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In my last term at Chula, I was given an opportunity to work as a news magazine editor. Echo was the name of the magazine; this piece of writing was an editorial showing my personal idea towards the issues of environmental problems and the magazine itself.

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ECHO's Editorial

  1. 1. Pimpisa Jular (no.26) 494 53466 28 For ECHO Magazine Editorial Thinking of Bangkok, I imagine we all have so much to say about this wonderland; being in Bangkok could perhaps be comparable to stepping in the woods, discovering a rabbit hole and falling into the big space burrow and finding yourself in the land where everything and anything is possible. With an ability to provide its inhabitants with so much freedom to experiencing pleasurable moments, we exploit Bangkok to its limit, neglecting its heart and soul feeding death to its root day after day. And even though many refuse to utter the words out loud but the ‘So what?’ thinking exists - it isn’t my responsibility to be the Bangkok-sitter, so what do I care, one might possess. But halt there, while we unconsciously keep falling deeper and deeper for the alluring world at the other end of the tunnel, the clock is still ticking waiting to turn this land into one super massive black hole. For centuries, Bangkokians have been gaining so much from this land, and just like the sounds of echoes, what we have done to Bangkok will sooner or later be done to us if we all continue to lack support. Now it’s about time that we all need to think reciprocally by returning benefits to our city before it’s too late. I realized myself that it is never easy changing who you are neither giving up what you have; with today’s several life-savers such as mobile phones, computers, cars, and so on, how could one ever say no to convenience? But the truth is without sacrifice, maybe no human existence will be walking this earth in the next few decades, let alone Bangkok. Here at this point in time, I am not asking for martyrs, but participation and cooperation. Echo is willing to be the Bangkokians’ guidebook to sustainable happiness – both for your minds and your purses. Only if you care enough
  2. 2. to step your feet out of your cocoons, you will find that going green could be a fun activity and isn’t at all a heartache rip off. There are ways that everyone could join in to green our lives and Bangkok simultaneously. The easiest means are to understand the concept of recycle and the utility of renewable resources and employ the new knowledge in your daily lives. Echo represents a hub of various practical ideas about making come back of used materials to reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials while gathering facts about the declining rate of the reproduction process of natural resources for our readers to acknowledge the current situation that we are facing. Echo wants to be a mechanism that leads our generation to see that one day, going green will not be just a trend; it will be a part of our conscience and responsibility. I’m certain that no one wants to hear that ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ – the new generation Bangkokians can help grow a much greener glass on our soil. Or we can wait till we are battered by unexpected disasters and then we could really learn the ‘no pain no gain’ saying the hard way. After all, my mind often wonders what if the ‘so what’ question never goes away, then how much losses do we need to suffer before we can finally hear this wake up call? It’s us, human beings, whose power are of great creations and destructions and it’s our choices to make – to save or abandon this mother land. Don’t linger till the day that the clock stops ticking; simple steps can be taken to avoid going back to the very beginning of when everything once started. It’s time to stop living in denial and being indifferent and start acting. It’s time to hear the echoes of this land. It’s time for an epiphany. Words Count: 636