  • 5. Which cell organelle is not found in plant Cell _______________MitochondriaLysosomeVacuoleCentrosomeCentrosome
  • 6. Protoplasm consists of ________• Only Nucleus• Only Cytoplasm• Cytoplasm and Nucleus• None of the aboveCytoplasm and Nucleus
  • 7. The essential Proteins and lipids for the formation of plasma membrane, are manufactured by ---• a) endoplasmic reticulum.• B) mitochondria• c) golgi apparatus• d) lysosome
  • 8. Which cell organelle is seen in a prokaryotic cell from the following---• a) Mitochondria• b) Ribosomes• c) Plastids• d) lysosome• Ribosomes
  • 9. Lipid molecules in the cell are synthesized by----------• a) smooth endoplasmic reticulum• b) rough endoplasmic reticulum• c) golgi apparatus• d) Plastids.• Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
  • 10. Rod shaped structures in the nucleus is _____• Centrosome• Chromosome• Lysosome• Ribosomes• Chromosome
  • 11. Plasmolysis in a plant cell is due to ----• a) break down of plasma membrane in hypotonic solution.• b) shrinkage of cytoplasm in hypertonic solution.• c) shrinkage of neucleoplasm.Shrinkage of cytoplasm in hypertonic solution.
  • 12. What will happen to the cheek cell kept in hypertonic solution______• (a)They will swell• (b)They will shrink• (c)They will burst• (d)They will not change their shape.• They will shrink
  • 13. Name the cell organelle labeled as A in the diagram. Endoplasmic reticulum
  • 14. Which cell organelle from A, B, C and DGiven in the diagram is called kitchen A of the cell? B C DA