How To Promote Your Quiz or Survey


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Created a quiz or survey? Learn how to promote it and get more replies!

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How To Promote Your Quiz or Survey

  1. 1. How To Promote Your Quiz or Survey? ???
  2. 2. You Are LUCKY! Let me first tell you why: quizzes and surveys are easier to promote than articles, blog posts, sales pages, and product pages. Here is why: ● They are less often seen as spam ● They are more engaging and more shared ● There is much less suply of good quizzes than of good blog posts ● They are naturally viral
  3. 3. Before Promoting There is something you need to know before you start: Your quiz must be good. What does this mean?
  4. 4. What Makes a Good Quiz: ● Good variety of questions and topics ● Not too hard unless the idea is to promote to genius ● Not too simple – people don't take 3 question quizzes seriously ● Must have meaningful reasonable outcome (quiz result) unless the idea is to be only funny ● If it's a knowledge quiz it must help the user learn something new ● It's recommended to include graphics and media ● The best quizzes do not have mistakes – triple check if your answers are correctly set up!
  5. 5. Your Quiz is Ready? Then you are ready to promote it! Lean how next. (They are here, coming for your quiz)
  6. 6. Viral Promotion Most quizzes are viral by nature: people want to share the results with their friends and colleagues. So just make it easy and add those sharing buttons to your quiz results page. Hint: If you run WordPress you can use a plugin like WatuPRO to have all this handled for you. Hint: If you run WordPress you can use a plugin like WatuPRO to have all this handled for you.
  7. 7. Ask For Survey Entries Unlike promoting your products or even useful blog post, asking users to fill your survey or take your quiz is generally accepted everywhere and not considered spam.
  8. 8. You can ask on: ● Forums and Discussion groups ● Facebook ● Twitter ● Linkedin ● In your blog ● Even by email And this will be okay as long as you keep the RULES:
  9. 9. How To Not Be Spammy When Asking for Survey Entries SPAM ● Your survey must be relevant to the community. ● It must be good and useful (See slide 4) ● It's recommended to promise sharing the results at the end and to really do it. ● Get known in the community before asking people to fill your survey.
  10. 10. Take a Deep Breath There are more methods to come!
  11. 11. Linkedin Groups and Answers ● This is especially good promotion method for business quizzes and surveys ● You can also promote your career – related assessments there ● Follow the usual rules: be relevant, don't spam, be useful
  12. 12. Offer Certifications If you are running practical exams and quizzes it's a good idea to issue certificates or badges. Hint: If you run WordPress, plugins like WatuPRO can issue certificates, generate them as PDF etc. Hint: If you run WordPress, plugins like WatuPRO can issue certificates, generate them as PDF etc.
  13. 13. Built-in Incentives ● You can assign virtual badges or levels of the users in your community as they take more quizzes ● You can let users shop virtual or real items with points earned in quizzes ● You can have best performers access paid quizzes for free
  14. 14. Quiz sites and Quiz Directories These are more useful than the typical website directories. Here is ours: ● There are very few directories like this. But there's a workaround. You can create a quiz on the many “quiz creation” sites and use it to promote the quiz on your own site.
  15. 15. Quiz Creation Sites: ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● And many more!
  16. 16. PPC and Other Paid Ads PPC and paid ads are expensive, but with quizzes you have AGAIN some advantages: ● Becuase quizzes are “less boring” you have a chance for higher click-trough rates. ● The advertisers competition is generally lower so there is a chance to get lower price per click ● Quizzes attract attention so your display ads might be seen better
  17. 17. How To Make Successful Paid Ads For Quizzes and Surveys?
  18. 18. Here is How: ● Make sure it's obvious that you ask for viewer's input. People like their voice to be heard ● Use a specific interesting question right inside the advertising ● Use shocking result from your quiz inside the ad ● Use interesting statistic from your survey
  19. 19. Quizzes and surveys can be promoted very well after some users took them. Just publish interesting observations based on the collected data. Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Hint: You can get some great ideas from the OKCupid blog. They use data from their site activity, you can use data from your surveys.
  20. 20. To Summarize: ● Have a good quiz ● Ask for user entires on forums and social networks ● Don't forget the viral element ● Offer certifications and built-in incentives ● Advertise ● Publish interesting content based on the collected data
  21. 21. Thank You! If you use WordPress, check our quiz maker WatuPRO {{a presentation by}} {{KIBOKO}}