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My Resume

  1. 1. Ana Carolina Barrera Guatemala, Guatemala Ana Carolina Barrera Valenzuela Born August 19th, 1978 RESUME ADDRESS 2 Calle 6-23 “A” zona 17 Colonia Lourdes. Guatemala City, Guatemala COUNTRY Guatemala, Central America PHONE (502) 59072964 E-MAIL PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE  Catering Company Expresiones (1996-2001) o Administrator of School Cafeterias and Catering Company  Tutoring History (1995 – present) o Math tutor for elementary level children and junior high school (themes basic operations, problem solving strategies, algebra, geometry, among others). o English tutor for elementary, junior high school, and high school students. Improving grammar, syntax, reading comprehension, spelling, writing, listening, and oral speech skills. o Also helping out with homework and improving quality in academic achievement in general for students from elementary and junior high school.  Teacher History (2002- present) – Colegio Bilingüe Goodman o English teacher for primary level (2002, 2003, 2004, and 2008)- Goodman School- Guatemala  Teaching 5th and 6th grade English (both grammar and literature) o English teacher for Junior High-School (2005 and 2006) )- Goodman School- Guatemala • Teaching 7th, 8th and 9th grade English (both grammar and literature) o English teacher for High School (2005 – present)  Teaching 10th grade Literature  Teaching 11th and 12th grades Literature and TOEFL and ELASH preparation strategies and skills. o Art and History of Art teacher (2003- present)  Teach basic plastic art techniques (painting, drawing, sculpture…)  Teach History of Art from the prehistoric times up to Modern 21st Century Art.  Volunteer Translator for “The Guatemalan Reading Council” (associated to the International Reading Association- IRA) (1995- present) o Translate during conferences given by International guests here in Guatemala o Translate at trainings and workshops given by International guests at local
  2. 2. Ana Carolina Barrera Guatemala, Guatemala schools in Guatemala. o Translate to International speakers who visited urban and rural schools in poor conditions all over the country.  Volley-Ball Coach- afterschool activieties program o Coached Middle School male team 2004 (Colegio Austriaco de Guatemala) o Coached High School male team 2005-2007 (Colegio Bilingüe Goodman)  English Department Coordinator – (2004- present) Colegio Bilingüe Goodman o In charge of the English department and training teachers. o Check weekly lesson planning from teachers and comment on them. o Supervise English teacher’s work and write reports based on Evaluation. o Provide feedback to teacher’s based on evaluation, lesson planning and class observations.  Yearbook Editor (2003- present) Colegio Bilingüe Goodman  Workshop Speaker (2002-2006) o At several schools and invited by Editorials like Santillana and McGraw-Hill o Topics or themes given include:  “Making the English classroom a fun experience”  “Math can be fun in elementary”  “Creativity is the key” EDUCATION Institution & City Department Dates Type of Date Degree (month/year) Degree Received or Expected Universidad del Valle de Department of January 2007- M.A, Masters November 2009 Guatemala Education currently in Curriculum Universidad del Istmo, Business Department January 1997- Hospitality June 2009 Guatemala November 2001 Management (Licenciatura) Colegio Maya, Guatemala Junior High and High August 1991 – High school 1996 school June 1996 Diploma Colegio Verbo, Guatemala Elementary January to 6th grade August 1991 Dickson School Chino Elementary 1990 (six 5th Grade California, U.S.A. months) Colegio Verbo, Guatemala Elementary 1985- 1989 1st grade to 4th grade. Colegio Interamericano de Pre-school 1983-1984 Pre-school Guatemala COMPUTER SKILLS Microsoft Word, SPSS 13, Excel, PowerPoint, participated in Forums over the Web, been a part of two online courses using Sakai platform and Moodle. LANGUAGES  Native language Spanish (100% spoken, written, and listening)  English (100% spoken, written and listening)
  3. 3. Ana Carolina Barrera Guatemala, Guatemala