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Fix it strategies

  1. 1. How to Repair a Break Down inReading Comprehension
  2. 2. •Make a connection between the text and your life, your knowledge of the world, or another text.
  3. 3. •Make a prediction. Think about what the author is going to discuss in the next section or chapter before you continue.
  4. 4. • Stop and think about what you have already read. Do not hurry through your reading. Make sure you break and reflect on what you have just read before continuing.
  5. 5. • Ask yourself a question related to the reading and try to answer it. If you can’t then go back and reread for the answer.
  6. 6. • Reflect in writing on what you have read. When you have completed a section or chapter, stop and write about what you have just read.
  7. 7. • Visualize. Make the words into pictures in your head. This type of engagement with the text, allows you to “see” the material and understand the material in a new way.
  8. 8. • Use print conventions as clues for meaning- how do things like punctuation, CAPITALIZATION, italicized and bolded words or larger text give meaning to the reading?
  9. 9. • Retell what you’ve read. Restate the main ideas of the text you just read to a friend, family member, or maybe just aloud to yourself.
  10. 10. •Reread. Do not be afraid or too lazy to take the time to reread a text if you are having difficulty with comprehension.
  11. 11. • Notice patterns in text structure. A technique to help with comprehension is to notice repetitions in the words, sentence and paragraph structures, and sections of the reading that can help you as you continue to read.
  12. 12. •Adjust your reading rate: slow down or speed up.
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