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Requesting from OhioLINK
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Requesting from OhioLINK


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How to borrow a book from another library through OhioLINK.

How to borrow a book from another library through OhioLINK.

Published in: Education, Technology, Design
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  • 1. Requesting from OhioLINK An Online Tutorial brought to you by Pilgrim Library
  • 2. Watch this tutorial if you:Want to learn how to borrow from other Ohio Libraries Are looking for an item that Pilgrim Library doesn’t own
  • 3. Pilgrim Library has a nice collection of print resources, but chances are thatsometime you’re going to want a title that we don’t own.
  • 4. You searched in the Defiance Catalog and there were no matches found. Now what should you do?
  • 5. Click on Search OhioLINK!
  • 6. This will automatically run your search in the OhioLINKcatalog. The OhioLINK catalog includes items owned by all 88 libraries participating in the partnership. Since you’re searching so many libraries, your search might bring back LOTS of results.
  • 7. It may be beneficial for you to add additional criteria to help limitsearch results. This will make searching easier because it eliminates the process of scrolling to find the exact title you want. Click on Limit/Sort to enter another search criteria, like author or publication date.
  • 8. This is the Limit/Sort page. Anything you put on this pagewill be added to your original search criteria. Click submit to run the search with the new criteria. Example: title “Man Without a Country” AND author “Vonnegut”
  • 9. This is the Search Results page when I don’t limit my search by author. I have to sort through 83 titles that say “Man Without a Country”
  • 10. But this is the Search Results page when I limit my searchby giving extra criteria. I add the author’s name to the title and I go from 83 titles to 6 titles as results. Less scrolling and less frustration, for sure!
  • 11. To be sure that you’re getting the title you really want, click on the blue hyperlink of the title.
  • 12. This brings up the record for the title. It tells you whichOhioLINK libraries own the item.
  • 13. This includes information that can help you be sure you’regetting what you want. Always double-check so you don’t order and wait for the wrong thing!
  • 14. When you’re sure that you’vefound what you want to borrow, click on REQUEST THIS ITEM.
  • 15. You’ll be brought to this page. Find Defiance College in the drop-down list.Then click the Submit above Information button.
  • 16. Enter your name and your barcode number. For help finding your barcode, click here.Also be sure to select where you want to pick up the book you’re ordering. You are able to select whatever institution is most convenient for you. Click submit to place your request.
  • 17. And that’s it! Your request will be sent out and you will receive an email notifying you when your items have arrived. Time of arrival varies a lotdepending on the request so be sure not to wait until the last minute!
  • 18. There is a remote chance that you may want an item that is not owned or circulated by any of the OhioLINK libraries. If this happens, don’t despair yet! You can fill out our InterlibraryLoan Request form and we will try to acquire it for you from another state.
  • 19. Congratulations!You successfully finished the tutorial Requesting from OhioLINK To learn more about OhioLINK visit Pilgrim Library’s OhioLINK LibGuide
  • 20. Keep learning! Check out Pilgrim Library onLibGuides YouTube http:/ TwitterFacebook SlideShare