Open World Forum 2009 Synthesis


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Free/libre and Open Source Software : at the heart of the digital recovery.

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Open World Forum 2009 Synthesis

  1. 1. October 1,2 2009 Paris Free / Libre and Open Source Software: at the heart of the digital recovery The financial crisis, globalization, threats to the environment... rarely has a new year started under such a cloud of uncertainty. Rarely has it offered so many promises. Having made a key contribution to the Internet revolution, Free / Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) is now starting to fundamentally transform the whole fabric of technology. It is starting to form the hidden backbone of today's digital revolution. There is no longer a single business that does not use FLOSS, no company operating in the IT industry that does not capitalize on the innovations it has to offer, and no software publisher that is not tempted to join the movement. In the space of just 15 years, Free / Libre and Open Source Software has grown to represent almost 10% of the entire information technology market and a key driver when it comes to the future growth of our economies, especially with the advent of green technologies. Industry analysts are predicting that it could account for 30% of the market by 2012, representing an essential engine for growth. So how can organizations and individuals alike take advantage of this transformation to strengthen their competitiveness and to support innovation? How can governments make use of FLOSS to kick-start the economy and employment, and to regain their room for manœuvre and their national sovereignty? How can we effectively predict the social and economic impact of FLOSS? And how can we ensure that it is one of the fundamental drivers of economic recovery? It is in order to explore these issues that the second Open World Forum is being held. The Open World Forum is the leading global summit meeting in this field, bringing together decision-makers from across the world to discuss the technological, financial and social impact of open technologies. The leading international summit meeting on open technologies and their financial and social impact The Open World Forum brings together decision-makers from across the world with an interest in open technologies and Free / Libre and Open Source Software. The aim of the event is to cross-fertilize initiatives so as to foster innovation and economic growth, thanks to open solutions. This highly open and participative event attracts experts and decision-makers from every field: FLOSS communities, commercial enterprises, the public sector, finance, universities and research establishments. At the very hub of the FLOSS movement, the Open World Forum provides a central arena to: o Exploring innovations and future trends in Free / Libre and Open Source Software, from technologies to business models and governance,
  2. 2. with the FLOSS barometers, technology radars and emerging trends, innovation awards and political meetings. o Building the future of Free / Libre and Open Source Software, on the basis of the discussions and recommendations that emerges from a unique global exercise in forward thinking: the 2020 FLOSS RoadMap, which brings together numerous international experts and is updated each year during the Open World Forum. o Sharing ideas, forecasts and best practice with the most highly respected experts and entrepreneurs from the field of open technologies and Free / Libre and Open Source Software, from across Europe and the world. o Meeting decision makers, exchanging views and creating synergies between FLOSS community managers, business directors, IT managers, system architects, developers, university researchers and investors from five continents. An ambitious program of plenary sessions and associated seminars, as well as specific satellite events In 2009, the plenary sessions at the Open Wold Forum will bring delegates up to date on the current situation, with the '2009 State of FLOSS Barometer', explore the potential contribution that Free / Libre and Open Source Software could make to economic recovery, and unveil the latest version of the strategic thought-piece developed during the 2008 Forum: the 2020 FLOSS RoadMap. In particular, the plenary session (FLOSS: at the heart of the digital recovery) will explore how Open Source could contribute to renewed economic growth, as a major driver for competitiveness and innovation as well as a force for social improvement and national sovereignty. In addition, the 2009 Forum will play host to five major events: - An Open Innovation Summit, and an emerging technologies radar, enabling delegates to find out about the latest developments taking place, and putting the 15 most promising start-ups at the time into direct contact with larger companies and investors. A number of innovation awards will also be given, in recognition of the most innovative technologies. − FLOSS Community Summit, bringing together decision-makers from the A major communities (Apache, Eclipse, Linux Foundation, Mozilla, OW2...) to further strengthen the synergies between them and their global initiatives. − Open CIO Summit, enabling Chief Information Officers and IS/IT Directors An from the public and private sectors to evaluate the best ways in which to capitalize on open technologies. − Open Source Competence Center Summit, bringing together the main An international competence centers and promotional centers from the field of Open Source software, to enhance synergies between them and worldwide initiatives in this area. − summit meeting on Free / Libre and Open Source software public A policies: as it does every year, the Forum will highlight the advances and opportunities in FLOSS across a major geo-strategic area. The 2009 event will be dedicated to the Regions of Europe, enabling cross-fertilization between Open
  3. 3. Source initiatives in this highly strategic group of regions. A panoramic view of key technologies, the Open Day, combined with an exhibition area, will allow organizations to evaluate the best technologies from the FLOSS world, and their future direction. The 2009 Forum will also play host to a jobs and training fair, and numerous other associated events, promoting useful cultural exchanges in key areas for the future: cloud computing, SOAs, Web 3.0... This highly participative Forum is open to all. Finally, in addition to the events themselves, the Forum will be aiming to anticipate and identify key long-term trends, challenges and opportunities. Working in continuity – and further developing the 2020 FLOSS RoadMap published during the first Open World Forum - recognized international experts will be working on developing predictions, scenarios and recommendations, updating them in the light of the technological, economic and social developments that take place during 2009. The initial recommendations published during the 2008 Forum will be reviewed, and new, complementary recommendations will be put forward. As with the first edition, the new RoadMap will be published at the end of the Open World Forum, to act as a platform to encourage new community, public and private sector initiatives. The Open World Forum 2009 will partner with the Open Source Think Tank Europe to create a “FLOSS Leaders Week” in Paris, from September 29 to October 2. September 29 September 30 October 1 October 2 OPEN WORLD FORUM : day 1 OPEN WORLD FORUM : day 2 9.30­11.30 KEYNOTE: 9.30­11.00 KEYNOTE: ­ political speakers & FLOSS gurus ­ FOSS Public Policies Partner event : Partner event :  ­ 2009 State of FLOSS barometer (linked with FLOSS Public Policies Summit) Open Source   Open Source   Think Tank   Think Tank   11.30­18.00 ASSOCIATED EVENTS  11.00­16.00 ASSOCIATED EVENTS  Europe Europe (workshops, roundables, conférences...) (workshops, roundables, conférences...) 18.00­19.00 KEYNOTE: 16.00­17.00 KEYNOTE:  ­ FLOSS Communities initiative (linked  ­ Forum Conclusion : with FLOSS Communities Summit) ­ 2020 FLOSS Roadmap Official opening  Second social event diner (more festive) diner of the Open  World Forum An event at the heart of Europe, the world's leading contributor to Free / Libre and Open Source Software Following the success of the first Open World Forum in 2008, which featured over 160 speakers from 20 countries, political decision-makers from three continents, 17 associated events and an audience of 1,200 delegates, the 2009 Open World Forum will be held in Paris on October 1-2 2009. It will take place at the heart of the leading continent when it comes to contributing to Free / Libre and Open Source software – Europe – and in the capital city of the country that boasts the highest rate of open systems usage in the world. Established by a group of Open Source communities and major players from the IT industry – with the active sponsorship of both the European Union and French
  4. 4. government – the 2009 Forum will bring together a large number of the key international experts from the world of FLOSS, whether as program committee members, presenters or sponsors/partners of the event. The 2008 Forum featured: o Many of the largest players in the global IT industry: Accenture, Alcatel-Lucent, AtosOrigin, Bull, CapGemini, Engineering, Google, IBM, HP, SAP, Serpro, Siemens, Sun, Telefonica, Thales... o The main Open Source communities: Apache Software Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, FOSSFA, QualiPSo Consortium, Linux Foundation, Linux Verband, Mozilla Foundation, OSOR.EU, OW2 Consortium, Plone Foundation, Spring... o Numerous research centers and competitiveness clusters: Cap Digital, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, INRIA, Fraunhofer FOKUS, University Paris VII, PSNC, South China University of Technology, State University of Sao Paulo, System@tic, University of Bozen, University of Insubria, University Rey Juan Carlos, Unu Merit… o An extensive network of SMEs from across four continents: Altic, AlterWay, European Dynamics, Elastic Grid, eXo, Ingres, Mandriva, Nexedi, Nuxeo, OpenLogic, OpenWide, Pilot Systems, O'Engine, Wallix... among dozens of others. The 2009 Open World Forum will be managed by a steering committee drawn from two global consortia (QualiPSo and OW2, in close partnership with Apache, Eclipse, Linux Foundation, OSA and the Open Source Think Tank), and numerous associations (Adullact, AFUL, April, Silicon Sentier) and French and European competitiveness clusters (including Cap Digital and System@tic Paris Region). The event is being organized by System@tic, Cap Digital and ITEMS International, with the support of the QualiPSo consortium. It also benefits from the support of numerous French and European institutions. Enrollment in the Forum is free. More information on the 2009 Open World Forum is available on line at: